City Prosecutor Wants To Push Law Through To Kill Foreigners

Another day and another insecure anti-foreigner pinoy has got his panties in a twist and wants to introduce stiffer laws aimed at foreigners – namely the death penalty.

“CITY Prosecutor Fidel Macauyag has expressed his support for a House bill that seeks stiffer penalties, including capital punishment on foreigners who are found guilty of engaging in drug-related crimes in the country.

Macauyag said the proposal should be passed into law “as soon as possible” so that the country would not become a dumping ground of prohibited drugs”.

Yeh, because foreigners bringing drugs into the philippines is the biggest problem the country faces. Forget corruption, poverty and all the other shit which cripples the country let’s waste time passing stupid laws which only inflate insecure pinoy egos.

“Our citizens were meted with a penalty of death in other countries. There is no reason why we cannot also impose the death penalty (on foreigners here),” he said.

Typical petty immature pinoy reasoning there. How the fuck do these childish pricks rise to the positions they do? The answer is obvious, I guess, because the only competition is other petty immature pinoys.

“Macauyag said that in the case of shabu, the qualifying quantity should be increased to 20 grams in order to impose the penalty of death. For Filipinos, the quantity must be higher”.

So one rule for pinoys, one for foreigners. It’s not something I’ve researched but I presume other backward nations who still have the death penalty don’t dish out penalties on the basis of the offender’s nationality.

You can’t help but think all this is somehow related to him having to defend the situation with the suspected Australian pedophile Peter Scully, where the evidence against the suspect was supposedly burned in a fire. One of the most disgusting crimes you could read about, if true, and the fucktards couldn’t secure the evidence. Onto a losing case and knowing he’ll lose face is he now trying to redeem himself by going after foreigners for other offences? I may be wrong, but it would seem like a typical butthurt pinoy response.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Fucking idiots. They export labor. Could you imagine if every country Filipinos went to had the same rules again Filipinos. They would definitely be on the losing end.
    Foreigners don’t need to go to the Philippines, but Filipinos definitely need to work in other countries.
    Btw,im a big drug dealer. If I get caught doing 20 years in Filipino prison doesn’t deter me at all. However, now I might think twice if my criminal ways since they’ve increased the penalty. Fucking idiots.

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    Btw, is there a way we can keep a tally or an account of all the foreigners who get killed here. Then keep an account of how many of their killers are actually caught?

    Also, with elections coming up, we should keep a body count tally.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Johnny, I started following Kano murders in the Philippines since I started holidaying there 7 years ago. I am not aware of any Filipino murderers who actually got convicted and paid for his crime.

      There is a current case that I’m following closely, and that was the murder of Canadian, Harry Doyle. His Filipina wife, Jane Doyle was suspected as the mastermind of the murder, but she fled to Canada. To date, she remained in Canada because the Flip Police were too dumb to organize her extradition back to the Philippines. Are they too dumb or they got paid? keeping in mind that Harry Doyle was worth a few million $$.

      In the meantime, Jane Doyle has since given birth to a bouncing brown baby boy and is living it up somewhere in Canada. I heard she has even given the baby Harry’s surname, perhaps in anticipation of giving an inheritance to the baby. Talk about kicking the guy when he’s already dead huh?

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        There was a case where an English guy was murdered in the Philippines, near Angeles or Pampanga area. His mom knew the wife conspired the murder and of course the Flip police said there was nothing they could do.
        So she took out a mortgage on her house and flew to the Philippines. She had the murder solved in like a month. Fucking amazing.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Ah you’re talking about the Steven Davis murder. I read the book. Evelyn Davis was and her accomplices were convicted and are now serving time in prison. The mother in law asked looked Evelyn Davis in the eyes and asked her “did you kill my son?”. She categorically denied it, even crying and slumping on the ground as she was denying the crime. Great actress huh?

          If not for the perseverance of the mother in law, no one would have paid for that crime too!

          What about the James Kakara murder in 2011? Was any one ever arrested for that? The wife, their maid, and the wife’s daughter from a Filipino man conveniently left Kakara alone that night. Kakara was 61 years old and an amputee.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        ……jane doyle…….and yet again the pinay God has proved that he’s a good caretaker of His Own People! Kill the Kano and let the Good Times Roll! 🙂 ?

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh Post author

      The only one I can remember which resulted in the proper sentence was the case of a Brit who was beat and tortured by his wife’s family for his pin number, then buried in the front garden. It was not reported in the press but the family of the victim had to pay a team of the very best lawyers from Manila to go down to Davao to get things done. Cost them a fortune to get justice. I learned this from a friend who lived in the same sub division as where the murder occurred and became friends with the family.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Why is EVERY SINGLE aspect of this society such a failure? Police, military, land rights, education, agriculture, etc all do the worst job possible or do their jobs in the most pinoy way possible.
        So where does this pinoy pride come from? I don’t get it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Its because they Like the system Johnny! They’ve created it and they Like it! You have not made it ior like it! They Pretend they dont like it, but, they Do! Pinoy Pride comes from many years of indoctrination that they are best! It’s a bit like moslems having done one of their massacres…….there wll always be another moslem there, pretending he’s soo sorry, and “this almost never happens, and most moslems are soo peaceful, and the christians also killed many people”…. bla.bla…. it is called “taqyia” and it means lying for the Faith!

          The difference is, here they are lying for their Race instead of their Face!:-)

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Pinoy Pride and Nationalism is shoved into their brains by the media.
          If you repeat words all the time, some fool will believe your line of bs.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Phil, that was such a horrible story! Just like Jane Doyle, she killed the father of her son! I did not hear that case for some reason?

        I can’t remember what year, it would have been between 2009 and 2013? A foreign national (I think he was American?) was murdered and buried in a piggery by his own Filipino workers. Did anyone else hear that case and what was the outcome? The body was found, but can’t remember what happened and if anything happened to the accused.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh Post author

          I’ve never heard of that story, Sarah. I wonder if after awhile some of these stories are removed from the media. I was searching for a quote from a mayor who commented on the murder of to Swiss nationals at a beach resort which I can’t find online now. The story was that they were killed by the brother of an ex girlfriend of one of the men. I read somewhere the mayor said he had overheard the men flirting with other girls in his bar and felt sympathy for the murderer who was only protecting the honour of his sister, and he would’ve done the same in his position.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            You maybe right Phil. I clearly remember that story because I sent that to the ex who was planning his move to the Philippines at the time. They even had the photo of the piggery. I tried googling it just now, and nothing. But I clearly remember the story because they even had the photo of the piggery. From memory, the victim might have been a missionary, had been in the Philippines 10 – 15 years, and even supported one of his killers to college, then took him on as one of his employees.

            I forgot how they found out that the victim was buried in the piggery? Maybe the Pinoys did not do the concreting properly since they do such a shit job and the victims leg or hand stuck out? Geez, I wished the Failippine media won’t remove these stories!

            The Swiss national murder you mentioned, what year and which island? There’s been too many Swiss nationals murdered lately, it’s getting harder to keep track of which ones? And I bet the murderers on that one did not get caught either, huh?

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh Post author

            That’s what I was talking about, usually killed over the most trivial things. That time, murdered over a game of basketball. Never met such a sensitive and petty group of people.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Is there a way or method we can use to tally up the number of foreigner victims in the Philippines each year, per year, running total? Something we can all contribute to and some way we can make sure the same names are not entered 2 times as well.
            Then possibly different categories as well:
            #1. Murder
            #2. Bystander
            #3. Accident – Run over, food poisoning, or like the newlyweds in Palawan where the husband stepped on a stone fish and the tour guides had no 1st aid, no training, and didn’t even have load on their phones to call for help.
            #4. Kidnapped foreigners.

            The Philippines definitely is not going to keep a tally due to their incompetence of actual record keeping. Next, even if they did have a figure, its not like they would actually release it.
            I’m not ready to fully commit to the Philippines and I could use the figures as a reason not to.

            Just an idea.

            Another idea is a tally of all the people that will be killed in the upcoming elections, but the media might keep track of that. Election violence is definitely a Filipino trademark and massive failure.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I appreciate the assumption that I am the guru foreigner know-all of Philippines. I think Mindanao Bob has me beat on that. LOL!!

            I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start with stats like that.

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            LOL! @filofail,

            I was not asking you to personally tally up all the foreigners. My thinking was more of like a google spreadsheet or online spreadsheet the pfb community could simply add names and information to. I’ve got a little spreadsheet started.

            @sarahfin and others can simply PM me some information from time to time and i can add it. I have a couple of spreadsheets I constantly have to update so I could easily work this in.

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Sounds like a good idea @johnny55

            Actually, this website has a “Docs” feature incorporated into it where you can create a document such as a spreadsheet, mark it shared, and people can add to it or whatever. I’ll have to check it out a little more in depth. You can check it out as well. Just hover your mouse over your name at top right and the drop down menu will show, then hover over “Docs” and select “create new”.

            You can set all sorts of settings on who can read it, who can edit it, etc…

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        What the fuck does that mean?????????????
        Jesus fucking Christ, what is it with you Filipinos, killing is your fucking answer for everything, where do you get off.????????????No wonder the fucking country is so fucked up.
        With all the help we foreigners give every time there is a calamity with no thought of repayment (except the Chinese) and you still hate us, at least the Chinese are smart enough not to cop the Flip bullshit.
        I wish my fucking Government was.
        I can see it now , I have noted it before in your posts Mufazzza, I’m starting to think you have a short fuse too, too much Filipino machismo.
        Justify, Hate is growing with good reason.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ???????????

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          I’m afraid you are quite delusional and paranoid Don! Your conclusion is erratic and built on wrong deductions! But, if it may please you, you may keep it! 😉 (the “hate with good reason” was meant to be the influence of ph media!) No I don’t have a short fuse Don, but I like to write in a “provoking” style. Somthing which obviously have released your triggers quite extremely! Go easy on the exclamation marks, if you please, or you may catch a heartattack! 😉

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Ive re read your post , NO MENTION of media anywhere?? So my conclusion stands WHY HATE WITH GOOD REASON!!!!!!!!!!
            I can only comment on what you said, not what you were thinking about and did not write about.
            So we can only assume by your post that Flips have a good reason to hate and to kill
            I’m delusional ,??? ? Maybe I like tilting at windmills so maybe you are right, the trouble with engineers we try and fix things. Something flips fail to understand.
            My wife says I have high blood, and you wonder why.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I did see in the news this year where Oz cut the aid to the philippines by 25%. Maybe that why “MUFF” there says with good reason. We all know the philippines is a professional beggar nation and will never be otherwise.
          As for the killing with good reason, well maybe foreigners here have more legit reason to kill.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I haven’t heard that, but that does not surprise me, why would we borrow money to give the money away ?? DOH !!!!!! Our budget position is negative so anything we need to give away we have to borrow first. Unlike the flip budget, which is in surplus, why because we give them shit.
            Why cant they borrow the money themselves, OH YEAH.!!!!
            They would have to pay it back.!!!!!!!
            I did hear that we were donating one billion in aid for global warming, BUT the money was taken out of our aid budget. So it doesn’t affect the budget bottom line.
            That the aid was only going to the Pacific Islands in our sphere of influence.
            Maybe the flips figure they are not in our sphere of influence, so they get fuck all.
            PS. Those two ships were heavy lift landing barges built in 1973 we gave two to flip land and one too Indonesia.
            Still waiting on a thank you.!

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Let’s be honest! The thing closest to pinoy heart is: Kill Kano and take All his money! We must not be surprised when they want to Do this in an orderly fashion, like Death Penalty through the Court System!

    When this Judge says he wants the D.P. for foreigners he is actually very truthful, which is a rare occasion!

    There are actually many common attitudes in pinoy mind, with the more economical nazis, if he said what he Really thinks: “Kill the jews and take all their possessions!”

    The only difference is: The Germans were more disciplined and the ideology was ready!

    In this respect we should be happy: The smiling Face is cracling and the Vicious Truth shines through!

    The pinoy wet-dream is of course: A .22 short in every bag at NAIA! A death penalty for every munitions-smuggler!

    Not your money Or your life! Your Money And Your Life!!

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Mufazzza, are you suggesting that Phlips hate foreigners because they envy them to the extent that they believe murder is acceptable?
      But it is ok that their politicians live better than foreigners by stealing from Phlips and murdering them every second of every day?
      Why should we be happy? I don’t see anything positive in this situation.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Yes Wombat, in contrast to the Don you have actually grasped my point!☺ Thats exactly what I’m saying! Yes, their politicians are not calculated as “,enemies” cos they are filipinos! The poreigners are “rich” and vulnerable (cos no protection from “system”) they look differently, live better, and so the hate grows!

        My use of the word ” happy” in this respect was ironically meant!

        Thanks for not just presuming things, but actually giving me a chanse to explain Wombat!☺

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          “Yes, their politicians are not calculated as “,enemies” cos they are filipinos! The poreigners are “rich” and vulnerable (cos no protection from “system”) they look differently, live better, and so the hate grows!”
          – Their politicians look to anything to distract their simple minds from focusing on what shit, thieving leaders they are. The problem is the simple minds are much worse than simple. They are under-developed, lack any thought, any critical thinking, any care, empathy, etc so when these “leaders” get up and say, ________________ is the problem, whether it be China, foreigners, Dan Brown, etc, the idiots all of a sudden decide to get nationalistic.
          It’s like telling the people in Palestine the reason they are so poor is cause of Israel, not because their leaders steal everything.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Ok, let;s do it. Let the other nations have the same laws for filipinos living there that the philippines has for foreigners here.
      1.) Take away all land owned by Pacman, Charice or any other filipino.
      2.) Take away their right to vote.
      3.) Take away their right to hold even the lowest office.
      4.) Take away all their businesses and give 60% to native born.
      5.) Give the death penalty to filipinos but exempt natives.
      6.) Deport filipinos who say anything what so ever against the country they live in.
      7.) Deny filipinos fair and honest hearings in a court of law. If they are filipino they are guilty period.
      8.) Take away any and all land filipinos own.

      The list can go on but maybe you get the idea. Filipinos DEMAND the same rights of the natives in what ever country they move to yet deny foreigners living in the philippines the same rights. Sooner China takes over the philippines the better it will be.

    3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      But the Nazi had those wunderbar designer uniforms. 🙂
      Just look at the waffen SS uniforms and tell me they don’t strike fear into any ones heart.

      A little 4.5 foot pinoy in the same….. LOL sorry, but just LOL 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza


        Indeed! the Designer’s name was Hugo Boss! Did u know?:-)
        Every estethic in terms of clothes-uniforms thinks it’s some of the best ever made!

        Oh well….clothes makes the man they say. Maybe even pinoy would look scary, maybe with Very high heels, who knows?;-)

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    What’s more scary than the lack of justice when a foreigner gets murdered is the most petty reasons often behind the murders. There was a British guy who moved to Malapascua Island, set up a dive shop and raise thousands of pounds for the typhoon victims. The security guard he hired kept turning up drunk so he fired him. The guy came back later that day and gunned him down his shop.

    The local mayor was quick to give his unsympathetic views:

    “It is unfortunate that this incident happened at a time when the island was brim-filled with tourists, being a Holy Week,” said Corro in a statement. “I’m confident this unfortunate and isolated incident will not affect the tourism industry of the island.”

  5. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Like fuck it wont Mr Mayor , ask Father Bong and the owners of Blue Rock resort how tourism is affected by shooting a foreigner for no good reason. The place still hasn’t recovered.
    Not only Blue Rock that you can see how many bars, restaurants are closing down all over the Barrio, tourists are not coming, Hotel rooms are empty and that area has good security.
    Ive heard life is cheap in the Flip land , but they never think of the consequences . HATE IS GROWING !!!!!!!!!! well maybe the sooner we all leave the better for the flips.
    They can live in their own swill and cant blame anyone except themselves, which will be a fucking change

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      That’s a shame Mr Don. Bluerock was one of my favourite resorts in flipland. They had (or still have) a huge barbie, great steaks and fantastic service. They had a great aussie manager there, I forget his name, but I really hope he’s not the one they shot. He would always go around and check everything was ok with every customer there.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        That is the major difference between Flips and Thai’s. The Thai people can recognize the importance of a tourist industry. If a tourist is murdered, they do what they can to find the killer. If they can’t, I think they just grab some illegal burmese and say these guys did it.
        Filipinos don’t care who they put out of business or if the area shuts down and foreigners leave. PINOY PRIDE!!!, wait why is everyone poor and sad now?

        Just like when those idiots were chanting for the USA bases to leave. Well they left and the cities went from prosperous to bankrupt overnight.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          unless some Important Thai did it, if so they will Also give it to the burmese! Yes, the pinoy are not excactly the best of businessmen, allthough they try so hard, so hard…..;-)

  6. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    Strange thing is, Don, I visited that dive shop a few months after without knowing what had happened and it was still functioning. It also has a bar, restaurant and a few rooms. Didn’t seem to be a manager about, just a few locals running it into the ground I guess.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yup that place used to be packed for lunch and dinner, every room fully booked. You wanted a room you went on a wait list or they would find you a room elsewhere just to keep you happy.
      Now its like a ghost town every night.
      on the Grand-final day this year, they had 4 customers and I was one of them, next door was packed to overflowing watching the same game on TV. After the game I went in there and got on the piss with some other Aussies, then there were three.
      Anyone who says they are making a lot of money in Subic are lying, they are hanging on by the short ones. Hoping against hope that something will change with the mentality of the Govt.
      Now Vietnam is encouraging Foreigner Investors to own property in their own name !!!!!!!!!!!!!!, there will be further exodus methinks.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Don, that is a good example of Vietnam wanting to better their country by encouraging foreign investment, while here they’re doing their all to get rid of anyone that poses a threat to this fucked up way of life.

  7. Profile gravatar of

    Maybe the Flip political dynasties and elite have been actively dumbing down the population so there will never be any opposition to their way of life. The schools are fucked and the people dumb as mud, over population care of the Catholic Church keeps them poor and everything is designed to filter all money to the top 10 percent via all the corruption in everything. The biggest threat to this is anyone with 2 brain cells or more and this is you guys. Therefore the system has been modified to scare away anyone who thinks the P I could do better at anything. This is my new conspiracy theory.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Wombat, a good theory! allthough this also some chance, and not All deliberate, it actually Works! (for the Ritch pinoy!)

      As you say, the money filter to the top, and someone else (the “arrogant, rich foreigners!) get the blame!

      What could be better from their point of view! The more the poor pinoy hate the “, foreigners” the more secure the rich pinoy will be that no animosity will come in their direction!

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      I’ve thought that for a long time Mr Wombat. The policians rely on votes of squatters and other poverty stricken people. They just show up, hand out some crappy t-shirts or free food and their votes are in the bag!

      There’s a well known story about the lovely President Gloria who turned up at a squatters area that was ablaze in the middle of the night. She was seen giving out tshirts to people with the words “GLORIA CARES” on the front of them. Oh and, of course, she managed to arrive and distribute these t shirts with great efficiency even before the fire brigade had shown up!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Speaking of PGMA do you remember this one from 2007/2008? PGMA went to China but denied she went to the ZTE headquarters. This during the ZTE scam where her hubby got $19M from ZTE to provide internet. Well later pics of her and hubby walking across ZTE lawn headquarters surfaced in the news. The next was classic. PGMA took with her someone to take pics whom the media dubbed “Jun”. Well after her denial the pics were on tv remember? A few weeks later PGMA denied that she had anything to do with the disappearance of “Jun”. What is odd about that? Well she said that BEFORE his family reported “Jun” missing.
        Now, how did PGMA know “Jun” was missing before his family did?

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      This bit is hilarious:

      “We believe the Africans are more dangerous because they are into other illegal activities besides drugs. We have encountered several cases involving them and were astounded by their schemes….” said the PDEA official.

      About time the scamming flips got a taste of their own medicine! And they dont like it one bit.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I might not have gotten his media name right. But after the family reported him missing two weeks AFTER PGMA said she had nothing to do with it, the story was dropped in the media.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I disagree. Here why. It says foreigner but does not specify which foreigners. Therefore all can be executed. There is their loophole.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Is there a way or method we can use to tally up the number of foreigner victims in the Philippines each year, per year, running total? Something we can all contribute to and some way we can make sure the same names are not entered 2 times as well.”

    Good idea Johnny. I’m for that. What about the cases of “death by natural causes?” – I wonder how many of that “natural causes” are really natural causes. Or what about Kano suicides by jumping off balconies? You know the Flips would instantly give a verdict of “suicide” as it’s less work for them. Or unexplained disappearances? If any of you guys suddenly disappear, and you have no family from your home country, or have family but don’t keep in touch, (therefore you won’t be missed) would your embassy come looking for you??

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’s funny cause I actually thought of that, but didn’t put it in.
      There should be another subject like “strange circumstances” under the murder tally. That’s why I suggested food poisoning or “other”. I figure some filipina has poisoned her kano bf at some point.

      I did not even think of the disappearances part. That is a good idea. Actually, a very good idea. If a foreigner goes missing and he’s in some small Philippine town, his wife will simply say, “oh, he go back to Australia”, no local flip is going to care or worry about it. The people who made him disappear would not worry one bit cause the cops certainly aren’t going to investigate. If his name was here, or somewhere as missing cause a friend puts it on here, it certainly could not hurt right? Good idea!

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Its Very popular in Thaland you know! Elderly expats are jumping from high-rise apartments in droves! The thai press is Gloating, giving morbidly detailed descriptions of; “entrails spread all over the patio, ” his thai gf had broken so he suicided”…etc. Really gloating!

      Many small thai have no problem “helping” Big falang over railing……….

      It would be unlike the pinoy not to jump on the bandwagon, but maybe it has already begun.

      A very good idea Sarah! Idea should be implemented!

  9. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Here you go guys, another 3 Kanos bit the dust…..

    At 2 p.m. last Sunday, a 70-year-old German, was found dead inside the Meili Beach Resort in barangay Poblacion, Alcoy town in southern Cebu. Horst Michael Feyerabend was rushed to the hospital but didn’t make it alive.

    Police are checking the area where the German’s body was found to determine whether there was foul play in his death. Four hours later, at past 6 p.m., a Swedish national died after his motorcycle rammed a concrete fence along the national road in barangay Tuble, Moalboal town, southern Cebu. Lars Starner, 53, who was only wearing a bicycle helmet, died after suffering severe head injuries from the crash. Police said Starner, who is temporarily staying in Moalboal town, was heading home on his Honda CRM 250 motorcycle from a beach party in barangay Saavedra when the accident happened.

    Fifteen hours later, in a house in Moalboal town, a 68-year-old Australian national was found dead with a gunshot wound in his head. His Filipino wife, Vertrud, and her housemaid told police that Eduard Halbwachs apparently committed suicide and shot himself with a .45 pistol. Vertrud said she and Halbwachs had just finished their breakfast at a little past 9 a.m. yesterday when he excused himself to go to the garage to check on their vehicle. A few minutes later, Vertrud claimed that she heard a shot fired. She rushed to the garage and found the Australian slumped face down on the ground with a bullet wound on his head. A .45 pistol was found near his body.

    Vertrud’s relatives told police that the Australian was suffering from an illness which caused him severe headaches. This may have caused the Australian to take his life. Police were still investigating the incident to determine whether there was foul play in the Australian’s death. http://cebudailynews…killed-in-crash

    Here’s the link to that news:

    I can’t remember the case, but it was years ago when a Kano shot himself to death by his right hand, but his friends said he was left handed. PNP verdict was self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the right temple.

  10. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Deaths Name Age Country of Origin Date Died Where?
    1 Homicide
    2 Circumstance
    3 Accident Lars Starner 53 Sweden 2015 Tuble, Moalboal town, southern Cebu
    4 Suspicious (Accident/ Suicide) Horst Michael Feyerabend 70 Germany 2015 Poblacion, Alcoy town, southern Cebu
    5 Suspicious (Accident/ Suicide) Eduard Halbwachs 68 Australia 2015 Moalboal town, southern Cebu
    6 Kidnapping

    Definitely gonna have to figure out a better system for recording it, but hey its a start. Got to figure out a better way to input the information, but I’m too tired to think right now. I see this is a subject you are passionate about @sarahfin.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Btw, do we count Chinese or Africans in this? Especially if they are doing criminal acts or shady business here? Or do we just count 1st world country people? Many chinese go back and forth here and some are illegal like the Indians.
      I say if they are tourists (not into anything shady) we count them and any 1st world countries, but what do I know.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “I appreciate the assumption that I am the guru foreigner know-all of Philippines. I think Mindanao Bob has me beat on that. LOL!! I wouldn’t even begin to know where to start with stats like that.”

    But Captain, in Bob’s world, no Kano ever dies in the Philippines of murder or suspicious causes. Therefore, if we take any information from him, the stats would be flawed.

    Do we count Afrikans and Chinese? hmmm, we have to think about that one. For one thing we never hear of any Chinaman dying or getting killed. A fair bit of Koreans do, though. But the numbers on Korean deaths could be flawed also since often, it is their own kind that do the deed.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      In Bob’s World Duterte and Bob are jointly ruling the Paradise of Davao, where every smoker shits himself of Fear from being executed!

      Then Bob grins his slimey grin, as the bodys are heaped…..

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    You might notice that all the “news” is always about “foreigners” getting caught in the illegal drug industry in the P.I. That’s because the “foreigners” are operating on Filipino “turf” and interfering with the “domestic” illegal drug industry. And “foreigners” are not under “protection”, whereas “locals” are.