Come On Baby Light My BBQ…..Pinoy Style!

Now, I have occasionally heard on this site about how you can’t judge all flips the same. Some of them, such as the OFWs, are FAR more intelligent! And, of course, I’ve been meeting the wrong kind of people! Damn!

I thought I would share a tale of woe in this burning missive (no pun intended) to set the record straight and provide a few laughs too!

I was in Dubai a few years ago with my ex flip gf. We decided to go to the beach park as they have BBQ stands there. My ex invited 6 of her flip friends, all OFWs, to come along with us. I couldn’t wait to get the show on the road!

Some of us brought food and drink. Others (the Pinoys) brought the BBQ stuff. I was very impressed when the Pinoys rocked up with bags of charcoal, firelighters, paper and matches to get a really good BBQ lit!

These guys looked the part, had all the right tools for the job and seemed to know what they were doing. Instead of supervising them, I thought it would be better to leave them to it and light the BBQ themselves. After all, my ex and her flips wouldn’t want some patronizing Kano nannying them especially when it came to primitive tasks such as fire lighting!

I stood and watched. Firstly, the charcoals were put on the bottom (nice and flat of course). Then flips put the flat sheets of newspaper on top of the coals, nice and flat. Check. Then the crown of the BBQ’s glory, the firelighters….put on TOP of the newspaper! Well fucking marvellous!

None of the flips commented at this stage about what was likely to happen with that kind of setup. I sat and watched what would happen.

One Pinoy took the match to the paper. WHOOOSHHHHH! The paper floated off into the sky and burnt. Then…..nothing. Not even a single ember. BLANK STARE.

The steaks and veggies all went to waste and we all starved. Amen!


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    To be fair a lot of people would probably have a hard time lighting a BBQ (unless they’ve done it before). I think part of the problem might be they have never done it before. If you always had a nanny/uncle/cousin/etc… to do the BBQ’ing for you, or never took an interest in how to do it properly…then in most cases, you will fail.
    Now to just stand there and not attempt to find a better way to light a BBQ, or for you the Kano to do something)…That’s classic Fili-Fail.
    When I lived in Singapore for 3 years, one of the discussions I have read/talked was about was how many Singaporean’s were becoming Too Lazy. A whole generation had become used to living with a nannies/maids. This new generation of Singaporeans didn’t know how to cook/clean or look after themselves once they no longer had the Maid do everything for them (a lot of problems with National Service recruits). One picture that was posted online was a young army guy dressed in his training uniform…but having his nanny carry his heavy rucksack (not sure if it was a fake pic).
    Many times people have never be properly trained to think “or act outside the box” for themselves (just not Fili-fails).

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    Yeah what pisses me off is that the charcoal comes in plastic bags and they set fire to the plastic bags as a firestarter and then stick the chicken for barbecuing over the top of that soon after or they throw in plastic into the fire. Evan they heard of the dangers of burning plastic in the toxic fumes that plastic causes on the body no wonder the age of life expectancy in the Philippines is 68 years old

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      We rank number 133 on life expectancy.

      There are still 89 nations that are lower!

      People in Angola barely make it to 38!

      Pinoy Pride! :p

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      One I like is where they put a used flip flop under the charcoal and light it. The flames come up along with the thick black smoke and right away the meat goes on.

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    ”””’thick black smoke and right away the meat goes on.”””
    How could people be so stupid???? Oh boy,, smoky flip flop flavor

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    Hmmm… Can I say that humans back in the Prehistoric Age are smarter them Fucking Filipinos? Starting a fire is a basic need waaaaaaay back then XD