Can I Quote You on That?

“What foreigners have to understand is that if they want to do business in the Philippines they have to pay bribes.”

A filipino government official on ABS/CBN news while PGMA was in South Korea trying to get foreign investors to invest in the Philippines.


“We didn’t think anyone would go all the way to the top floor to jump.”

School principle in Manila when asked why there was fencing on the second, third floors to prevent students from jumping off committing suicide. This after a pinay jumped off the fourth floor killing herself. Philippine Daily Inquirer.


“The Philippines gets second hand equipment from the United States that has seen better days.”

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangalinan after n AFP Huey crashed. Two months later the AFP cash conversion hit the news and Kiko was very quiet then. Both stories appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“You know you can’t trust us. We’re Filipino.”

What I was told by a government official when the banks and central bank kept making excuse why they could not release my money.




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    Do you know it still takes 45 days to clear a US check with a Philippine bank? Oh, don’t get me wrong. The check has actually cleared all right. The banks are just using an ancient Philippine banking law that allows them a maximum of 45 days to clear the check, just so they can hold onto your money. This law came from times when the internet wasn’t around. You wanna send money to the Philippines fro abroad? You’re much better off with Western Union or Xoom or Paypal, which allows your receipient to get money you send them in REAL TIME. And the Philippine government wonders why few foreign investors come to the Philippines.

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      Mike Post author


      They do the same thing with checks drawn on filipino banks. Then they will ask me about opening a bank account here. So I tell them about my experience with filipino banks and will keep my money in the states. Then what happens they tell me how honest they are and try to get me to open an account. Then it’s MY turn to give the blank stare.

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        Yep, no such thing as consumer rights in the Philippines. Heck, no such thing as workers’ rights as well. I can give you many examples of how the Philippine government is in cahoots with big businessmen, especially Filipino ones. What about foreign businessmen? Well, they get to benefit as well from the lopsided deals the Philippine government makes with Filipino businessmen. I think these are the main reasons why most Filipinos are simply unhappy in their own country. Many would rather wipe some foreigner’s ass abroad just to make a little bit more money than they can back home.

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      Mike Post author


      I was in Manila once when a pinoy that lived couple houses down walked up and started talking to me. Asking where I was from and such, the normal questions. He then went on to say that he lived in the states so I asked him how long
      P: Two weeks.
      M: Why two weeks only?
      P: It was too cold.
      M: When did you go there?
      P: December
      M: Where?
      P: Erie, Pa.
      M: No wonder it was cold. You landed in the middle of winter and Erie has winds that blow off the lake that makes it even colder. You should have gone to Southern states or Southern California.

      So goes the talk. Now for the best part. This guy thought that since it was snowy and cold in Pa that the whole country was covered in snow and cold! That’s why he flew back after two weeks.

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    Sum Dum Joe

    Here is a good quote from the Mayor of Panglao Island. She has been referring to the tourism industry here and more specifically diving as, and I quote, “the goose that lays the golden eggs.”
    Now here is the funny part. Diver’s currently pay 100 pesos to the government for “environmental” fees PER DAY. (I won’t speculate here on who’s environment we are protecting)
    A light bulb went off over the mayors head. She decide, hey if we can make that much charging divers 100 pesos per day, what if we charged them 250 pesos per dive. Oh yeah and lots of them like to take underwater photos too, lets add on a 250 peso fee if they want to bring a camera. That way we can get even more golden eggs from the goose.
    I guess she never read the story or more likely completely missed the point of the story. But I chuckle every time I see that quote of her’s in print.

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    Mike Post author

    “If you don’t want filipinos to steal it don’t buy it”.

    What a filipino told me after something was stolen.

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    Like the bars in Angeles that are going bad, doing it tough with all the raid rescuing girls, HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What do they do put up all their prices so they can make some more money. DOH.
    They lose business.
    So they put up their prices again.
    IT WILL NEVER SINK IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Mike Post author


      Have you been to Margarita Station in Angles? They have a website and he has a section about the scams filipinos run on foreigners there wanting to start their own bar/club. I assume you are also a member of 2485. Correct?