Common Courtesy, Common Respect Is Smothered By An Overwhelming Sense Of Entitlement

Why is it when you talk to a native Filipino, whatever you said is completely forgotten and no longer applies in just a matter of hours?

Why is it when you give them an inch, they feel completely entitled to take a mile?

Why is is that when you try to help them, it’s got to be their way or no way at all, when in fact it was their way that caused them to need help in the first place?

Why is it that Filipinos find more excuses why they can’t do something so fucking simple, instead of just fucking doing it without pathetic, lame-ass excuses, and then blame someone else for not getting it done?

Why are they such fucking clueless idiots?

I’ll never figure it out, and I’ll never come to understand how anything measurably or remotely human could possibly be so fucking unbelievably ignorant, stupid, lazy, apathetic, pathetic, and blatantly in-your-face dishonest, and then think they are still right and entitled to be a dumbfuck?


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    Because they don’t know they’re dumb asses…. Stupid, ignorant…… There is no need to talk to them about it because they won’t understand anything at all. They have their own language and its not Tagalog, I don’t even want to learn it or it will make me dumb like them lolz.

    There is no point of arguing to them cause we’re better than them dumb asses lolz. We are not in the range of there level. So if you talk to them Ignorant FILOS, words just pass through there ears and does not apply….. LOL. There brains are programmed to auto clean cache and stored files. LOL. There is always a daily reformat in their brain LOLZ…. XD

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    Dick Hammer

    Greetings FiloFail…more priceless observations!! Believe u me, it is as therapuetic to read yer blog, as it is for u to write it!!!

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    moom1649 has a good point. Maybe it is a case of “information overload” and the way multilingualism has been implemented in the country, choosing to constantly flip (no pun intended) between the mediocre use of English, Tagalog, and whatever primitive regional dialect they happened to grow up with. This situation could easily take away the opportunity to develop sensible internal discourse as individuals obviously lead to disorganization as a society. But no society is ultimately hopeless if given the right opportunities. I really like your blog keep up the good work.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Yes, I can understand a nation of people having obstacles and mistakes and hardships. But what makes Philippines such a failure is their failure to so much as recognize their obstacles and mistakes, and hardships, and instead deny them and write everything off with, “Well, this is Philippines and that’s the way we do things.”

      Before you can fix problems, you must first recognize them. Once they’re recognized, if they don’t know how to fix them, a simple reaching out to the world community could be very resourceful for them. But they refuse to be helped, because to do so would insinuate to them that they are stupid, which in itself, is stupid, therefore they remain in this vicious looping of stupidity that prevents any progress, and continues to isolate them from the world.

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    Hey Filofail, I was wondering about the article I sent you. Keep me posted and what do you think 😀