Cagayan De Oro’s Political Corruption is Going Under the Radar

Vice-Mayor Ian Acenas (Left) and Ex-Mayor Dongkoy Emano (right). They don't fight crime, they make it in the city hall.

Vice-Mayor Ian Acenas (Left) and Ex-Mayor Dongkoy Emano (right). They don’t fight crime, they create it. Starting with city hall.

Hello, first-time poster here and I’ve been following this site for a while now. I’m happy to see that I’m not the only “fed up Filipino” around here. So what I’m about to post is gonna be a doozy, so I apologize for the TL;DR post.

I wanna get this off my chest because this kind of crap has been going around where I live, Cagayan De Oro city, for generations and it seems that what’s going around here isn’t getting so much mainstream media attention. And it’s because of the lack of said mainstream attention that corruption has gone unnoticed for as long as I can remember.

For anyone who is familiar with Cagayan De Oro and who are the two people in the pictures are, let me explain a brief history: Ex-Mayor Dongkoy Emano ruled Cagayan De Oro for generations, going as far back as the early 1990’s. From what I’ve read about him, his run as mayor is filled with VERY obvious public corruption, from shady dealings to excessive finger-pointing (even innocent civilians have fallen victim to his rampant blame-passing) to even his infamous incident in 2011 with Typhoon Sendong, where his years of neglect have caught up to him, costing thousands of people their lives.

Several highlights of him being such a “beloved” mayor include:

-Ordering an important ancestral site to be destroyed so that a bridge could be built over it

-Dumping flood victims’ bodies at a landfill

-Passing blame onto the flood victims themselves for losing their lives, even though it was Dongkoy HIMSELF who allowed them to stay in flood-prone areas

-Passing blame to his political rivals for the mistakes he CLEARLY made (not listening to weather reports, disregarding safety, etc.)

-Passing blame to his political rivals over angry citizens vandalizing his property

-His infamous “Suspend Me” drama of January 2013, where he publicly rallied his supporters to occupy city hall… over a non-existent suspension order, all the while managing to smuggle millions of pesos out of city hall.

-Defending a city hall worker who was carrying a mysterious unmarked ballot box and dissuaded authorities from investigating further

-Arguing that for a terrorist attack to be considered as an attack, there has to be at least 6 people killed, thus trivializing people’s lives. So if just two or three people killed during a bombing, that’s not a terrorist attack!

-Attempting to censor a man’s death during a flood, so that he could get a “no people died during the typhoon” award.

The list goes on and on, and these are just ones during my college years in the early 2010’s.

And now we move on to the next person – Ian Acenas. Acenas is the nephew of Dongkoy, and like his uncle he has been a complete douche-nozzle to everyone NOT affiliated with Dongkoy ever since his rival, current mayor Oca Moreno, took over in 2012.

Acenas, true to his uncle’s lineage, has done the following:

-Slashed down several areas in the city budget, reducing them to a complete zero. One of which includes hospital maintenance. His reaction? “So? The hospitals are going good right now!”. And his reason? To “protect” Cagayan De Oro.

-Believed his uncle was “cheated” during the 2012 elections, and continues to do so to this day. So he firmly believes that the people of CDO doesn’t deserve to think for themselves or the city’s future, just for Dongkoy Emano.

-Repeatedly persuades the DOJ to junk any and ALL cases against Dongkoy Emano, even cases filed by concerned citizens, and cases filed for his ‘Suspend Me’ drama and his Sendong blunder, claiming it’s “justice” and “truth”.

And now….

Yep. Recently, Mayor Oca was dismissed by the Ombudsman, which is stupid especially when he only has months to go before the 2016 elections. And Acenas’ reaction is predictable: “Yay! Justice and Truth (for my uncle’s political party) reigns! Now move over, because I’m the mayor!”. Yeah, who needs DUE PROCESS and waiting a few more months for the actual elections anyways?

But yeah, political corruption in Cagayan De Oro is going out of control in recent years. Even with Dongkoy Emano out of office, he still manipulates things behind the scenes via Acenas and other people. And with 2016 just over the horizon, Emano STILL plans on running for mayor again. And if that happens, it’ll be hell again for Cagayanons for the next 25 years.

If you think the political circus in Manila is bad, wait till you see Cagayan De Oro’s. Because it’s a show that is worthy of a TV drama adaptation.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Here is how you know your local leader is corrupt:

    1. Is he Filipino?
    2. Is he in politics or gov’t?
    3. Is he Catholic?
    4. Does he put signs with his face all over town?

    If you have answered yes to 1 or more of the questions, then you have a corrupt representative.

    It is very frustrating cause you can plainly see the local mayors steal what they can and build themselves a mansion in town with expensive cars everyeon in town witnesses almost on a daily basis. Yet no one says anything.
    Each time they repair the same road, they pat themselves on the back and get the idiots to cheer them on and say, “god bless for a job well done mayor sir”. No one ever says, “What the fuck you doing repairing the same shitty road you built just 3 years ago?!” “Where did all the money go”? “You’re a joke and a corrupt piece of shit!!”.
    Go on to any mayors FB page. They announce so many BS projects or do some BS local pinoy province pride slogan. The comments are filled with, “great job ninong mayor” or “god bless you po”. Where is the outrage over blatant corruption and stupidity? That’s right, the answer is, “well dis is dee Pelippeenes.”

    1. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      Before yolonda, in Tacloban, I used to go to one of the few cafes in Robinsons as my daily get out of the house thing and have a beer, sit outside, have a cig and watch the stupid.
      One day I went and behold, the mayors wife was there. Her body guards wouldnt let anyone in the cafe, they parked their van in the way of crossing from one building to the other in a no parking area, causing people to have to walk out into traffic to cross and growled at everyone who passed. No customers allowed for the 2 hours this dingy chick and her 2 friends sat there and acted like they were God’s gift to the world. I guess they are like dependapontimus wifes in the military. My husband has this rank so I do to. Guess who didnt pay their bill or leave a tip?
      After yolonda, it took her husband over a year to start to see to the needs of the people. Even today there are hundreds without real roofs, but a new tragedy took over the news so no one says shit. His lies about how many deaths are amazing, Leaving Tacloban, passed the bodies stacked like cord wood at the airport, heading to Ormoc to catch a ferry, driving around dead bodies the whole way, but less than 6000 died. HA! They are liars. That many died in the arena the mayor told them to go to, but to look good, no true amount of the body count has ever been released. I hear from his supporters, Oh, the president and mayor dont like each other so no help is going to Tacloban area or Leyte because of the President, yet funds that were able to be tracked went to the mayor, guess who got a new fleet of vehicles? Their mansion repaired right away?
      Hahahahaa Dont even get me started on the behavior of the Pinoy starting hours after the storm, robbing everywhere and everyone, cars, motorcycles, appliances, atm machines, no electricity but you could buy a new stolen ref or air con dirt cheap. Sorry ass people, Food and water they stole they sold.
      If it is a politician in the Philippines, they are mostly all related to each other, dynasty time, and all are corrupt as hell

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The irony is when these politicians and their family go somewhere, people probably would not even notice. However, the morons make themselves more of a target by making such a production with their security detail people can’t help but notice.
        – Read the article by Caroline Kennedy regarding the daughter of Marcos and the production they had to do when she went anywhere.
        When there is a mayor, councilor, or judge killed in the Philippines, I pretty much smile now. 99/100 times the person was probably corrupt and more than likely deserved it.
        I wish there was just one decent auditing or oversight agency here. They would be locking people up left and right. The corruption of each and every mayor is so blatant. It’s in your face, obvious, and I just hate witnessing such evil being rewarded. The issue is moronic Filipinos never speak out. Instead, they get that “wow” factor when they see a politician like its julia roberts or some celebrity and they go right into ass-kissing mode.
        I had an American friend who was at a function with our local mayor. The mayor gave a ridiculous story to him about the American Vice President inviting him and discussing what a great job this Filipino mayor has done with his city (a typical shit-hole Philippines city). My friend told him flat out that can’t be true. The mayor insisted, but my friend said its impossible and I don’t believe you.
        – He said the mayor looked infuriated. The mayor was there with 3 other typical, ass-kissing pinoys he was trying to impress. My friend said he meant no disrespt to him, but simply said it was impossible and “I don’t believe you”. That was probably the first time in our “honorable” mayors career someone simply told him the truth and did not challenge his obvious bullshit. He said the mayor simply walked away mad.

        Filipinos are of course scammers and takers by nature/ culture. Another point no one really brings up is they are really big ass-kissers. They never speak up or say whats on their mind no matter how important it is. They need to go in and yell at their local mayor or councilors and call them out on their bullshit. Simply take pictures of the worthless, shitty projects they implement and throw it in their face along with picture of their mansions they couldn’t afford on their salary. The biggest reason Filipinos would never do that? They are incredibly lazy.

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          I tip my tin foil hat to your friend. Now if only more would do that. Do not feed the beast.. This made-up glory is what they feed on.

          I pissed off our BC when I told his to “hush-up” when he kept trying to push (literary) into a conversation I was having with the PNP and some trespassers we had on our property.
          3 times this ass butted in. I did not call him, he was not needed nor wanted. Yet he just HAD to be the center of attention.
          After the 3rd time butting in, I told him to his face to hush-up. Not the words I wanted to say, but I tried to be nice 🙂
          He turned walking away mumbling under his breath hush…hush bla-bla-bla…..
          I had to crack a smile, the cop saw it, and grinned too.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Filipinos are not only the scammers, they are ass-kissers, and narcissists as well. We practice calling someone who is a doctor as Dr. Tom or Dr. Stevens. We do not address an attorney as attorney stevens. Nor do we address an engineer as engineer stevens.
            Filipinos like those titles and that status of importance. The Barangay Captain postion has got to be the most worthless gov’t position in the Philippines. That is saying a lot since 99% of the gov’t jobs in the Philippines are worthless.
            Even if your BC gets invovled in an issue, what does he do that is of actual importance? The answer is nothing. These fucking imbeciles are just another line of extortion and bribery to shake down others and to keep people employed. Ever see how many people are employed in the barangay and how worthless their projects are.
            If these knuckle-draggers had any sense, they would put up quick, small-claims courts instead to simply, quickly, and effectively solve issues. However, solving issues goes against the Filipino mentality.

        2. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

          I agree laziness is a factor but realistically the reason why people don’t rally and get into their shit is because that’s a fast way to get killed. For national politics the stuff you see on the news like Binay’s corruption etc is so big that it draws powerful people out pointing fingers and their chances of getting whacked are low. But out in the provinces at much lower levels I don’t doubt for a second the first person to make solid accusations with evidence to back it up will disappear just as a fast.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Agree to a point. There aren’t any student activists anywhere. At least in other countries students can get involved when they witness corruption or what they believe is not right. Filipinos are really lazy and kind of uneducated to do anything.
            I mean, they could start a simple facebook page against the local mayor highlighting the corruption. Hell, even simple pictures of bullshit projects or the mansion the local mayor lives in. It could be anonymous and get a community involved . Of course, that requires a little work as well.
            Also, when a journalist speaking out gets killed, there is no rally or demand for justice. Instead, they just put their hands up and keep saying how oppressed they are. There is no outrage, no community organization, no protests, no care, and has anyone actually seen a legit community activist?

  2. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    What can I say sorry for your problems relating to this MAYOR but that is just hoe it is sad to say he needs a visit from some concerned citizens and render him inactive.

    1. Profile gravatar of Kay
      Kay Post author

      Better yet, I hope a massive riot will break out if he ever gets re-elected. Because I wanna see everything explode in Dongkey’s and Acenas’ face.

  3. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    I first arrived as a Long term Tourist in mid-2011, the CDO Typhoon/Flooding was the 1st time I’ve experienced the Local RP coverage of the all too common Natural or man made Disastors…or better known here as “It’s God’s Will”.

    I remember specifically turning to the local news to watch what was going on. I was shocked and actually yelling at the TV when I started to see the local coverage of the storm and flooding, Even if you lived on the moon, it was so clear to see that the lost of life and property damage was largely the result of poor gov’t management.
    Here is a city that is built up against a mountain range, very little tree’s or jungle left, main river goes right through the city, and the main roads are built like a downhill storm drain leading to the sea.
    So here I was yelling at the TV “who in their right mind builds on a flood plain, etc..” Then the Mayor or some other gov’t official sticks his goofy face on TV telling everyone that it wasn’t our fault, etc…that Pinoy Pride and God will save us. Oh I almost forgot…Please send money…We are pooooooor. Classic Fili-Fail.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      In the land where imbecile level stupidity is the embraced as both normal and desirable, completely predictable annual events (like typhoons) are not considered in any way when “planning” or implementing those plans. In fact, the blatant theft that occurs during the course of any government funded construction, effectively guarantees a worse outcome than even their own piss-poor planning might have anticipated. When you combine complete stupidity with institutionalized plunder, you wind up with the aftermath of Yolanda. Lessons learned = zero. The kleptokrats are already anxiously awaiting the next disastrous typhoon, and the flood of international donations which will follow.

    2. Profile gravatar of Kay
      Kay Post author

      Dongkoy Emano’s actions after the Sendong disaster was even worse, IMO. I remember hearing news and radio talk shows, where he focused more on the blame-passing than the concern of the people. And that the citizens who raised concerns on their own saftey were labeled as “anti Emano propaganda”.

      Yep, even if one supports Emano, as much as he says how much of a “pro poor” mayor he is, odds are he will not help YOU.

      There was also a group, called Save CDO, that opened a petition to recall Emano from office. There were news that pro-Emano supporters would not only physically harass the petitioners, but also file FALSE petitions in order to render it void. Even worse was that Dongkoy said that he was not responsible for his supporters actions, even though he is STILL responsible.

  4. Profile gravatar of YK Liew
    YK Liew

    This country is doomed and beyond salvation. 35 years ago when I first step foot in the Philippines, the slums were lining the roads towards the airport in Manila. Now 35 years later the slums are still there. I was in Manila 3 weeks ago and it took 25 minutes for the shuttle bus to go from Resorts World Manila to the airport terminal!! If you measure in a straight line from the terminal building to Resorts World across the road it’s not more than 500 meters. Go figure. No traffic management, no discipline, no rules, no law…. all they have are small narrow bumpy broken roads going to the airport. Pray, tell me is the country savable???
    Year in year out you have the same corrupt and stupid politicians running the country. Now read this. For the forthcoming APEC 2015 convention to be held in Manila from Nov 16 to 20, the following measures are to be taken between the dates of the meeting:-

    1. Airport declared no fly zone during these dates. More than 600 flights have to be cancelled. Sorry passengers, said the authorities, you have to make rearrangements for other dates. This was just announced recently, although APEC was in a few years of planning!!
    Similarly, the seas in Manila Bay declared a no sail zone.
    2. Major roads in metro Manila to be closed to traffic
    3. Government offices to be closed these dates, likewise schools around metro Manila
    4. Those homeless around metro Manila will be rounded up, and transfer to resorts for a vacation. LOL
    We’re talking about the Aquino administration’s plan to round up Metro Manila’s homeless population and hide them from view of visiting international dignitaries including U.S. President Barack Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

    The plan is to provide the street population with paid vacation at first-class resorts outside of Metro Manila, just like what happened during the Pope’s visit. “We want to look our best during the APEC Meeting, ” Aquino said. (The government earlier announced the closure of Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport as well as major thoroughfares and reserve them exclusively for use of APEC delegates. It has also declared school closures as well as non-working holidays for government and private employees.)

    Fucking stupid window dressing. Now if anyone still have hope for this country, keep on dreaming!

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Every country window dresses their bad spots during these conflabs. Canada spent 1 billion dollars on a g8 meeting,, we only have 33 million seal bashers to pay for it. Oh well, more money from the tax payers,, Billions of pesos must be wasted during this meeting!!!!!!!!!!!
      He Joe,, You are the cause of me being poor!!!!!!!!! GIMME MONEY!!!
      When they are demonstrating for whatever reason in front of the USA Embassy,, I am going to throw a box of fake USA passports in front of them.. (Marked property of USA Gov’t) Watch the stampede then!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Al, now why are you blaming me for making them poor??? LOL 🙂 LOL

        Is it just me, or does the dude on the right in the above photo look like former US prez Bill Clinton ? Then again it just be all slime ball “leaders” look the same.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Its so funny cause its like a hoarder quickly trying to tidy up because company is coming over. Filipinos put so much effort into image rather than substance. AGain, that is why I say Catholicism has taken off so well in teh Philippines. They like that cover of being nice and religious, while being just dirty scammers if you simply scratch the surface.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I meant ”hey joe” in a general way of saying hello to all the suckers who come to this country,,, hahahahah I did not mean you!!! hahha
    All these slimeballs are pathetic pyshos,, Government and companies love them because they can destroy people’s lives and not feel a bit of remorse. Technology has helped them a lot to rip and burn their way through life .

    1. Profile gravatar of Kay
      Kay Post author

      It’s not so much the technology as is so much the complete APATHY of Emano’s supporters. For many years, I’ve seen Emano supporters harass middle and upper-class people. Like one incident years ago where a hospital wanted to evict the homeless who were taking up space in front of the hospital, preventing emergency vehicles from entering and leaving. The poor decided to call on Emano to “take action” against the hospital director so they could stay there.

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Seems to me that a high % of folks here…. to use a American expression “wear their (poverty) on their sleeve ”
        Seems like just another form of messed up pinoy pride. Look at me, I am poor, give me money, I am poor, let me sleep in front of the hospital being a nuisance. I am poor, the laws don’t apply to ME??? I am poor you MUST feel sorry for me. I am poor and proud of it!!

        Oh-Oh, but you on the other hand, are rich, so the laws DO apply to you.
        I;m sure Mr. big got his big ugly Bill Clinton mug on a huge banner for ..helping the poooooorrrrrr little people..I bet.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey, Joe,
        Your too late on busting Als balls. The handles on his dog sled beat you to it years ago. That’s where the phrase “Mush” came from.

  6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Filipinos are not only the scammers, they are ass-kissers, and narcissists as well. We practice calling someone who is a doctor as Dr. Tom or Dr. Stevens. We do not address an attorney as attorney stevens. Nor do we address an engineer as engineer stevens. Filipinos like those titles and that status of importance.”

    Oh so true Johnny! So true! I once attended a Flip party here in Oz. I was bemused listening to the Filipinos greeting each other according to their occupations. In the Failippines, it is normal to greet someone as “pare or kumpadre”. This particular occasion, the Flips were greeting each other with “Engineer, kumusta ka na?” (Engineer, how are you?). Surprisingly, the Pinoys with lowly paid jobs like the meat workers did not get the same greetings? How would we greet the meat packers for example? “meat packer, kumusta ka na?”.

    And they are also oh, so very mindful of their class and statuses. Hence, the “professional” Flips don’t sit or socialize with the lowly paid meat packers and janitress/care givers. Just like home I guess….. interesting to note also that the Filipinas married to Filipinos tend to socialize with Pinays married to their own kind, as opposed to Pinays married to Kanos. Pinays married to their own kind tend to look down on Pinays married to Kanos. even though they made it to Australia because a sister married to a Kano sponsored them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Thats what I mean. Filipinos always seem to have a status thing. If there isn’t a status or hierarchy type situation, they will try to create one. They like to put themselves into categories immediately and whoever gets the most admiration is the winner I guess. We usually address doctors by their profession in a professional setting or we call a professor as Professor stevens in formal environments or mostly in their particular setting, like a classroom or hospital. We don’t really do that (and shouldn’t do that) in casual areas. Pare or kumpadre, is completely acceptable, but calling someone architect Stevens is just stupid. That bullshit would not fly in the USA and I’m happy about that.

      I don’t know why, but Filipinos do not like the idea of equality. Even those with poor educations or from low income beginnings automatically put themselves into a low category and take on a subservient role. That only encourages narcissists and sociopaths to feel more important in my opinion.

      I made my employees call me Johnny or John. I told them to stop calling me sir all the time as we were all equals. It took a long time for them to get used to it. I told them, “calling me by my first name is not a sign of disrespect and I am fully aware you respect me. Plus, the same is true from me to you.” It took them a while to get used to it and they did not want to break from the sir, sir, sir BS.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        I disagree with you Johnny, you and your employees are not equals. You can fire them, but they cannot fire you. Nor should you be equals with your employees, as it disrupts the chain of command. However, I do agree that the amount of useless formality that “Sir” or “Boss” or other titles bring in tend to make interaction worse. Calling you “John” or “Johnny” is informal, and easier to relate to, for us at least. Pinoy always want to say “Sir” or have someone say “Sir” to them – even when I was selling a used computer, this pinoy kept calling me “Sir”. But you can’t have true equality between a boss and the employees, or the business tends to bog down – especially here!

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          It actually worked well for me. I had some pretty good employees. Of course, I always had the shitbag or 2. I know I was their boss and could fire them, but do to the nature of our business it was such a pain if someone just up and left. So, I made it a point to treat them as equals and with respect. Luckily, no one really pushed the boundaries, but I had a good system for usually employing people and pre-screening.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m back,in the land of good oil. AND GOOD DRIVERS
      I ran across this narcissistic crap ever since I lived over there.
      I once lost a great parking spot near my front door by the way to a neighbor who had a parking spot and garage ,elsewhere.
      No he got it because he was a retired Master Chief, not being ex navy I didn’t even know what that was so I made inquiries.
      I then approached the front office and asked why they didn’t inquire into my ACTUAL RANK in the merchant navy. before giving the car space outside my bedroom too the wanker American ,master chief.
      I asked them did they even know what a master chief was?????? forget the title did they know ??????????.
      Then I explained I was an OFFICER not an enlisted man!!!!!!!!!! with a lot letters after my name .
      But in our country if we go around spruking about how great we are we are looked Upon as WANKERS.
      I had the same crap at SBMA with their staff, but after my experience in the front office, I made sure they knew all about my rank and qualifications, I had to shut up a staff member going on about an architect.
      Can you imagine going around in Australia with a business card with two lines of qualifications after your name, , you would look like a right wanker, prat, dickhead.
      I still think about getting a few made up just to shut the fuck heads up in the Philippines.
      I would leave them in the PI as no where else on earth would worry about that crap.
      I’m retired not looking for nothing I just don’t like having some Pratt try and lord it over me.
      Fucking engineers in the PI, what a fucking joke , carpenters, builders are called engineers there, give me a break.

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Same here Johnny. I address the person according to their profession if I am visiting them for their professional services. But at a party or informal occasion? It is not practiced in Australia either to address them by their professions if the occasion is informal. Don’t these Flips realized they are the laughing stock amongst Aussies with this ridiculous practice of addressing them by their profession?? My Aussie Dentists insists I call them by their first names!

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Self aggrandizement is rampant in the Failippines. From all of the imbecile shit like “Special Project of Senator Bong Bong Ramirez Jun III – House Speaker and Senate Floor President”, to the childishness of school teachers insisting that parents address them as “Professor” (I still remember one bitch who tried that one with me – I’m sure I’ve not been forgotten her either). It’s like an entire country of ten year olds, all wanting to be noticed for being elected as class captain. Look at me – LOOK AT MEEEEE!!

      You see these pea brains getting the latest phone – not because they need it – but because they can show it off to their friends. Status symbols and showing off are truly everything in the land of imbeciles and thieves. Just another Failipino fail.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        Of course, the funniest part of it is, the more they show off their toys, the more those around them want to steal them! They don’t understand showing off is for the insecure, those secure in who they are don’t want the thieves to know what they have as they become targets!

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          the more they show off their toys, the more those around them want to steal them!

          Right on Random !
          The higher the wall, the bigger the prize. The 12foot+ walls only attract attention of thieves.
          I tend to be more discrete regarding security here. layers is the key, using motion sensors, fake and real cameras to keep them guessing 🙂 4 dogs, one on each corner of the property at night. And everyone around here knows we are heavily armed. 2 rifles, one with night scope and assorted hand 9mm and 38.
          Wall?? nope, simple chain-link all the way around. All toys are kept locked in the windowless shop with motion sensors inside. As soon as you open the door it trips, you have 8sec to enter the code or the last sound you will hear is a M1 bolt being pulled back.

          Almost all the neighbors around us have been robbed in the last few yrs. We have had no (real) issues…fingers crossed.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            You Filipinos have money and they generally put it in the house and a Mitsubishi SUV. They will generally stay quiet because they don’t want to raise any alarms with neighbours, friends, co-workers, family who will then ask them for money for loans and to fix what is commonly known as a financial problem. God I’m sick of that word I have a financial problem and it’s like pulling teeth that you know that eventually all roads lead in the conversation back to the financial problem.

            Yes, Filipinos are also very protective of how much they have especially from the prying eyes of the tax department.

            But wait!!! – When it comes to Christmas time then you will see outcome the pigs for roasting at 4000 or so pesos each, an abundance of food for the family, fireworks and presence. Yes when it comes to spending on themselves than you’ll find the money amazingly does a appearance act like a magician.

            This put it down to a fact – Filipinos are not only liars but they are magicians and well crafted and versed what they do