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Since returning to the lucky country, I have gone back working in the same industry I was before living in da Failippines. I get to work with many Pilipino 'ex-pats' that have escaped the poverty & slave wages of their own country & have been fortunate enough to score citizenship here in the lucky country. Instead of earning PHP 20K per month there ... here working in this industry, they earn that amount PER DAY !

Overwhelmingly, when I ask about ever returning to their birth country, every single one has stated that when they retire ... they will return to da Failippines ... and 'Live like Kings'! WHAT THE FUCK ??? These people have won the lottery & gotten out of that third world shit hole they call a country ... only to make plans on returning once they have accumulated enough assets & money here after taking jobs away from other Aussies along the way ! So much for the 'success story' of immigration into this country ... how VERY 'Failipino' of them just 'consume' then when done, discard ?

What amazes me more is the fact that they insist on teaching their kids and use at home as a first language, that retarded, unsophisticated, simplistic monkey language they call Tagalog ? Their logic IS that by staying here into retirement ... there will be NO ONE to look after them as they get old ! So they brainwash their kids into believing that their future 'life' is back in da Failippines, looking after Mama & Papa ?

Man ... that just proves that STUPID is as STUPID does !!! Seems you can take the 'Failipino' out of the Failippines ... but you just CAN'T take the STUPID out of them !!! What kind of a simplistic MORON would want their kids who are raised in a first world country like this, to return to the squalor, filth & abject STUPIDITY of da Failippines ? When I ask, they say 'There is no place like home' !!!
As my username implies, I am one of the fortunate few who have escaped the living hell that is 'da FAILippines' ! I managed to last a couple of years here but only after discovering this website / blog, was my sanity saved ! All the things you guys post about are not made up fantasy but the actual real life truth of the STUPIDITY of this country.

I think as a casual sex tourist looking to fuck hot young chicks, then this place could be bareable in small doses ... but living here long term & being stupid enough to run a business and employ Failipino's ... well THAT is another thing all together. I thought I was prepared for doing business here after running my own business at home for more than a decade. What I found out the hard way is, that NOTHING will prepare you for the abject STUPIDITY of dealing with businesses, Government departments and employees here ! Definitely NOT in Kansas anymore Dorothy !

Most Westerners have NO idea about corruption before coming to da Failppines ... but learn VERY quickly that nothing happens here without meeting someone in the car park with a brown paper bag full of 1000 peso notes ! OMFG ... just to get a business registration, a tax registration, an LTFRB 'Franchise' ... ANYTHING at all is so stupidly slow & full of lining up, waiting & eventually ... BRIBERY ! Prior to moving here I used to believe that the Australian Aboriginals were the most STUPID race of human beings on the planet ... but I have now been confronted WITH the MOST stupid race of human beings on the planet ... and they make the Australian Abo's seem quite intelligent by comparison ... just slightly more 'catered to' by the nice people at Centrelink !

Anyway ... this website & the posters here helped save my sanity & made me realise that it wasn't just me questioning what is considered 'normal' here in da Failippines. So a very big THANK YOU to the Webmaster for resurrecting this VERY important tool for us 'Foreigners' ability to cope with the madness of 'More FUN in da Failippines' !

Cheers !