Culture of Scammers

Culture phssst

In the 5 years I have been coming to the phils i have seen so much scamming it makes me puke .

I stayed at a hotel in a small city and seen at least 2 times a week a pina show up to meet her foreign boyfriend

with out fail she was married and had children but introduced them as brothers or cousins .

Now everyone but the stupid white guy knew the truth including the hotel staff and sat by giggling at the guy .

I have been scammed by my girls Mama at every turn from school fees which where over priced in fact the one brother had a full scholarship and now she wants 50t peso to sign marriage papers for me to marry her cash cow .

Now I see one girl get to go to work in the east whats her first order of business get a new boyfriend and post shit all over facebook even stating her longtime husband is her cousin .

All her friends play along giggling at the scam . hoping they will get a small piece for helping .

Not one of them sees this as wrong ?

In my everyday dealings I see dishonesty and out-rite lies with the end game getting free money

In 5 years I have met 3 pinos good to there word and honest . From padding bills to not providing what was promised is a everyday thing

The culture is ruined beyond any help yes the smiles are big and people act friendly but its all a part of the game

I hate the its not your problem /business I hear from my girl friend . They just sit back and watch others scamming each other and its all ok because it not you .

No one is held accountable for there actions for anything its open game to fuck over anyone especially foreigners .

I,m just thankful i,m not stuck in this shithole or invested anything .

What they call a culture is really just greed . I also see expats only last 3 to 5 years then most pack it in and head back to civilization .

Great place to holiday but its to bad there so many pinos there

ps, feel free to use this rant edit it or shit can it

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  1. Profile gravatar of JosephA

    Honestly, I feel a lot of sympathy for you. I really do. This country is full of scam mongers, there’s no getting away from that fact.

    I’ve been here for 18 months now and I am tired of the crap that goes on here. Nevertheless, I bare with it because I realize it’s still a better life here in SE Asia than it is in the western world.

    In the west, the scams are underhanded. The government steal money left right and center. But they put a nice term on it – tax. Its BS.

    And then, when the economy goes shit-up, they re-employ the same assholes that made the mess in the first place. Its a joke. But they, the gov, disguise it so well as to being something else entirely.

    At least here in SE Asia, they don’t have the brains to be able to disguise much.

    How does that benefit us foreign guys? Well, I suspect in many ways. We just have to be ‘business savvy’ and figure it out with help from others who have gone before us.

    I really do wish you well.


    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      18 months? Well I’m only half way there buddy. But despite of my short 9 month consecutive visit, I had to deal with their corruption and dishonesty ‘face first.’ In that sense, I mean I deal with them everyday at the college I go to. Ironic that it is a college, the stupidity and inability to cover up their short-comings and mistakes is just as inept. Teachers helplessly allowing their students to cheat on their exams because they feel they can’t do a damn thing about it, yet they turn around and nominate the same students to their honor roll list, or are given some type of special academic acknowledgement. As a foreigner looking in on the inside, I already witnessed the bullshit, and there is no way to sugar-coat it. With my 9 months of experience here in Philippines, I haven’t came across any signs of intelligent life, and that’s sad to say because being at a college in Philippines, that’s where you expect to find the most intelligent people. NOW to Philippine standards, some may come close, but none of these ‘whatever you call them’ don’t come even close to being globally competitive in the real world. I’ve seen standards, I’ve seen things done the right way, I’ve met intelligent people and had conversations with them, and I’m from America GODDAMMIT, so you know I have! None of what I have mentioned have been detected so far. If Filipinos did not have the ability to hear, they might be more self-aware of their problems. They see shit, but are told it is chocolate. They see wrong, but are told it is right. They believe, but refuse to think for themselves. If Filipinos were deaf, I believe they will be better people today. It’s just my opinion.