Buy One (for double price) and Take One Free!!!

Buy One Take One BullshitOk, I know many of us had stumbled upon one of these notorious sales where it appears as if you are getting a good deal by saving money on these Buy-One Get-One for free deals, or Buy-1 Take-1 as they would call it. Hopefully none of you who is reading this didn’t fall victim to these false money-saver scams.

If you have taken the time to pull out your calculator phone (if you can’t do the math mentally), you would realize that the majority of these sales are fake, deceiving, and demands you pay the original price for the item,but doubled when getting the 2nd one for free. In few cases, you may end up paying about 10% less, but it’s definitely far from obtaining the 2nd item for free. Here are a few examples of times where I had a Buy-1 Take-1 offer:

This example is at my local HyperMarket. Mitsu Fan – Buy one Take one for 1,095php. This offer was only valid for the blue and white color Mitsu fan model. Yet the Red and Black one was only 549php for the same exact brand, style and functions, the only difference was the color and being able to get it at that price by paying for only one. Two of the Red&Black ones would’ve gone for 1,098php, which is actually 3php more than the Buy-One Get-One Blue&White ones, but the point is that the 2nd one is faaaar from being anywhere close to free.

This deal is currently going on at my local 7-eleven which is the HERSHEY’s cookies in cream, buy 2 regular sized and get a small one for free, and the total price for it all summed up to 108php. Of course they were all taped up together due to their excessive abuse in using tape for everything in this country. The retail price of one regular bar goes for 46php at that 7-eleven, so it’s fair to say that two of them would cost 92php right? So at what point is the little bar free? Yes I admit that you get a discount since the small one usually runs for about 25php, but you are damn near paying the regular price for each piece in the whole bundle.

I have more examples, but I’m sure you all got the gist of it. Being unable to do simple math and thinking you are getting a deal which you are obviously not getting isn’t something I expect any of you to fall for, but if so, then shame on you for being swindled by a Filipino idiot. Only thing you will get for free in this country is mistakes, excuses, disrespect, and terrible customer service….. but sometimes even that cost money unfortunately.


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    Oh yeah, they will get you for every penny here especially in the provincial area. I usually travel to Manila just to buy automotive parts cause they triple the price here in our province.

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    “Of course they were all taped up together due to their excessive abuse in using tape for everything in this country.”

    Do you have any idea how frigging annoying it is when you love Polvorons and some genius fucking tapes TIGHT 5 of the things together, so that they basically sandwich and crush each other, and so you end up basically eating powder?

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    Richard aka Dick Head

    At the Shopwise bakery they pack two pieces of cinnamon bread in a single plastic bag and advertise it as buy 1 take 1. If you took the bait and and grabbed two plastic bags don’t expect to pay only for 1 because you will get charged for two. Tricky way of advertising.

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    The lady at the “mercato” with the mole on her nose the size of a preboscus monkey tried to sell me the same item/qty she just sold the filipino before me at double the price she charged the lady ahead of me. I like to say things quick that give a blank stare just for my amusement when they hit me up with the skin tax. I asked her if I buy 1 dog can I get one flea? Blank stare. The extra I paid was for my own entertainment value.

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      Pearl Of My Ass

      I was just wondering reading the above: Why so many people of ‘moles’ on their nose in the Philippines ? I travellled a lot for work and for vacations and never I have seen a population with such a high ratio of moled people…. Strange… Is it genetic ? Anyway…

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        FAFI Post author

        I brought this argument up before too in a Craigslist topic under the ‘Rants&Raves’ section. That was before I discovered…. I’ve been called a racist for even bringing that subject up, be the fact that even you mentioned it shows some type of truth to my claim. It’s absolutely redonkulous (I’m aware this is not a real word) that Filipinos are more concerned about body/facial whitening, but still have ugly existing moles on their body. They go through all that effort of bleaching themselves white like Micheal Jackson, just to still end up looking like an ogre. How about fuckin mole removal? Haven’t they ever declared that as a beauty secret in this country? I would date a dark-skinned Filipina over a so-called ‘Fair-skinned’ Filipiina with a mole any day.
        I’m aware that this is not a perfect world, and there are many people out there who has moles. I have nothing against people with moles, I even have friends who has them and I don’t discriminate them for having them since the cause of having a mole is completely mysterious and I know they can’t help it. But what I don’t respect is when Fuckin Filipinos wants to look beautiful and be recognized, they take skin bleaching as a priority over mole removal, as if having natural tan color complexion is the worst thing in the fuckin world! When I see a bleached Filipino who has obviously undergone an whitening procedure, and their body still looks like an Italian Sausage Pizza, I give no respect to them and still consider them as fuckin ugly. I’m tired of seeing Caspers all over the country, and when I see them grouped up camping outside KTV bars as if they are going to get some attention, I still move on in disgust and pay them no mind. Beauty is rare, and beauty should be natural. If everybody appears to be a Japanese Geisha, then where is the uniqueness? Where is the individuality? That’s the problem with this country…… It’ goddamn CONFORMITY!!!

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            A piece of string to choke off the blood supply is cheaper than a whitening proceedure. Go figure.