Corrupt Security Guards

Security guards more fun in the PhilippinesI’m a frequent shopper at a particular store, the security guards know who i am as i stand out and they are typically nice enough to say “hello sir” when i walk in and “thank you sir” when i roll away with a cart with anywhere between 200-3000 php worth of groceries.

On one fateful afternoon as i was walking out, a lone security guard grabbed my arm and said “give me money or ill arrest you for shoplifting.” I put a huge grin on my face and said “You know my co-worker behind you just heard everything you said.”‘

He grew pale in his tracks and then tried forcing me back into the store. My co-worker started screaming. I didn’t resist and just went along with this short and fat security guard’s pushing all the way into their office where the store’s managers came in with another security guard and asked me what was going on.

Things played out, he denied that he said that, then i motioned to bring my companion in with me. Things went in another direction. Then i asked “ok if im shoplifting, where is the stolen items and how do you know im shoplifting? why did you drag me in here?”

The security guard was dead silent. The store manger and the security guard exchanged heightened tone of words. Then eventually the manager turned to me asking for my receipt and he stepped outside and spoke with my companion and searched my cart of groceries. All the while the second security guard kept his eyes on the corrupt security guard.

Eventually i was free to go, but i didn’t want to stop there. I wanted full justice, so i spoke with the manager and he called the barangay then the barangay brought the actual police in. Now i have a court date with that security guard for conspiracy and corruption.

Pretty fucked up. I’m glad things went my way, and im especially glad i had a friend with me for the first time while shopping. It’s almost like it was meant to be.

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  1. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    Be careful. This mental midget is armed and dangerous and no doubt still working at the mall I would presume. He will think he is being a brave man to gun you down from behind to assuage his honour and then he will cry like a baby for how you have ruined his life etc. Just happened Easter Sunday on Malapascua Island. 34 year old Brit got stuck in to a security guard for turning up late and drunk as usual and the guard shot him six times. Then curled up on the floor next to him and cried… for himself.

    This guy may try to remove the evidence, it happens. So do take care. Or take him out first.

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        Captain PFB

        “The Gilchrist family have been unhappy by the speed with which the local officials have sought to downplay the incident and insist that it would not impact on the tourism industry.

        The local municipality’s mayor, Augusto Corro, was reported to have described the killing as an isolated incident and claimed that it would not affect the tourism industry.

        “It is unfortunate that this incident happened at a time when the island was brim-filled with tourists during Holy Week,” he said.”

        That says it all right there about Filipinos. They are fucking savage morons to put it delicately. Filipinos are sub-human savages with shit for brains. And imagine how the world laughs when they try to claim to be such good and caring people. They are fucking idiots at best.

        If Philippines was wiped from the face of the earth, nobody would miss them at all. In fact, the world would be just a little bit better place as well.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          I totally agree Filo, WAAAAAY much better! No more wasting our resources on a shit-hole like Philippines. I think the US is on the wrong side of the diplomatic line in this China Sea issue? We don’t buy shit from Philippines, and we actually buy products from China. We waste our money on Philippines annually, and they don’t even appreciate it. Why don’t the US and China form an alliance and wipe out Philippines? Nothing but positive gain, except from pissed off Americans who are overly attached to their Filipino-counterparts in Philippines. Yeah, this was a little harsh, but it’s EXACTLY what I feel about Philippines. I used to love Philippines too, and if I went as far as to love it and care for it like this British guy did, look at what happens? There is no point in helping a nation that kills the help they receive. Burn in Hell Philippines. If God does exist, then so does the Devil, and I’m most certain that more than 99% of Filipinos will be going to hell to visit him. It would be in Filipino’s best interest if their story of God did not exist, for their own eternal benefit.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Thanks for sharing that link Jimmy. I read the whole story and it really fucked me up inside just to see how Filipinos are willing to bite the hand that feeds them like that. Yeah, their fucking corrupted mayor had pronounced it to be an individual act, but it’s the fucked-up cultural mentality of that security which triggered him to act in such a vindictive and life threatening manner.

        You see, it’s the mentality that is fucked up, and if somebody doesn’t take a stand to change their linear way of thinking, I am holding the entire country accountable for every individual action. If one of these crooked cops or street bums were present a threat to me, I don’t take that as an individual action since their government and national influences had made them that way. Compensation from the Philippine government should be surrendered to that British family, especially after all he has sacrificed for this shit-hole of a country.

        1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
          Richard aka Dick Head

          Many Pinoys think the world owes them a living. Give them a job and they can’t even come to work on time. The idea of “A Day’s Work for A Day’s Pay” is alien to them. Good thing I never had a close relative work under me otherwise I would have kicked his ass if he didn’t come to work on time.

      3. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
        Pnoy syndrome

        man this fuckin sick and heart breaking, it really made me cry for the lost of my fellowmen doing charity service and aid to there fucking barangay or what ever u called it and official said they will make sure that the tourism industry will not affected with this isolated case bloody fucking government official what they have done sounds like conspiracy. GILCHRIST is big name in uk especially in Scotland they have huge charity foundation, business establishments, schools, livelihood projects and medical clinics if you go to scotland a gilchrist family is like a clan, i believe this people are related to them or this famous gilchrist foundation
        its like someone tells my gut that this people don’t deserve care, love and support, this shows that your country will only drown to the bottom of hell if you continue this kind of stupidy.. pinoy pride fuckin failed again…..

      4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, the guard was always late and drunk at work. I remember this story. I remember, there were even comments by Fail-ipinos defending the guard! They automatically assumed the foreigner was mistreating the security guard.
        When I actually cared and felt sorry for Filipinos, I did a small food and education supplies give away for like 50 kids. I had someone translate and it took about 30 minutes total, but my message was to study hard, take care of your community,,,, and do not litter.
        We also included some candy and I asked them repeatedly as the one thing I ask of them is to not litter. As soon as they got their stuff, the ground right where they were sitting was filled with wrappers. They got their shit, threw the trash on the ground, and then walked away. I asked some other kids to help pick it up and they looked confused and did not want to move.
        Their excuse? I did not get anything. Or they got more and it was not me. I paid three kids 20 pesos each to clean up.
        That immediately turned me off to the Philippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Johnny .
          I had something similar happen,
          I was eating breakfast at a local diner run by American Cook, two urchins tried to beg money off me both males approx 10 years old.
          I offered them 100 peso each if they would clean up the street of all the litter, and bring it back to me and we would dispose of it.
          The street is ONLY one city block.
          Nope they just wanted money would not even work for 200 peso.
          10 years old and already screwed

        1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
          Pearl Of My Ass

          what tourism industry ? their is no Tourism Industry in the Philippines. What they call Tourism Industry is a joke, they have no idea what Tourism industry offer can look like.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            when u land at manila airport, look at that cancerous cloud of chemicals above makati. ewwwwwww

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            turists here are mostly flips returning to visit their useless families who are living rent free in the family home,,
            BUT they have to fix the roof, pay taxes, ask where the rent money is….
            I talked to lots of flips,, yes,, they have to hire carpenters for the house ,, so the roof does not fall on their useless relations..

          3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Tourism is Palawan and boracay that’s it. Spreading lies that the rest of the ph is like that’s a joke

        2. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
          jimmy smith

          exactly. Nevermind a supportive pillar in the 3rd World hell died. As long as it wasnt a pinoy and as long as it does affect tourism industry. You all know the great lengths the pinoys go to make us foreigners feel welcome and serviced.
          Dessert first, then main course, the appetizer. Then problems with the bll. MANAGER ! and then you get the biggest idiot and an argument. Costumer shit and we are not welcome unlesswe lie their country 1st World and tell the Savages there they are all Nobel prize Winners.

          The government will release the guy after a year and then tell him NeXT time to Wear a mask and run fter killing the kano.

  2. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    My experience is that a lot of Filipinos are, in fact, perfectly honest and are disgusted by fuckups like this guy (as your experience with the manager and the other guard suggests) but there are enough of the fuckups to completely ruin the country, and they are (sometimes) as extreme as CebuBear says. Hence the state of paralysis the entire country lives under. Even if he loses his license to carry a gun, you can buy weapons pretty easily. He’s lost face bigtime and it’s entirely YOUR fault.

    What’s so depressing is that these guys are so deeply retarded they can’t understand why their self-defeating actions end the way they do. I swear, what they really need in schools is some sort of role-play class, where the kids get to act out dumb scenarios – such as they see every day – and then experience the natural, predictable consequences (simulated, of course).

    I strongly suggest moving house.

      1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
        Marius O.

        I said “a lot”. The majority of the people I deal with are no more or less honest than the average westerner. I’ve lived in Asia for most of my adult life so possibly I take certain things for granted (like people saying yes when they mean no), but 7 people out of 10 will treat you as you treat them.

        The other 3 out of 10, on the other hand, will either attempt some stupid transparent scam – on the assumption that you’re as dumb as they are – or they’ll stick a knife in your gut if they think you have P1000 more than they do, and call it “fair” because you’re a dirty kano and they’re an honest-to-goodness Peenoy.

        I see two distinct cultures existing side-by-side in Pinoyland: one where people have got their heads together and are doing the best they can, and an alternative one where people have gone completely to the dark side and turned into animals. There is no correlation with upbringing or “class” – I’ve met rich people with famous surnames who are as dopey and grasping as a street bum, and poor people who – while undoubtedly daft and feckless – were basically decent characters.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          Wow Marius! Where the hell are you in Pinoyland? All I meet are Filipinos from the dark side, where the fuck are these good/hardingworking Filipinos that do the best they can? I’ve been to the following cities so far and haven’t met any yet:
          Manila, Mandaluyong, Cavite, Paranaque, Makati, Las Pinas, Malate, Santa Rosa (near Laguna), Calapan (Mindoro), Puerto Galera (Mindoro’s Resort), Butuan, Davao, Agusan del Sur, and Mactaan (Cebu).

          Out of those places, the most decent people I have met was in Puerto Galera, but that a resort mostly ran by foreigners, so what can you expect? Well anyway, I just don’t see these good Filipinos anywhere. In reverse, I would like to address the saying,”There are a few good apples in a basket of bad ones” being that I have encountered a slight few good Filipinos in my life, but that is about 1 out of every 200.

          1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            I’ve been all over, and there is a definite geographic factor. If Manila is the armpit of the Philippines, Cebu is the rectum; that’s where the excrement collects. Davao City is not bad, but only because they’re scared of getting kneecapped if they step out of line, not because they have any morals.

            I tend to avoid the cities. I hate cities at the best of times, but cities in the Phils are really just slums on steroids (and meth). All the downsides and none of the benefits. Out in the provinces, you get none of the downsides, and, um, none of the benefits. The people are a bit nicer, or at least will graciously refrain from blowing your brains out at the slightest perceived insult to their pinoyness.

            I’d also say “good” and “bad” is nothing to do with whether they’re dumb or not. I’ve met maybe three people with an IQ over 90. One of them was a rice farmer, who spoke perfect english AND had something to say. I’ve met two (shady, dishonest, lazy) lawyers who I wanted to ask, “did someone drop you on your head as a child, or did you learn to be that dumb all by yourself?”.

          2. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
            L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

            I love Davoi theres a “no smoking in public” enforcement there. That would make a great post here, “That ignorant filipino that lights a cigarette and sits at the front of the jeepnee so everyone else can inhale his fumes.

          3. Profile gravatar of Eric

            @Marius – I don’t see anything wrong with a little kneecappin’ if that’s all these blockheads understand. Simple rules & reg’s do not compute

            – Wait for the red light to turn green before proceeding through the intersection –> FAIL

            – Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk –> FAIL

            – Treat each other with respect and as decent fucking human beings –> EPIC FAIL

            – When possible pee in a urinal or something equivalent –> FAIL

            – Don’t drive like an asshole and/or cause bodily harm to others with your vehicle –> FAIL

            – Don’t cause any unnecessary noise after dark and respect the privacy of others –> FUCKING FAIL

            – Don’t stop your POS tincan jeep in the middle of the street every 50 feet –> FAIL FAIL FAIL

            Shall I go on?? I would really love to…

            If the gangster-mayor Duterte is handing out smackdowns for rules infractions then I applaud him. Reason and rationale are lost here…just beat ’em

    1. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      “My experience is that a lot of Filipinos are, in fact, perfectly honest”

      Marius when I first came here several decades ago I was somewhat naĂŻve and bought this friendly, honest, Filipino bullshit. What I realized very quickly was that most pinoy’s (>75%) in a job with access to cash advances, irrespective of education level, or class (ABCD or E) will try and fuck you on the liquidations; false receipts, padded receipts, etc etc. If you think moisture perfectly honest you either have never run a business here or your staff have never had access to significant amounts of cash advances.

      Furthermore, when I first came here I was amazed at the amount of signatories needed for approval of a cash advance and subsequent liquidation thereof. Didn’t take me too long to figure out why. Most are thieving ASSES given any small opportunity. I understand very well why Filipino’s DO NOT trust their employees, they know them only too well!

  3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I never had that shit happen to me before, I will be more aware of the security guards I come in close proximity with for now on. Well done in your fight for JUSTICE! There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing one of these corrupted Filipinos suffer for their own wrongdoings. I also see Filipinos intentionally fuck shit up and get away with it. I’m tired of seeing them abuse their freedoms and privileges everyday, especially those that negatively effects me.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Bear in mind that the smarter people – there are some! – facepalm as often as you do over shit like this. But the deck is stacked in favour of the stupid, mainly because we let the stupid write the rules. I bet somebody already noticed they guy is an asshole, but it’s virtually impossible to fire someone for being an asshole.

    2. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

      when i was in the police station filling out a report a “police-lawyer” came into the room and instantly asked “?” i nodded. Then he shook his head in disappointment saying “We had a complaint before but never got the security guard ID’ed, than you my friend, i’m glad you are ok.” then he walked out.

  4. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    Incidentally, I hope the poster realises the manager put his neck on the line here. Everyone involved is well aware that this guy could quite easily blow any of them away in “revenge”, and nobody would give the smallest possible shit.

  5. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I will agree with Marius that the people in the province are more honest and dependable. But 7 out of 10 are honest? Whaaahahahahahahahahahaha. He has been drinking way to much tanduay. If you can find 1 out of 10 you would be lucky. And even if you find someone that you think is honest and you can trust I guarantee you that somewhere down the road that guy will stab you in the back. That’s just the nature of Filipinos. Dishonest scam artist. They have no morals. Their main goal in the morning when they get up is to see who they can find to get some money out of with no plans to pay it back. Sorry Marius. Filipinos can not be trusted.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I completely agree with you @heyjoe

      My own partner cannot be trusted fully. I have caught him red handed in a few deceptions/lies, and when confronted armed with indisputable evidence, he gets mad at me as if I have infringed on his right to be a dishonest lying fucktard. As if I have no right to confront him on a deception that directly and negatively affects ME.

      And to this day, regardless of seeing the hidden video of him performing his deception, has not apologized, nor acknowledged any wrong doing. This is the Filipino at his best. Completely untrustworthy, completely stupid, completely arrogant, completely immoral.

      And they will walk around trying to convince the world they are so moral and respectful.

      Such worthless fucking pieces of pig shit.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        While still in USA, and completely unfamiliar with the nature of the Filipino, I had a Filipino friend, who I thought was a very good friend. He had never deceived or done anything in the years I knew him to betray the friendship.

        We remained friends long distance, kept in touch through Facebook and email and skype. Shortly after coming to Philippines, I was reminded of a debt of $100 I owed to a friend in USA. This friend didn’t have a way to receive money electronically. So I contacted my Filipino friend in USA because he had a PayPal account. I asked him if he would receive the money from me to his PayPal account, and buy a money order for $100 and mail it to him for me. The cost of the money order was something like $1 or $2, then the cost of a stamp…etc. So I sent him $125, which should leave him at least a $20 “thank you”.

        My Filipino friend in USA agreed. About 6 weeks passed, and the other friend to which I owed the $100 emailed me asking if I had sent him his money. Of course I told him what I did, and that he should have received a money order weeks ago. Well guess what, he never got it.

        So I contacted my Filipino friend and asked him if he had sent the money order. It’s a RARE THING for mail to get lost in USA. Not like Philippines. But at that time, I was still very new to Philippines and the nature of Filipinos, and just took his word for it.

        But knowing what I know about pieces of shit Filipinos today, I look back on that event and have no doubt in my mind that he pocketed the money. He is a native Pinoy who went to USA at the age of 21. The lying, deceptive, thieving, corrupt nature was already instilled in him.

        Pinoys have no real friends, and they know it. They know even those they claim to be their closest friend will steal from them or in some way stab them in the back. They do not have the capacity to have anything that resembles the true meaning of honor and friendship. They cannot form any concept of trustworthiness. They are, by nature and culture, liers, thieves, swindlers, embezzlers, but never a true friend.

        1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

          FILO. No one says it better than you my friend. It’s just amazing how dishonest these people are and they feel absolutely no remorse after completely fucking over you. They will screw over a sister or brother and think nothing of it. They claim to have such close family ties. Shit, most of the arguments I hear of is about family members stealing and conning each other. They think nothing of it. Filipinos flat out should never ever be trusted. You may think you have found someone that you can depend on but it is an illusion. That person will fuck you sooner or later. No matter who comes up to me with some type of proposition my first thought is how is he planning to screw me? When ever someone knocks on my gate my first thought is what the fuck do they want. They all want something. So Marius I’m sorry. If you are Filipino you can not be trusted.

          1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
            Marius O.

            I’ve heard about it and I’ve seen it. Dysfunctional families screwing each other over and whatnot.

            Just hasn’t happened to me – yet. Generally I try not to put myself in situations where it could happen. I suppose, to a large extent, it depends on the company you keep. I just avoid people who are obviously lying, cheating scumbags. You can usually spot them a mile off.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Super heyjoe! And I have all the proof in my previous article 🙂 As for Tanduay, yuck! That shit tastes like gasoline, you actually drink that? Emperador Light is the lowest I will go, I will even drink their Matador if I am desperate, but if I ever get desperate for alcohol then I would have a problem. I haven’t interact much down south in the Mindanao Province since whenever I go there, I am pretty much stranded at my wife’s mothers house since it’s far from anything close to civilization, and the only way to the nearest city is by personal transportation. No jeepneys, taxis or other public transportation, and tricycles are rarely seen in her area (Agusan Del Sur). I will be going down there soon just to hate life for a week. That primitive piece of shit area has blackouts (or brownouts which fuckin Filipinos call it) almost every week.

      Anyways, my point is that I don’t get out that much in the provincial area, so I don’t really have much leeway to dictate the idiotness of southern Filipinos, but I have met a few down there, and so far…… not impressed.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Hey FAFI. No I don’t drink tanduay. Just thought Marius might be because he thinks 7 out of 10 Filipinos are honest. I am a beer man myself. I do have an occasional bourbon but only if it’s good ole Kentucky bourbon. Don’t mind vodka in fruit juice if it quality vodka and I also love slurping down margaritas but no Filipino brand hard stuff for me

        1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

          I admit i drink San Mig Light, other than that, stick to Captain Morgan’s Rum and occasionally some Jack and Coke. I’ve had Emperador and some other shitty filipino liquor and woke up hungover and deadly sick lol.

          1. Profile gravatar of Eric

            SML is probably the single best thing to ever be produced by the Philippines. It’s like Red Stripe in Jamaica – shitty country…damn good beer.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I have to disagree. I really don’t like the taste of SML. Now San Mig Pale Pilsen, I like that. But I still drink SML because of the lower calories.

          3. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
            Pearl Of My Ass

            SM Superdry is somehow actually ok, for a Pinoy made product. I find SM Light a bit too watery for a beer, anyway …

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Totally agree with you on the SML. I actually really like the SM Super Dry, unfortunately, most places you go to only offer you SML or SM Pale Pilsen.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Tanduay is a cheap drunk. There was about a 4 month period where I was drinking a small bottle of it every night mixed with coke. Then after blimping out about 20 pounds heavier, I decided it’s best I quit. And I did. haven’t touched any hard booze in a couple years now, and lost the 20 pounds. I just stick to an occasional evening out for a few beers when I have someone to drink with.

          I’ve become quite the hermit these days for obvious reasons. The less contact I have with the idiots, the happier I am.

    3. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      I’ve never had a glass of urine but after trying SM light I can imagine what a glass of urine would taste like. SM pale pilsen is actually a good beer. Tanduay is like drinking rocket fuel. I should know, I’m a airforce pilot

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    my wife went to moa and forgot her purse. if course, they were hungry and had no money
    she asked a security gaurd at the bank we go to for 500 pesos.. he gave it to her!!!!!!!
    we repaid him.
    i retired from my job in saudia arabia. the filipino that handles the plane tickets said ”no problem” about a one way ticket to maila.
    at the airport, i was denied entry to the airport. A female immigration officer looked at my passport with all the phil visa stamps in it. also my wife was waiting outside. she let me go.. she basically blamed the airline for selling me a one way ticket..
    sometimes wonders never cease!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

      When visiting a country, its common practice for immigration officers to check you have a round trip ticket, to any country. Whoever sold you the tickets should know this and it should be outlined in all international airlines. Like you said it was a failipino that sold you the tickets.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Actually, I have to partially contradict your statement. But in doing so, it would make me look like the idiot instead. I ALWAYS buy my tickets online instead of going through a 3rd party agency, to avoid any additional cost and to book my preferences more accurately. But one mistake I have encountered was when I have decided to fly to Philippines this last visit for long term stay.

        It would be a waste to book a roundtrip ticket for 3 years knowing damn well that my return date wasn’t even available yet, so I booked it one-way of course. I encountered the one-way problem as well too (it’s the 2nd time, will get to the 1st time later).

        Well I was at the airport on Hong Kong, and they wouldn’t let me board the plane going to Philippines until I have presented a ticket stating that I have intention on leaving Philippines. So I had no choice but to book a ticket at the airport with my credit card with a ticket of me leaving Philippines back to China. They didn’t give a shit if I stayed in China, I just can’t stay in Philippines…..

        When I got to Philippines, I just simply cancelled my flight from Philippines to China, and was quickly refunded my $400+ dollars. My first experience was when I visited Thailand from Philippines on a short vacation. When I was outbound from Thailand after my vacation there, the airport check-in lady had inquired about my return ticket back to Philippines, and demanded that I presented a ticket saying that I am leaving Philippines. That ticket wasn’t on me being that I was on vacation in Thailand, why the fuck did I need a ticket from Philippines to USA on a Thailand vacation? After a few international phone calls from the Thailand airport to Delta Airlines, my departure from Philippines was verified and I was on my way back to Philippines, then eventually America a few weeks later. Keep this in mind if you have any intention on country hopping during your stay here, have your return ticket from Philippines on you at all times 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of

          This seems to be a part of the Philippine government corruption! I was also hampered in Kuala Lumpur. I purchased a round trip ticket from the Philippines on CEBU Air. I have NEVER had this problem when flying from America – anywhere in the world. I was a business traveler. I could not always have a return ticket to anywhere. The airlines said to me in Kuala it was a legal requirement. I asked to see the law. They then took for ever coming up with a degraded copy of the airlines guidelines. Really? “Guidelines” is the best you can do? The bottom line is; no where else in the world have I run into problem when booking a round trip ticket from where I start, to where I want to go, except from the Philippines. You do the math. It seems corruption extends well beyond the PDAF, DAP and Malampaya funds scandals and is rampant in every part of the government of the Philippines!

          1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
            Pearl Of My Ass

            The airlines will have a penalty of USD 10K + if they board a passenger without a return ticket within 21 days after landing. This is Filipino medieval system applies to foreigners, I mean who would want to stay illegally in the shit-hole except people from Bangladesh or Pakistan…. retards.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            This could be the opposite of corruption Charles. I mean think of it. The China airport and Thailand airport both wanted to make sure I had a departure ticket leaving Philippines right? What if the whole fucking world knows how fucked up and corrupted the Philippines is that they are trying to ensure you have plane ticket to get the fuck outta there. Other countries just wanna make sure you are not making the mistake of flying to a shitty-ass country one-way without an escape plan.

            I only wish now that my return ticket wasn’t refundable, that way I would feel more obligated to leave here within 21 days when I had the chance. Oh well, too late now.

          3. Profile gravatar of

            Did I mention I got my return trip through Asia Air with a ONE-WAY ticket? opppps, sorry forgot the point of my story – Old Age! As far as I can see, the airlines have a thing with our immigration, and that is corruption from my point of view. I wish I had saved the papers, I recently moved and threw them out figuring no sense complaining in this society anyway!

  7. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    >> But 7 out of 10 are honest? Whaaahahahahahahahahahaha. He has been drinking way to much tanduay.
    If I’d been doing that I’d probably be in the queue for a liver transplant already. WTF do they brew that stuff from? Industrial effluent?

    OK, fair enough guys, maybe I’m being a bit generous here. Maybe it’s 6 out of 10. Or 5. Just pointing out that while they might be 95% daft, it doesn’t correlate with being bad. Thick as two short planks, the lot of them. But not all evil (either deliberately so, or as a result of being stupid). Mr Kiang already met three diamond geezers: the shop manager, the other guard, and the police whatever-he-was. They might all turn out to have shit for brains, but they don’t appear to be assholes. Yet.

    I suppose my perception could be colored by the fact that scams are so transparent (or have been, so far). I almost feel sorry for the dolts trying to scam me, because they’re so stupid that nobody in their right mind would employ them. They usually happen when I’m in a position to just laugh and walk away. I’ve not yet come across one of those (supposedly common) well-thought-out, sophisticated scams. I just don’t think the average Pinoy is that smart.

    OTOH, I’ll happily admit trust only goes so far. Most Pinoys are fucking clueless with money. I would NEVER lend any of them a cent – not because they’re dishonest as such, they just don’t understand words like “lend”. They’re like the Viz character Eight Ace, whose defining characteristic would be to piss away any money he had on beer without any regard for whatever immediate crisis he was in. The main difference is that they’ll spend it on any random shit if they don’t want beer. The upside of that is that they’ll be astoundingly generous even when they clearly can’t afford it, so it’s important to make sure the favour is returned somehow.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      Can’t remember who said it, but somebody on here posted that Pinoys are basically like children. Treat them all like 9-year-olds, and you’ll usually be fine. The bit that scares me is 9-year-olds with guns.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I don’t remember who said that either, but I did contradicted that comment because Filipinos are NOT like children, because children has the potential to learn, apply knowledge, and improve. A Filipino don’t. Comparing a Filipino to a (normal) child is an insult to children.

        If my SHIT had the ability to take a SHIT, and that piece of shit had crapped out another SHIT, it would be a Filipino, that’s how low I think of Filipinos. You can’t get any lower than that.

      2. Profile gravatar of Eric

        Filo posted a comment on this blog a few years back that was funny as shit –> “Take 50 million 5th graders and tell them to make a country. What you get is the Philippines.” I told that joke to my wife and her response was even more classic–> “why would you tell 5th graders to make a country? Thats crazy!”


          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            That is so true. Even the most simplest elementary sarcasm or joke, they take everything literally. Like when the idiot Pinoys come here and start trying to convince us they are smart, I say “You’re just pissing down my back and telling me it’s raining”. And they just can’t get it. They can’t make the correlation at all. And it’s so fuckin’ obvious to anyone with half a brain.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          LOL!! Yeah, that was the first “tag line” of back when I first started the blog. And I swear, Philippines just seems like an unsupervised 3rd grade school assignment. If you just observe the behavior, the senseless policies, lying, one-upping each other, etc, and it’s just a bunch of childish immature little spoiled whiney brats pretending to know it all and trying to be a country.

    2. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      “I would NEVER lend any of them a cent – not because they’re dishonest as such, they just don’t understand words like “lend”.”

      Agree 100%. Even if they had money, they’d want to borrow your money and pay you back in staggered amounts and they try be “invisible” (read: hard to locate) for a few weeks until you get weary and frustrated and pretend you’re lucky you got back half of what he owed you.

      Here’s a Pinoy practice I’ve seen many times in the Middle East. The percentages are just estimates but it should give an idea on how they manage their funds.

      Salaries are paid monthly. On payday, they will convert about 50% of their salary into USD. They will remit the 25% to their families as allotment and the remaining 25% is their pocket money for the month. About a week before months’ end, their pocket money has dried up. How do they make it to payday ? Convert some of their USD cash into the local currency. WRONG. They won’t touch their USD. They will pester their roommates or friends for “bridge” money to tide them over to the next payday with a promise to pay back as soon as he gets his salary in the next few days. Come payday and you will find it hard to locate these people. When you do bump into them a week later, they have these story that they’ve had an “emergency” or some other flimsy reason so the money meant for payment was already spent. Sorry buddy, wait for next payday. If you insist on getting paid by asking him to convert his USD cash to local currency, his excuse would be that he will lose in the conversion-USD to local currency. Perhaps if he were converting a few thousand USD to local currency, he would get hit, but if the amount is not more than 200 USD, the loss wouldn’t be very minimal. The reason he doesn’t want to convert his USD is he wants to hold on to your money much longer.

  8. Profile gravatar of Eric

    I agree 100% with pretty much everything said on this board. The Filipinos I come in contact with are constantly scheming on how to get into my bank account and don’t understand the word “no” if their lives depended on it. No just means…”i need to keep trying” Annoying as shit…

  9. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    There are over a million Pinoys in the UAE, and there are droves of them as cashiers and waitresses and salesmen, but now that I think of it, I have hardly seen any of them as security guards. Reading this incident I can guess why……

  10. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Another case from this month. Welcome to the Philippines !

    MANILA – A 60-year-old Japanese man was stabbed to death last Monday near Manila by knife-wielding men who allegedly tried to rob him of his bag containing cash and other valuables, police said Thursday.

    Katsushige Fujinaga, an engineer from Ibaraki Prefecture, had just arrived from Japan to visit his Filipino girlfriend when he was accosted by a group of men in the province of Bulacan, officer Florante Lasco said.

    “According to the suspects that we have arrested, Fujinaga resisted when they were aiming for his bag. That’s why he was stabbed. But the original plan was only to rob him,” Lasco said by telephone.

    Fujinaga was stabbed multiple times with a double-edged kitchen knife, a butterfly knife and an ice pick, he said.

    Police have arrested three of the five suspects and on Wednesday formally charged them before the prosecutor’s office for robbery with homicide.

    Lasco said the main suspect is the regular driver of the victim’s 32-year-old Filipino girlfriend, who had requested that he fetch him from the airport.

    He said she and Fujinaga had been in a relationship for more than 10 years, making him a frequent visitor to the Philippines.

    Notice the beastiality in the murder. stabbed with 3 different weapons !
    To stupid to know when enough is enough. Like the Brit and the many others WHO
    will die by the hands of those Savages this year and the years to come I wish
    thir deaths will not have been wasted. I hope so much soon the foreign aid will
    stop and a diplomatic and international isolation of those 7100 islands comes in
    effect to a degree that forces the flips to either commit mass suicide, change
    their ways or suffer for decades like Cuba under the US blockade. Philippines is
    the 3rd worst country when it comes to solving murders. only Iraq and Mexico have
    it worse. So a greater chance statistically of your murder in Somalia being solved
    than if you are killed in the Philippines !

    Sound like FUN to me !

    1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      ..and The Philippines have the 3rd highest murder rate in South East Asia, after Indonesia and Myanmar. How fucking Fun is that !! this poor guy stabbed by his own girlfriend’s driver. What did the driver thought of ?! really !? … yup – I will rob my boss’s 10 years boyfriend and where will that lead me ?! Sooooo smart. Hey you 2 dudes with kitchen knives and ice-pick, let’s go !!!!!! abalaabalabala we can be Proud !

    2. Profile gravatar of Eric

      Look no further than the victim’s “girlfriend” as the mastermind behind this entire thing. The ‘regular driver” was none other than her “regular boyfriend” and this was planned and calculated. Sit back and watch the keystone cops bungle this entire thing to be damned

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        well, the only to change this country is from the outside.
        if there was a well planned internet campaign to warn people not to come here, and to keep our politicians from wasting our tax money supporting this place that would hit the phils right where it hurts the most = in the pocket book.
        i remember in the 70’s Brigdet Bardot came to Canada and shut the fur industry down. she got the ecc to ban furs.
        a study on bituan immigration jail would scare anybody.

    3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      What kind of KITCHEN knife is double-edged anyway? And what kind of cooking you would use it for? Any double-edge knife I know of is never used for Kitchen purposes. That attack was definitely planned.

  11. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    Filipinos really can`t see further than the bottom of their flat potato nose. I mean if you do something bad AT LEAST DO IT WELL!

    That super smart Filipino security guard thought that it would be more easy for you to simply give him money in exchange of freedom then arguing that you stole nothing in the supermarket.

    Epically stupid! Filipinos definitely has a frozen brain.

  12. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    dis is a good one!!!!!!!
    me and wife were at palengke, she was buying something,, I am standing up reading a paper.. all of a sudden a big commotion started. One woman asked me if that was my money?

    I looked down and there was a huge wad of bills. I said no not my money..anyway the seller across the street seen a little boy under the vendors table steal the money,,

    BUT,, when he crawled from under the table,,,, he seen me and that i was a kano, got scared and dropped the loot.. amazingly the kid disappeared faster than a cat can lick its paw..

  13. Profile gravatar of Edward Stevens
    Edward Stevens

    It wasn’t all bad. I met and worked with a lot of interesting people and had a chance to live and work in a very strange, but interesting country. Contract security is not for everyone, but you can make some good money, if you don’t mind putting up with hardships at times.
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