Communication, Misinterpetation, 7 Months of Utter Frustration!

Ok…Ok…I actually give up, I concede the point.You cannot comprehend me for a few key reasons:

You cannot or will not listen. Although you insist that you have excellent English, and in fact have actually taught English in da Pilipines (how that is even remotely possible is entirely beyond me). Your ability to comprehend the simplest request, unless I repeat it, rephrase it and explain it again tells me that whatever you were teaching was at best incorrect, substandard Taglish. When we Stupid-Pinoyfirst met, you were sweet, charming, funny and helpful. Now you are grudgingly helpful and painfully manipulative and cannot tolerate disagreement of any sort. I’ve come to expect that you will lie, and am pleasantly surprised when you don’t.

You forget that I in fact pay your salary,and that I don’t actually work for you. You clearly prefer your Filipino counterparts and coworkers and merely tolerate Americans, even though you love all of the material advantages of living in a major metropolitan area in the US.

I give up. I love your kids, and your husband is kind and an excellent worker, but I need to regroup and come up with a way to relate to you that leaves my power in my hands. Until I can do that, I’ll be in my room, being an American in America. Grow up, please. Thanks.













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