Christmas Tampo Again

My wife really does the tampo thing very well. She is all but a master at it. Wikipedia lists all her classic behaviours except she never NEVER refuses to eat. Well maybe eat with the rest of us but going without food for one minute past what she regards as time for a meal is enough to trigger a decent into three or four days of my life wasted by her inflicting tampo on all around her. Anyway it’s Christmas again, and apparently me spending 60 hours a week at work is interfering with putting up the Christmas tree again. I try to overlook the fact that she hasn’t worked since we were married and I lower my expectations about what should be achieved by a stay at home wife but that is the easy part. The hard part is not pointing all of that out to her because I DO care and don’t want to hurt her feelings but STILL THE TAMPO AT CHRISTMAS! AGAIN!!!!! So here we are at what should be a great time of the year but instead it is up to me and ourur 6 year old daughter to side step her behaviour and do our best to conjure up some Christmas joy.

After 7 years of cajoling in an effort to coax her back to reality after she decides to press the tampo button it is time for a different approach. Just like when a child’s behaviour is unacceptable I am going to deal with it. No I am not going to smack her (although the thought has crossed my mind). I am not going to give in this time. I fully expect her to not give in either and it may well end the marriage but I can’t have one more weekend wasted by her childish behaviour.

Yeah so I am just going to carry on with or without her. If it is a nice day I am going to the beach with my kid. If my wife wants to join us then great but if she refuses to speak or join in then she can stay home without us. If I ask what she would like for dinner and don’t get an answer then I won’t worry about her dinner. I tried to discuss our daughter’s Christmas presents and got no reply so I bought them all myself. I guess she will be as surprised as my daughter when they are unwrapped but how can she complain. I tried to get her input but got the cold shoulder instead. But she will complain for sure. That will probably be the next time she speaks to me but I can’t keep looking back at wasted opportunities of relaxing time off work realising that her inflexibility and unreasonable and childish and fillogical reasoning is weighing the rest of us down.

I don’t hold out much hope but maybe, just maybe, she will see there are better ways to communicate where the other party (me) will actually have some idea what point exactly she is trying to make when she is upset or disappointed or whatever.



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    Don Quixote

    You didn’t say where you are but as you are WORKING 60 hours a week and she is not I assume in the 1st world.
    So she is probably getting pressure from the Pamily to send money and you have not offered or read her mind to find out what she wants so the Tampo.
    We are away from her Pamily for the first time in three years so I can see the almost , Not happy Jan. but at least no tampo.
    We had a great Xmas with my family and she is accepted lots of selfies and picture pictures , but I can tell she wants to be home in the fucking PI..
    I just printed out the plane tickets I bought 9 months ago, well she nearly knocked me over to book the van from Manila to Subic.
    Now the pressure will start for the pasalobong , I got the black licorice for the sepos and candy for the children, just waiting for the shopping to start, I put it off to take advantage of after Xmas sales .
    Now the shopping trip is planned with her girlfriend.
    That will leave me in peace .

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    Captain PFB

    Years ago when I was married to an all American white girl in USA (before divorcing and coming to Philippines), I experienced all of these tampo symptoms with her for 18 years. I don’t think it’s just a Filipina thing. Maybe it’s more epidemic of Filipinas, but I can say back in my younger years when I was PRETENDING to be straight, all the white girlfriends of my youth as well as the white girl I married exhibited all the tampo attributes.

    I think it’s a WOMAN thing. Not just a Filipina thing. Or was I just constantly unlucky?

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      It’s a woman thing, but really it’s usually just a kids thing growing up showing tantrums and tampo when they do not get their piece of candy. Just shows most pinay acts like kids these days.

      Or you really are unlucky?

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      No, your quite right filo! It’s a woman thing! In societies where women feel very Entitled( like the West And phils) this is especially prevalent!

      Many western women throw tampos too, we are just not used to call it that, and their Rage is not so…High Octane as the pinay! Therein lies the Difference! It is Very wrong to limit this problem to merely the phils!

      The Awful Political Correctness that abounds the World like….a cloud of Poison Gas these days scare normal men in normal countries from adressing this….Problem!! Yes, Problem, not “Challenge”! Fucking ” Newspeak” Fuckers!;-)

      Many men are cowards (in modern culture there’s a Coward born by the hour!) They cower, like whipped dogs, under the lashings of Unrestrainted Woman Tampo! She is Not ignorant here! She throws her tampo because she Knows she Can! With expat-man it’s even easier, cos she normally has an Army of pinoy brothers, uncles, fathers who can just….make the expat…disappear if he retaliates! So she throws her…Woman tampos, just when it suits her!

      If Western woman had the same…Protectionumbrella as pinay she’d do exactly the Same! Just with the cultural/racial differences mellowing the Western-woman-rage.

      Do I purport that expats experience More tampo than locals? Yes I do! They (the women)”live it out” because they know there will be no consequences! Even animals know that bad behaviour will be punished! Or not!:-)

      Consequentially a pinay (or any woman really!;-) should be Whipped after every tampo! Unless she were a masochist the frequency of tampo would decrease!:-)

      This simple fact has not been addressed, till now! Of the simple reason that most present men (especially in the West) are the real pussies! Cowards who await the next rage-onslaught from Woman with utter Fear! And do not have the means (or balls!) to defend themselves!

      It’s a Woman-thing filo! Let there be No doubt about that!! (As I have so metiquously explained above) Pinay has only developed it to an…art-form, that’s the difference!

      The correct procedure to counter this horrible Problem would be to whip the women on the butt, immediately after her transgression!(tampo) Then banish her from quarters for…minimum a period of two weeks!

      If it happens again double the number of lashes, and weeks! (and so on)
      This is the only effective solution to the problem! The punishment Must be both psysical And emotional! Or it will not alleviate the problem!
      Bad behaviour Must be met with bad consequences!

      “Democratic” idiot conversations will only enhance pinoy understanding that tampo is something she can throw when it suits her, without consequence!

      But most pussy-whipped “men” of the day cannot even begin to fathom such simple solution!:-)

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        What a lot of rot.
        Whipped ??????????? where do you fucking live???????? In what fucking CENTURY????????
        Yep, we have political correction gone mad, NO fucking argument there.
        Yep they have their family TO KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
        Which is back to my point , how a flip wins an argument WE WILL KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
        If that sort of shit even started with the child bride, I would never set foot in that Fucking Shit Hole over there EVER again, cut of all communications and support,
        If she or anyone thinks that I love or respect the Philippines they are fucking Delusional, I leave and have no regrets as a matter of fact I hate the fucking fact I have to set foot in the fucking place in a few weeks.
        Cowardice I doubt I would say that , more like fighting the fucking battles you can fucking win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read the ART OF WAR my son.
        If I ever had any doubt you were Filipino I have them no more.
        No foreigner could or would say that.
        I cant believe someone liked that even.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Don, thats ok!!!

          You may believe what you wish!:-) I have already read the art of war!:-)
          A Lot of foreigners could and would say that!!!!!!!! But a lot are also too cowardly to say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I live very well in the 19-century thank you!:-)

          Never have there been so much need to give Some girls a little smack! It has simply gone too far! Sending their men to prison with their lies!

          I dont mind you believing me a filipino Don, I can live with that!:-)

          That I say that pamylia can kill you doesen’t mean that I think it’s a good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          You have become obsessed with me and my “philippineness” Don, and that is not good for you or your pressure!:-)

          But, as I said, if it makes you happy you may graciously believe so!

          ’tis sad that also you Don, is smitten by the horrible Political Correctness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I shall pray for the betterment of your soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

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    Don Quixote

    The flips have turned it into a read my fucking mind art form, and yes my Aussie exes had the tampo, but I fucking well knew exactly what they had the shits about with me.
    Usually going to work too fucking much, trying to get that house paid off as quickly as I could.
    Thats what happens when you are at sea, you go away for months on end then return to the where have you been.???????
    Then after being smashed up in a car crash, and off work for months later years, when are you going back to work????????
    You cant win with them.

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    Wrote and article about this and it got lost. 20 years of marriage to filipina tampo was more than enough. Just manipulative and emotional blackmail. You really have to confront this issue right away and nip it in the bud.

  5. Profile gravatar of tambok

    I did the same as you Matt. For the first two years we were together, whenever I asked her about her past or any personal questions the child bride would go to the futon, curl up, start crying and threaten to go home. At first I would hug and try to make up, then after two years I started to ignore completely. Now, for a year, no more, because I just carry on with my daily routine and don’t let her control me. It works.

  6. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Ever heard of: “I don’t have to put up with this shit from you, or anybody else. Fix [describe the problem/behavior] or pack your shit and fuck off.” Mean it. Works with even the biggest bitches on the planet. They fix the problem, or they go. Either way, problem solved.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Absolutely Padre! Considering majority of you guys gave these women a lifestyle upgrade, you should be calling the shots!! Why put up with BS like Tampo? Scared to sleep on the couch? Had a
      Kano friend who took a dirt poor girl and put her in a decent condo. You’d think the bitch would appreciate him? She tried to dominate him, throwing tampos when she did not get her way.

      His patience eventually ran out, tried to throw her out of his nice condo. The ungrateful little bitch suddenly realized she’s going from an upmarket lifestyle to no life. She threatened to slash her wrists as she clung to my friend’s leg while while he was dragging her to the doorway. I told him “let me give her lessons on where to actually cut if her intents on cutting her wrists is to die”. Of course, it was never her intentions to die! Wrists cutting is another emotional manipulation tactic to try get their way. Classic borderline personality disorder traits!

      Another thing I have observed amongst Flips is to witheld their breaths! Again, classic manipulations learned from an early age. I’ve seen mothers panic because “she’s holding her breath! She could die!”. And then give in to the kid because he/she might die from holding his/her breath! How fucking ridiculous! But what can you expect in a nation of ignorant people?

      As for tampos…yes, they don’t want to upset anyone. Like that time that I was treating Mum’s family to an expensive dinner. I told every one “we leave at 5:30 pm on the dot”. Dumb as a bag of shits Flip Aunt was coming all the way from the city. 5:30 and she claimed she was 30 mins away. She has a habit of lying where she’d say “I’m at the bus terminal” – but in reality, she’s still having a shower!

      Another 30 mins and no Aunt. I said “we’re leaving. I am paying for this dinner, I will not be inconvenient if people can not be on time!”. “Oh, but she might get upset, she will do a tampo”, said one cousin. “I don’t care! We go now!”. Apparently she arrived an hour after we left, missing out on a nice meal. She learned her lesson quick. See guys? These low lifes can and do learn their lessons if they want to.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I’ve had three girlfriends (+ an ex-wife) threaten to kill themselves when I ended the relationships. My reaction: “Please don’t make a mess. If you’re going to do something messy with lots of blood, do it in the bath.” Never ceases to amaze me how people respond to this kind of emotional blackmail – of which Pinays seem to be masters. The world is half full of women. Guys really need to learn to just choose another one, every time their current woman becomes too problematic, and throws out dumb-bitch behavior (like Tampo). Dumb pricks.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “My reaction: “Please don’t make a mess. If you’re going to do something messy with lots of blood, do it in the bath.”

          I loved that one Padre! 🙂 I will suggest same to my Kano friends who might need that advice 🙂

        2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
          Random Numbers

          I had a pinay do that one time. I had realized that she was manipulative and untrustworthy after about 3 weeks of dating, so I told her it wasn’t going to work out. She threatened to kill herself if I broke up with her. My reply was to try and kick her ass out of the condo I was staying in – but she wouldn’t let me, she grabbed onto my shirt for dear life. I didn’t want to forcibly remove her, as her resistance would have left bruises, and I was certain she would make trouble for me. The shock in her eyes when I tried to evict her was priceless, I could tell she expected me to cave, getting pushed to the door was the last response in her mind.

      2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        It is so true what say “The ungrateful little bitch suddenly realized she’s going from an upmarket lifestyle to no life”. My wife tried Tampo on me once and she wont do it again. I threw a roll of cash at her and bought her a ticket home. Once the printer started printing her ticket she went to pieces. Why? Because she is from a dirt poor family and would be going from living a very 1st world lifestyle back to that Plywood box ,held together with coconut lumber, next to the highway with no water, electricity, or toilet. Not only that but it would bring great shame to her and her family and they actually told her not to come home if she splits up with me.
        What really amuses me about poor Pinoy women is how they think you will love them unconditionally and fall apart should they leave you. They take so much for granted. They bring nothing to the relationship except themselves and then expect everything. Does not wash with me and lets be honest; any Kano with a half ass job could easily find 10 million Pinoys who would jump at the chance of marriage and I tell my wife this. If she wants to leave then go but I wont be crying about it, it is not like it is hard to find a Pinoy woman, not that I would ever date one again. Next time she pulls Tampo on me she is gone and she knows it. Im kind of hoping she does pull Tampo on me again.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “Next time she pulls Tampo on me she is gone and she knows it.”

          So true Angel. It’s the only language these dumb bitches know, that you can’t be manipulated and get ordered when you’re bringing home the bacon. If it’s any consolation, they don’t do it on foreigners alone. They are worse when they do it on Filipino husbands/BFs. The more they get away with it, the worse they become. Just like animals really. Don’t forget, these women operate on basic instinct of survival. Do you think they care how you feel with her silent treatment?? Of course fucking not!

          Take for example ass wipe uncle’s evil, demon, ugly as a sick dog wife. Ass wipe uncle is the 2nd most senior PNP officer in Mum’s province and a sharp shooter to boot. Can hit a running criminal on the leg. But he’s also the biggest pussy whipped asshole in town. Evil demon wife says “jump”, he says, “how high?”. He’s better looking than him, so she’s forever jealous and threatened him “if you leave me I will cut your head off”. Well, he did not leave her, but he has 3 other GFs on the side.

          Anyway, one time evil demon ugly as a dog wife kicked my uncle on the shin, right in the police station, right in front of his colleagues. Did he do anything? FUCKING NOTHING!

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            ” Do you think they care how you feel with her silent treatment?? “, they must, 9 years, 2 wife’s, several girl friends and still no tampo. I’ve even asked for it, no go, are you just making tampo up? Like an urban myth or something?

  7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Also, Filipino culture does not help either. Since Filipinos have no idea how to express their feelings and never confront anyone, they learn to say everything is fine when its not. So, acting childish is their go-to move.
    I’ve learned some women go thru different stages in their lives where its always about them no matter what. Some just stay like that forever, but if they have been rewarded for that behavior, encouraged, or simply gotten away with it for a long time, then it can become engrained. Especially if the girl refuses to see it. I really hate when people have things so badly cause “everyone else has a problem”.
    I guess that is where I got my older-woman fetish from. I was going crazy dating girls in college who had all sorts of issues. When I started dating professional women or women a few years older, it cut out a lot of the unnecessary BS. There were times I preferred to date a single mom over a college girl with no baggage simply cause the single mom had zero time for stupidity and nonsense.

  8. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    By the way this is a Awful century, nothing to be proud of!! Men allow themselves to be treated like animals, completely sick! Just stress and greed, stupidity and knee-jerk for any witch! Shameful, disgusting and sick! It goes to show how far Man has fallen when Mufazzza is being attacked by a man, just for stating the obvious!

    Men are warring each other just to crawl and satisfy any Evil whench or witch, no wonder they are losing on every Front!!!!

    The leaders of every western nation are weak and deluded! No better example could be given than the sick carte blanche mrs.merkel has given any arab in the world to owerflow their Lands! Completely sick and of course not a single Man stands up to her and reveals the perverse dangerous absurdity! No clearer example to “modern man’s” Impotency can be given! Now Don attack Me, just to confirm how totally pinay-controlled he must be, another terrible example!

    Concluding that I must be pinoy, just because I state the evindent, that immature tampowomen Must be disciplined! Indeed a horrible, balless century!!!!

    As I said, I shall pray for your balless, wretched souls, its really needed!

  9. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    The reason Tampo exists are balless men! Fathers, uncles who treat little pinay(and w.women too!) like little Princess, indulging their every whim!!!

    Sick, spineless men making Enormous Problems for future men, but these “princesses” will themselves not nesseccarily have good lives, simply because this “overfocus” and indulgence will fuck their brains!! It will make them narcissistic, materialistic and vain! Just like many pinay are!!

    These Problems are created by male overindulgence from an early age!! We do Not improve it by attacking the only men who have Insight and Balls enough to tell the Truth!!!

    Such attacks are actually Treason against own sex! But this is poorly understood by modern men, socialised by women as they are!!!!!!!! All they think of is to satisfy the local wench, giving their own honour and solidarity Totally to the Wind!
    Such perverted society Must nesseccarily come to grief!!

    No wonder muselman is gradually taking over the show!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Most guys need to grow a set of balls. I can’t believe how some (many) guys will let some bitch dictate to them about how to live their lives. In the Failippines, I see 50+ year old men allowing dumb as dog shit fucking teenagers to tell them what to do and when to do it. I want to kick them in the fucking balls (if they had any).

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        I think alot of guys go over there without learning about the culture. They think they can date some teenager and she will love him. I have met a few guys and they have put all their money and assets over there and dont want to lose out so feel trapped. Rule number one for dating a Pinoy – Never ever let her know how much you are worth and keep a large portion of your wealth hidden away so if the shit goes down you can flee. Never spend more in the Phils than you can afford to lose.

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    The poblem is we were raised in a fairly honest country. We could never imaginenthe graft and outright theivery if we did not see it for ourselves.
    Then the western media are too pussy footed to tell the real truth about these shithokes.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Many places are like phils. So actually it’s a Western problem! We are not prepared for the wickedness of Real life! Someone should open a…Boot Camp: “How to survive being married to Greedy pinoy and her Pamylia in the province!” If run by Really wicked pinay it would be worth it’s weight in gold!

      Only these old balless knackers are so naive they think they dont need it! It is actually irresponsible of western countries to let these naive knackers run around the World with blue eyes, miniscule balls and lots of cash!

      This course should be mandatory! And if you didn’t pass you shouldn’ t be allowed out of country!:-) Being locked in with hysterical greedy pinay for days should be part of curriculum! All of greedy family howling hatefully from outside, barangay captain paying you a visit, in authentic scenery besmeared with poo and garbage! Howling mongrels and crying cocks all around! Ohhh, just beautiful scenery!:-)

      Now I’ve heard hundreds of stories of desperate expats fleeing in the night, with only trousers and leaving millions of pesos behind, so it’s gotta be something to it! And being happy to escape with their lives! Sounds like some escaped from…..mad crocodile farm! This is the Real truth of the phils! But it also goes to show how extremly cunning, evil, greedy and sadistic many pinay are! This Problem is Grossly Underrated! As they also come delivered in sweet packages with sweet demeanour it’s to be likened with Christ’s temptation by the Devil! Only Christ had some balls, in contrast to the average expat!;-)

  11. Profile gravatar of Kuripotkano

    My wife will pull Tampo on me at the worst times. She has done it on vacation out of town,Christmas, on the airport to the Philippines, on my weekend,etc. It usually puts me in the mood to buy myself something, so I go shopping. Once I bought a new watch..Another time I bought a new AR-15, but usually new clothes, shoes, gear. One time the Tampo went for 22 days.

    1. Profile gravatar of Joe Smith
      Joe Smith

      My wife pulled that tampo shit on me a few times in the beginning. We had several very serious long talks about it and she quit doing it. I wish she would start it back up again so I wont have to hear her bullshit anymore. She gets jealous when I buy things and her logic is as follows. Whatever I buy I have to spend the same amount of money on her too. I buy things I want when she’s at work now and just hide them in the man-cave and tell her I have always had them. she never catches on lol