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The Mayabang ethic is probably one of the biggest undoings of the Filipino and costs them countless opportunities at being financially stable let alone well-to-do. My pinoy buddy Oscar* (* not his real name) and his family to a lesser extent are prime examples of this. His parents have paid off the house they moved to when his dad retired from the Navy but that didn't stop them from buying a totally unnecessary McMansion (at the precipice of the 2008 American real estate collapse mind you) replete with front porch columns, hardwood floors/marble countertops/chrome appliances throughout which they shortly choked on mortgage payments of since when you retire you only have a pension and amazingly enough renting out your older, more modest house won't generate enough rent to make a dent in that massive mortgage payment, knowing them probably was an ARM rather than a fixed-rate mortgage. They sell the McMansion at a loss and wiping out the equity in their existing home to break even.

      Then while my buddy was a young man in his low 20s after a series of jalopies that fell apart at a rate that was proportionate to how much he paid for them eg: higher=sooner a well meaning dad of a common friend of ours sells Oscar his old BMW coupe he himself bought used to commute to work. And there he would drive it to various low end glamor-free jobs like car wash attendant, health club counter man, cashier at a video store etc, etc. Jobs like that stopped being prestigious for him so he decides to attend college, so he can pull out his brand new laptop at the cafes, pretend to do assignments and study for the first half hour or so before spending 3 more watching LOLcat videos and sifting through memes online via wifi. To this day I have no idea what exactly he thought he was majoring in but he spent 6 years in college at 3 different schools taking a bunch of general-ed and random grab bag college courses all that compile into no degree nor certificates whatsoever. But HEY! You'd think he was going places with that spiffy BMW, his (knockoff) designer shades his uncle would score for him from the duty free airport shops flying back and forth from the PH and his brand new top-end laptop likely bought with student loans, riiiiiiiiight?

      Fast forward a few more years and he finds a wife, they have a son and they settle down in some "Luxury" apartments with rents about 3X higher than one would pay on even the crappiest mortgage deal in the world, since clearly living in a posh apartment makes you a big shot until you can't keep up with the lease and have to move your wife and son back into your bedroom from childhood for the next 2 years since you can't afford much else. Slowly my guy wises up finds a modest apartment with a decent rent, gets a station wagon, pretty sensible no? Well then he gets huge hobby jones and spends hundreds if not thousands on pointless things like Gore-Tex stunt kits from Germany with titanium wires that cost $700 and pro-grade R/C cars that cost nearly as much as a fullsize beater used car. Since folks will assume he is loaded and ignore the fact his son is 7 and still cannot read and write and is not toilet-trained. Fast forward to now his son STILL can't read despite a litany of special ed classes and tutoring and his retiree parents Toyota car and minivan now are unsuitable so they sold them both to get a brand new Lexus SUV they may or may not live long enough to finish making payments on. Oscar's wife got sick of making at least 2X more than he did and coming home to not one but TWO boys at home every night so she divorced him and hasn't bothered to see her son in nearly 2 years, Oscar realized his ship for a college degree had long since sailed and now works for UPS making less than $20 an hour but you'd think otherwise with his 100% Nike sock wardrobe and his gigantic Casio G-Shock watch which has every last feature under the sun outside of teleportation and predicting the future- since anyone dumping that much money on a digital sport watch must have already bought a Rolex, a few Seikos, and some Tag Heuer watches already to even consider a G-Shock

      God forbid any one of them ever just keep their head down in a book, make it out of college and have a go at a big-money job, or start a business small and work at it and expand it until it becomes a large concern or anything else that would make them actually rich rather than a broke person with a bunch of superficial doo-dads! But then again that'd be impossible, as perseverance, dedication, and tenacity are anathema to your classic Filipino :^)
Is there some reason most Filipinos have to 'pimp' in the existential sense any single and female extended family they know of? Even my American born/raised Filipino buddy Oscar* isn't above making very non-subtle hints and mentions of his cousins and etc back in the 'Peens that would make me a great wife and etc when all I gather from this page and other sites is that I'd have one woman into me for citizenship, and money, money, MONEY while being expected to prop her and likely a dozen affiliated in-laws up financially too. What are they really doing if their best angle for a good life is to farm out their daughters to the world instead of sticking around and making better schools and infrastructure at home for them to never need to leave their country to thrive? I know I lack the same mindset they do but if soliciting my sisters, cousins, nieces and daughters so I could mooch off the family ties that bind was my only way of getting by in life, I'd go back to the drawing board  and think up a better plan for my family.

The other day in my town I moved to a few months ago here in America I paid a visit to the new grocery store that opened up in the formerly vacant husk of a different grocery store. I bounce around from different grocery store to grocery store always looking for niche products and the best prices on the things I regularly get and this one being a discount type grocery store had a HUGE aisle of exotic yet affordable snack foods like chips and whatnot, including those shrimp flavored sticks I happen to like since I am really big on seafood. I spot the usual brand I tend to get from Asian grocery stores and then they had a even bigger selection of near identical chips in the same size bag for half as much! Reading over the label everything seemed legit until I read down to the bottom of the bag below the barcode there in BOLD font about 1.5x the size of the rest of the chip bags' info PRODUCT OF THE PHILIPPINES

Based on all the anecdotes and accounts of you guys I'd be pretty wary of their export foods. I tossed the bag back on the shelf with the rest of the heap and bought something else entirely.
One day on the weekend getting groceries for my house to get me through the upcoming week I got a call from Oscar my USA-raised Filipino pal inviting me to come to dinner, as it was around 4 in the afternoon I thought "Ehh what the hell" hoping they had a tasty (and to this white boy, exotic) spread of some lumpia and pancit and such ready to go so I come by and Oscar and the Mrs. were like "We're making spaghetti" (tbh I can't stand spaghetti but I will eat it out of manners as a polite guest) so I am like "Sure, ok" and THIS IS WHERE THE FAIL KICKED INTO HIGH GEAR

They couldn't be bothered to use premade sauce from a jar like most sane people and went about pureeing tomatoes and adding spices and seasonings and whatnot and measured out the water down to the ounce in a Pyrex measuring cup to boil the noodles like it was some science experiment, this goes on to the 2 1/2 hour mark and remember I have a trunk full of mostly frozen type groceries thawing out in the back of my car. As I hadn't ate lunch that day I was pretty ravenous at this point so while they were fiddlefucking with their seasoning inputs and testing the pasta hardness I had to excuse myself a few times to quietly raid some of my non-frozen groceries to keep from feeling like my insides where gnawing on themselves instead. At the 3 hour mark the Mrs. yells from the kitchen "It's ready!" and starts to bring it out, to be gracious I eat about a 1/3 of the usual portion as it was salty as all get out and very acidy as they left out adding any carrots in with the sauce which balances out the acidity of the tomatoes and bid my goodbyes as I reminded them of my trunk full of thawing out groceries and the Mrs. is like "Okey doke, here we packaged up the rest of the spaghetti so you can eat it for lunches at work!"

Its like Filipinos have the inverse-Midas touch: anything they put their hands on turns to shit

You can't invite people over to dinner to have them wait 3 hours for any food, that is just inane, but then again try explaining manners and consideration of others to folks that are genetically incapable of such things.

Ok I happen to admin an international industry based FB group that is about my field that I work in. Every day me and the other admins get ~100 or so requests to join, and some of which come from the Feelup-peens which I have taken to blocking (which AFAIK cancels the join request and prevents them from even seeing the group ever again) since when I used to add them they just shitpost on the group with pics of their half dozen kids or their equipment which was new when MacArthur finally returned or workplace selfies of them in flip flops and no safety glasses, hearing protection or any other PPE gear which is downright crazy in machining. Don't even get me started on the jejespeak they type their posts in! I do this day in and day out without issue.
Ok thank you admin for letting me on here, this is the only blog and site online that seems to validate what I have seen and gone through with my lifelong buddy lets call him Oscar* (* Not his real name) I have been friends with him since his dad retired from the Navy and they moved up here from Guam back in 7th grade, a solid 25 years ago. He is 100% Filipino on both sides and outside of small visits to the Phils he's lived his entire life in US territory or US Naval bases. Right off the bat they toss him in ESL classes since his scores in English were that low even though he spoke perfect US english if they ever bothered to talk to him. While it was unfair of them to do that, his family never spoke up long enough to call the school out on such nonsense. Years go by and we are in our early/mid 20s and my buddy puts in SIX years of going to 3 different community colleges, but never goes for a specific major so he has all these random grab-bag courses none of which amounts to a specific cert. nor degree. No matter what he does or where he works he goes all out to LOOK like the pinnacle of success and fell on his face trying to afford an image well beyond his means. He bought a used BMW which he drove to pieces after he acts like maintenance is an optional thing and spent 4X the cost of a mortgage payment living in 'luxury' apartments until he couldn't keep up with rent and had to move his wife and son into the same bedroom he had as a little boy back at his parent's house not one but 3 times. His wife is no genius either but she worked at a job as a clerk for the city and makes more money than he ever did, in time she got sick of looking after TWO boys and divorced him and stuck him with their son, whom she's made no effort to visit in over a year and a half. He can dump hundreds if not thousands on frivolous hobbies like acrobatic stunt kites with titanium strings from Germany and pro-spec R/C buggies that cost as much as a used car yet his son is nearly 11 now and still can't even read.
He picks up the latest model of cell phone every 4 months and spends over $200 a month on airtime since he can't even bother to use the phone in wifi mode so he gets bent over the barrel on data charges. For a time he lived in the spare room of his sisters' condo after the divorce until even she tired of his meandering and then his parents hooked him up with an apartment covering the firsts month and deposit. His sister is smart and successful unlike him and she had a really nice smart TV that streamed online stuff like Netflix and whatnot, one day I came over and found the TV remote was dead and there were no new AAA batteries in the house. I asked Oscar "why don't you get some batteries at the store?" and all he said was "Oh I just stopped watching TV when the remote died" He thinks he is some kind of baller because his socks are mostly Nike socks replete with the swoosh logo he gets by the dozen from the outlet mall and he rocks the requisite flashy pinoy Casio G-Shock watch, as if stiff you can get at any mall for under $300 is the true mark of those in the upper echelons of society lol. I hold my degree in CNC machining and CNC programming and the industry is sometimes volatile so here and there I have been out of work for several months, so Oscar will point out all these nonsense regular jobs that pay only 1/3 to 1/2 of what I typically make as a machinist. Last year he finally qualified to be a UPS delivery driver but acts like its super hard to spend all day doing 3 things which are:

1:Drive Van
2:Bring boxes/parcels to address shown on the front+take any new parcels/boxes they want to send out
3: Drive van back to base with new packages

Lately on the weekends he's developed a HUGE obsession with hiking and camping which is good in a general way since its something memorable his son can share, and so much easier than sitting down and helping his son learn to fucking read! In accordance with that inborn Filipino compulsion to flaunt wealth and status he sends me pics and brags about his super-dope top end camping gear, like his $300 titanium gas cookstove that can fry eggs at the summit of Mt. Everest in 40 mph gusts in below zero weather or some shit yet on the cusp of heading out to a national park for a weekend he texts me "Hey do you have a car charger cord for a cell phone I could borrow" and I said "Dude they're like $5 at any gas station, you're telling me you can buy a $300 titanium camping stove but you can't pick up a car charging cord for your phone? Fucking buy one"

I swear to God this guy is kryptonite to cars: over the years he's totally destroyed via lack of maintenance and neglect a: Saab 99 coupe, a BMW 325es coupe, and a Volvo V70 XC AWD wagon. Now he makes payments on a 2004 Toyota Highlander since he is too dumb to understand what a ripoff it is to buy a 13 year old pseudo-SUV on a 72 month payment system. He asked me to help sell his Volvo wagon and like a good friend I lined him up with the mechanic of a Volvo shop that was very psyched to buy the wagon to be his own personal car, all he asked was to look it over first. Of course my buddy left out that the headgasket was going and the valves were burnt to hell and back because dumbass pumped it full of regular (which ruins the valves AND the turbo) since saving 20 cents a gallon is a better deal than having to buy yet another car when you destroy the one you've got, right guys? Volvo Shop Guy tells him hell no as it'd mean another $3500 of labor and parts just to save the car, so rather than sell it for that $3500 he instead gets $300 for the busted car at a different Volvo garage that stripped it for parts. All I have noticed is pinoy ignorance is genetic, not national at all.



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