Butt-Hurt Pinoy Pride Via Email

Just had to share this email string I had with that type of Pinoy who, from one side of his mouth agrees with us, but from the other side of his mouth, goes pinoy pride. Typical Pinoy filogic. Enjoy!


Hi, I’m a Filipino.

In response to your posts, if you deemed us idiots and/or disappointed to basically everything related to us, then why the FUCK are you still here? Even more so for having the time to write? Get a life man. On the contrary, the things you’ve said are downright true and as a liberated man, I feel the same way. But I refuse to give up Philippines and by extension -the Filipinos. Have a nice day.

Daniel V. Patano


Why am I still here? Because I listened to the lies of Filipinos, before I discovered how culturally fucking stupid, deluded, and narcissistic they are. My mistake. Well, I gave up everything in USA and moved here. Not an easy thing to reverse. But I’m not unhappy here. I can be happy here, it doesn’t change the fact Filipinos are brain dead zombies. That will always be a fact.

One can learn to be happy among brain dead, illogical, extremely narcissistic morons, when they have no other real choice. Takes time, but it can be done.

Just because I state facts, does not mean I’m unhappy living here. Filipinos in general, are fucking brain dead idiots. That is just a fact. Why does that have to mean I’m unhappy?

Now, if Filipinos were actually smart, but I was calling them all idiots. Well that would be an indication of unhappiness. But as you stated that you agree that Filipinos are brain dead turds, it’s just a fact. I’m just telling the truth, as you agree.

Doesn’t mean I’m unhappy here. Just means I’m stating facts, that’s all.

And I actually DO have a life. This blog is merely a past time, a hobby. I actually run a business here, I go out and I travel, I go places, I have fun…..among the morons. Just like you.

Contrary to what you may believe, I don’t sit in front of this blog all day long. I spend maybe an hour per week running the blog. That leaves me plenty of time for “a life”.

Thanks for your concern and interest in my life.

Hope that answers your question.


Nice of you to use “in general” or else I would have prolonged this argument (if we can call it that way). Anyway, you just piqued my interest we both share one thing in common: fucking tired of the way most Filipinos go on with their lives.

I tried to help change the idiotic and pathetic ways of our culture in my own way. I really think it’s going to take decades to cure this plague.

If you look at formerly colonized countries preferably by Spain, the issues found here are also identical to them. Just saying. So don’t just focus on this country’s shortcomings. Thank you.


It would be a miracle if change could happen in decades. Your people are so fucking brain dead, it’ll take GENERATIONS to EVOLVE, if ever.

And quite frankly, I don’t give a fuck about other countries colonized by Spain. Your Filipino morons have had a few generations to stop whining about your past and using it as an excuse to NOT progress. But Filipinos just keep riding that wave, instead of taking control of their future and making the much needed changes.

I live here, I experience stupidity on a grand scale daily here, therefore I made a blog about it. Would you rather I make a blog about some African country I’ve never been to? Way to think buddy!

How long are you idiots going to keep blaming your past before you show ANY sign of progress? Maybe that’s your excuse to remain lazy, whining, begging, lying, corrupt, elementary minded little children.

This blog isn’t here to compare Philippines to other countries. The purpose of this blog is to provide a place where those of us who have to deal with dysfunctional, brain dead morons can release our frustrations with the stupidity and ignorance of the people here. Also to simply speak the truth…that thing that Filipinos feebly try to hide about their country.


Wow you really are something. I’m a day trader by profession so I’m up to date when it comes to the economy. My profession also requires me to regularly check the corruption level of a country, ease of doing business, social well-being, etc. Philippines overall isn’t the worst. Not good either but is progressing. There’s no need to stretch things out. Just like you, I have a life and the capability to live anywhere if I want to yet I’m here. That should give you a hint that there are things worth fighting for in this country.

Check out Latin America and Africa as well. You would be surprised to know Philippines doesn’t even belong to the top 10 (or 20 and so on) worst places to live in. Well, I forgot that you only focus regionally not globally. Anyway, I despise how most Filipinos constantly whine at everything yet do nothing especially the government. Those fucking pigs (politicians) always gets on my nerves including the people voting them. What the fuck is wrong with them? But those who broke free of this society’s pathetic system like me are doing something to at least improve things.

As parting words, isn’t it that you are far more pathetic since you’re stuck here? All you do is whine. Well that’s your mistake -choosing to live here without researching enough. What a fucking moron. I guess you’re the type of expat who takes advantage of exchange rates (this is just my assumption provided your business is off-shore). Normal reasoning suggests if you hate the way things are then find a solution not whine through. You’re doing the same thing brain dead idiots do. You just don’t notice it yet. Does that mean you’re far worse than a brain dead idiot?


“As parting words, isn’t it that you are far more pathetic since you’re stuck here? All you do is whine.”

Yes, it is pathetic that I’m stuck among pathetic people. That doesn’t make me pathetic, because if your people weren’t so pathetic, I wouldn’t consider myself “stuck” here. Idiot.

And again, please stop calling what is written on the blog as “whining”. It’s simply stating facts and truth and our true experiences about how unbelievably stupid and brain dead your country is.

Worst places in the world to live…again, that’s irrelevant to this blog. I’m living in Philippines. I’m not stating that it’s the worst place in the world to live. I’m stating that Filipinos are fucking idiots. Just stating the truth about the country I live in and experience every day. That’s all. Why can’t you get that to absorb into the 2 or 3 brain cells you have?

Shit man, stop your whining about my blog. I know truth hurts the Pinoy. And I do realize that the Pinoy just can’t handle the truth. Agree with us or don’t agree with us. Pick a side of the fence to stand on! Stop speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Other countries are irrelevant. We’re living in Philippines, therefore Philippines is the topic. See the logic?

But stop calling the stating of facts, sharing our experiences in the land of brain dead idiots as whining. We’re all just sharing our experiences here, and stating the truth. You know, that thing that Filipinos just hate about themselves and try to hide…the truth. You make it obvious that you just don’t want the truth about your beloved Filipinos to get out to the world. Too late buddy! The world sees you for what you are. You can’t change that with your words. The world sees your actions.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I watched a documentary last night in Australia on the DUST BOWL in the USA, Tried my hardest to get the child bride to watch it.
    I just wanted her to see it wasn’t that long ago that the USA was poor as church mouses and living in slums and shanty towns.
    Just to see how far the USA and the rest of the world came in the last 50 years because they didn’t have the typical flip mentality and corruption.
    Where they would work for anything to keep food on the plate and a roof over their heads.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Japan was bombed into nothing in WW2.
      But ,, the society was all the same. so they slaved to bring Japan up.
      The 1930’s in North America was so bad,, my relations would not talk about it.
      A good book about the depression is Barry Broadfoot’s ”Ten Lost Years.. It is short stories about how people survived in western Canada.
      He also wrote the ”Pioneer Years” and the ”War Years” Old people told their stories.
      Available on E bay.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      ”TOO BUSY””
      Just mention soap operas, wowwowoee, eat bulaga,,,, their ears perk right up.
      National Geographic, Ice road trucking,, Swamp Loggers, DUH
      SHOOT ME DEAD is on his last legs.

  2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I will give her a break over the too busy, she was cooking up a storm so she could entertain a local Philippino
    But it could not have killed her to even look at the still photos, Every Flip should be made look at them.
    Maybe then they wont think we are made of money because we were lucky not to be born in the PI

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Even if you make it compulsory viewing Don, it won’t compute. Remember, these people have the attention span of a cockroach. And they’d soon forget about it the moment they see the latest model gadgets.

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Debating with these Pinoy’s is useless. There is no philosophical bone in them what so ever. Their only tactic to debating is taking all of your talking points and throwing them back at you. They are experts at this.

    “I find most Filipino’s to be brain dead morons” and you’ll get a response like “well maybe your a brain dead moron”. A tit for a tat. The difference is that Filo put together reasoning and evidence behind his observation where as the empty headed Pinoy came up with “agreeing” statements and then passive aggressive remarks of using your words against you.

    My wife does this game all the time, I’ll be talking about the Philippines and the problems and all of a sudden she’s pulling the doomsday card, throwing my talking points right back at me with empty threats, manipulation and passive aggressive tactics. I’m catching her on it more and more and I say, “can we just stay on the topic here? Cant we just discuss this like adults. What does your statements have to do with what I was just saying?” She’ll always do that, like I was on a topic about her freeloading pimp Dad and making realistic, obvious facts about him that was unsavory and suddenly she’s talking about the culture and things outside of her Dad. They just hate going to the root of anything…….it’s far easier to shift blame and pretend like everything is fine.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    There tactic is to get agreement from YOU. lock you into that agreement then start DELIVERING less.
    they will underdeliver on time, service, quality etc
    they did this all the time to me.
    Always, AFTER agreement changed their side of the bargain or asked for more. Undercut themselves (went in too low) then work out … wtf? my calculations were wrong or now i got this “nice guy” i can work him up.
    Ya .. never trust or employ filipinos

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      Is that something that they do just to foreigners because they know a foreigner’s word means something, or is that a filipino negotiating tactic that they use against everyone?

      But I know what you mean, and any time someone tries to change the terms of the deal after the fact, I just cancel the deal altogether and walk away from it.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        That seems to be done even with other filipinos! i was amazed how they also make things up along the way amongst themselves. No one wants to put anything to paper (contract, written agreement etc) so its a “gentlemans handshake” which in effect is worthless in the Philippines unless you know a real filipino that respects you in the sense he doesnt want to lose your friends. I have after 10 years only met 3 guys like that who are still my friends. All the rest i met failed.

        Yes, walk away. BUT…Filos are so thick at this rip shit and burn style they adopt (especially against foreingers) that they would think “arr ok”, blank look and go next. They wont take responsiblity they would think its YOU that has the problem of shifting sands, shifting goal posts etc and they were giving you the “traditional filipino service”

        as for being here and sadly some foreigners say also “why are you still here”
        of course, i have a love hate relationship with the place
        you have to have exit breaks out of the country to refresh and talk a decent conversation with people
        eat some decent food etc

        friend: paid 5000 to a friend for a driver, nice car etc all the costs
        i said .. wtf you paid beforehand and entrusted a filipina would get you a good deal
        anyway.. the sad story was the drivers and vehicles were gone
        what was the result —— the cousin, his shit car and feeding the cousin for the overnight tour
        really… that should have been renegotiated but she paid him the 5k
        RESULT — shit deal

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          One guy agreed on a salary and the agency quoted him a certain amount
          when he started working he got half what they agreed
          he said wtf
          and they told him to get fucked
          RESULT: Shit Deal

          Other filos have gotten jobs in Cebu
          then a week later after they bought themselves uniform, searches, clearances etc
          were told you have to go to Leyte to work
          huhuhu i have a son ok
          in Leyte they only given boat fare they have to find accommoation
          then told after weeks …nope not coming back to cebu
          RESULT: Shit Deal

          FRIEND working at SM paid for everything to start work including uniform
          then told she has to work in the jeans section a week later
          the uniform she had to buy!! a new pair of jeans
          RESULT: Shit Job

          Part of it is communication
          Part of it filos want you to be a mind reader
          Part of it filos think you understand them
          Part of it filos think they can speak english but shit….they fucking cant understand what they are speaking!! they got some fucked up interpretations — you know LEND should be retermed GIVE etc and just framing conversations they are masters of blither….

          1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

            This is the whole truth. They barely understand each other when speaking their OWN language. English is an exercise in repeating oneself at least 3 times in a conversation.

    2. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      Yes! This all the time! Went to put a deposit on a rental condo in Makati when we lived there. There was an agreed amount per month we would pay. My girl did all the negotiating. So we go take the deposit to the renter, all of a sudden, soon as the lady saw me, she tells my girl in Tagalog (i understand a good portion) the rent went from 25,000P to 35,000P per month! All the while holding our agreed upon deposit. I was so pissed, told my girl to take the deposit cash back, before i go to the street and pay some degenerate girl to go slap that bitch lol. I’m a man, I would never hit a woman, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get another woman to hit a woman.

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    CantFixStupid yes even in their own language. they simply cannot understand. I think its the lack of concentration or focus. Someone asked at the store … sting red .. she comes back with sting green! you know …
    1. lack of attention
    2. lack of focus
    3. lack of care
    everything is just in a daze .. hazy mentality
    “filipino style”

    English is just “words” to them, i mean i have met people from all around the world that speak english as a second language and even they say … fuck i cant be understood here..
    the language is not tonal .. but you slightly out they simply dont know what the fuck you are saying
    i know what a scotch, yank, irish and other speak — all english but when a yank says gas and a uk says petrol or boot and trunk i know the difference …. but here they cant even tell you i ask LEMONADE ..no sir we dont have but we have sprite and 7up!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      Just got back from iHOP in Alabang and had a similar experience, went something like this:

      DAW = dumb ass waiter

      me: …and i’ll have the orange juice with that. thanks
      DAW: oh so sorry sir we dont have any more orange
      me: ok..then lemonade
      DAW: wala po
      me: so what do you have to drink here?
      DAW: we have soft drinks, passion fruit, fresh orange juice, and fruit shake sir
      me: im sorry…what did you say?
      DAW: soft drinks, passion –
      me: I thought you said you dont have orange juice?
      DAW: yes sirr…just fresh squeezed.
      me: so you DO have orange juice.
      DAW: yes sirr
      me: ok then…Ill have the orange juice then
      DAW: fresh squeezed?
      me: im lost…do you have it or dont you??
      DAW: yes sirr…we have
      me: is there another kind of orange juice?
      DAW: we dont have sir
      me: WAIT…you just said you have it. what is happening here?
      DAW: fresh squeezed sirr
      me: OK..ill have fresh squeezed
      DAW: wait lng sir..i will check in the back if we have. for awhile!


  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Do you know the oxford dictionary now has 26 words in it that are filipino originated:


    High fucking blood — wtf?
    i hate that expression
    you get gormless looks when you say
    1. gout — its arthritis to most people – eating a filipino diet is acidic and gives you this.
    2. blood pressure — its high blood – especially when you try and argue logic with a filipino.
    3. food poisoning — its got LBM (loose bowl motion) or the shits — they hear “food” & “poison” and cannot mix the fucking two. no such word – thy leave the food out for 24 hours get the shits from it and think its normal.
    4. storm surge — what? no such word in visayan dictionary

    whats the point of giving them an OXFORD dictionary anyway
    and whats the point of OXFORD including bastardised english into an english dictionary

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Filipinos are very, very good at butchering the English language by mixing it with Filipino. Ever heard of the word “Taglish?” . Very common nowadays. A very good example is “nose-bleed”. Now in my country (Australia) “nose-bleed” is a medical event! Translate to Filipino, and “nose bleed” is slang for “can’t understand you because your English is very proficient”.

    And Pinays trying to raise their half-kids with “pidgen English”… I cringe when I heard a Pinay trying to feed her half Kano son at a food court. Kid wanted to go walking, she stopped him, told him “eat sa” (eat first). WTF?

    My cousin’s young son get treated the same. … “sleep pa more”. WTF? I told them “if you want this kid to be speaking English, teach him proper English! Not Pidgen English Pinoy style!”.

    Pinoys promote Philippines as a tourism and retirement destinations because “we speak English”. Really! Try tell that to your salesgirls who ran away, refusing to serve customers because the customer speaks English! Hell, even so called university graduates can’t even speak English properly.

    Another very common Filipino mistake is pronouncing “aged” as “idjid”. WTF is that? we were watching a show once and this famous Pinay actress was delivering a dialogue of how they would have to put their elderly mother at the home for the “idjid”.

    Oh well, what can one do when an idiot teaches a bunch of idiots, then the idiocy is multiplied.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The other night my wife was going over the vowels with our son, A,E,I,O,U and then stopped. I asked what happened to Y only to be told Y was not a vowel and I was wrong. So I said the following words, SKY, WHY, BYE,SHY,BYTE and pointed out Y is in fact a vowel at times. Again I was wrong. What I find amusing is they can barely speak or understand English most of the time yet have no problem correcting a native English speakers English. Like I told my wife ” Sorry, I forgot filipinos were fucking perfect”.

  9. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    Well, I would support the fact that this could just be his pastime or a hobby. It took a lot of days before my first contribution got posted. Thanks, by the way, and for making it more presentable and for having time to go through member posts. But I really just wanted to express that out, with or without the comments, but thanks to a few who did.

    I had an error on opening pages before, so I thought this blog is getting bugged or my network. I don’t know. Anyway, whining , exposing the truth, whatever it is, could still mean that you want change, because if you don’t complain or share an experience or an opinion, then things that you don’t agree with or are unpleasant to you will just keep on reoccurring as no one else is really making a point to what seems to be wrong or dysfunctional.

    Though I get his point like in the case of rallyists that have nothing else to do but make noise on the streets as if the government would instantly comply but at least you get to hear what their issues are, take this blog as a challenge. They presented you with what they find are perplexing conditions or problems, so what can you suggest or do as solutions besides wanting to get rid of this site? Think and apply, then maybe the rest of them will start to comply.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I can see how it would appear that the very purpose of this site is to hate and degrade the Filipino. But let’s make one thing clear. It is their own behavior and actions and INactions which degrade them. They are degrading themselves with their behavior and ways. We’re only saying what we see and experience here. We’re not here making up lies about Filipinos. We are here sharing our real and true experiences, and stating our opinions. And the opinions are fact based and not without substance. Filipinos want to behave deplorably, but they don’t want to be criticized for it. Well, too bad. If you don’t want to face criticism for bad behavior, then stop behaving badly. Period, full stop.

      And we’re all now accustomed to the knee jerk reactions of some Filipinos who stumble upon this site and start in with their denials and pinoy pride butt-hurt bullshit.

      Anyone who wants to know the specific purpose and reason for this blog should read the “About Us” page. Not to mention the mission statement at the top of every single page. It simply states this blog is FOR EXPATS.

      If we thought for ONE SECOND that the Filipino could be helped, I think the general attitude and style of expression would be completely different. But as stated, the Filipino refuses to accept any form of constructive criticism, advice, or help which doesn’t come in the form of a free handout. And so that’s why this blog IS NOT here to even attempt to help the Filipino. This blog is here to HELP EXPATS release the frustrations and anger of having to deal with the sheer stupidity, willful ignorance, unashamed rudeness, dishonesty, and corruption every single day. And people with more than 3 to 5 brain cells know that if you don’t have an outlet for anger, it will eventually build up and become an explosive destructive force.

      The reason this website upsets Filipinos so much, is because it reveals the truth about them. Filipinos cannot stand the truth about themselves, to the point they even believe the lies they tell about themselves. Filipino’s words about themselves seldom ever match their actions and behaviors. This site upsets the Filipino because they either cannot behave the way they want the world to see them, or refuse to. Therefore they are quick to create illusions and delusions about themselves, boast themselves, put themselves on a pedestal.

      But when you come to Philippines, you don’t see any of that. You see the complete opposite. You see how desperately discourteous they are, you see how shamelessly dishonest they are, you see how ridiculously immature they are. You see how fucking dumb as a box of rocks stupid they are. And seeing is believing.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        After over a decade in the Philippines it boils down to:

        1. pig pigheadedness – they simply dont want to know anything and exert effort. Even going so far to keep places clean of trash and not being lazy.
        2. high level of self entitlement going on – as if god and the world owes it to them. This spreads down to people who think foreigners have come 20 hours on a plane to help save them and their family and they are entitled to it and ACTUALLY get pissed off when you dont give them!! like how fucking disgusting is that
        3. ostrich approach – ban it, avoid it, dont deal with it and hope it will go away. shut it all out with the constitution 60% filipino ownership.40% foreigner – then end up fucking over the foreigner.
        4. lack of care / couldnt care a less – from business that doesnt give a shit about customers to day to day life, couldnt care a less. YOU PAY – if we fuck it up, you pay. If staff fucked it up, they pay. Business never pays. Staff have to pay to work at a business. Everyone else shoulders their own responsibilities.
        5. Attention seekers – Facebook has really bought this out
        6. Living in Denial – the common bullshit is “not all filipina are like that” “maybe in your country but not here” like huh? firstly a filipina talking about foreigner males in a dating situation is about as reliable as relying on evidence of a drunk man. When it comes to talking about giving birth as a male, i SHUT THE FUCK UP as i have no room to speak, they should do the same. Its MOST filipina, not all. thats 95%+ are blood sucking, attention seeking leeches.
        7. Shit dumpers – whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine. Once you get into the “filipino bubble” they will then think its ok to ask for money, ask to borrow your things etc and believe their own lies they will repay! like wtf? they actually believe that by next salary they will be able to give the money back. such a lie.
        they cannot wait to dump problems and drama on others.
        8. Ignorance – i cannot fucking understand how you ask for simple things and they don’t know eg. lemonade? no sir.. whats that — sprite and 7up sir. Just no engagements. little to say except “huh?” what, who, arr ok, ar ok, ar okk, kkk, ic, where, whos there with you now… blah blah.. hey you think someone flys half way around the world to hear BLITHERERS SPEAK?
        9. One sided view of the world – Our language, My country, Our food.. they are prepared to give nothing away. People of few words that make things up on the spot and change agreements. Don’t ever trust the word of a filipino, they break promises always or adjust things to suit themselves.
        10. based on #9 never argue with a filipino. they just cannot conceptualise and get the point. They cannot see analogy, irony and all those things. like talking to a bag of rocks at times. round and round and round and round in circles.
        11. There are many foreigners coming here sir – yes, i guess and have you looked at how long they are staying? Many have been ripped off or killed too. The purpose is to make money from foreigners then tell them “your just a visitor here”, “you have no rights” and what the hell, they can do what they want as in court theres people in it for the money and court takes YEARS anyway to get anything done. Theyre fucking dreamers anyway when it comes to projects like medical tourism. lol. i know guys that have lost their leg and had amputations through dr negligence, others that have been caught by being underinsured. The medical system here are like sharks to a feeding frenzy and the standard of care is LOW.
        12. Did i mention DEFENSIVE .. they say “im not like them” when you say sorry i dont lend money to filipinos.. or “im not like the rest” and wtf .. in the same breath they are asking for money!!
        13. Theres a seething mass of hangers on .. all around, all coaching the person and will tell them to leave your relationship if you dont give enough or help enough even to the point of renovating their houses etc!!! like WTF??!!! THATS fucking disgusting to push on another to give money to fix their houses. really low low low LOW FUCKING LOW
        14. RACIST fucks. They overcharge foreigners ..even i have been charged 9-12 times more for some tourist excursions why? because i am white and theres even companies out there that say on their websites — we charge a filipino rate and a foreigner rate and we test your accent and ability to speak filipino. huh?unbelievable. yet, if i was in Canada and i said … Canadians one rate .. filipinos another rate they would fucking snort like fucking pigs in disgust.
        have you noticed the advertising on TV is all by light colored skinned filipino and whats the point of studying in the Philippines. Other countries make it easy to get residency after completing degrees and work time NOT IN THE PHILIPPINES. EG. study medicine at UNI — will you get a job in the hospital after and accepted for citizenship ??? nope. they dont have foreign doctors from what i see in the system as the constitution bans foreigner employment doesnt it.

        …..THE SAD THING IS …theres such a defensive tone about maintaining the filipino identity from even the smallest thing and magnifying it to something grandiose– they just cannot see it. after all that is said
        they will repeat like a parrot “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”
        “not all filipino are like that”

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            lol Beavis … theres a lot of content up there in my head how i really feel 🙂

  10. Profile gravatar of Zaxx

    Arguing with a flip to make him realize how illogical his brain works is like trying to open a coconut with your bare hands. How do you solve a problem like the failippines? It’s such a hard nut to crack!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Have you noticed how they cannot understand “context” of what you are saying –
      They cannot understand analogy
      they take usually the last of what your sentence was and use that
      going around and around and around in circles
      and getting nowhere.
      There arguments are baseless and largely on the basis of suspicion
      and insecurity as well as hearsay. Not facts.

      Arguments with filipinos is a wasted exercise.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Context is a HUGE problem. It’s a help to my sanity to hear others express the same words I’ve been saying for so long. It isn’t always the last words you say, it can be any of the words you say, taken out of CONTEXT and around and around and around in circles. There are times I will not answer my wife in detail because she will not hear the truth. So I give a short simple answer. I have learned, as positive of the true detailed answer is, I know, if there is anything in it that she can see as negative, that will be the answer she hears. Not the truth. Not the positive the answer really is. And the battle will begin. You just can’t communicate, only humor them (which I don’t do), or shut up (which pisses her off more). How can things get better this way?

      2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        ” Not facts.” To you facts are important, for them they are irrelevant. “hearsay” from dumb fuck ate trumps facts you can even prove. “Arguments with filipinos is a wasted exercise. ” It can also be traumatic and cause mental illness.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “How do you solve a problem like the failippines? It’s such a hard nut to crack!!!”

    Coz they’re all NUTS over there! 🙂 LOL!

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        No, no need for smallpox and nuke, Mikey. Between diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, and cancer (don’t forget guys, cigarettes are very cheap in the RP, along with booze and women 🙂 ), the herd is bound to get thinned. Only problem is, the birth rates seemed to be faster than the death rates.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          But Sarah,
          Smallpox works a lot faster than the ones you put up. Consider this if you will. When I was young (YES BEAVIS I WAS YOUNG ONCE) we were vaccinated for smallpox. So a small pox outbreak would not affect me. Damn, never an outbreak when you need one.

  12. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

    That’s the typical butt-hurt flip response. They’re all so easily f’ng offended. Haha. It’s like they’re all programmed to say the same dumb s’t.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Here is what I noticed. You joke around and they take it serious and speak up taking a simple joke as an insult. But when you do actually insult them they just give you the blank look.

  13. Profile gravatar of Mike

    please pardon the slow replies here and on PMs. I’m spreading heartache and discontent on Yahoo comments and ISP slow.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Ah, yahoo.. I totally forgot about that. Been so busy at work. Is it still about that toilet issue? Might have to wait till I’m actually on holidays before I participate.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Update on the toilet issue.
      Someone also replied to Bill but not on his thread. They said that he lives in a very small world and should go out and spend time in the real philippines with real filipinos. My green thumbs did start to go up a lot though. What do I have to say about Bill and Mindanao Bob that I can say here but not on other sites (THANKS FILO),
      Don’t get me wrong and Sarah turn your eyes away but I love pussy just as much as any man but not enough to let it rule my life like it does those to retards. No disrespect to retards.

  14. Profile gravatar of Mike

    All my replies delayed. BEER RUN!!! No Beavis you cannot have one because you never gave me a coin. Better make sure pack the lock blade.

  15. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Back from the beer run to the 7-11 so up to the store I go when out front is a kid about 10 years old. I have seen him before and if he ask for money and told no her does not force the issue, very rare indeed huh? So in I go to get my beer only to hear,,,,, all together nor “NO STOCK PO” but I did get a Grande and spicy Hungarian hot dog. Since I had some cash left over I treat afore mentioned kid to a hot dog of his choice, drink and bag of chips. After all what is a hot dog without a soda and chips. He was vert thankful and sat down and ate the meal. Now I know some of you are thinking “Mike, your a fucking sucker for doing that” and you may be right. BUT please consider this. If we let these asshole make us jaded and uncaring as they are then we lose our humanity just as they have. I like to think by doing something like this at times that I still have the compassion and humanity for others and that the filipinos have not taken that away from me.

  16. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    I did what I call a grocery drop in Ermita
    back when there were plastic bags I buy and fill with various food
    lace them in my fingers and I pass by what I preceaved to be a worthwhile needy I straighten my finger so the bag drops in from of them and do with without slowing my walking pace, I do hear thankyous from behind, mostly dropped for the ones with kids
    Outside my hotel I see a little girl sleeping on the sidewalk with no pants on and all these people who could give a fuck, I got to the store and buy some food items and clothes for her, but was gone when I returned.
    I still had this stuff and really did not want it, Ijust then 5 little kids walked by me without begging and then I stopped them just in front of my hotel steps and asked if they were hungry (dumb question I know) then I gave them the groceries and told them to share them and they agreed
    I walked up in my hotel and went to the front desk for something and turned around to see the doordick with the bags I gave the kids, That pissed me off big time and grabbed them back and went out and track the kids down and returned them to them,
    That friggen piece of shit door man who took the bags got a mean look from me and I got the famous Pinoy blank stare. couldn’t believe it

  17. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    I don’t give money but will give food or milk
    we all need to understand these are still just little kids by no fault of their own were brought into this world of the Phils. they are kids just like ours
    One kid once grunted at me and pointed at my milk box to give to him, I do require some manners though
    give food not money I say

  18. Profile gravatar of chloroform

    “That should give you a hint that there are things worth fighting for in this country.”
    I would like to know what those “things” are, cause after having the experience of living in the PI for almost 8 painful years, I sure don’t see any reason to fight for a country infested with idiocracy.