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... "Laziness travels so slowly that Poverty soon overtakes him" ...

(Benjamin Frankin)

If good old Benjamin can say that, so can I.


I once attended a seminar arranged by the Danish Embassy in Manila for Danish Companies to invest in FlipFlopLand - and to some extend also for those already there.

It was very interesting to hear point of views from those who's been there for both 4, 6 and 10 years, but also extremely interesting to hear the lies from the various stack of FlipFlops how "hard working", "loyal" & "devoted" these maggots living here are.

After the seminar refreshments was served and all started to mingle. I engaged into a discussion about how I see the labor laws, how little control there was with non-registred workers in PhilHealth, the stupid loop holes of 6-month-contracts and so on.

The term "das how we do in Philippines" came up quite often.

Suddenly I felt myself surrounded by a smaller crowd - and not for the nice attention, but for the resilience I was showing towards getting answers which could be used.

The discussion vent into the subject of "hard working Philippine labor army of devoted men and women" (f**k a lie).

I then mention the above quote be famous Benjamin....... and hell broke out.

To be honest.... I was asked to ditch the party by my good friend at the Embassy.

(which I gladly did)

Anyway. All I wanted with this post was to start a discussion about; 1) How to live here full time and coped with the lazy attitude of these maggots, 2) Will it be easier to cope with if one only stayed here 4-5 month a year and then spend the rest of ones retirement under more civilized clouds, 3) What did you actually do towards those you were catching being lazy.



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