I have been living in Cebu for just over a year, married a filipina, and have a 4 month old daughter. I realized we were stuck here for another 6 months, so we are moving to a cheaper place with a 6 month lease.

We have been doing the paperwork for the rental and settled on a date to move in. (and of course the notarization of documents was illegal, since the signatures were not witnessed by the notary. I’ve read comments on this issue here before.) Well, there is a student currently in the condo, and the date has been moved back 3 times because the student has exams and doesn’t come back to the room until late at night. Keep in mind that this is an individual that hasn’t paid the rent in 3 months. I provided the owner of the condo unit with a letter from the lady I’m currently renting from, stating I’ve paid my rent on time or early every month for over a year.

We went over there today and the individual was still there. I lost it, I absolutely lost it. I yelled at the lady asking why she was still there, and then I turned to the caretaker of the room and yelled at her and said that I’m going to sue the owner (of course I won’t sue her, just venting). And, I get crap from my wife telling me not to make a seen. We have been told by the owner, the caretaker, and the real estate lady that they would be out today, after adjusting the date 3 times to accommodate the student.

I swear I have had it with freeloading piece of crap Filipinas. When we finally get into the condo I am planning my escape. I’ll give my wife the money for rent for 6 months, and get the hell out of here, with my daughter.

My wife knows that I am sick and tired of being here and has suggested that I go ahead of her to the states while waiting for her visa. I told her that I’m not leaving this country without our daughter.

I thought my coming here to PH was inspired by God, to maybe try to help in some way. That can’t be the case. I am so angry all the time, I have so much less respect for the Filipino people since I’ve witnessed their civilization, if you can call it that. How can that be God inspired??? I grew up understanding that I must be responsible for my actions, and to take care of myself and not inconvenience others with my actions. I swear that the Filipino mindset is to Just Fuck The Other Guy (JFTOG) as long as I get what I want. I am so aware of the ignorance that goes on around me now after reading this blog that it is discouraging. I truly hate that I made the decision to move here and marry into this culture.



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    Captain PFB

    Mistake #1 – Being “inspired” by an invisible man in the sky. What people fail to take the time to do when deciding to believe in invisible all-powerful beings is THINK. They attribute all good things that happen as “proof of god” without considering the logical, reasonable explanation for why that good thing happened. Good thing happen all the time. Same with bad things. But when bad things happen, they attribute it to satan, as if this all-powerful invisible man in the sky is not quite all-powerful enough to stop satan from wiping out tens of thousands of faithful Filipinos with a massive earthquake, then 3 weeks later, a typhoon. So is he all-powerful or not??? Make up your deluded mind! There’s a sane, reasonable, and logical explanation for both good and bad happenings 99.9% of the time. The remaining .1% is simply because we haven’t found out yet. And what is the basis of belief in god? “If you don’t know, must be a god”.

    “Oh God, thank you for saving my life in the typhoon, and I know there must be a reason you allowed my wife and 3 young children to drown.” The other basis that religion teaches you is DO NOT QUESTION. JUST BELIEVE AND TRUST, NO MATTER HOW FAR AWAY FROM REASON OR LOGIC IT IS.

    Religion does NOT want you to think for yourself. Why? Because logic and reason is religion’s greatest, most powerful enemy. Religion is the greatest mind control scheme ever to plague humanity. It captures you by scaring the holy living fuck out of you with a place called Hell. “Believe or suffer in torment and excruciating pain for eternity” says this all-powerful God who proclaims himself as being the very definition of “love and mercy”.

    If god wanted you in Philippines, why, in all his great powerfulness couldn’t he make it undeniably clear to you, instead of through a questionable “feeling”? And if you come back and say “it was undeniably clear to me”, then I say stay and deal with it if you REALLY believe, have a bit of faith man! Otherwise I question your belief.

    “God wants you to suffer because he has a lesson for you.” Such a loving god isn’t he? He offers this place called “Heaven” but you have to suffer through this life to earn it. That doesn’t sound very “good, kind, merciful, and loving” to me. If the time here on earth in this physical life is such an insignificant speck of time compared to eternity, why bother? Why all the suffering? Why not just create them all in heaven in perfection and live happily ever after? My goodness, THINK MAN! THINK!!!

    God is a game player, a great trickster. He’s like a cruel child getting some sick enjoyment out of his power over this tiny creature as he pulls the wings and legs off of a fly one by one.

    If you want to live the rest of your days in freedom and happiness and in control of yourself and decisions, DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT YOU THINK IS GOD SPEAKING TO YOU! If you think god is speaking to you, GO SEE A SHRINK. You may have a mental illness. But then again, it could be Satan speaking to you! If Satan can bring a typhoon and wipe out cities, I’m sure he does a pretty good impression of god’s “still, small voice”.

    Good luck to you and your daughter. PLEASE spare her the indoctrination and brainwashing of religion. Teach her to THINK FOR HERSELF. Teach her to question everything and investigate all claims, ESPECIALLY if they sound CRAZY NUTTY (like the existence of invisible man in the sky with all powerful abilities). Teach her to reason, to use logic, to look at ALL SIDES, teach her the value of gathering evidence before arbitrarily believing something.

    I’m looking forward to the day when religious indoctrination of children is finally deemed as child abuse. Because it IS.

    (Sorry, I know I focused on one small part of your post, but I did so because I think if you had not listened to what you believe to be “inspiration from the invisible mind reader in the sky” (root of the cause), you could have avoided the situation you currently find yourself in.

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      Hi Filofail, it’s been a while.. About that religion thingy.. Man. My best one (and favorite) is to ask one of these “holy roller” got-to-church folks, it’s this. Ask any one of them what the inscriptioned letters on the cross that they pray to means.. The one that reads “INRI”… guess what.. They DONT HAVE A FUCKING CLUE!! And, if it actually translated to “bow down, and worship me, cause I’m the devil”.. they wouldn’t ever know. They just go there, kneel, and pray to the stature with those letters on it!! And furthermore, NONE of them even CARE what they mean, cause to these folks, it’s just part and parcel of the pray ritual! I even once asked a pastor at a church, and guess what… HE DID NOT EXPLAIN IT CORRECTLY, as he obviously didn;t know the details!! If, and I say IF I prayed to something, I would question at least what the writing on the object was all about. But then again, consider those in attendance. When I did clarify it once, to some Jehova Witness “sellers”, they has a look of enlightened 4 years old kids!! I mean. And now, next week is “ritual time” Time to beat the shit out of yourself, and let some pervert nail you to a cross!!! For what?? Pull leeze!! So, just this morning, two little twirps with umbrellas come to my gate, I walk up to them and ask? What are you here for.. Now Get THIS, they had envelopes to giive me for invitations. Whereas, I was supposed to put some pesos in their envelopes and take the invitation to their church. So, I then asked, what was the annyversary for.. IT WAS TO CELEBRATE CHRIST NEXT WEEK!!!! The week he was nailed to the Cross… and these bat-brained loonies are going to celebrate?? Needless to say, I wordlessly pointed my finger down the street!
      I beleive it was Karl Marx, (or Engles) that said.it right “Religion, is the opium of the Masses” And brother, these masses are strung out.. Big Time!!!.. OK Man, take care.. outta here.. Tks for listening..

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      If this was a facebook comment, I would’ve clicked ‘LIKED’ wit TWO-THUMBS UP! I get this feeling that religion and stupidity are somewhat connected. Just think about it, how is it that Philippines, being one of the holiest and religious countries in the world (or at least in Asia), happens to have some of the most stupidest people in the world? I came to think about that a lot. Obviously Filipinos lacks the capacity to think for themselves, so they resort to an invisible being to do all the thinking for them. These ancestral answers that this all-powerful invisible man had back in his time, happens to answer all the questions that even happens now in our modern world, the answer 9 times out of 10 is usually, “It’s the will of god.” Well I have seen a lot of fucked up things in this world, so I take it that all of this is god’s will too right? Hahaha, religion is so laughable and is easily contradicted if you have the common sense to figure it out. Every existence of god, angels, devil, demons, hell, and heaven can only be proven in death, since it’s been said that is what your after life will compose of after you die, depending on what dimension you are sent to. How the fuck can all that be proven if nobody hasn’t physically died, and came back to life to tell about it? I think I made my point quite clear, Science wins, religion lost.

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        Kira Lim

        Indeed, these people have no common sense that’s why they are stupid enough to let religion rule their lives. Everything to them is God’s will, God’s gift blah blah blah. What kinda bullshit is that? I mean he did give you a brain to work out stuff & it seemed that the whole nation doesn’t know they even have half a brain!

        Honestly I wouldn’t call them holiest and religious cos they are the least, and all these are on the surface. They are a damn shallow bunch. They go to church to pray for everything, hoping God will give it to them and the next moment, they are on the streets scamming people.

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    Hey Joe

    I hear you… this place drives me nuts also !!
    I feel at times like I am in a prison of my own making because I hate leaving my little farm. It is peaceful here. But then I have to go out in to the crazy world of the pinoys… All it does is raise my blood pressure. I feel some day I may pop a gasket and do something real stupid. So better off stay home and out of trouble.

    One issue… You say take my daughter and go back to the states. Was she born in the Phils or the US ??? Does she have a US passport ??
    I wonder can you even do as you want ??? If she was not born on US soil she/you are trapped here with the rest of us suckers.
    Sorry to piss on your cheerios.

    Don’t listen to me.. I’m no lawyer .. just saying.

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      He needs to take her birth certificate to the U.S. Embassy in Manila and apply for her citizenship. Hopefully he already did that. Once complete he can apply for her passport and gtfo (get the feck out) of here. Thats my plan with my upcoming twins being born in shitty Manila. 🙁

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Hey surviving, sorry to hear that it’s all getting to you so much. I doubt there’s a person on here who doesn’t get where you’re at.

    I’m not going to point out the obvious about how you got into the position where you are now, as FiloFail has already done a good job of that. I would recommend not going there again, perhaps by recognizing that “faith” is a poor tool (maybe the poorest) in discerning truth. It’s the same tool used by Islamic fundamentalist to know the “truth” behind flying jumbo jets into buildings. It’s the same tool used by Pinoy judges just yesterday, to strike down important provisions of what could have been an important advance for the Filipino people, with their RH Bill. My suggestion would be that from now on you use better tools in discerning truth, like logic and reason.

    It’s a completely pointless exercise getting frustrated with the average Pinoy. I’d suggest taking a chill pill, and looking for another place to move to. Tell the landlord that the tenant who refuses to move out is their problem – not yours – and demand your money back. Chances are you won’t get it (at least, not without some pain along the way), but make the demand. Write a letter terminating whatever lease you have due to the land lords specific non-performance – i.e. their inability to make the premises available for your use. Then find another place to live. Expensive? Yes. Puts an end to your frustration? Also yes. It’ll be worth it.

    I don’t know what the legal situation is with taking your child out of here. I can tell you that raising a child by yourself is waaaaaay too hard. I’d be applying some of that logic and reason to this particular issue. Worst case, if you can’t stand your wife and/or you just have to go – do it – but leave her and the kid behind. If you want to be with them and can organize visas, then fine. If you can’t do that, then fine too. Not being a prick, but you always find another woman, and have another kid.

    Hope it all works out for you.

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    No wonder why I`m Atheist. This country is just making my atheist believes even stronger. Look how low those none sense magical superstitions can drive a population. And now Easter is coming. Watch out all those 5 cells brains slashing their back.

    There`s something we don`t talk much about here. All their nasty shit tv shows they legally broadcast on their national TV. I cannot find the right words to express how idiot and dumbshit Filipino TV shows and movies are. Simply Mediocre! We can officially prove that Filipino people love mediocrity. The way those super actors are acting just make me feel like shooting my TV with a shotgun. Seriously… None of us can explain how a chubby ugly 8 years old girl can still entertain masses after more than a year (the one on eat my poopoo).

    Trust me pal you wont miss the Philippines.

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      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Ryzza Mae Dizon. There are just no words to adequately describe to somebody who doesn’t live here, how a fat, ugly, obnoxious eight year old can keep an entire nation entertained. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that it’s because she is probably smarter, and knows more than the average adult Pinoy – even at eight. Personally, I think she needs her jaws wired up.

      Fortunately, the only time that my eyeballs and eardrums are assaulted by this beast child are when I am on one of those long distance bus trips – albeit momentarily – until I speedily plug in the headset to my smartphone. It seems that Pinoys LOVE to watch the beast child “interviewing” people, whilst they consume “bus food”, fart silently, and make loud noises that somewhat resemble human conversation.

      Just one more thing not to miss about the Failippines.

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          Yeah, every country needs an Idol… of sorts. Who knows, she might even replace PacMan, after he get’s his ass handed to him!!! Tks for the reply…

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        I didn’t know who that miniature sack of lard was until now, I just Googled her and was not impressed at all. Filipino entertainment is more saddening than country music, and more pathetic than a dog dry-humping your leg…..

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      Hi Montreal Dude! Yo! And that little fat twat is the :”idol” of the masses. Imagine that? Her parents have an 8 years old prostitute for the networks to screw over her childhood. Nice! I can’t stand to look at that little potatoe-ice cream eating-face stuffing little shit..for a second.. Yaaaks! And here’s a real life story. a while back, I actually met a 16 year old girl that was put in a bar to sell her self, while the parents stayed in their dog-flat, and lived off her whoring!(INCLUDING an OLDER brother!!) I was beyond stunned. And, I actually did get to see the parents personally. My first impulse was to decapitate the father, then slice-and-dice the mother…as a minimum impulsive thought!!! Neither of them were handicapped, and were physically able to do some kind of work. but no, they’d rather put their child out to sell her undevelooped body. One thing good for them, They are “Good Philippinoes”.. why??? BECAUSE… THEY GO TO CHURCH, AND THEY GENIFLECT AT ANY CROSS OR CHURCH ENCTRANCE!! Dude, don’t even tell me how sick these Mother-fuckers are. and since where here, we are akin to pieces of meat in a shark tank..(one way to look at it :). Come to think of it, that’s where they should toss that little fat P.I. Idol!!!!

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        Agreed, never seen so many male species other than this country (and i’m fairly well traveled), so ready to sell their mothers, daughters, and even wives for the Almighty Peso (which is their true God).

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          The All-Mighty-Peso…. Good one! 🙂 Come to think about, every little thing in this money is governed by money; even help, church, or medical supplies to collect samples, which you have to pay for separately instead of including it in the medical fee. Nothing comes free here, and every time I interact with a Filipino outside of school, money is ALWAYS involved. Yep, ALMIGHTY-POWERFUL-PESO alright!

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          every time u meet a flip,, he has sisters, aunts, mothers, second cousins all ready lined up for you to meet.
          den he can sink his fangs into you and support his sorry ass..

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        ALSO yes I have heard stories about parents selling their children body for making a living and surviving. It is really kind of sad and just imagine how much trauma this girl is gonna have as she grows up. Its really a shame

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      LMAO…. I hear you pal. I am 24 and I am full christian and you know there are parts I hate too but it is a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and there are also alot of parts I love about the country. oh and the show is called EAT BULAGA and yes the girl won some talent show and the people eat up all her shit. People find the little girl adorable. IDK I find the show entertaining honestly. What annoys me is the SOAP OPERAS and all the dramatic crap filipinas do it really urkes a man nerves. FYI just use your laptop and watch movies when you cant find nothing on you like.

      Things I like about Philippines is:

      1.) Cheaper 2.) Transportation everywhere 3.) Convenience 4.) Weather


      I am 24 years old and been talking to filipina all ages since I was 18. I had one bad experience with stupid filipina in 2012, over time you learn to know what to look for. Let me give you my best advice expats I use DIA (DateinAsia.com) where you can find women of all ages and backgrounds and keep dating until you find a keeper. Dont spend out P16-20K a month on a woman family. If she expects that then leave

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        I wish I had this advice before marrying a Filipina who demands 16k-20k pesos for her family monthly, which is exactly I’m not going to get her knocked up, and I’m leaving the bitch as soon as I leave the country. Only reason why I still have her around and allow her extort that money for her family is because I’m taking the advantage of being extremely lazy as possible, and make her seriously work for every peso I give to her pathetic family. I have always been a hardworking person, but now I’m taking this time to slouch around like Garfield and do absolutely fuckin nothing. Seriously, I would prefer it more if I didn’t have her around, but I’m making the best of it with her while I am still here. Best thing is: She doesn’t have a fuckin clue! Gonna leave this place and find a nice Americanized Filipina (without the Filogic mentality) when I get back to the states in 2 years 🙂

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          I’m 1/8th Christian, 1/16th Muslim, 1/4th Buddhism, 3/16th Catholic, and 3/8th Hindu…. Add it all up, and it equals = I don’t give a flying fuck. Logic, Common Sense, and doing the right thing is my religion 🙂

          I don’t even claim Atheism or Agnosticism as my religion, even though I should. I did not choose a path, and my way has been working out for me for years. I can’t find no better way to put it.

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            Captain PFB

            Atheism isn’t a religion. Atheism is not a belief system. In fact, “atheism” is a term that should not even exist. No one ever needs to identify himself as a “non-astrologer” or a “non-alchemist.” We do not have words for people who doubt that Elvis is still alive or that aliens have traversed the galaxy only to molest ranchers and their cattle. Atheism is nothing more than the noises reasonable people make in the presence of unjustified religious beliefs.

            Tell a devout Christian that his wife is cheating on him, or that frozen yogurt can make a man invisible, and he is likely to require as much evidence as anyone else, and to be persuaded only to the extent that you give it. Tell him that the book he keeps by his bed was written by an invisible deity who will punish him with fire for eternity if he fails to accept its every incredible claim about the universe, and he seems to require no evidence what so ever.

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    Just for my sake, I just do whatever possible to not get my idiot wife pregnant, I’ve been avoiding it ever since. Lately my idiot wife has been listening to this neighbor of mine she close to, and been questioning her about why we don’t have fuckin child. So she has been talking my wife into some bad ideas on how to get pregnant easier. Lately my wife has been taking these fertility pills that were recommended to her, and in contrast, I’ve been doing everything possible to not get her pregnant, like sex once a week. I noticed that she missed her period and I was fuckin worried that I would be stuck with this idiot for life! So I have been conducting research on how to increase the chance of a miscarriage, and I’ve been doing everything as instructed and it worked 🙂 …. Thank god… wait a minute….. “THANK ME!” I did the fuckin research, applied it, and made it happen. Then once you know it, she was back on her period again. My wife is so stupid she didn’t even notice it. This is what I had to do:

    Make her intake as much vitamin C as possible, even Vitamin C pills. I told her that it will help her reduce her cold (which was bullshit of course).

    Cinnamon also helps increase the risk (or cure) of miscarriage. I’ve been cooking her a lot of cinnamon oatmeal lately, with extra Cinnamon 🙂

    Alcohol-Alcohol-Alcohol!!! I think that says it all right there.

    I don’t mind having a child, but this is not the time since I’m in school now, and this is DEFINITELY NOT THE FUCKIN PLACE!!! No need to worry about that passport/visa bullshit, much better to just have it born in America and not deal with the long and annoying process. Plus I’m not even sure if I will be staying with her forever, and having a child with her will just guarantee my connection with her, which I’m trying to avoid. I’m glad she is too much of a fuckin idiot to realize what I was doing, but I am sad that she wasted 600 pesos on those fertility pills 🙁 I’m just biding my time until I am finally out of this hell-hole!!!