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The Philippines National Police continue to show how incompetent they are in handling pretty much anything. Apparently a man took a hostage, and you can see all the idiot Filipinos crossing the yellow police line, and dozens of stupid Filipino cops doing nothing to control the crowd and keep them out of the way, and out of harms way.

It's obvious they have absolutely no protocol for a situation like this, and if they do, well then apparently nobody knows it. The scene looks chaotic, and there doesn't seem to be anyone in command of the situation. Just cops acting on fear and instinct, not training.

All I have is the video, no more real information. But I think it's obvious how disorganized they are, and how little control they have over the crowd. I mean, why bother to put up the yellow tape? Look how many idiot Filipinos think the yellow tape doesn't apply to them. 

Of course, the situation ended in a shootout, you can hear dozens of rounds going off, and in the end, there's at least one dead. Seems any similar situation involving the PNP ends up in shooting and death. These idiots have no skills whatsoever. 

These idiots will never ever be a first world country. 

Have you ever gone to the house of a Filipino as a guest, and like you're having dinner, and you ask for a napkin. They give you ONE napkin, and it's like 2 inches by 4 inches. You know the ones. Those napkins that when you grab one with your greasy fingers, it is soaked with the grease and dematerializing before you can get it to your mouth.

Or you ask to use their C.R. (fucking restroom), and you're asked if you need tissue, they go into the room where they have it locked the fuck away, and hand you a roll with like 3 sheets left on it. It's as if they save those to give to guests when they visit.

But have them over at YOUR house, where you use proper napkins or paper towels, and they don't ask, the just grab the roll of paper towels and pull off like 3 sheets, wipe their mouth once, and throw it away. A few bites later, they do it again.

Your house has TP in every bathroom, the currently-being-used one, and a new one for when the current on runs out. The relatives leave, and both fucking rolls are either empty, or gone completely. I have had this happen a few times. Is there nothing they won't take? And from virtually their own relatives and friends?

So when I decided to put this site back up, after several attacks and hacks on the old site, I knew I didn't want Wordpress platform anymore. That's why we're on this new platform. Of course nothing is 100% safe in cyberspace. It was driving me nuts having to deal with attacks big and small. 

So at an additional monthly cost, I'm having this site fully backed up every two weeks, on a separate hard drive. I've also added a sync that weekly compares the script files to detect changes (such as code injections and added files that shouldn't be there, etc). This is in addition to the securities and firewall I put in place when I relaunched it. 

This way IF or WHEN some clever hacker breaks through, it can easily be temporarily shut down and if not fixed, restored from a recent pre-hacked backup. Very little will be lost. 

This site has always been the target of hackers. And that is what got me so "done with it". The last one knocked me down and out for a few weeks. But I'm a fighter and I am getting right back up on the horse and riding. But this time with more armor. And if i have to vaporize it, well at least I will always have a back-up not more than two weeks old to restore it from.

So I can assure everyone, we're now here to stay.

So this time I'm at Mooon Cafe. You know, that sorta kinda Mexican themed place with the sirloin rolled into a medallion and listed on the menu as "Filet Mignon" for about 320p.

It's actually not bad, if you want a decent sirloin that isn't akin to eating a bicycle tire like in most places in Philippines that serves "steak". They may be fooling their fellow dumbfuck Filipinos into thinking it's really a filet mignon, but they don't fool me or anyone who's ever had a real filet mignon. At least they don't charge as if it were a real filet mignon. 

So when I want a quick decent sirloin steak disguised as a filet mignon, I go to Mooon Cafe. 

And it's usually a pretty pleasant experience. But certainly it can't go without some little dumbfuckery. And I never expect an outing to be without some degree of dumbfuckery. I would kind of feel like I was in the Twilight Zone if something went without someone dumbshitting all over him or herself in The Philippines.

So my "Filet Mignon" arrives, and as usual, I reach for the A1 Sauce. Give it a shake, remove the cap and tilt........Nothing. It's hard to tell if anything is in those little table bottles, because they're so heavy, you really don't know if they're full or empty. 

No problem. I motion for the server who stands watching for me if I need anything, and she quickly scurries to my table. "The bottle is empty, may I have another please?" 

"Certainly sir". And she turns around and grabs one off another table and sets it in front of me. I smile, "thank you". She nods and smiles, and scurries off back to her place to watch me from a distance again. 

Shake shake shake, cap off, tilt......NOTHING. 

Hand goes up again and she quicky returns. "This one's empty too".

"Oh I'm sorry sir, I'll find you a full one right away."

And off she goes on a quest for a bottle of A1 with some sauce in it. I watch as she goes from table to table, shaking, opening tilting it into her hand to have nothing come out. One after the other. She's gone to just about every table now, and I'm holding back the laughter because she's putting the caps back on and setting them right back down on the tables. 

By this time, my steak has gone from barely luke warm when it arrived, to stone cold. I'm getting a little unnerved. I ask for the manager. 

Here comes Mr. DoNothingButPretendToLookImportant to my table. I explain what I just witnessed, and asked him why, as the manager, you allow the staff to let all the A1 bottles to go empty on the tables?

"Well sir, not their fault. Bottle made of bery dark glass. Can't see bottle empty!" 

"Ah I see! So it's not YOUR fault, neither is it THE WORKER'S fault. It's the BOTTLE'S fault, yes?" I replied.

Yes sir. 

What a complete dumbfuck.

I was a big Shakey's fan in Philippines. Love their pizza and fried chicken (all the rest of the food like the spaghetti and sandwhiches and what-not suck). But I always went there for the pizza and chicken.

I'm also one, like most NORMAL pizza lovers, who likes Parmesan Cheese on my pizza. For the longest time, they never had the necessary condiments that ANY FUCKING PIZZA PLACE ON EARTH normally has on the tables. 

So I have a business associate visiting from the States, and we go to Shakey's. We're a party of 6 people. He's just like me in almost every way, especially with food (which is why we get along so well).

Food arrives, and I ask for some Parmesan Cheese. I'm sure you can guess what they bring. One of those tiny little plastic condiment cups that are only maybe 1 inch tall, and the very bottom of the cup is dusted with the tiniest amount of Parmesan, you could almost count the grains, and the waitress walks away.

My buddy looks at me, I look at him, and we just start laughing. I motion the server back over to the table, and handed her the tiny cup and said, "Do you see how many people are here? You gave us about enough Parmesan for about half a bite of pizza. Can you just bring us a shaker full? "Sorry sir, I'll have to get approval from my supervisor."

My buddy and I look at each other again, bewildered. Waitress walks off, and we see her and the supervisor having a fucking conference over providing the customers with Parmesan Cheese. After like 5 minutes of conference, the waitress returns with 6 tiny condiment cups with the bottom dusted with Parmesan. Wow, we all got our own tiny dusting of Parmesan! We can all enjoy ONE FUCKING BITE of pizza with Parmesan on it!

This time I motioned the supervisor over. "What is the problem with providing your customers with condiments so they can enjoy their food?" Bring us a full shaker of Parmesan Cheese for god sake! Charge me 100 pesos, I don't care, but I want some fucking Parmesan! What's wrong with you people????"

So she returns with 12 more tiny condiment cups, this time they are not quite half full. Now there's enough for 1 FUCKING SLICE of Pizza. 

I give up. I got up, walked over to grocery, bought a big can of Kraft Parmesan Cheese and returned to the restaurant, and slammed it down in the middle of the table so that the idiot supervisor could see it.

Filipinos are fucking idiots. 

So a few weeks pass, and me and my partner are at the mall and we decide to have lunch at Shakey's. This time...HALLELUIA!!! ALL TABLES HAVE SHAKERS OF RED PEPPER FLAKES AND PARMESAN!!!

DOH!!! But wait! Look around at all the shakers on all the tables. They are all near empty!!! What the fuck is with these stupid fucking Filipinos that they feel they need to dole out condiments as if we're all children??? Oh wait!! Yes that is why! Because Filipinos do not have the maturity or dignity to just take what they need. They dole it out because they know if they fill up the shakers, the dumb fuck Filipinos will pour it into a napkin and take it home.


These idiots have no fucking class.

I was having a chat with a core member here and he had told me to try Gerry's Grill. I'd heard this some time ago, and it reminded me about my first and only experience with Gerry's Grill about a year or so ago. 

Me and a buddy were roaming around the mall and decided we'd check out Gerry's Grill. Passing by, the host invited us in and told us to sit where ever we like. The restaurant was nearly empty. 

There were 6 or 7 servers standing around, 3 or 4 of them even made eye contact with me, and continued to stand around for another few minutes. Nobody greeted us with menus.....nothing. So I told my buddy to just not say anything or motion to any of them. Let's see how long it takes for them to realize we have come in and sit at a table because we want to be served, not just looked at. 

7 minutes since we sat down. Employees still glancing over at us, but doing nothing but watching me and my buddy facepalming, shaking our heads, and laughing. It's now 10 minutes and nobody has even brought us a menu. 

We watched a couple of servers tending to the two other occupied tables in the restaurant. Both passed us by each time they came to and from the other tables. My buddy and I felt like we were invisible. 

After 15 minutes of being completely ignored, we both got up, the servers standing around watched us walking out. The host asked us if we enjoyed our meal. I told her we hadn't even been acknowledged or given a menu since you invited us in 15 minutes ago, and the restaurant is nearly empty. We never ate anything, and we're hungry, but apparently your stupid-ass servers don't want to fucking work. So we're going somewhere else.

"Sorry po"

I thought a meme generator would be a fun thing to have here at PFB.

Simply upload a photo, OR go to the photos page, and click a photo to view full size. Once the photo is open, hover your mouse over the photo, top right corner, and you see a drop down menu appear. 

Select "Create Meme" and you're ready to go!

(Click the image below to see full size)

We have a couple venues for discussion. They are:

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With blogs, you write a blog and people discuss below in the comments section.

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Some may prefer one over the other. So I've provide both venues.

The Home page is sort of a summary page of latest activities. This is the great thing about this platform. You have the Activity Feed right there when you login and you can see all the activity (new posts, comments, photos, videos, etc.) in chronological order. If you've been away for a while, there's a "view more" button at the bottom of the Activity feed. Click it and it loads more. Keep clicking it, and loads even more.

If you need a category that doesn't currently exist, let me know, I'll add it. If you have a suggestion for a new forum, let me know and I'll add it.

Any other suggestions for this site, let me know by leaving a comment below.

We see this all the time in Philippines. Piles of fried chicken and other street foods sitting for god know how long, coagulating and growing bacteria, waiting for some dumb-ass to come buy some filthy food.

And they make no secret of where and how it was cooked. You can see the disgusting filth pit it was cooked in. Yet the Pinoy doesn't seem to care. 

I mean look at that! Would you eat here? They make you look at filth hole where they cook the food. It's disgusting!

When this pic was taken, it was like 4pm. I'm sure it has been sitting in that case for hours since lunch time. And they are going to charge you money to eat it! I wouldn't eat it if THEY paid ME!

It amazes me how they can even be allowed to sell that to the public. This is why Philippines will never progress. 

This list of the most stupid things in Philippines can virtually go on forever. But it's close to my bedtime, so I'll just list my 

top 10 that I can think of off the top of my head. Enjoy. 


1. SM Mall security checks. The pseudo-frisk at the waist line and dip of their stick in your bag.


2. PLDT, enough said.


3. Water pressure


4. Power lines and posts

5. Customer service of any kind 


6. Honouring warranties (or rather, NOT) 


7. Filipino drivers, enough said again.


8. Serving of food at restaurants: Main courses served before appetisers, asking to order dessert before you've even been served your main course, only 1 or 2 ice cubes in your beverage, or glass with ice and ice is half melted, dishes come out one at a time and randomly over the course of your stay instead of all at once like the rest of the world. 


9. Getting your Filipino employee to actually do the job he was hired to do.


10. Traffic officers standing in the middle of a straight highway, not at any intersection, waving cars in the only possible direction they can possibly go anyway. But 200 meters away there's an intersection that is all fucked up and uncontrolled.

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