Chivalry Is Dead – Even In Philippines

WE all know that chivalry is dead in the West, thanks to the feminists who now run the show. But here in the seemingly more-traditional Philippines, one would think it is still alive and well.

Think again.

A seasoned expat friend related to me a story about his singular attempt at chivalry, once upon a time when he was still a wet-behind-the-ears noob to the Philippines.

He saw a nicely-dressed young lady running, when she suddenly broke her heel and tripped. Being a gentleman, he rushed over to help her and saw she was in tears; “Oh, thank you! she said, sobbing. I’m on my way to a job interview…what will I do?”

My friend suggested she go to the nearby ukay-ukay store (secondhand clothing, from Goodwill and like charities in the U.S., Australia, and elsewhere) to buy an inexpensive pair of temporary shoes, offering the money to do so.

She declined, saying she didn’t have time as she would be late for her interview. My erstwhile friend thought for a moment, finally solving the quandary by loaning her his slippers–expensive, custom jobs from Davao, which he really liked. He told the girl to take his number, and call him the next day to meet up and return his slippers. And no, he had no ulterior motive to bed her.

The girl accepted his offer amidst profuse “Thank you’s” and promises to call, and off she went to her interview. My buddy went to the mall–barefoot–and bought a new pair of overpriced but decidedly lower-quality slippers.

I think you know where this is going…

Almost seven years later, and he’s still waiting for that phone call.

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    No doubt she was influenced by others, not to return them when they heard her story.
    Often, Filipinos are influenced by those around them and just go-along to get-along.

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    Phil Doh

    He should’ve gone to that ukay ukay a few days later, probably would’ve found them in there. Free pair of slippers, of course she’s going to cash in.

    On the subject of slippers. A guy came to our neighborhood last week to cut the grass on the vacant lots around our house and would change into a more appropriate footwear to do the job, leaving his slippers beside the road. One day, when he went for his lunch, workers from the water company came to carry out some work in the area. One of the workers spotted these pair of free slippers sitting in the road. Now, you’d think he’d feel a bit of shame at not only stealing the slippers, but actually wearing an old pair of another man’s shoes. No, this dipshit acted like he was in the department store treating himself to a new pair of loafers. He tried them on first and had a little stroll up and down the road to make sure they were comfortable enough, all the while his buddies giving him thumbs up to let him know they suited him very nicely.

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      It happens everywhere!!!!!!
      In Australia years ago, a late friend of mine every year visited the North Coast Of NSW from Victoria, he went fishing every day in the local river.
      He waded all the time so his sneakers were ratshit holey smelly pieces of crap. He used to leave them on the top of his annex so they could dry before putting them on again the next day to go fishing.
      He came out one morning , YUP you guessed it someone needed those shoes more than he did. It couldn’t be an animal it had to be a thief.
      What anyone would want with them would be beyond my thinking.