Choosing Parasite Freeloading Abusers Over Providers: A Comparison Analysis


Choosing parasite abusers over providers: A Comparison Analysis

It’s been a rough night. Dealing with Pinoy irrationality, empty threats, selfishness, and temper tantrums where the world revolves around her, it’s surprising I haven’t leaped off a bridge to end this Pinoy madness they call “Filogic”.  I, being of none Filipino blood decided I’d look at all of this madness rationally and make a comparison of my wife’s decisions and how outlandish and damn right insane they are! As many of you know, they will choose to jump off a cliff and display their “pride” before making any sort of compromise or sensible decision’s. So I thought I’d go ahead and make a comparison between the life she could have with me and the life she could have serving her pimp parents and how utterly selfish and brainless she is.

Life with me in Canada:

1.       HOUSE: She is provided with a house which she has part ownership of since we both pay the mortgage

2.       1st WORLD: She is fortunate to live in a 1st world with a brighter future for work and money.

3.       MONEY: Money is tight, but we manage since I take control of our finances. I give her much more financial flexibility than I myself get. I only got a pair of sunglasses and really cheap shoes this year for myself. That’s just about all I have to show for items I’ve purchased, while she has gotten new boots, clothes, shoes, sandles, purses, you name it. But as you all know, nothing is ever good enough for these cock roaches. They will bitch and complain until there is nothing left in the savings account.

4.       JOB: She has a decent job with a pension plan, decent wage, and decent employers.

5.       FAMILY: My family truly loves her. My parents have helped both of us and have given her a lot of advice and assistance to improve our situation and her life. They have never shown any disrespect.

6.       FRIENDS: She has a sister in Canada not far from us who is not a parasite freeloading low life. She has many friends here in our town who love and support her.

7.       CHILD: We have a son who we both love and care for 24/7. We alternate work and taking care of him to give him a bright future. It’s a sacrifice you make to give a better life to your child. We don’t send him off to day care and put work ahead of him. He’s #1.

8.       FOOD: There are tons of Asian food stores and an abundance of other good quality foods that they just wouldn’t eat in Philippines

9.       HEALTH: Let’s face it. Healthcare seems to suck in most countries. Canada was listed worst healthcare amongst 1st world countries, but it is still far better than Philippines and covered by taxes

10.   HUSBAND: Ok, I might as well end it with this. I put my family ahead of everything else. I don’t give a fuck about items, materials, money. All I care about is keeping our family out of debt, our son happy and healthy and paying off all the bills and providing as best I can. Do I have some controlling issues? I might when it comes to money because my wife is a complete money moron who could easily sink the money ship if she could. That being said I take the reigns when it comes to finances so she doesn’t sink us like the titanic. In most married couple situations, you have at least one member taking care of the finances. It just makes sense to have a “master” of the money so there is a secure foundation for the family.

So all this being said, she has a lot and yet she is such a fucking ungrateful piece of shit it astounds me. We buy a house for the first time and all she fucking does is complain about the condo we live in. This coming from a 3rd world citizen who has been living in a fucking shack all her life. Can’t you just be fucking happy to have a roof over your head? You didn’t even pay for the down payment and you’re bitching and wining about our condo? Who the fuck do you think you are? I’ve been over this with her dozens and dozens of times and it’s really simple if you do the math. WE CAN”T AFFORD A FUCKING HOUSE. But in her delusional mind, she tries so hard to bypass all logic and make believe that we could have bought a house all this time with the low income we have. I’ve sat down and have done the math with her, but to no avail, the bitch doesn’t want to believe it. She would rather live in fantasy. So she gets a condo that she bitches about, gets to come to Canada which she ALWAYS bitches about, has a family (my parents) who adore and love her, has a decent job that pays far more than what she got in the Philippines, has all the Asian food stores she could ever go to if she wants to eat her Pinoy crap food. Has health services galore all covered by our taxes, has the money to keep our heads above water and support the future of our child and last but not least has ME who has always cared about her and our child. That’s all I fucking think about, is keeping our finances stable and creating a bright future for our family. So what does she want to throw all this away for? What would be more important than these things that would make a person sacrifice it all? I’ll tell you what….her fucking parasite pimp parents!!!! That’s who! WHY? Because…….Well, I’m still trying to figure that out!

Life with Parasite Parents:

1.       HOUSE: The parents don’t own their house. It’s owned by murdering lowlife auntie who is slowly dying. Once she’s dead, there goes the house! Have fun on the streets!

2.       3rd World: They live in a filthy shit hole full of crime, cheating, lying, and murders with NO future. Dad doesn’t even work! Fucktard is saying he is “too sick” can’t work. I asked my wife, “He must be deathly ill if he can’t drive a jeepney. So I assume he’s sick in bed all day, right? He’s probably barely even able to walk and talk. Who’s taking care of him? What kind of condition does he have? Has he seen a doctor?” and you know the response I got….just very dry answers with no weight. My wife knows the truth deep down. Her Dad is a lazy parasite sob who doesn’t want to work anymore and live off of his children’s hard earned money. That’s what being “too sick” means in the Philippines.

3.       JOB: Parents don’t fucking work. My wife would be so lucky to even get a job there, since jobs are scarce. What would she do if she were to move there and live with them? She would be sitting there doing nothing while living off hand-outs, partaking in her parents freeloading life style.

4.       MONEY: LOL… If she were to even get a job she would be broke as a joke trying to take care of her pimps, her little sister and if my son were ever there (*which I will never let happen but let’s just imagine*) she would have to support all of them with a low wage, crappy job….and that’s if she even gets a job.

5.       FAMILY: OK. Latest news I mentioned last time is that her parents basically told her she is good for nothing over Skype. Said she never gave them anything after she has sent them money for 7 years equaling to about 370,000 peso over that time. Can you believe that? “you gave us nothing, you don’t help”. But yet she has turned a new leaf and decided to forget all that and just forgive! They are also pocketing the sisters money that she is sending for supposed land that she basically has NO control over. She hands them the money and they supposedly give it to the land owner. Does this actually happen? Been over this with my wife, “How the hell does he know they aren’t pocketing it?” But she insists “that’s my sister’s problem”. Really? Why the fuck do I care about her sister getting ripped off more than my wife? Shouldn’t she care more than me?

6.       FRIENDS: Friends? I don’t know what kind of friends you get over there, but I’d imagine if your own parents are lying, cheating, stealing scumbags, her friends might not be much different.

7.       CHILD: If my wife were to ever bring my kid there (which will happen over my dead body) He would have no future, would be under threat because he is half white (who knows what someone would do? Ransom for money?) No real educational system and parents who will just want to use him for bait so they can get money. It would insane bringing him there

8.       FOOD: LOL….you all know why they have short life spans and die from cancer at an early age, right? All they do is eat super salty, oily, processed shit with China grown contaminated rice. Do I want my kid eating that shit daily? FUCK NO!

9.       Health: Health care? Show me the money, but wait? Is there any competent doctors or nurses there?

10.   NO Husband: No more provider who actually cares about the future of her and her son. No more financial stability, no more future for the family.

So there you have it. A brief comparison of what she has now and what she COULD have if she decided to move back to the Philippines. Get this…..she complains that, “I have no freedom here, I’m not happy, I’d be much happier in the Philippines”. Really? But you know how they think right? They DON’T think…that’ the problem. Their mental capacity to have forethought and rationally separate the 2 options and weigh them out is not conceivable to them. All she thinks is “I want to be with my parents because they care about me”. They have drilled that in her head that they “care” and it makes me sick to my stomach, especially after they said to her she has given them nothing. All I hear is “we care about your money and you providing for us. Forget about you son, just bring him here in the Philippines, we’ll take care of him and you provide for us. That’s your job! That’s our ‘CULTURE’.” That’s all I hear. It’s always the parent’s agenda to take full control of their children until they submit to their dumbfuckery and freeloading.

So what do you all think? What option looks better? Because apparently my wife thinks she will be more “free” if she moves back to the Philippines! Fucking hilarious! What is it that I am doing to provoke her you ask? Well I wanted answers and some really good solid reasons! The only reason she could come up with was that she does not get financial freedom and she wants to move to the Philippines to get financial freedom? Is that the plan? So money and spending on materials that she doesn’t really need is NUMBER 1 above everything! It’s sickening and disgusts me the amount of selfishness she is capable of. She is willing to throw the future of herself, her child and ME to spend some money on some useless items! That, in a hand bag is her reason for conducting massive empty threats on me to move back to the Philippines!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Let her go, give her one way ticket and tell her you will send her money until she gets a job in the PI, let her know how much she will be earning C$12 a day the going rate in the PI is 500 peso a day for a good job.
    Accidental destroy your child’s passport, find excuses not to fill out the application for a new one.
    Get the child on a No Fly list I am sure they have them in case she short circuits you and gets a Flip one.
    When she is gone just send half the money the pair of you used to send, less her half share of the Mortgage when she bitches tell her there is only one pay packet all you can spare is half, remind her of her obligations re the debt.
    She can bitch and scream But you have the Pacific Ocean between you and her.
    Advise Immigration she has deserted you , so you think the Residency visa should be investigated and maybe cancelled.
    Or file for divorce !!!!!!!!!! Let the courts work that shit fight out, keep all the documents safe and open your own bank account in your own name. Apply for custody as she intends to flee the country with your child to a 4th world country The court will issue a NO Fly order for the child.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      I will be talking to a immigration lawyer to understand more deeply what to do here. These parents of hers will only have access to my son if they decide to come visit here, and they sure as hell can’t do that considering they are just freeloading useless breeders who can’t even afford to wipe their own ass with toilet paper.

      I am not legally married to her. I am common law and never got married for the sake of the protection over my son. I had a feeling as soon as she got pregnant that her parents had “plans” since all I heard from them was “sponsorship” and “send the kid here”. All because they “care”? Ya right…….It’s a tough one here because NO MATTER WHAT, my wife is going to want to give them contact to my son sooner or later. These worthless parasites most likely have an agenda to keep our kid there. I know it deep down, they have shown all the signs. They would rather their daughter work 2 jobs and not be with her son so they can get free money handouts. They don’t really give 2 fucks about their grandchild.

      Well, I hope that statistic of life span is true! Because if it is, the Father maybe has 8 years left of his life! As for the mother…she’s younger…it will take longer till she drops dead.

  2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    Freedom to be delusional. Freedom to use the logic of a criminal mindset to be self righteous. Freedom to blame others for your mistakes and actually have people wholeheartedly support you in not taking responsibility. Freedom to destroy your children and be told what a great family oriented person you are.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Exactly. Freedom to Filipino children is what their parents dictate to them. That is freedom, since the parents have been their pimps all their lives. This is what freaks me out. If these low life’s can convince my wife that she would be better off with them, they are capable of anything. This is hardcore manipulation at it’s worst. It’s their word over EVERYONE. Respect you parents even if they open up your mouth and shit in it.

  3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    Oh, I remember back to before I came here reading how great Filapina are. Take care of home well, loving spouses and mothers. The expats writing on forums making fun of the white whales in the first world. It is all a lie. You can get young pussy here, that is the only truth. The exponential rise in standard of living means nothing to them, it is not enough. It doesn’t fit their illusion of being princesses, of never having to lift a finger to do for themselves, of unlimited spending and adoration. Immigrants used to come to America for the opportunity to work hard with dreams of being able to grow and their children to have a better future through their hard work. These woman come from living in huts in a shit hole country, the only opportunity they seek is to exploit others, to take, entitled to take more and more. The opportunity to grow as a human, to grow through your own effort is alien to them. To expect that of them is even considered abusive in their mind. I started my relationship with the Philippines thinking that the bulk of the problems was a lack of opportunity. I was wrong. It is a lack of common decency. Lack of any moral center. Lack of ambition to produce or create. The lack of looking in the mirror and seeing their true selves. I used to view their plight as unfair, but I now see the ugliness as a societal Picture of Dorian Gray. Emotional vampires and financial zombies. They really are the things that go bump in the night.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      “The lack of looking in the mirror and seeing their true selves.”

      That’s exactly it. If she could see her actions and behavior from the outside, she would truly see a deranged, irrational, selfish, ungrateful parasite. It’s all becoming clear to me that she is simply reflecting her parents behavior. Ever since we have had a kid she transformed. She was this caring, sweet person who never displayed so many empty threats and hostility. Now, it’s a different story……was it all an act before? IS this depression, some mental issue that women get after giving birth? I warned her, “we have a kid, there goes our freedom” and she didn’t take that warning. Now she’s facing the consequences of her actions and wants a free ride! Would rather drop out son of in a 3rd world so she can work lots and fuck around like she used to. Materials and submitting herself to pimpery, is more important!

    2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      “These woman come from living in huts in a shit hole country, the only opportunity they seek is to exploit others, to take, entitled to take more and more.”

      This is not true for all women here. I don’t know the background of the wives that people have married on this site, but the two I married (one passed away ) had at least a college education and were from lower middle to middle class. Both marriages are/were not the way most on this site describe their own marriage . Meaning mine wre/are relatively normal despite that fact that I earn a shit load more than my partner(s)

      The ones living in huts are for “fun, sexual exploration, and amusement”, not for marriage!

      Been here for close to 25 years and still baffled over the choices that foreigners make for wives.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “The ones living in huts are for “fun, sexual exploration, and amusement” 🙁 Umm, if that is ok with them and that’s ok with you, then cool. But, if they even “believe” they are looking for the real thing, it isn’t nice to play with them and lead them on. You may have to leave them, you may have to protect yourself and even your child if you can, forced to leave them in the proverbial ditch. You can’t fix them, but using them supports their twisted view of the world. Using them just makes you the bigger predator.

        1. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

          It doesn’t take too long when living here to know the game. But of course one needs to be inherently street wise. Many foreigners are not. So when its for fun, sexual exploration, and amusement they know. I give em the rules from day one. Funny thing is they’re quite happy to go along with it. Theyll even introduce friends to have more fun and more sexual exploration in groups. Fucking wierd really. You’d know what I’m talking about seems you’ve been here for quite some time as well.

          1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            I think most of us have been here for quite some time and we aren’t ignorant to the ways of the country.

            Your posts are provocative, alright. I have thought about responding to a number of them, but what is the point? You seem to know everything already, you have it all figured out, and you are much wiser than all of us.

            So, no point in arguing with you here.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Hawk eye,
        Yup I agree with you to a certain degree,
        I was introduced to my wife by mutual friends who thought we were suitable for each other,
        the child bride has CHARACTER and loads of it. Thats why she was single at her age with no children as NO FLIP male would put up with her CHARACTER !!!!!!
        But even though I pretty well knew from first sight I had heard horror shows before, so we waited and acquired assets together and got married last year. But we lived through 7 years of MOMENTS. first
        I just learned not to sweat the small stuff the big stuff is enough for anybody.
        Also the child bride is not that much of a child.our ages are a lot closer than most I know.
        The families that seem to have the most trouble are the men that want sweet pretty young things and wind up with a GF with no brains that looks at herself continually.
        So you have vain Narcissistic men with clothes horses hanging on their arms, and vain narcissistic women who want out of their miserable existence and will put up with older men just to get away.
        I see some men showing photos of their wives all the time, whether or not they are the greatest bitches known to man, its all about , Isn’t she is beautiful.!!!!!!!!!!!Ive got a honey you haven’t mentality.
        Of course they are looking to upgrade looking around all the time I even see them looking at me and they know I am happily married. But I treat the child bride with respect and she wants for nothing.
        Although that point could be argued by her.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    You don’t need to jump off a bridge. Rott has offered to throw me off a building should I decide (He says bullets too expensive). I’m sure Rott, being the kind hearted fellow he is would extend his services to you as well. As for Al, well he’s too busy importing containers of Canadian trash into the country.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      heheh…all I know, is if I jump off a bridge, I’ll make sure it’s not in the Philippines. I’ll probably be surrounded by these cockroaches trying to get my will! “I know him, he’s my distant relative! Give me the money!”

  5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Oh, I remember back to before I came here reading how great Filapina are. Take care of home well, loving spouses and mothers. The expats writing on forums making fun of the white whales in the first world. It is all a lie. You can get young pussy here, that is the only truth”
    That was the dating sites’ sales talks. I’ve even met some delusional Kano who believed that Pinays were bred to please their men!! What utter bullshit! Nothing can be farther from the truth! BLX2’s description of the Filipinas are spot on. Of course they’d argue “not all”. Yep, not all but 99% are!
    As for young pussy….well, that is really all they have to offer. Hell even when they hooked a Kano, they’re always looking for a better, younger model. Noticed how they grind their asses when they walked while in company of old Kano. When they get somewhat middle aged, the ass grinding reverts to the classic Pinay waddle!

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “That was the dating sites’ sales talks”. Actually there are yahoo sites and a number of forums that were not dating sites. They really down played the scammers as more the exception and promoted that there are tons of good “true” filapina. One yahoo site in particular gave advice about visa’s. They gave the impression that until someone on a fiancee visa got their 10 year green card they would not be able to stay in the U.S. should the marriage go south. That is a lie. As soon as they get their first (2 year) green card they can do what they want and they are in. In other words, bring them to the U.S., marry them (have to do this within 90 days) and get them their first green card and they really are now free to pack up and leave. They made it sound like there is a probation period to insure they don’t get the first green card and then their true colors came out and it wasn’t love they were after it was just the green card. About the only thing that can keep them out during the initial 2 years is if they commit a crime.

      I don’t know why expats and foreigners (mainly U.S.) promote the lies and illusion. The promoting of the great family values. Some you can tell there is a money incentive, but with others there appears to be none. These forums were strong in 2005 and I know up until the beginning of 2012 there was nothing out there like PFB offering a counter balance to reality. You can now find more and more sites giving a much more honest view of the Philippines and what these girls are really like. I’m not joking, exaggerating, sourgrapping…. this is a land of cluster B personality disorders, it’s not funny, one article even stated that this can cause damage to the hypothalamus of their victims. They make YOU feel crazy and indeed they are damaging your mental health.
      If you feel you’re going nuts google cluster b abuse and start reading, in time you will pick up on your cluster b’s MO and recognize it for what it really is.

      This is one place:

      But read many if you are being affected, the pattern of their behavior and behavior described on PFB are the same. They are not cookie cutter, different parts of the spectrum display different behavior. One thing in common is that being involved with one will make you question your own sanity (and your own actions), and it should, it is under assault.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “I don’t know why expats and foreigners (mainly U.S.) promote the lies and illusion.”

        Maybe because these expats and foreigners were scared to admit of their own failure? That the great romance with their “Filipina princess” were nothing but that….an illusion.

        1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          Yep. It starts with a bad feeling deep down inside. And we tend to ignore it since being nice is in our genes. I think most guys see it coming but just wont admit it to themselves. Plus in Flipland, Kanos are quite dependent on their gfs to help them with stuff on a day to day basis. It means going it alone.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Yep, ignore and make excuses. Lack of understanding and exposure, cultural and language misunderstanding. She’s a GOOD girl, she’ll learn. I got a lot of mileage using those excuses. The blank stare. The times I tried to explain the reality of the U.S. before we went I always saw the blank stare. What does that mean? This is what it meant, sacrifices, responsible choices, teamwork, trusting what I say over those with an agenda, ATM’s have limitations… nothing of that nature stuck. But surprise, surprise, surprise, the rewards did, the positive aspects did, what you accomplish through sacrifices, responsible choices, teamwork stuck. But only what you accomplish, not what you had to do to get there. Of course I did abuse her by buying Campbell’s soup instead of Progresso…

          2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            Actually any new country that has different cultural norms is a shock to the system. The Team Player mentality I’ve experienced in Japan, The Stone Face look in Korea, and other places.
            The Fili-Fail difference is this place actually thrives on the good intentions of foreigners. Being a Nice Guy in this country will mean you will loose in the end.
            I would love to hear from a native/local citizen how they picked up or are taught these traits.
            Mom: See that Kano…he’s rich and it’s your job to marry him.
            Child: But isn’t marriage about love ???
            Mom: (smack to the head) No dumb child, it’s about sucking him dry for the family.
            Mom: Oh also…it’s OK to steal, be corrupt and lie just as long as you call yourself a Christian.
            Child: Ok mommy I will be a good Christian.
            (Disclaimer….Not all Pinoys/Pinays are like this…but the overwhelming majority are. I didn’t want to called a Racist.) …LoL

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @TW. I think of the Asian “Face” cultural concept. It is basically of not embarrassing someone when they make a mistake. But in the Phils it is abused, like everything else. They hide behind it to be dishonest and NEVER take responsibility. An excuse to not correct actions in the future. Perpetually making the same “mistake” over and over and over again. In Japan some even commit suicide over face. In China some have been executed when their dishonest actions cause losing of face. Being sensitive to face and trying to deal with the situation discreetly to correct the error doesn’t work. Again, they take a concept and rip it apart to use it as an excuse. If they really cared about face they would be grateful for the discretion, fix the situation and learn to avoid things and behavior that would cause the loss of face. They use culture here as nothing more than an excuse to be shitheads.

          4. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            Certainly FACE plays a big part in the way Phili-Fails act. You can do something wrong, because no one scolds you (Face) so you continue to do it.
            I’ve always been interested Why people do things. The young child learns it’s ok to piss on a wall…because that’s what his brother/uncles/father does. The poor see the Rich getting away with stealing/corruption…so he does it too. No ones holds a door open, crosswalk, etc…because “no one holded a door open for me”.
            I admit I still try to “hold a door open/crosswalk/Common Curtise” with the small hope that one day…maybe just maybe a Fili-Fail might remember what it was like (good feeling) the last time a dumb foreigner “let him cross a road without trying to run him over”.
            Yeah…I’ll have better luck turning lead into gold.

          5. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @TW. “You can do something wrong, because no one scolds you (Face) so you continue to do it.”, Ah, but here if you scold, you are the bad guy and it has nothing to do with what they do/did. You are then bad and they are good so what they did in the first place was right and just. And if you don’t scold, well there was nothing wrong in the first place. The third, correct way to deal with face, discretion, doesn’t work here. It is met with circular logic, leading to a choice of giving up, thus they are righteous or losing it and scolding them, making you bad and again them righteous. It’s a no win situation with these criminally minded SOB’s.
            “No ones holds a door open”, I have had so many taxi doors slammed shut with me standing right there. Only twice in 8 years did a Filipino actually leave it open. When entering stores and buildings they never do hold a door open, but I always hold it for the next person. Their movement and body language don’t exhibit surprise, they expect it (yet don’t do it themselves? Is it cuz I’m foreign?). Some, instead of picking up the door relay actually slip by and even in groups, they fucking treated me as their door man. I guess it’s all par, they expect from foreigners that they would NEVER do themselves.

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          They love us because we are so GUAPO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
          and maybe because we just don’t beat the shit out of them like their fucking male relatives.
          I know its my PESO-NALITY that make s me so GUAPO. I have no illusions.

          1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            Don, Seeeeeee you Aussies are special !!!! Us pooooooooor Kano’s have no Pese-nality,,,.We have to rely on our VISA-nality/Green-Card-nality to get Chicks…LoL.

      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        I used to subscribe to a couple of those forums, and the comments in them gave me a false impression of what those gooks are really like. In retrospect, it reinforced my state of denial over what was happening to me. Thinking back, the moderators on those sites were highly protective over what was posted (perhaps they were prideful flips who were trying to perpetuate the false impressions of flips), and those times when people on those forums would post a horror story that did manage to slip past those “censors”, you would never hear from that person again.

        That is why I am happy that PFB exists, so the Westerner can have a dose of reality as to the true state of that poor-excuse-for-a-country and those poor-excuses-for-human-beings.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          There are certainly a proliferation of Philippines based blogs that sells dreams and illusions. One that I read from time to time coz of it’s information value actively discourages criticizing Filipinos and the Philippines. Another was heavily promoting Filipinas as marriage partners. No it’s not a dating site, but he sells his e-books for $30 per download. Amazing how these guys have only been in the country for a few minutes, then they start selling information on Filipina dating, how to live like king in the RP on a modest income, how to…etc, etc. when they should be selling e-books on how to survive in the Philippines and Filipinas!

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          ” the moderators on those sites were highly protective over what was posted”, they were protective, the ones I belonged to were not run by flips though. The posters were foreigners.

          “it reinforced my state of denial over what was happening to me”, I feel for you,. They were like a pep squad for me getting in. I became psyched. I did shut them down realizing they were misleading. The denial I have to blame on myself. Two marriages, the second one way after I stopped believing the forums. The denial was mine. I discovered NPD with the first one (1st pinay wife) and thought I was set. Unfortunately I am now aware of Cluster B, the hard way. I spent my life with 2 HPD (1 American) and 1 NPD. Once gone it was a lot easier getting over the NPD. I clearly saw her for what she is. The HPD’s I will always feel for, in retrospect it is like they were both trapped in the dark, seeming to want to get out or not really belonging there. But trying to turn the light on for them was futile, trying to lead them out was futile, they refuse to come out. It seems what they want is right there for them, they just need to step into the light. But they insist on pulling you into their illusion of reality, they seemed to want love, and indeed need love, but the lack of empathy and the illusion will drive you both crazy, it will destroy you as it is destroying them. That’s just my personal experience with them. I still don’t know if it’s part of the denial or I really did see a war inside them. I only know it is impossible to broker peace 🙁

    2. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      “Yep, not all but 99% are!”
      Sorry but this is rubbish. There are a great deal more Filipnas who are decent. Most are looking in the wrong areas. There are just as many foreign pieces of shit women from pooor socio-economic situations. You don’t get it, if you want something decent as a partner you don’t find them in bars, smokey mountain, after a one month visit to the Philippines, or the unpredictable online dating sites. This type of trash, which is available world wide, is just to fuck aka for fun, sexual exploration, and amusement.

        1. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

          Yes good observation Einstein. She doesn’t. Neither do you. You both should broaden your social base. Of course you being a closed minded peasant like most in this country will find what i say disagreeable. But i expect that. Youre as predictable as the the majority of locals!

          1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            What can I say, when you’re right, you’re right. As you said, we are all peasants, and I admit that you are better than us.

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Hawk eye,
            Before responding.
            I tried to check your very very very short profile to see where you are from.
            A bit anonymous there??????????? all we know about you is , you are a Euro Reffo or your family was.
            So its pretty hard to respond without being out of line. But I will try.
            You were a bit hard on Sarah, but she handled that pretty well, so you don’t have much experience with OZZIE Girls or you would have seen that coming.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OI OI OI !!!!!!!!!!
            Why should Sarah, or anyone give up their Birthright ???????? If I know correctly Sarah has bought her land over there not inherited anything yet. That is what she is working on, she wont inherit her Aunts property near the family compound she will have to save up and buy it off her Aunt who lives in Germany and has no intention of ever going back to live in the PI.
            Sarah wants the property as her base one day if she returns to help her people when she graduates .Why else would she want to live in that toxic enviroment.
            Its the freeloading Uncle that wants it for nothing, but he is just like a lot of Police around the world who think they have an undeserved sense of Entitlement.
            Your family fucked off and left Europe to the one brother.
            Maybe he was the only one with the balls to stay and rebuild Europe after the second world war.
            You don’t say WHY your family fucked off.????????? From where ???????? When ????????? Are you $20 immigrants ????????
            Its easy to say your family just signed everything over too him.
            Could be some shit hole worthless property in Moldavia .or Ukraine near Chernobyl.
            Will wait with anticipation for your barbs.

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @Don. I was thinking property taxes maybe. A lot of land could mean a lot of taxes. Family land and they really did want it to remain a family legacy but had no intention of ever returning.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Hawk, can you actually understand any of the dialects spoken around you?? Coz if you do not, then you’re just as naive as the Kano fesh off the plane to meet their internet love. I have seen these Filipinas sweetly smile at the Kano husband to be, promising sweet nothings, but muttering under her breath, in her dialect, of how she’d wished the old Kano dies soon….That’s after he buys her all the trimmings in life of course (houses, cars, material stuff). Have you actually been in a car with a murderous Filipina planning the death of her husband in her own dialect, while the poor Kano husband was driving us, unbeknown to him that his wife wanted him dead? Well, I have….and the poor Kano did die….2 months after the murder plot.

        As for the “not all Filipinas are like that” that you seemed to be defending….PFB is not the only blog I’ve followed/read over the years. Funny your views seemed to be the exception than the rule, not just from Kanos and Pinays I’ve personally known.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I was in the car with an Aussie and wife, the wife was rabbiting on in Tagabage to the child bride, I don’t care but the other bloke spat the dummy said they were rude talking in Tagabage whilst others were in the car.
          The girl’s shut down wouldn’t talk again.
          That night the child bride told me the wife was really pissed with the husband to the point of desperation.
          That’s what they were talking about, and they were trying to find a solution to their problem.
          That is why they didn’t want him to know what was going on.
          I have never cared what the child bride says, if she is happy I am happy.
          Even in Australia she has her flip friends to rabbit on with.
          I know if she could not have the gossip and talking talking she would not be a happy camper.
          It is just a lot of guys are paranoid. Maybe with good reason.
          But like all relationships, if you don’t trust them GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

        2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          Could not agree with you more Sarah.
          My wife came home very upset after a day out with the girls some time ago.
          She preceded to tell me about how one of her (now former) friends was talking about how she wished her husband would just hurry up and die. No murder talk… just die already… would ya ??? She was also boasting about how she has been cheating on her husband, and yes there is a considerable age difference between them. Not as much as some I see. But enough.

          Her kano hubby had just built her a new fully furnished house and new car.
          So time to trade up, it seems.

        3. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

          I really dont want to be an antagonist but you really are an idiot. If you are a well travelled educated person you will realize that the problems in the Philippines are not unique. Poor uneducated people behave in the same way. You should live/travel to/in South America, China, other parts of South East Asia, the ghettos of the USA and even Ireland back in 1987. If you had, youd see similar problems and behaviour relative to the Filipinos. Whats your experience? Philippines and Australia? lmfao. You know nothing. Btw was it you bitching about an uncle and your moms property? If so shame, shame, shame. On my moms side, when the siblings migrated to australua, considering how well they did for themselves there, they signed over all properties to their sole brother who was left behind in Europe and kept working the land in their absence. Thats respect. Your family doesnt seem to have any decency whatsoever. So dont talk shit to me.And do tell me im like any other kano, coz i dont bitch about my filipina wives.

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            I’ve mixed with filipinos from all levels of the social and education spectrum and found the so called upper class and educated in high end sub divisions just as untrustworthy, stupid, ignorant etc as those in the squatter areas.

            I don’t think your “It’s only the poor and uneducated” argument will fly round here.

          2. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            Oh, okay smart guy – how about you tell us about your vast experience, then. You attack everyone here but you have shown no standing yourself. Well, what is your experience, then? You just make insinuations but give no concrete examples yourself. Do tell! You are a giant among us because we are all so ignorant, right?

            You say you don’t mean to be provocative, but oh yes you do. First you call her an idiot, attack her character and her family, and then you end with a sweeping generalization of all of us on this site in general.

            And you don’t even address her statement in general, evidently because you can’t even refute it.

            And I don’t bitch about my Filipina wife either, no complaints there. Yes, I do have a Filipina wife and she is very high character.

            So yeah, fuck you.

          3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Btw was it you bitching about an uncle and your moms property? If so shame, shame, shame. On my moms side, when the siblings migrated to australua, considering how well they did for themselves there, they signed over all properties to their sole brother who was left behind in Europe and kept working the land in their absence. Thats respect. Your family doesnt seem to have any decency whatsoever. So dont talk shit to me.And do tell me im like any other kano, coz i dont bitch about my filipina wives.”

            Yes, that was me asshole! So you expected us to just bow down to my Flip abusive uncle despite what he did to us? Well, fuck you! You just outed yourself as nothing but a cocksucking Pinoy pretending to be a decrepit, geriatric Kano who could not get himself a piece of young ass back in his home country! you are a troll Hawkeye, this forum is not for the Flip loving cock suckers like you! Plenty of forums around populated by cockroaches with your mindset. If you have nothing positive to contribute to this forum, other than attacking members here just because you’re happily swallowing the Flip bola-bolas, then you are not welcome here!

            Filio, thanks for the complete freedom of expression on this site! 🙂 please delete inappropriate content as you see fit. 🙂

          4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            I have to agree. The poor uneducated people who volunteer their time and effort in soup kitchens are such a greedy, selfish, uncaring bunch…

            ” Without empathy, we would have no cohesive society, no trust and no reason not to murder, cheat, steal or lie. At best, we would act only out of self-interest; at worst, we would be a collection of sociopaths.”
            Sound familiar?
            “The capacity for empathy is believed to be innate in most humans, as well as some other species – chimps, for instance, will protest unfair treatment of others, refusing to accept a treat they have rightfully earned if another chimp doing the same work fails to get the same reward.”
            I wonder where the chimps got their education?
            “The first stirrings of human empathy typically appear in babyhood: newborns cry when hearing another infant’s cry, and studies have shown that children as young as 14 months offer unsolicited help to adults who appear to be struggling to reach something. Babies have also shown a distinct preference for adults who help rather than hinder others.”
            Empathy doesn’t come from money or formal education, it comes from family and community. This country “prides” itself on family and family “values”. What the hell are those values that this level of corruption and dishonesty exists here? It’s not lack of money or education, it’s morally bankrupt VALUES.


          5. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

            Character or lack of it counts. Rich or poor, educated or illiterate, a person possessing good character is usually welcomed. Lack character, and even if you are incredibly wealthy, have an Ivy League education and all the trappings , then you are worthless as a human being.
            I read this site. I also read the other sites. Usually the truth is found somewhere in the middle. Do I doubt these people who have issues with Filipinos? No. I could tell you of the worthless scum I’ve encountered in the US. Does that mean all people from the US are worthless scum? No. It just means I met some and shared the experience of having met them. I can’t slam the folks who have had issues with the Philippines. That is their experience. All slamming them does is to invalidate their feelings and perspective on the issues. It also pisses them off to no end.
            I met a guy at Patag, from the UK that said he was former special forces, and worked for the CIA after he got out of the military. I’ve worked around ex-CIA types and one thing I’ve noticed is they keep their pie hole shut about what they did. This guy didn’t. I wanted to run away from him. I know the type and had no need for him. He lacked character.
            Slamming the people who post over here probably is not a good way to either win friends or to influence their mindset.

          6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Even the poorest areas in the USA, there is some sense of community or society. There is a police presence, decent roads, and children are still not allowed to be on the streets during school hours,,,, let alone be begging in the roadways.
            Even in the poorest American communites, people can rally together. In the blackest, most violent neighborhoods there is always some community outreach. There is always a guy or small group teaching kids or providing a place for children to safely play.
            The highest levels of Filipino society don’t really do much for their people. Meanwhile the middle class of the USA donates and cares more about poor Filipinos they will never meet than their own people care. I mean, how evil is it to steal donations intended for starving people? Or to throw your campaign stickers on it like the local politician provided it himself?
            Filipinos are the enemy of Filipinos. There is so much hatred or uncaring attitude towards their own society, it is sickening.
            Next, stop worrying about other countries problems as though that is an excuse. Yes, places like Somalia and N. Korea are much worse, but is that something to brag about? I’ve traveled to China btw. Although the people there are not so friendly, they were always honest to me by giving me back proper change or telling me I paid too much when I did not understand the currency. Also, its much fucking cleaner there than the Philippines, even in the industrial areas.

            “I really dont want to be an antagonist but you really are an idiot.”
            – Only an idiot would contradict himself like that in 1 sentence.

  6. Profile gravatar of Jamess

    Hey man just let her back to her dreamland for the sake of your child, if u try to stop her she will use any excuse to make your life hell everyday.
    Let her back to this shit hole n after 6 months she will beg you to have you back.
    Probably she already forgot how is life here!

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I disagree, let her go, have the child stay with you, YES, but “after 6 months she will beg you to have you back.”, do everything possible never to let her back into your life. She will learn nothing, the only thing possible is if you let her back she will learn she can get away with it and the shit she puts you through will just increase. It’s just the way it works. It’s just the way they work. If she will go back to visit and leave your son with you, you can’t ask for a greater gift or opportunity, for you or your son. Don’t blow it, raising your children the right way is way greater than any piece of ass.

      1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        “She will learn nothing, the only thing possible is if you let her back she will learn she can get away with it and the shit she puts you through will just increase. ”


        Kindness, understanding, and a sense of responsibility can only be interpreted as weakness to be exploited to the maximum extent that you will allow.

        Once you are free, it would be a critical mistake to let her come back.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Johnny.
      Back in the day,, there were many small farms and mom and pop businesses. The children were taught how to work and accomplish something.
      Yes,, we were taught about empathy and the value of helping others in my country. There are food banks and agencies to help poor people.
      I really respect the Hutterites, Mennonites and Amish because they help one another. They will help outsiders if they asked to. Especially in busy seasons on farms, when a neighbor takes sick or a death happens.
      As for this gigantic black hole,, what can I say??
      Shoot me dead

  7. Profile gravatar of Gerd

    Dear Pinoy Lover

    thanks for your post. I think it would be very very helpful for all First World people “trapped” by Pinays or other people from “developing countries”. A person from the First world should think twice before being in a relationship with a person from the Third World, coming from a very disadvantaged background, with no job, no money, no nothing and not even trying to better his/her position. No one should fall in the trap “I’ll save you”.

    I don’t want to sound racist, but I saw too many similar cases of a person from a developed country with another person from a developing country or a “more disadvantaged country”. Pretty much the same scheme of lying, cheating, stealing, whining, “give me, give me, give me” and greedy relatives. Worst case scenario, the “wealthier” partner ends up “sucked dry” by the “weaker one”. Such a thing happened to an acquaintance of mine, a Scandinavian not so bad looking guy (so he wasn’t that “desesperate” for a younger and more attractive woman…and moreover, he seemed me to be quite “choosy” about a potential life mate…in his opinion, his ideal soul mate had to be the CEO of General Motors or Apple, look like a supermodel, have a solid family- possibly a WASP one-, graduated First with Hons at Harvard or Yale, to be a committed environmentalist, not to be too into fashion and make up, etc etc etc etc) that was supposed to be intelligent, educated, etc, trapped in by “petite, slim, sexy, tanned, happy-go-luck, cheerful and family-loving Pinay (that was just an ass-wiper in Norway and definitely not a WASP…irony of the destiny 🙂 “. Well, when he came back from there after 6 mths, tired of her tampos and “give me this and give me that”, intrusive relatives and the bad situation of the Philippines, I answered him “Serves you right, buddy”.

    Another friend of mine, a young European lady, always making fun of First World men…she ended up with a Dominican good-to-nothing black guy (she had to give heaps of bribes to the corrupt officials to let him have an ID, as he had never a document proving his identity because the poor thing “never had money for that”…are you stupid or what? How can you be with somebody that can’t even prove his identity???) that was a liar, a cheater and had no respect of her money, throwing it out of the window on stupid things. I tried to let her reason that it wasn’t the guy for her, etc. When she was “sucked dry” by this guy (it doesn’t take to be a clairvoyant to understand that when money ran out, her dark chocolate-colored Greek god waved her good-bye…) then she came back to reason. My answer was the same “Serves you right, buddy”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

      Thank you Gerd,
      My first wife was Korean. I made many mistakes when marrying her. Had 3 kids with her and ultimately wound up divorcing her because of her actions. She stole things from stores (changing price tags), lied, probably slept around on me (can’t prove it), but it was 15 hell filled years. Swore off Asians. Never again. Could write a book about her hijinks. Nearly worked myself to death and once asked her “how much money will make you happy” as no amount of money I made (and foolishly gave to her) ever seemed enough. Never was enough to make her happy. Was working 60+ hrs a week and she said “the across the street man has two jobs, twhy don’t you?” Told her “he was not feeding her, f—- her, or providing for her and if that is all she wanted she could go live with him.” She never did take me up on the offer for her to move her sorry ass out.
      I share responsibility in that marriage. I offered to marry her, knowing who and what she was (LYFM). My choice. She got pregnant and I was the daddy. Stood up and accepted responsibility for my actions and married her. Things deteriorated shortly after the wedding. Living on the pay of an E-4 in Korea at the time, made us well off. She had key money on the room and paid no rent, few utilities, and we lived like Koreans did. It was, however, never enough. Insatiable . Kagiwa, kagiwa, kagiwa, kagiwa, kagiwa. Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee. She was a seagull. When Pink Floyd’s song Money came out I laughed the first time hearing it. Thought it should be her theme song.
      There are some good Filipinos. Just need to work hard in finding them. After having been in both Mexico and the Philippines recently and noticing the behavior of the people I would say that the cause of both country’s problems is due to two things, one if you blame the Spaniards for bringing it in. Spain’s colonial rule and Catholic Church damaged both countries in the same way. Creating peoples who were both docile and resentful while encouraging with a wink and a nod, corruption.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “When Pink Floyd’s song Money came out I laughed the first time hearing it. Thought it should be her theme song.” You were already married to her when it first came out? Wow, that goes back.
        What is LYFM?

      2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        It seems Spanish culture has a common theme because not only do I see the kind of selfishness, narcissistic, material loving ‘culture’ in Philippines, but I’ve also heard many from my Mexican friend who has told me of so many families torn apart over MONEY. They seem to worship money over everything and will kill for it even if it means the life of their siblings and parents.

        Does the Catholic Church create them to be this way? It makes more and more sense to me that it does, since they themselves are all about control over peoples minds and money.

        1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

          Pinay Lover, I think it goes even deeper than just the Catholic Church. When Spain took over in the Philippines and Mexico, they were very brutal. If you resented their oppressive yoke, then you and your family were hunted down and killed to set an example. Who was left to breed? Those who were docile (at least when facing authority figures) and those who survived by stealing as much as they could from the Spaniards. You have two cultures with a passive agressive culture. Tell someone to do something and it gets messed up because they don’t want to listen to the boss and they know that if they screw it up that the boss won’t make them do it ever again. They steal because they can. If they get away with it, then there is zero remorse “If you hadn’t owned it then we wouldn’t have stolen it”. If they get caught then say a few hail Marys and be contrite for a few minutes. Not a big deal. The church can forgive (cough cough cough cough) anything up to and including murder. Spain’s colonial rule messed up many countries. What is the other common denominator between Mexico and the Philippines?

          1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            I believe an important root of all this lies in Spanish colonial rule itself. The stratification of Philippine society, which is almost feudal, is something that appears to be common in all former Spanish colonies.

            I believe the Spanish did this on purpose, pitting one class against another. Disunity and disharmony does make a colony much easier to rule from afar.

            And if you compare all the former colonies throughout the world, the former Spanish colonies appear to be the worst off today. Former British colonies, French, Dutch, those colonies just haven’t had the same kind of problems after independence.

            But then again, look at Spain itself. Spain’s rise was a direct result of exploring and plundering the New World. Once all that free money dried up, Spain fell – much the same way Rome fell once they ran out of new lands to pillage. Kind of makes me wonder just how much of Philippine corruption itself can actually be traced to Spanish misrule and Spanish habits. I can’t say that I really know, because I never cared enough to study it.

        2. Profile gravatar of Gerd

          Dear Pinay Lover,

          I also think that the issue is deeper than colonialism and Catholicism. People worship the greenback (or euro, or pound sterling…) everywhere and many people (even from the rich, developed West!) if they can get nothing from you, they ignore you; if they find out you can be somehow “useful” for them, they want to be your friends straightaway.

          So, as my grandma said (that she had just primary school, poor woman…): “If you really want to see whom to trust, check how many people stood by you in your darkest moments” and “If you want to see how is a person, look how he/she behaves with the elderly, children, poor, waitresses, shop assistants, etc. If he/she behaves badly with these people, that’s not a good start”. That’s why I call my friends just the people that stood by me when I was feeling particularly bad; also about my family, I talk just to the members that opened their doors and heart to me when I was feeling particularly bad. The rest, I showed them the door. I don’t want to sound hard-hearted , uncompassionate, etc, but I had to “sort” the people that wanted to be close to me, not to end up exploited and discarded like an old sweater.

          To quote another famous example: Ashton Kutcher. I don’t say he’s not a good actor, but what if he hadn’t lured Demi Moore into marrying him?
          Before marrying Demi Moore, he didn’t have such important roles (comparing “The 70s show” and “2 and 1/2 men” to his role of Steve Jobs is like comparing McDonald’s to the finest Italian and French cuisine) and the money to invest in Skype, Air BnB, Lenovo, the Dolce restaurant, and here and there! If he and Mina Kunis met on the “70s show set”, why didn’t they marry at that time? According to my personal opinion, Demi Moore helped him greatly during his acting career…when he got more and more plum roles, he discarded the poor Demi like an old sweater and “reconnected” with Mila Kunis…that now that Mr. Kutcher is rich and famous, she said yes to him.

      3. Profile gravatar of bmo8127

        i agree with what you said about spaniards colonizing philippines and mexico exactly the same values. it is true there are really good filipinos and you have to find it, look for the heart first and not just the pysical thing, most of all spend more time with the parents and try to get to know them very well, thats where you can get the idea of what kind of woman you are dating, if you want to pursue or not. theres always bad and good people wherever you go especially the less fortunate people, they are desperate and will do anything by hook or by crook to make their life better, they are so hungry of money, they have been deprived of many good things, for those who are in the first world country can you imagine yourself growing up in a poor country, just be thankful coz you are lucky. and yes you can find a lot of scambug people in a third world country like i said they are desperate, and desperate people burried their conscience.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          ” so hungry of money, they have been deprived of many good things, for those who are in the first world country can you imagine yourself growing up in a poor country”
          Not an excuse!!!!
          You don’t understand the first world. The countries may not be poor, but there are many poor in the country. There are many who spend generations in poverty because they choose to blame others for their lack of trying. There are those who end up in poverty through no fault of their own also. There are many who bust their ASS to crawl out of poverty. They make sacrifices that apparently Filipinos are TOO GOOD to make. Did you ever hear of the Dust Bowl? The Great Depression? The majority lost their homes, no jobs, life savings (that they earned working many extra hours at manual labor), they lost everything. In cities they lined up in bread lines stretching blocks. My own relatives spent summers living on tomato sandwiches and they shared what they had with neighbors who were hungry too. One man currently a presidential candidate grew up in a ghetto. Raised by a mother who busted her ass, who was firm in her belief that living in poverty was no excuse for not trying your best, being responsible, treating others fairly. The guy grew up and became the best Neurosurgeon in the country, he developed a procedure that saves children’s lives where there was no hope before. There have been a few times in my life I ended up penniless. It didn’t turn into an excuse to steal. The hands that reached out to help me I did not bite. I was grateful for what I got, food, shelter. I didn’t expect more from them. I was truly thankful for their kindness. No way in the world would I have expected someone to buy me a cell phone or even a load. If I asked a friend for a couple of dollars I made damn sure I paid them back as soon as I could.
          Poverty never is or has been an excuse for shitting on others. It is more a case that shitting on others and each other worsens and perpetuates poverty. And lifting Filipinos out of poverty they still take advantage of others. So they were desperate, they married a Kano and went to the first world. So now they are there. They can get work, they could support themselves. They are no longer “desperate”. So why don’t they just leave the Kano instead of draining every last cent they can get away with? Play their narcissistic and psychopathic head games destroying the mental and financial health of the very person who helped them escape their world of poverty?

          Poverty made me do it. Yeah right! That has been the wool over the eyes of the first world. Most are not aware of the greed, selfishness, lack of empathy, irresponsibility, laziness and narcissistic ways of those crying “poor” me. They don’t know if they reach out and try to help, the person they are helping would rip them to shreds and take everything they could if given the slightest chance to do so. They don’t give a second thought to what they do to the person, their only thought is they are entitled to it. Didn’t earn it, didn’t sacrifice for it, just entitled to what belongs to someone else. Why, because their Filipinos? It isn’t the Westerners who are arrogant, it is the takers.
          Poverty is never a reason to hurt and use others. Financial status doesn’t determine if a person is scum or not, their actions do. And there are plenty of people who are not hungry in the Philippines who use and shit all over others any chance they get.

          Sorry for the rant, I’m sick of the fucking excuses, it’s bullshit.

          1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

            Once you have experienced the thrill of their profound sense of entitlement, you realize that there isn’t anything to understand.

            I suspect most, if not all of us have tried to be understanding in the beginning. Oh, they are poor, oh, they came for a disadvantaged background. Then after being bitch slapped a couple dozen times, you wake up and say: yeah, whatever, man. They certainly don’t need us to make excuses for them, that much is for sure. In fact, they rely on it.

            The secret to all this is understanding that there really isn’t anything to understand. Continuing to make excuses for the inexcusable is the ultimate ignorance.

          2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Ever seen the signs outside the churches:
            Be honest
            If others are not
            If others will lot
            If others cannot
            Even the church using the excuse that there are those who “cannot” prevent themselves from being honest. Everybody has the choice, there’s nothing preventing anybody from being honest. Only poor me excuses.

          3. Profile gravatar of Gerd

            Dear BLX2,

            I also think poverty isn’t an excuse to kill, lie, cheat or scam. Somebody can be very very poor, but somehow manage to pull him/herself out of poverty and have a decent life, by being hard-working, serious and honest.

            I can quote an example of “from rags to riches” story; it’s the case of the top model Natal’ja Vodianova ( She grew up in a poverty and crime-ridden city 5 hours by train away from Moscow, in a derelict neighbourhood. Her mother drank, sleeping around (Natal’ja has 2 more sisters, one of which invalid, fathered by 2 other different men that as soon as they learned that Natal’ja’s mother was pregnant, they kissed her goodbye…and her mother and bfs did “their business” in the same room where Natal’ja and her sisters slept) and had a trail of abusive boyfriends. Natal’ja never met her father (that tried to “rebuild” their relationship just when she became rich and famous…God knows why (!) and Natal’ja told him “Where were you, when we were in dire straits? Now you come to me??” and she did well, according to my personal opinion). This deeply disfunctional family lived in a room in a shared apartment, where they shared a kitchen and a toilet with other 6 or 7 families. Natal’ja had to quit school at 11 to help her mother at an illegal fruit stand (imagine, to wake up at 4am with -30° in the morn to go to the market, buy the fruit and to be at the stall all day, till night) and to cook, clean and protect herself and her sisters from one of her mother’s abusive boyfriends (that squandered all their hard-earned money on booze).
            The only positive example of this Dickens-like childhood for Natal’ja was her grandma, where she fled when things went particularly bad and this grandma taught her almost a bit of manners, how to manage money and about the importance of hard work and respect. To make it short, Natal’ja was discovered at her fruit stand by a French photographer that accompanied her and her grandma to Moscow to Natal’ja’s first modeling agency, that sent her to Paris after a few days…and the rest is history.

            The sense of this post is, that if you want to pull yourself out of poverty, you can. In interviews, Natal’ja said that during her disgraced childhood, she learnt how to budget, where NOT to spend her hard-earned money and which were the WRONG characteristics in a potential life mate. We can say she learnt from her mother’s mistakes. Had she been empty-headed like her mother, maybe she could have thrown her modeling career from the window and she would have ended up like many other good-to-nothing people.

          4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @Gerd. Grandma had empathy and Natal’ja embraced it. It is normal for humans to be attracted to it, to seek it, to develop it as part of themselves. It is normal to be a bit selfish, it can even be protective and positive. But it is also normal to not want to hurt others and help when and where we can. We are all unique and balance it differently. But there is NO balancing act at all with these MF’s, pure selfishness without even a fraction of an ounce of decency towards others. 🙁

          5. Profile gravatar of Gerd

            Hi BLX2,

            you’ re right to think that a bit of “selfishness” can sometimes be protective; even psychologists acknowledge it and call it “healthy selfishness”, if it’s used to preseve and protect oneself. It’s a good thing to help the “less fortunate”, but when these “less fortunate” lie, scam or do bad things behind your back (especially if you caught them doing so MANY times, it means that it wasn’t just a mistake but it’s a habit to “use” and disrespect you in this way), it’s time to stop and get out…if not, you end up in a toxic relationship. In our lives, we should eliminate this 4 kinds of people: 1) people that use you; 2) people that put you down; 3)people that lie to you; 4) people that disrespect you. I did so, and I feel sooo much better…getting rid of these people, in my opinion, is also a sign of “healthy selfishness”. That’s why now I’m very careful to give my trust to other people…I don’t want to waste my energy on these emotional parasites. Even psychologists, when they talk about heavily abused people willing to help their abusive parents, they said “It was a very good thing that such and such a person, when he/she reached adulthood, tried to help his/her abusive parent, but if the latter doesn’t recognize his/her efforts and keeps on mistreating the former (lies, scamming, emotional abuse, etc), he/she should show his/her abusive parent the door with no doubts, to avoid a nervous breakdown and another toxic relationship”.

    2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      I totally agree. I’ve been taking major precaution:

      1.Not marrying her
      2. Totally outing the parents from my life. Standing my ground and holding my disrespect for them.
      3. Slowing down any sort of Canadian citizenship to prevent any plan for the parents to come here (which will never happen, since they are soon at deaths door if 65 is the average life span)
      4. My side of the family has money, they don’t. For them to take custody if it ever gets to that point will be a tough battle since A. Her parents can’t even afford to take care of themselves B. My wife has bad credit, supports them and a kid. C. We could get the best lawyer since I have several family members to invest in that for the safety of my son. My family has support for my son, financially, they don’t.

      Everything was really great until she got pregnant, then the real ‘plans’ came out of the wood work. Suddenly she is handing the engagment ring back and trying to convince me to sponsor the Dad. Ha…..I gladly took it back and didn’t play her shit game. It worked against her! Now you don’t get citizenship! Good job! The parents tried to convince her to send our kid there and that sure as hell didn’t work since he’s a Canadian citizen and I have primary decision over where he goes. HA! Nice try! These people are total dumb asses, it astounds me. I have the leg up………….

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        OMG PL! Handing back the ring? Was that some kind of bluff on her part, hoping you would beg her to take it back from you and wear it on her finger?

        Sorry to hear you’re going through all this crap.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHE GAVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          There is a god after all.!!!!!!!!!!!!
          The next thing we will see a Star in the East again.

        2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          Hey Kalbo,
          Stupid decision for her, isn’t it? She spoiled any chance of citizenship, spoiled my trust in her and her family, and made me distant from her even more. If part of the plan was trying to get me to embrace her family, it sure as hell didn’t work well. My introduction to them was them asking for sponsorship or sending the kid there. Really? That’s how you’re going to introduce yourself to me? These people are plain obvious and dumb as fuck. They figured ,”well, now that our daughter is having a kid with him, he has to except us and do as we say! We are the parents after all! We have the ultimate say!”

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        How the fuck did she even get residency ?????
        You said you haven’t been to the Philippines?
        So you met her ON LINE ?????
        I have a mate and the only reason she is there in Canada she went on a Fiance Visa and they are limited time wise. They had been together for 8 years or so, that I know of and he spent 6 months of the year in the PI with her.
        Usually if you don’t marry with them in 6 months or whatever it is they have to go home.
        The residency is only if you get married.!!!!!!!!!!
        Ask Immigration????

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          She was given a contract with a hotel in Canada and it was 3 years. After 2 years she gained her Perm Residence. That’s how easy it is for them to stay here.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Our dumbfuck prime minister Steven Harper let a whole whack of asians into Canada. They get knocked up or live with a white eyes, so they can stay all the time.
            Harper should be exiled to tondo manila,,
            Now that the economy is screwed, they have jobs and the white eyes have the shaft.

      3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Take the ring with you to Immigration and tell them it appears you are a victim of deceit she only wanted to get to Canada .She lied and now wants to take off.
        They should revoke her residency quick smart , Residency is conditional not a RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!
        Then suck up to her after they revoke citizenship, take her on a trip to the USA they will let her in with the residency sticker in her Flip.Passport, but when you return to the Canadian Border , Canada wont let her back in because of the residency issue ,
        The US will deport her ass back to the PI.
        Then It s not your fault its the US govt, fault.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Speaking of rings my Aussie mates fiance got scammed out her rings she handed over to this friend of theres…filo guy
          Never seen again

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Yeah, and I have some swamp land suitable for highrise development with approval and mayors permit in the Philippines for sale.
            Did your Aussie mate believe that ???????????
            Doesn’t sound like any Aussie I know if he did.
            What woman would hand over her jewelry to a flip unless it was at the point of a gun,
            Or a crazy scheme that backfired on her, Ill bet she was in on the whole thing.
            Scam Jesus h Christ let me count the ways.

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            GOOGLE ,
            Hitlers Bar Girl from AC, the real reason behind world war two.
            It is new to me forgive me if its an old one.
            BLOODY CRACK UP.!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    Here’s my situation. Been dating a flipipina for a year. Toured her around exotic islands, top hotels, top resos, bars. Bought gifts etc. Of course, I paid for the lot. Flights, clothes, taxis, buses, drinks, dermatologist, doctor, dinners, breakfasts, presents for kids, medicine, even toothpaste! What did I receive in return? Well, nothing. Cup of coffee? nope. Tea? Nope? I was holding out for a bottle of water but it didnt come.

    She said to me that the reason she doesnt spend on me is because she needs the money for her kids. True – she does. But….shes quick to spend or “lend” money to coworkers she hates, parasitic neighbours and family, “friends” etc. She’s quick to buy souvenirs for them all and quick to take selfies and post on facebook.

    One defining moment was when we were out and about. “Give that lady 50 pesos” she said. “Why?” I asked. “So she can buy food” she said. I replied “Well YOU give her 50 pesos then!”. She said “Oh well I can’t I didnt bring any money with me”.

    As for me, I get almost nothing back. You could say that’s because im a whitey and “rich” and therefore the immediate consequences for her are zero. Im not going to call her kuripot or gossip. Im not gonna threaten her. But of course, long term, she’s dumped! BUT she doesnt even know that’s where she’s heading.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I get that all the time although never 50 peso.
      Usually 5 peso or ten peso.
      Especially when some moron thinks you need help to park your car or negotiate traffic .
      I know they are the worst drivers in the fucking world. But they seem to think we are all the same.
      All drivers are not equal.
      If some one actually helps me get out of a car park I will tip them 5 peso but 90% of the time I can do it quite well myself.
      Then I get the snarly remark why did you not give him something??????
      I say I didn’t need his help why should I give him anything.?????????
      I will get this shit for at least another hour, because i didn’t spread the wealth to someone I have never met.who did nothing for it.
      GO FIGURE.
      PS. that’s where I get rid of my Centavos now.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Yup.. That’s well scripted as to how you were treated by “princess”. They are expecting the world owes them and as if there’s ZERO competition vying for other foreigners to be treated same. Even that give that lady 60 pesos!!
      I had the same. CUT HER!!!
      Her allegiance
      Mum dad
      Rest family
      Fellow Filipinos
      She is not working in your favour

      I found these leeches also gave 10% of money I gave to the church …

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        That is why the child bride refuses to give her mother an allowance, the bitch will be straight to the fucking church. she will give half to the fuckers.
        So we had to keep her broke and just enough so she cant give it to Jesus.

      2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Youre dead right pal!

        I’ve always wondered what determines that pecking order. I think I found the answer….FEAR and GUILT. The roots of true Catholicism.

        But once again, the people feeding them get their hands bitten. Twisted Lola the bitch next door is a taker but gets priority because of all the shit and gossip she’ll sling if she doesnt get her weekly hand out for doing 10 minutes babysitting.

        Even the secuity guards at clubs get a hand out from my “princess” coz they pester her, seeing as she’s with Mr Kano. They hassle her till she pays up.

        Coworkers are in a prime position to gossip and spread nasty lies if Mrs Flip doesnt comply with them and cough up.

        So there we have it. Nice Kanos are used to subsidize all these scumbags.

  9. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    Kind of makes me wonder just how much of Philippine corruption itself can actually be traced to Spanish misrule and Spanish habits. I can’t say that I really know, because I never cared enough to study it. ” It would be a doctoral level paper if researched properly. It would also be a withering indictment against both Spain and the Catholic Church. You would instantly become persona non grata in every one of the Spanish language countries around the world as you would gore their corrupt government ox and the church. It would be nice to research though. The thing would then be how to fix it. That would be the hard part, undoing 330 years of colonial rule.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is the truth. I feel like Filipinos were never able to shake off their primitive or native roots. Teh Spanish made them slaves almost and instead of educating the Filipinos, the Spaniards gave them Catholicism. Which we all know makes a society go backwards immediately.
      Watch the show, locked up abroad. they have an episode about a UK guy involved with a girl. Basically, the girl went overseas for work and to leave her husband. Since there is no divorce, they make annulment very expensive. The girl was going to save up for it, but when she started dating the UK guy her actual husband had them both locked up for “adultery”.
      The whole Catholic thing is just a scam here. They hold a bible in one hand while reaching for you wallet with the other. I mean, do you see Imelda Marcos hanging out with all those priests like she is a celebrity? She was probably the most evil, stealing, and killing woman on the planet, yet these priests could care less.
      I became an atheist after living here.

  10. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    You are right about the British and Dutch, but the fucking French are nearly everywhere they were , the French never leave.Unless forced out.
    New Caledonia, Tahiti etc. The native peoples are still trying to get them the fuck out .

    1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

      Hi don,
      french has abandonned its colony long time ago after ww2. Tbe colonies were huges and we were fired from : algeria, morocco, tunisia, almost the whole west africa. Nowadays only remains some confettis you listed yourself : tiny island and remote places wich are too expensive for us now , could you imagine philippines provided with sfrench social help and s how it works in all this tiny island exept tahiti with different rules,, where slums are like in the philippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Yes, but the natives who booted their colonial masters are now dying to get inside the former colonial master’s countries. Think Europe, the US, England. All are swamped with economic migrants pretending to be asylum seekers. They fought for independence and turn their countries into ruins, then they try and enter the former colonial master’s countries!! . The Philippines is no exception! Had the USA been of swimming distance to the US, the Filipinos would be swimming to the US every minute!

  11. Profile gravatar of vinzz

    New caledonia, is almosr the only place they want to fire french. All other places rely on french social system. 1 island in the comores had the chance to choose to leave or to be a french dept. Guess what they choose. Now its the main entry for east african women who want to lay baby onfrench territory and get the full right to be french resident : automatic for a parent of a frenchnational (automatically acquired once born on french territory)

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I am sure Australia don’t have this “anchor babies” policy anyore. Don, correct me if I’m wrong here, But really, the US, and the likes of France need to change their rules regarding anchor babies. Like most good things, it is often abused and exploited.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Yup you are right Sarah. As far as I am aware this was changed a few years ago to stop Anchor babies.
        To stop pregnant women getting on boats in Indonesia when they were not genuine refugees.
        Babies born in Australia by non citizens or Residents, carry the nationality of the Mother.

  12. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    There are a lot of misconceptions about the Spanish . My family history goes as far back as the late 1700’s, though most of my ancestors came in the mid 1800s. One of my companies ( i bought all my relatives out 13 years ago) dates back to the Spanish colonial era and the others were founded during the American colonial era. Without turning this post into a novel, all I will say is that they complained about the same things that everyone on this post bitches about. laziness, stupidity, dishonesty etc. The Catholic thing is over blown, that the friars used it to their advantage is true. That the colonials were Catholic fanatics, not true. My great grandfathers had combined close to 15 thousand hectares of coconut, sugar and ranch land. Im very familiar with their work habits, not what the misconceptions are. One, Don Thomas del Rio, was one of the countys first industrialists. He went from the haciendas into shipping, transportation, real estate development and other stuff. He was an atheist. 😀 I still have several hundred head of cattle that originally came from the colonial era 🙂 Regarding corruption, the chinese had more to do with that. The Philippines may have been a Spanish colony but at no time did we outnumber the chinese immigrants. Having one Chinese ancestor (Son Tua, came here in the 1700s, later hispanized to Tuason, and integrated into Spanish society), My family home culture is colonial Spanish, ( properly, we are called insulars) and it is totally different from what ive read here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

      I travel a lot for work and the similarities between Mexico and the Philippines are incredibly striking . Here in the Philippines you have a mish-mash of Malays, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. In Mexico you have descendants of Montezuma’s people. Both places are incredibly corrupt. Both places have people doing things that are ‘stupid’. What is the common thread? Spain and the Catholic Church. Another posters said ‘anywhere Spain had a colony is a bad place to be.’ Is there any former Spanish colony that is a good place to live?

      1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

        Hey TH, i agree with the similarities, but the philippins was not governed directly by Spain. We were a spanish colony but we governed out of Mexico; 🙂 Acapulco to be precise. I know my local history, im not saying the spanish weren’t corrupt, but the chinese were far more corrupt, that goes to this day. We could also talk about the american colonial era, dude, the americans were corrupt as well. I know, we were here.this place isn’t so bad to live, its just a matter of $, like any other country. I may bitch about things, but my life here is REALLY good! I cant complain as a whole.

        1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

          Ah, the same high level management in both countries. The Spanish may not have been totally corrupt, but the policies they put into place encouraged it as a survival technique for the indigent peoples. Steal from the Spanish, confess your sins to the priest and all is forgiven. Zero accountability unless you were caught or ratted out by a priest. The colonial rule encouraged people to ‘go along to get along’ and rebels/malcontents were dealt with harshly. This also encouraged passive/aggressive actions on the part of the locals (i.e. act stupid or do stupid things in order to keep from real labor).

          I am just trying to figure out how two countries, nearly half a world away from each other are so screwed up in similar ways.

          A PHD dissertation on this would be great. It would also put a target on the back of whoever writes it as there would be very pissed off people. It would be an explanation, not an excuse for crappy behavior today. The follow up paper would be how to fix it in both countries without having you wind up dead.

          1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

            Dude, i hear you. The spaniards WERE lousy colonists. Its just when it came and comes to govt. corruption, the chinese wrote the book! Mexico still has the spanish influence, ( like the language) the Flips have lost it, from the american colonial period onward, the local spanish influence diminished greatly. Most of us were killed or left after ww2, yet the corruption is still here. The chinese brought it to a whole new level. The malay flips learned and out did them all. 😀

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I really don’t think it was the Chinese so much as it was the Spaniards. The Chinese were never in control and were not liked very much by the Spanish.
        The spanish were great conquerors of their time, but terrible leaders. They basically made Filipinos their servants and slaves with the aristocrats, higher society, and mix breeds as the exception.
        Instead of giving the native Filipinos education, skills, or better treatment, the Spanish gave them Catholicism. That is much worse.

  13. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    Last, 🙂 He is not a direct ancestor, but my maternal grandfathers eldest sister married the son of a guy who got a Spanish grant to start a business out here. Everytime you have a beer, think of me 🙂

  14. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    TH, this would be a good topic to explore further. There are only a few thousand of us left in the country, , so my perspective re the spanish rule will be different.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Sounds like it could be a good research project for a PhD….we need to find the right student. And the funding. Hmmmm that’s given me an idea….