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These are the default steps in Flip borrowing method. 


1. Smile while approaching the victim. 

2. Talk pleasantries, usually on the victim’s favorite subjects 

3. Slowly shifts toward money problems, gives lots of sad stories; fishing for victim’s empathetic cues. Once, victim listens……….then Boom! 

4. Asks to borrow money. Will pay “next payday”; “as soon as my bank loan check arrives”; “when I sold my patch of land/property”; “as soon as possible” 

5. If victim tries to make excuses not to lend money, Flips will pressure him to squeeze out any form of cash from him. “you have an atm card with you?”; “we can use your credit card”; “you can give me some in your cash register”; “its only 2 thousand pesos”; “you are single anyway, so you must have money to yourself”. 

6. Victim lends money. 

7. Flip forgets about it. Avoids victim at all times. 

8. At times victim got to meet and pressured Flip to pay, Flips gets mad “its only money and you lose your mind”; “can’t you wait a little” 

9. Victim and Flip quarrels. 

10. No more interaction. Debt vanishes into oblivion. The end. 

I’ve been duped so many times that I already know almost all money-duping schemes Flips concoct. 

“please lend my pamangkin 10k worth of your goods; she will pay you when she sold the goods in her start-up business; trust me she will pay you; you know me, I’m a Christian” 

“my uncle is sick, we need money for the hospital; lend me money, I will pay” 

“my auntie’s pera padala was slightly delayed, I’ll pay you when it arrives, trust me”

“here’s my atm + PIN number as collateral, use it if I can’t pay” (they eventually closed the account and you end up like a sucker) 

“I’ll give you 10% monthly interest on top of that 100k I will borrow; you won’t regret it” 

I once lend a Flip officemate money for his son’s practicum and he’ll pay me by month end. Month end comes, reasoned that budget is tight, asks for another month. Now, it comes to month 6 and still no payment. He have new nike shoes that even I can’t afford to buy. New touch screen phone, new pants. Shit. And here I am, too timid to demand payment from him. I also look more like a pauper compared to the Flip. 

In southern luzon where I worked before, people comes to me for money + interest because they need it for their Town Fiesta. They want to invite friends and outsiders to eat in their homes. BULLSH*T. After the fiesta, they end up with more debts, children gets to starve and stay out of school………. the guy who's picture posted is a "christian". Knew him to fabricate furniture at my home and store. Invites me to go to their church. Tell me how active he is in their fellowship and go closer to his god. Then comes the day he asks to borrow 20k worth of grocery from my wife's store. "this is for my pamangkin." She is just starting her business and needs fresh capital. I guarantee she'll pay for it. 

Knowing he's a christian, we adamantly agreed. Boom! One year past, no contact from the pamangkin, no payment and christian Jacob was nowhere to be found. I get to see his wife who told me christian Jacob "backslided" and that pamangkin was his querida (1/3 jacob's age). 

WTF...... guess i can always check on him whenever i thought of his devious deeds here: 


 No matter the attractiveness of the offer, the pity you feel; your DEFAULT action on this matter is NO. unless you really really really want to GIVE money away. If you love yourself; if you have self preservation; DON’T GIVE MONEY to FLIPS. Believe me, once they know they can’t extract money from you, you will never be bothered anymore. Because if you give them a bit of alms, like leeches, they will keep on coming until they suck you dry.