Checkout Lines

I go into Handyman to buy some things. There are about 30 salespeople more or less standing around ready to help customers with their shopping needs. I find one and then another to find what I am looking for. All goes great, I get my stuff and then head over to the registers. There are two people ahead of me and the cashier is waiting on some change to give to the first customer.

All of a sudden there are five people behind me and still only one cashier and I start thinking about efficiency and why isn’t there at least another cashier. Okay no big deal as I am only second in line. Next thing you know the cashier starts bagging the purchases of the first customer in line who just so happens to have a ton of stuff.

Meanwhile, there are literally five sales people all in arms length of her standing around doing nothing, basically waiting for customers to come in. So (now there are 8 people in lineI say out loud how ridiculous that no one is helping bag the purchase and then I say to one of the salespeople in more or less an abrupt way Hey, instead of standing there waiting for a customer to come in how about helping this line go faster and bag customer purchases.

Well this apparently rubbed the well dressed moneyed customer in front of me the wrong way and he said “That’s not their job and why I don’t mind my own business” I said back that it’s frustrating to wait on long lines when there are salespeople right there to help, make things go faster. Well he throws his credit card on the table and says We are not in America which I reply Ain’t that the truth” and follow with I really think that this is about efficiency and what’s wrong about asking the salesperson to help make this line go faster” 

He was seething at this point, staring at me with incredible hatred and started to suggest that the salesperson should file a legal complaint against me for suggesting that he help bag and that I was inferring he was lazy and my statement to him was slanderous and he could make money by suing me yada, yada, yada. In my mind I am thinking yea about the only way anyone makes money in this country is either stealing it or suing foreigners that bring their money here in good faith to spend, hire people, support families, etc… Yea we are really terrible people LOL Can you believe this shit.

But, I held my cool even as he went on to threaten me by suggesting he would be looking for me and I better watch my step. I was so angry inside that I wanted to rip this assholes head off but I held my cool and smiled and just said look I have better things than to wait in long lines when my wife and kids are waiting for me and I think it is perfectly reasonable to request assistance to make things go faster.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    YOU SIR, are a Godless NAZI BASTARD!! How dare you try to bring reason and common sense to the Philippines! Waiting patiently in line is a sign of Resilience and resilience is in the Filipino blood!

    Have you no shame, do you not realize these Filipino people built the pyramids of Giza and were the first people to (Insert random bullshit here)?

    Seriously, I feel you 100%. I have dealt with similar situations several times and its utterly pathetic.

    whats even worse you get some dipshit who actually trues to intimidate you by sounding intelligent by speaking about what is and is not legal The line you wrote about inferring the sales guy was lazy and therefore was grounds for slander was so absolutely absurd, that the dead roll in their graves, yet I believe you totally as I have heard the same line of bullshit spew from the mouths of people here.

    They are so god damned quick to attempt to bring a fucking case against you (The foreigner) at the drop of a hat. I hope that FUCKER, gets everything he deserves. The dick is probably calling his relative right now asking for remittance to take poor tita betty to the hospital for her diabetes. Then will actually use the money to go on a vacation to boracay and post pics on facebook.

    Ahh man, your story hit a nerve with me! This shit pisses me off like nothing else.
    Good job keeping your cool though.

    I swear one of these days by the law of probability they should pull their head out of their ass long enough to figure shit out on their own. Tall Order.

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    We’re not in America/This is not Europe seem to be the first thing that comes out from flips mouth when you criticize something. They obviously think foreign’s are on their level and don’t understand the difference between shit hole and USA/Europe.

    It probably takes the entire 12 year education to teach them the slogan “we’re not in America, watch your steps” because so many stories I have read or heard have that.

    When flip asks after debate why I’m here, why don’t I go home it gives me kicks to say “that’s the difference between us, I can leave this shit hole any moment I want whereas you will rot in here the rest of your life begging for pesos and chasing cockroaches, enjoy mate”. All that with bright wide smile on my face and then walk away.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      tell them you cant go home because the ofws have cut the wages down to nothing.. it has happened in my country because the cheap ass companies will hire these slave for minimum instead of a local,, mcdos and shit jobs are full of flips in my country.

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    Alicia Cummings

    have you ever been to the department stores wherein you pick up stuffs & when you get to the counter they have to call each & every sales lady of each product you purchased so they can write something on a paper before you can actually make the payment. it takes very long for everyone, shouting at the responsible sales lady, making phone calls, happens at biggest dept stores in the country (sm & landmark), i dont understand why monkey saleslady doesn’t give the paper to the customer as soon as the latter picks up the product

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      Marius O.

      It’s basically about trust. The employer can’t trust his employees to rip him off at the first opportunity (because they will), so most businesses have layer upon layer of “checks and balances”, that is, completely pointless little pieces of paper that supposedly record what each person did.

      I say “pointless” because these systems either contain too much redundancy, omit important information, or can be easily worked around. Even if you did, by some fluke, trace a fraudulent transaction back to the perpetrator, he would simply lie through his teeth, insist it wasn’t him, and take you to a tribunal to demand compensation for besmirching his good name. The tribunal will then award ridiculous punitive damages against the company and if it can’t pay, shut it down and disburse all its assets to friends and relatives of everyone involved. Think I’m kidding? This happened to someone I know.

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    Just imagine actually being in the US…living in a household that is majority Filipino, and being told that you must adjust to their culture? Further imagine that the folks demanding my assimilation are low-paid OFW with more “pinoy pride” than sense. Further imagine that any suggestion that they occasionally speak English so that I might be included in the household conversations is met with resistance and downright rejection…”we are a kind and caring people”…is it me?