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Not only is the normal filipino dumb, his mentor is even dumber. Here's how (in university level) you usually get graded by your professor in the philippines:

- final exam : 75 % of your final grade

- midterm exam : 20 % of your final grade

- attendance / homework 5 % of final grade

yep, that's it.

It doesn't matter whether or not you were present at all or texting during the lectures.

It doesn't matter if you've printed your essay homework and submitted it in Letter sized paper since the 'professor' only accepts Short Bond paper (the content of your essay doesn't really matter).

you're not expected to know any of the things that a normal high-school graduate knows from other countries, so if you go to study university level there they'll re-teach you what you've learnt in a real middle school.

as soon as lecturer enters (usually late), you are obliged to pray to the cross and waste 10 minutes of valuable lecture time, the next 10 minutes are spent checking attendance for the overcrowded 45+ students, you will be marked absent if you're not wearing their currently out-of-stock uniform.

the campus and the whole district floods on the slightest showers, so you'll have to walk back home in the putrid smoggy weather cause the lecturer hasn't announced class suspension, yet.

PS: don't forget to give that sticky beggar 5 pesos so he can finally get off your back and go sniff some rugby in his dog house.



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