Common F#cking Sense Infringes On A Filipino’s Right To Be Stupid

Try using common sense on a Filipino when you are issuing a complaint over their ignorance or stupidity which is negatively affecting you. It doesn’t work..AT ALL. Common sense and common courtesy is shunned in Philippines. Filipinos are always right in their own mind, regardless of how OBVIOUS it is they are wrong.

Common sense and reason is their enemy. It infringes on their sense of entitlement and right to be incredibly stupid ignorant idiots.

stupid people in large groups.But boy oh boy, when the tables are turned and they find themselves in the exact same position, they are confronting you and all up in your shit and trying to ruin you in a moment’s notice. They are in your face over the exact same thing you were bitching at them about yesterday. But they can’t remember that far back, so it’s no point in even bothering to talk to them about it. Whether they remember it or not, they’ll deny it anyway. (And that’s good for another entire blog post).

It must be their undying devotion to the invisible man in the sky named God that makes them such pathetically blatant hypocrites.

I’ve never known a single religious person who wasn’t a hypocrite. Hypocrisy and religion go hand in hand. And I think the reason why they’re all so religious is because they’re all so god damn dumb as a sun dried dog turd.

Maybe this is why Filipinos seldom complain. They know the reaction they’ll get from the other fellow shit-for-brains. So why bother? If you complain, no matter how reasonable and logical and valid your complaint is, you will get the denial, the self-preservation, and then they will get MAD AT YOU for HAVING THE UNMITIGATED NERVE, THE SHEER DISCOURTESY to confront them about their stupidity which is causing you a problem or cost you money, or whatever the situation is. You are infringing in their right to be a completely ignorant, mindless, idiotic stupid fuck. And that just isn’t cool man! Because most people who possess at least a measurable level of intelligence knows that it requires at least a measurable level of human dignity to admit when you’re wrong, and accept suggestions or learning a better way when shown, instead of using the filogical thinking that says, “If I didn’t think of it, I will reject it because that will make me look more stupid.” But that is filogic for you. Always ass-backwards thinking.

If I didn’t have this blog to blow off some steam, I would probably be in desperate need of some heavy tranquilizers. Because just when I think I’ve reached a point where I can handle the sheer brainlessness of these utterly ignorant, discourteous, rude, unreasonable, illogical lazy nose picking dumb fucks, I run into a situation that pegs out my wig-o-meter again because they just continually out-do themselves at being stupid, as if there’s an ongoing contest and the one who is the most utterly complete stupid as fuck wins 10,000,000 pesos. I would swear there is a national “Lotto-of-Stupidity” and everyone is trying to get in on it and win.

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    I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed for new posts, but it isn’t working. All I get is “This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it” and then the entire XML source code for the RSS feed is listed. I couldn’t find a contact address for you.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      You couldn’t find a contact address, because I don’t want to be contacted anywhere but through comments on this blog. If you’re using google chrome browser, rss feeds don’t show up in chrome except how you see it. Try using Internet Explorer, it will show up in it. Or you can just subscribe by entering your email address in the form above the rss links.

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    Dick Hammer

    Greetings FiloFail…been reading your blog for quite some time now, and every aspect that you comment on is ACCURATE!! I know that this upsets some people, but the truth often hurts. Keep up the good work!!

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    well, I thought i had rude customers before in my 20 years of traveling,, but we were in the special line up SM Hypermart. In front of us ,, this filipina is yelling at the cashier about forgetting her SM Advantage card in the her loius Vuiton bag at home. The cashier told her she could not be in the special line up becos she does not have her SM special card. This so-called speciman of humanity gave the cashier so much grief and misery,, the cashier was crying.
    If i forgot my card at home,, oh well,,,, me is stupid and line up at poor people’s line up… NO,, not this igonorant moron.
    Finally another cashier comes and manages the till, while the crying one takes a break….
    If thaT was in my country ,, I would have stepped on her toes until she screamed like a scalded cat.

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    this story is a typical example of filipino stupidity and thy even think that an ordinary human being is supposed to believe their of B(*&shit
    I phoned an embassy to find out if my visa was there. They get visas from the home country by fax(who uses faxes these days?????) or email.
    Anyway this so-called college graduate tells my wife that it takes 3 to 5 days to get a fax. This was said becos they are basically lazy, green card chasing ho’s, you tubing, internet scamming, brainless tambays that think the whole world is the same as their worthless carcasses. My wife (filipina)tells her it only take a minute to fax. tHE WORTHLESS twat on the other end says ”yeah i guess so”
    I can imagine the look on her face at the other end. FAMOUS DUMB LOOK.