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After 7 yrs here, Cebu province, much head banging, a ton of advils, and keeping Tanduay on third shift and working hard to keep up...I've accumulated a few observations....I know i'm not the only one, from having read you guys blogs...but as a newbie thought maybe i'd add my two pesos to the mix.

Religion here is very much a part of daily life.  Especially when it comes to cleaning.  I notice my wife reenacting the flood from Genesis when she washes the floor.  The more water, the cleaner it must be.

Most pinay think that because the fridge is cooler that anything put in it will stay viable almost indefinitely.  The need to wrap something in plastic wrap, put it in a zip lock bag AND ACTUALLY ZIP LOCK IT, or put it in one of the plethora of plastic ice cream containers with lid, that we have filling one kitchen cabinet, is not necessary.  Just shutting the fridge door is sufficient.

Louder is better, particularly when playing music.  Never mind that the speakers are so distorted that it does not sound anything like music...also disregard that the bass is turned all the way up hence drowning out any mid range, which is where the voices and the rest of music comes from.  If the windows aren't rattling, then the sound isn't loud enough.

Along with that...listen to a conversation between two "natives".  Every other word is "huh?"  Of course they can't hear...gosh i wonder why.

I have noticed that when i go into a store that I immediately am attached to a "sales clerk". I don't see them following locals around, but it would be virtually impossible for me to get lost in a store with my "personal guide" welded to my hip.  And to top it off, if and when I ask a question, in English, I usually get a "deer in headlights" expression in return and they run off to find someone that can translate for them.  Stupid F...ks...you could see I was not a "native",,,you had to figure i speak English or a language other than Bisayan...so why did you choose to attach to me?  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

At a store, select what i want to purchase, proceed to the cashier.  "Will there be anything else?"  Oh yes, world peace would be nice.  Deer in headlights again...."oh".

Don't have a big front yard, it's actually just a patch of grass that takes 20 minutes to trim when it gets too long.  But I've tried to "beautify" the place with some flowers and other decorative plants.  And I must say it looks nice, particularly in our neighborhood, where the main decorative item is coconuts drying on the sidewalk making it necessary to walk in the street, or someones pedicab, or motorcycle parked there, forcing a pedestrian again to play dodge cars.  Anyway...neighbor woman/girl had a baby a few months ago.  I know this because the street dogs bring the throw away diapers over to my nice grass and have a picnic.  Finally got a bit fed up with picking up her trash, so the last time i had to tend to it, I raked it all up, put it in a plastic bag, walked over to her door and dumped it right in her doorway.  She came out looking upset..."oh i thought you would miss these as I found them in my yard this morning and wanted to return them to you".  Not sure what she replied, but i don't think it was "happy motoring".  however, have not seen a diaper in the grass for over two weeks.  Either she got the hint, or she quit feeding the baby.

As has been commented on before, "borrow" is an English term which is used but not understood and for sure never lived up to here.  An associate of my wife's asked to "borrow" 2000 P due to her daughter being in the hospital.  Alledgedly!!!!  Ok not a big deal and she is someone my wife sees every day AND she asked with an accompanying "I"ll repay in two weeks".  Three months later....wife comes home and says..."so and so needs to borrow some money if you would".  oh?  who and how much?  "well,,, is the same person that borrowed last time and she needs 2000P".  Oh sure that will be fine.  "Really?"

Of course...just have her pay back the first 2000 she borrowed and i will LEND her 2000 again.  Fair? "Oh...."  haven't heard another word on the subject subsequently.

This could go on and on....but...

I look forward to your observations.




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