Chi Chi Gets Her Panties In A Wad

Well here I go again for your entertainment and enlightenment. As a few of you know already my wife has a business mind and loves to run a business which got me to thinking. Now I know some of you are saying Ah shit not this guy again but bear with me as this will be a pot luck post. In Quezon city my wife ran a sari sari store and laundry and in the laundry she had a girl working there. Customers would drop off laundry to be washed at our house and picked up where they dropped it off so I’ll start with the girl Chi Chi.


Well Chi Chi would inventory and accept the laundry without too much trouble at first. Then I started hearing stuff, clothes missing when picked up and that sort of thing but only with Chi Chi. One day the mystery got solved on Chi Chi’s day off when a customer came to our house about her clothes. Seems this customer went to the mall where she ran into Chi Chi who just happened to be wearing her missing pants!! But it gets better. Seems Chi Chi would “borrow” clothes for both her and her brother from the customers. Chi Chi would wash the clothes then take out what she wanted to “borrow” Then tell the customer they were still being washed then return them in the next load to the customer. Yes Chi Chi was even wearing the panties!!


So then wife opens a diner in one location and a karaoke in another on a different island. The diner was in front of our house and the karaoke was facing the bay. So wife buys a 32 or 40 quart Rubbermaid cooler for the karaoke site. You know the kind that has the lid on hinges and only opens one way? Some how the morons busted the lid on that. Guess too many moving parts huh? So wife next builds rooms to rent to students going to a local university. How can that go wrong? Well I had to replace the faucets in the border CR and kitchen area no less than 6 times in a three month period. Yes, the morons broke the faucets off the walls.

So you want to start a business in the philippines? You sure? Well in addition to the above they have broken, stole several glasses, clothes, items from store, power tools, food. How to lock a door that has a hasp for a padlock? Simple, bend the silverware and put that through the loop. Don’t worry or use the padlock within arms reach. Looking back on my experience with filipinos guess I’m lucky they didn’t steal the paint off the walls.

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        When I get some ”I am home alone” time, I will post my landlord and maid episodes, Jerry Springer and Steve could not dig these stories up from the trailer park.

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    This country has a hopelessly sick culture. When i read some of these posts though, i wonder. People, when you deal with trash ( which includes your choice of female partners) , expect it to stink.