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Perhaps there will never be a best time to talk about such topic like this just to anyone especially among the locals here in the Phils. It is in my intuitive assumption that such topic like this would either be misconstrued and or widely misunderstood by the majority. It’s aggravating for my part to constantly witness numerous irrational reactions coming mostly from typical pinoy(s) who wouldn't even bother to be intellectually capable of being broad-minded enough to know the difference between what constructive criticism is from being "judgmental".


Instead of listening and learning how to stop flapping their mouths for the mean time, they go on and defend "their individual misplaced sense of self-righteous moral and lifestyle and justify it by means of simply saying: "Well, this is who we are, don't try to change us." And it’s that sort of response or reaction that gives a sensible and a rational-minded person a glimpse of their rigidness of persisting their stupidity, ignorance and their way of justifying what they do is still right. The last thing that I ever want to do is to praise and give credit to their stubbornness. This unwillingness to change for the better when heeding to other people's constructive opinion is unbelievably sad "all because of fear that their ego, their pride will be hurt" hence they become unnecessarily defensive and retaliate for the wrong reasons. 


Truth be told: I'm a Filipino myself and I have lived most of my life in the Philippines for quite some time already. It’s no lie when I say that I grew disgusted and tired with a lot of things that is going on in this country. However it doesn't take a person to be an Einstein to know and see the obvious of the horrible truth whether you are a citizen or a foreigner of this country. All it takes is common sense, practicality and realism to understand what type of society you are situated in. I know what you are thinking, if I hated the country so much then I don’t I leave right? Lol Well my situation led me to stay, “not because I want to but I have to” for the sake of my dad since my mom passed away, it’s just the two of us left and I can’t just leave the old man by himself now can I?


I don’t think I’m the smartest person in the world nor do I think I have the right to trample other personalities just because this is the way how I saw the whole “pinoy culture”. Let’s just say I’ve pretty much reached the boiling point that something in me just died to hardly give a shit about the country. Patriotism is dead to me, however silence and apathy works like charm for me. Every heard “how someone is just too stupid to be insulted?” Well it really works for me when dealing with locals. I’m not saying it’s my duty to deal with them it’s more of an everyday bullshit that “I have to deal with” for the sake of *ehem “to get along with the “simpletons” just to get through the day.  So I guess there’s actually something worse than death after all lol.      


Does this make me a traitor? Does this make me an unworthy citizen of a self-presented failed country? Does it mean that I'm a kiss-ass to an idea, moral or even a lifestyle to a foreign rule? No, it doesn't. I just simply woke up from my slums of being a drone. I came to realize that I never want to take part nor associate myself with the contemporary fads of a brain-washed degenerated sheep following flocks of morons within the sub-cultural community. Most certainly never would I ever want to be in auto-pilot anymore. I don’t relish in putting somebody or anybody down, but what can you do? What can I do? The people, the nation itself presented its own failure, their unnecessary arrogance and their superficial outlook of life and you think I’m in the right mind to praise a nation how great it must be to live in it?


I came to understand the value, the worth of thinking outside the box, to see the bigger picture of things not because I was educated in an international school nor I traveled to a different country (well that is just merely one of the factors) but it was me, myself that got knocked into my own senses to wake the fuck up that I actually fell into the trap of becoming “one of them.” It’s something that I’m not proud of, but rather embarrassing for me when this happened in my early 20s. Maybe I should have known better before, I don’t know…perhaps maybe. I’m guessing it takes a ground-breaking eye opening realization to wake yourself up to such things.   


Hence I’ve said to myself: It’s better for some things to be left alone and unsaid. Let the worthy ones have themselves realized it the hard way. Don’t try to be a hero. It’s worthless. 

Every country, every nation deserves to have some sense of pride, I think we all do. I think it just came to a point that people themselves couldn't take a hint anymore whether "this idea of pride" is still worthy to uphold or not anymore. Is it so hard to read between the lines of the scenario of a nation and not be a complete prick about it? I'm guessing this sense of pride is turning into stubbornness to some extent that it molded into a mindset and thus becoming a pitiful delusion to people's heads.

This is my interpretation of pinoy pride.

Francis Magalona, Apl. de. Ap. and probably all the rest of the OPM singers here in the Philippines sang about how great filipinos are and how magnificent the country is. And in so in return the enthusiastic locals are dumb enough to be inspired by this hilarious illusion that these musicians expressed in their music. 

Its not only through music that "pinoy pride" is portrayed and promoted but through politics as well. I believe a very good example for this is Manny Paquiao. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a great boxer and won many titles during his fights in Las Vegas, but to the point were the filipinos romanticized his triumph and turned him into some sort of hero for the country? That's just completely ridiculous don't you think?

And now he is part of the senate running for politics and god knows what is going to happen next...I don't suppose he's gonna run for presidency next? Goodbye Philippines, you can just kiss your hopes and dreams for the betterment of this country goodbye.

You know its like saying: Oh David Beckham plays a really good soccer game and he's one of the great players out there for that game and so does that mean he should run for prime minister for U.K.? Are we not seeing the moronic outcome of that? So its like Manny Paquiao being idolized and turned into a national hero all because he knows how to do boxing and has great fighting skills?

If there's is one thing about the dangers of pride is, it becomes a poison to people's heads that you think that what you defend is still for the right reason but not anymore, its completely turning into the most ridiculous and absurd outcome that our judgement becomes impaired from not knowing that the pride we cling onto is seriously not on check and completely out of place already.

Yes, its okay to have a sense of pride for your country and for yourself, there's nothing wrong with that, but to the extent where its exaggerated and heightened to the point where the locals here in this country can't prove anything? That's just really embarrassing.

If you or anyone else would want to be proud of something, "at least be proud of something that is substantial and meaningful." What I meant by that is, be proud "only when you got something to prove validly to it."

Because honestly as a citizen of this country here for a long time, I would really like to ask among the locals here: 

"What are you exactly proud of?" Aside from this 3rd world country hasn't socio-economically progressed in what? In 15? 20 years? I don't know but I've been disappointed so many times already.

You are suppose to be proud that politics here is rotten? 

You are suppose to be proud that politicians are corrupt and the cops here are so bent that they pretend to be the "good guys"?

You are suppose to be proud of the fact that the following services here in this country completely sucks?

You are suppose to be proud of the fact that a majority of the people here are unwilling to admit they defend their misplaced sense of self-righteous moral or lifestyle which they justify it by saying "oh because this is the Philippines"? In what life are you suppose to be proud of living in a delusional lie?

What are we really suppose to be proud of? The locals are suppose to ask themselves that question. Until such time if something "can be really be proven worthy to be proud of, its best to keep one's mouth shut and know where their place is." but unfortunately people in this hopeless country are too blind, ignorant and closed-minded to see the bigger picture of what is really happening to the country's reality.

I'd rather face the ugly truth of our reality here than live in denial.

If you lived in the Philippines for your entire life, you'd be able to see a lot of disappointments and unnerving situations that would make you shake your head wishing you'd be born some place else.

I've lived most of my life here in the Philippines but never will I associate nor even embrace the sub-cultural locality here. I believe it doesn't take a person to be broad-minded and intelligent by studying in an international school (but I did), going to U.S or Europe to live there or even making friends with foreigners. it all starts with a choice to change. Common sense is not something that can be taught in schools or work but developed within the person's choice to do so. However the trade off is: Once you have learned the truth just how rotten and disgusting this country is, many locals here will see you as a threat to the way they live because they chose stupidity and ignorance as their lifestyle. 

I've met just about enough morons and dumb-witted dipshits that I'd come across with a conversation and honestly? You can literally count how many people who are "worth it of your time and effort to intellectually talk about something meaningful and substantial." But the most important of all, its rare that you get to meet and see people here in the Philippines who are broad-minded enough to not be intellectually selfish and also not being a prick.

I get it almost every single fucking time whenever you start a conversation with someone, the first impression that a typical Filipino would throw you is, "Oh! you speaking english ehh? very nose-bleeding! haha!" In the back of my mind I was like "What the fuck is that suppose to mean?". And when you are talking to your friend who also happens to know how to get along with your ideas, you get all these negative impressions from stupid typical filipinos and they be speaking in tagalog which I understand and they be like:

-oh! look at that guy! he's trying to know it all! he's speaking in english

-nose-bleeding my nose! speaking english! I not understand!

-oh he's trying to act like a foreigner! He's so trying hard!

-Oh look! He keeps speaking in english! He thinks he's better than us!

I have seen much of how society here in the Philippines is, and to tell you the truth; Its is really really shallow and superficial. Its like when typical locals here would hear another filipino speaking in english and talks about intellectual subjects, they would react negatively and say "Oh who does this guy trhinks he is speaking in english?" Of course I know how to speak tagalog as well, but I was raised to speak english and it became my first language. Can you possibly blame me? I speak in english because this is what was taught to me, its not because I spoke the language to bring someone down or to show off how good I'm speaking at it. 

Believe me, coming from a guy who almost have lived all throughout his life in this worthless third world garbage country, you'd be as disappointed and annoyed with these bunch of shitload of useless sub-cultural local people. I know not everyone is like that, of course I will be fair and unbiased...but as I mentioned earlier, you can actually count how many broad-minded intellectual people are remaining in this hopeless country...these sort of people are like the dying breeds, they are becoming extinct because of the on-going stupidity of this country.

If you carefully observe and witness, most of these local filipinos are so into their "pinoy pride bullshit" that they themselves can't even take a hint that they are making a complete dumbass out of themselves. And by the way let me ask: "What pinoy pride??" filipinos should be proud of the fact that this very country can't solve their own corruption? filipinos should be proud that they are stubborn for the wrong reasons and unwilling to admit mistakes and learn and change from it?? filipinos should be proud that they copy foreign influence and claim that "oh we are just following the trend?" filipinos should be proud that they themselves can't even follow their own rules?? Wow, that is really funny.

You know I'm a filipino myself, BUT NEVER WILL I EVER associate nor even embrace this fucking pinoy pride bullshit. I have so much respect for myself that I will not stoop down that level of stupidity and ignorance among the sub-cultural localities here. I have seen the truth and the truth itself is really disappointing and heartbreaking. The biggest excuse that a typical filipino can give you is "Oh! because this is the Philippines! Its how the way things are here!" And that just shows the unwillingness and denial to change for the better...instead they cling onto a shallow excuse so they wouldn't change.

Its better to know the ugly truth that keep pretending to live up the pretty little lies.