Petition: We Support The Philippines’ Fight Against The Illegal Drug Trade

So the cult of Duterte have started a petition on change. org aimed at the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stating they have the right to self governence, free from outside interference. It’s full of nice big words, but ultimately comes across as a nonsensical child-like rant, and then typically ends with an appeal for help (money).

14 September 2016

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Dear Mr Al Hussein:

WE are the sovereign people of the Republic of the Philippines. We are sending this petition as an exercise of our collective right to self-determination, which is guaranteed in both the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). By virtue of the right to self-determination, WE, the sovereign people of the Philippines, can freely determine our political status and freely pursue our own economic, social, and cultural development.

Your statement during the 33rd session of the Human Rights Council is based on a superficial understanding of what’s going on in our country (See:

Let’s take a break and read said statement:

The President of the Philippines’s statements of scorn for international human rights law display a striking lack of understanding of our human rights institutions and the principles which keep societies safe. Fair and impartial rule of law is the foundation of public confidence and security. Empowering police forces to shoot to kill any individual whom they claim to suspect of drug crimes, with or without evidence, undermines justice. The people of the Philippines have a right to judicial institutions that are impartial, and operate under due process guarantees; and they have a right to a police force that serves justice. I strongly encourage the Philippines to extend an invitation to the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. My Office is ready to assist, including with respect to rule of law institutions and the prevention and treatment of drug use in accordance with international norms.

Sounds on point to me. Carry on…

You have accused our democratically elected president of empowering “police forces to shoot to kill any individual whom they claim to suspect of drug crimes, with or without evidence.” This is reckless. The video attached to this petition debunks your accusations and demonstrates how you are completely out of touch of our reality.

Reckless?  Out of touch? People can only go on the evidence – body counts – and your dear leader’s statements. Let’s take a look shall we…

Duterte to pardon cops in drug killings

Duterte to soldiers: Surrender or resist, kill criminals

And let’s not forget what he told ordinary civilians:

“Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun, you have my support”.

In your statement, you encouraged our country “to extend an invitation to the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.”

Tell us, Mr Al Hussein, what exactly is the added value of Dr Agnes Callamard’s country visit to the Philippines? Don’t you know that our own government institutions are already conducting investigations regarding this matter?

Would this be one of the Philippines government institutuions which isn’t slow, corrupt and incompetent? Oh no, because they’re all slow, corrupt and incompetent. Perhaps you’re referring to the Internal Affairs Service (IAS) who had this to say on the matter:

“These are investigations and I would find it very difficult to put a time on ongoing investigations. It is going to disturb on how these investigations are being conducted,”

The Philippine Senate, the Philippine Commission on Human Rights, and the Philippine National Police (PNP) are already doing everything they can to investigate, prosecute, and punish the perpetrators of the unlawful killings associated with our country’s war on drugs. 

Well, the pantomime senate just kicked out the only person questioning unlawful killings and the PNP are far too busy killing people to do anything themselves.

Tell us, what special skills and knowledge does Dr Callamard have that could help resolve these incidents? Has she ever ran a State? What exactly are her credentials that could convince us that she would add value to the work already being done by the institutions of our country?

The whole idea is that somebody unbiased investigates because, let’s face it, Filipinos are easily corruptible and mostly living in fear of the current regime. Plus this lady possesses the experience no Filipino has.

Agnès Callamard has a distinguished career in human rights and humanitarian work. Agnes is considered an expert on a number of international and UN human rights initiatives and has conducted human rights investigations in a number of countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. She has published in the field of human rights, women’s rights, refugee movements and accountability and holds a PhD in Political Science from the New School for Social Research in New York. Agnès has worked extensively in the field of international refugee movements with the Center for Refugee Studies in Toronto.

We are extremely disturbed that your office has not done anything to address the dignity of those who were raped, robbed, and murdered by people hooked on shabu (crystal meth), sold by drug cartels, enabled by government protectors. We have been exposed to these heinous crimes almost everyday. Where was your office when shabu destroyed the lives of individuals, families, and communities in our country? The silence of your office during those times tells us that you don’t really care about us.

What? I thought you were a sovereign nation who could take care of yourselves?

The truth is: we have been at this war for a long time already. The only difference: we now have a President who has the courage to fight back, who would stake his life, honour, and the presidency in this war — a war that has been waged for a long time by drug cartels and their government protectors. But along with the political opponents of our President, you and the international community didn’t care about the casualties before because they weren’t attributed to President Duterte whom the world has already vilified.

Maybe because previous presidents weren’t encouraging people to go out and commit murder?

In your letter, you said that “the people of the Philippines have a right to judicial institutions that are impartial, and operate under due process guarantees; and they have a right to a police force that serves justice.”

Yes, we do have this right, and we are already getting a police force that finally protects us from criminal elements. General Ronald dela Rosa, the Director General of the Philippine National Police, is a man of integrity. We trust him. In fact, 91% of Filipinos trust our President. If you just watched the Philippine Senate Hearing on extrajudicial killings, you would have known this: General dela Rosa is against extrajudicial and vigilante killings. In fact, the PNP is already investigating the deaths linked to illegal drugs.

Love the positivity there, but Filipinos saying they’re going to do something and then actually doing it are two very different things.

On August 18, during the Philippine Senate Hearing on extrajudicial killings, General dela Rosa said that of the 899 cases of deaths related to illegal drugs, the PNP has already filed 22 cases; and “most of the suspects are drug pushers who became hitmen of the drug lords.” (See: Rappler,

But you are right, we need a better judiciary. Just in case you don’t know, during the previous Aquino Administration, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) filed charges against some of the local officials linked with the illegal drug trade. However, as the ex-PDEA chief said, ““We simply lost the cases. After we were able to arrest their people who implicated them, we could not do anything when the case had been dumped” (See: Manila Times, Where was your office during this time?

Let’s get this right. You don’t want the UN meddling in the murder of innocents but they can come in and fix your fucked up justice sytem for you?

As the sovereign people of the Republic of the Philippines, we have the ultimate authority to decide what’s good for our country. We are the ones you should convince that we would benefit from your interference in our internal affairs. We didn’t elect you at all, so you should present a stronger case other than that you are the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. So, in addition to convincing us of the added vale of Dr Callamard’s visit, as the sovereign people of the Republic of the Philippines, WE demand the following:

We demand to know where you based your accusations against our democratically elected president. We have a right know this because Article 19(2) of the ICCPR guarantees freedom of information. We demand that you respect our right to know by divulging the basis of your accusations and condemnation.

Duh, the man admits to and encourages murder (see the links above) and I’ll leave this here , just so we’re clear we’re talking about the same person:

We demand that your office condemn the massive violations of human dignity that drug cartels and the government protectors have committed in our country and in the rest of the world.

Let me google that for you. Oh look, the UN even has a whole department dedicated to it:

We demand that you use your office to help our government dismantle the network of drug cartels in our country. Help us win our war against drug cartels and their government protectors.

So, stay out of our affairs but come to our aid when we ask for it?

We demand that you use your office to encourage the international community to help our country build more rehabilitation centres. Our country urgently needs them.

The short read: Give me money!

We remain steadfast in our quest to reform our country, dismantle the machinery of narco-politics, and reclaim the dignity of our nation from drug cartels and their government protectors.

WE, the sovereign people of the Republic of the Philippines, raise our fists with our president and for our country!

Almost 30,000 signatures from people who don’t take critisism kindly in the face of such blatant evidence of those they are defending, but will happily take a handout if offered from the persons criticizing them. Incidentally, the attached video it recommends the UN watch for clarification on where they stand has less than 10,000 views.  Yep, 20,000 people signed without looking at the presented evidence. Just goes to show that the whole DU30 phenomenon is mainly made up of people just jumping on the bandwagon – sharing, signing, liking etc – because it’s the latest trend and the cool thing to do. 

They should implement IQ tests for voters in future.

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    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Kind of makes you miss the old days when the Dutch, Spanish, English and such would show up in their wooden sailing ships, go ashore and then an outbreak of yellow fever or smallpox broke out among the locals don’t it?

    2. Profile gravatar of Lily

      I went straight to the author’s comments. I tried reading the petition letter but I imagined Sasot talking shit in front of UN and I gagged.

  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    The hypocrites speak again and show the world just how stupid they are. here they are demanding the UN respect their rights to deny others their rights. I mean how stupid can you be to write that to the UN and not notice what you are basically saying is. “We have our right to kill anyone we want and others have to respect our right to deny others their rights while we in fact commit criminal acts.”

  2. Profile gravatar of Newq

    Pinoys: Dear people of the world,
    You have your opinion, we have ours. Please leave us alone.

    The intelligent people of the world: At least read “Reign of Terror” on Wikipedia. We had already tried your “bright” idea (to stabilize a nation) in 1793 and it was horrible. That’s kind of like 200 years ago, you know. We’ve made considerable progress since then, having left behind primitive ideas like the ones in your heads. The judicial process is the intelligent and civilized man’s way. Don’t throw it away because there are many unintended consequences, which sadly are not able to make their way into your heads because you have the simple mind of a child.

    Pinoys: Whatever. We don’t like reading. We’re more into watching soap operas and wowowin and supporting our beloved leader, the best president of the solar system, Rodrego Du30. Give us dollars

  3. Profile gravatar of Lily

    “Maybe because previous presidents weren’t encouraging people to go out and commit murder?”

    the child in chief claimed there were now 3.7 million drug addicts, meant to mislead people to believe that we are now narco-state but if you check the DDB website, the latest official statement in 2012 is below 1.3 million. DDB attributed this to stricter implementation of drug laws and drug demand reduction programs.

    duterte just needs a reason to quench his blood-addiction and knew Filipinos are stupid enough (stupid enough to make a stupid petition letter) to follow him.

    FUN FACT: A LaSallian engineer, UP Microbiologist, church leader and a college professor believes a senator is impeachable. The pro-d made a petition online by ‘voting to impeach’ de Lima. I want to slap them with a 1987 Philippine Constitution Handbook.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Might I be the first to say you are a breath of fresh air? Most filipinos who get on here just spout stuff off without backing their point up. They think because they think and say it that becomes a fact. Now as for the FB petition about impeaching De lima, that only goes to show the stupidity of du30 supporters. They really believe that if they get so many likes on the FB post about impeaching De Lima that the government has to impeach her. I mean how is it that us expats here know more about the philippine laws and constitution than most filipinos?

  4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    I really do not know anything about the shabu trade. But it seems I read statements that the Chinese are behind most of it. But what I hear from Filipina’s, talking about the issue in their squatter areas is it is coming from the Muslims. They know who the distributors are, they’re Muslim, they know who the higher dealers are, they’re Muslims. This is in Davao. I do not know what the common know in other areas. They don’t say it in a blame the Muslim way, they say it as a matter of fact they are aware where it is coming from. They do not know who is actually manufacturing it and do not pretend to know. Is this where the Chinese come in? Or are the Chinese just convenient to blame? I actually have never heard or seen common Christian Filipinos say anything derogatory against Muslim Filipinos. They seem to be friends easily. Again, they do not seem to be blaming the Muslims for the Shabu problem, just saying where they know it is coming from. But I never see that connection being made in print. It seems like the Chinese to blame….. Just wondering….

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Notice everything wrong seems to be the fault of the U.S or the Chinese? Remember about a year or so back when a lot of people got sick from eating durian candy in Southern Mindanao? The media and filipino were quick to blame the Chinese right off the bat. So I just asked filipinos a few questions.
      1.) Does china grow durian fruit?
      2.) Does the philippines grow durian fruit?
      3.) Who owned the company that made the fruit?
      4.) Who worked at the factory that processed the fruit into the candy?

      Of course I only got blank stares so I answered the questions for them.
      1.) China does not grow durian fruit.
      2.) Philippines grows durian in the area where the candy was bad.
      3.) Filipinos owned the company that made the candy.
      4.) Filipinos processed the fruit into candy.

      Then I asked them just how are the Chinese to blame if everyone involved with making the candy was filipino? Ready for the answer? ” It’s the Chinese fault because they financed the company.”

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh Post author

        It wasn’t so long ago China was the big enemy for stealing their islands, but now their dear leader is sucking up to them it’s all gone silent.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Ok, here I go again. In the pic at top of the page there is a pinoy on the right looking up. Now is it just me or does it look like he’s high on something? Then for some odd reason he reminds me of the blond guy from Con Air. The one who sat close to cage on the plane and made the comment about them in a plane listening to a song by a band killed in a plane crash.