Christian Filipina Dating Site

Christian Filipina Dating site makes it easier for Filipinas to find their rich white husband to support their entire extended family.

I did not write this post, it came in as an unnamed user-submitted post. I thought it was worth posting, especially to follow the recent post titled “The Gambit”. I did add the photo and an observation after visiting the site. If this is your post, please let me know so I can show you as the author. ~FiloFail

This seems to be one of the newer sites for dating. It’s main objective is obvious; to help filipinas support their mom, dad, bothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles…etc, by marrying a white dude (because in their mind, all white dudes are rich). It features profiles of “Christian Filipinas” looking to date. Ironic how it conveys an obvious message to get unsuspecting white dudes to join, and the cunning Filipina looking for support for herself and her entire extended family under the disguise of love.

It just recently hugely upgraded its price structure, fair enough its free enterprise.

They have a forum. You are not allowed to upset anyone in it. That will get you banned.

The problem is, most Filipinas cannot write decent clear English, so its easy to offend, go figure.

Oh and they refuse to say why you have been banned. I was banned, they told me “you know why”. The so called moderators, those who look at the forum appear to have typical levels of Filipina English skills, so it becomes totally impossible to discuss.

Then they say “if you apologise you might be let back in” But the conundrum is “what do I apologise for”, they will not tell me.

Typical Filipina logic.

Hmm, its a real hoot, reading the comments on Forum by the white guys and then seeing how a page of response can fail to address the question at all.

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  1. Profile gravatar of PeaNooi

    I tried Filipino Cupid…Paid to register. Got many many ladies wanting to be frens with me from 19 year olds to 60 yr old grannies. Im surprised at the response since Im not Caucasion but a Chinese from Singapore.
    Im too lazy to engage in chatting them up and wasting time now. But chatting to them served as distraction from the heartache I got after my first filipina dumped me to be with her ex. I met her when she was in Singapore for a 2 week Company assignment and we said she liked me no sooner than 3hours after meeting me. It lasted 8 months and I guess she got tired with my seriousness in life.

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Let me make this all easy for you and save the bunch of you people alot of trouble; psychologically and financially. DON’T DO IT! If you were banned, keep it that way! They actually did you a favor without realizing it. Last thing you want is to get tied up with some idiot filipina who can support themselves, then next thing you know you end up marrying them, then you turn up like me: On PhilippineFailBlog complaining about your mistake getting married. I wont doubt it that it’s nice to have a Filipina girlfriend, but don’t marry them, because that turns into obligation and frustration. Plus you can kiss your freedom ‘GOODBYE!’ Heave my warning my friend, just doing you a favor. If you can find filipina girls online, they are just as easy in public, trust me. Plus you get more and better choices.