Customer Service. It Just Doesn’t Exist In The Philippines.

“Traditional Pinoy Service”.  Have you heard that expression?  It really doesn’t exist in the Philippines.  Pinoy service is about the business making money and everyone else losing.  Many foreigners living in the Philippines can recount how difficult dealing with business is, it’s like a lot of businesses think it’s set and forget… setup a shop, stock it full of goods on consignment (so theres never any stock available out the back, just display stock), pay the staff a wage thats “unlivable”, don’t offer training and have no one left with any capacity to make a descision.

Lets look at a comparison of life in Australia vs the Philippines after a recent trip to Australia on holidays.

SITUATION 1 – I was buying two items on sale.  they scanned wrongly at $19.99 and not $14.99 as it

woolworths refund policyshould have been.  50% off.

Result – Sorry sir, we will give you the first item free and the second at the advertised price.  No questions asked, they just did it.  As you can see from the image, the price was adjusted accordingly – A WIN FOR THE CUSTOMER.  A WIN FOR THE BUSINESS as they have a happy customer.


SITUATION 2 –  Fruit was purchased and found to be rotten.  You can see the price of over $11 for papaya… lol, yes, thats how much fruit costs in Australia these days.  The shop was made at another branch – I took the fruit back to another shop and they didn’t ask a thing, took the receipt and gave me a refund card for the same amount.

returns card coles Australia

As you can see from the image, I got a refund.

– A WIN FOR THE CUSTOMER.  A WIN FOR THE BUSINESS as they have a happy customer.


Could you imagine this happening in the Philippines?

No… One could only fucking dream on!!

More likely the Filipinos would be faking dockets, taking back unused fruit and replacing it “old for new” or coming up with some way to get money out when they need to pay the next bill due.

Now lets look at my shopping experiences in the Philippines.

Example – 1 at Gaisano.  Can I have a price check on this item please.

Not listening she runs it through the register.

Huh? I asked for a price check.  Sorry sir, its been put through the register, I cannot issue a refund you have to pay for it.  Are you serious? those fucks once they ring something up claim that you have to buy the item.  Most likely it will be a deduction if you don’t buy it off their wage as thats how business treat staff.

Example 2 – in 7-11.  I bought a beer which was priced 48 pesos.  I put it through the register.  Thats 70 pesos sir.  It was imported beer :).  Ummmm your price sticker says 48 pesos for Bavarian ..blah.  The guy went over to the fridge .. and came back and said, its been changed now.  70 pesos sir.

Example 3 I went to buy an energy drink and saw a sticker saying 28 pesos on sale.  Yep, ill get that.  I gave a 100p after it was rung through the till and the change was given 30 pesos.  mmmm excuse me, whats this its 28 pesos not 70 pesos.  Yes.  Showed them the ticket item had 28 pesos.

Answer – thats the old stock, its been replaced and “sorry sir, we cannot issue refunds once its been entered into the register”.

The biggest piece of bullshit I have encountered in the Philippines is when the business is out of stock DOES NOT ADJUST PRICE.  And the worst thing is Filipinos don’t complain about this!! Can you believe they get fucked up the ass on a daily basis by business and pass it off as “thats business in the Philippines”.

Heres an example:

Jollibee – I went in and asked FOR A MEAL DEAL.  That includes a drink.  I got my meal which wasss paid for and theres no drink.

Me – wheres the drink? Thas part of the meal.

JB – Sorry sir we have no soft drink left.

Me – What? I paid full price for a meal deal.

JB – Yes.  … next

Me – What he hell, can you subsitute for an orange drink.

JB – Sorry sir we cannot.  Typical Filipino customer service, they don’t want to try and accommodate customers – they just are that fucking stingy.  No one wants to take responsibility for anything.

I jumped up and down and got a free orange juice – but theres no need to.  But happily the Jollibee crew were selling at full price meals devoid of drinks!!

This is what business does.  It has a set menu eg. a breakfast and then runs out of eg. tomatoes and wont add food to replace whats lost, they serve less and expect customers to pay full price — lol


Movie Cinema – There were two movies on.  There were two ticket lines.  My ex-gf went to the line with the movie poster of the movie we wanted to see.  She asked clearly for “xxx movie” but got the other one “yyy” which started in 2 hours!!

ssMe – I went to the counter and said you sold me the wrong tickets.

Cinema – yes sir, your supposed to stand in that other line.

Me – There was no signage there to say.

Cinema girl – well, you can walk around and ask people to buy the ticket as i cannot refund.

Would you believe after I raised my voice she burst into tears and then got the manager.  She plainly wouldnt refund and me thinks that if she had to give the ticket money back she would have it deducted off her wages as these stingy fucking filipino businesses operate.

……………………. I could go on how stupid Filipino’s are which I will detail in another post another aspect of Filipino stupidity.  So embarassing.

This is highly illegal what they are doing.  Seriously.  One of the conditions of the Philippines retail sales act includes mistake inside the shop, deceptive and misleading conduct etc.  Having the wrong sticker on a product is not only deceptive but its misleading and the customers are expected to wear the fuckups of these businesses.

In the Philippines – Business breaks the retail sales code of the Philippines all the time.  They are ripping people off and getting away with it.

For the customer its more lose in the Philippines.


(I lose – You Lose)

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    It amazes me how nobody on-site in any business big or small, has any ability, capacity, or authority to make any kind of problem solving decisions regarding customer complaints/issues. The only person with authority to make even the most simple, common-fucking-sense, no-brainer decisions (which should be common policy anyway) is the boss at the main office in Manila, to which you are told you will have to wait for such decision from the top, which can take weeks or months, and usually never comes at all, and you eventually walk away the loser anyway.

    It’s true. Businesses here make it painfully obvious that the customer should serve the business, and not the other way around. The customer should be grateful the business is there and puts up with them. The customer should shoulder all risks, and fuck anything remotely related to buyer confidence. Expect a fight when your product doesn’t work when you get it home, even though they fucking unsealed the package, opened it, fucked with it, plugged it in, and if the light went on, they deem it malfunction-free. Nevermind the store policy of 7 day return, that’s just there to get you to buy the fucking thing. When you bring it back the next day, you gotta listen to “But sir, we plugged it in and it worked before you bought it.”

    That’s another dumbfuckery. When a retail store unseals and opens a factory sealed product, pulls it out of the box and messes around with it, it is no longer “new”. It is now a “used” product. Any honest business that sells products, knows those products usually come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Why open the fucking thing????????????? If they get it home and it doesn’t work, they should just take it back!!!! Why would someone buy something if there is some devious scheme to return it for their money back, and end up exactly where they were just before buying it?????? What does anyone have to gain from that??????? Filipinos are so fucking STUPID!!!!!

    If it doesn’t work, return it for exchange or refund, very fucking simple. The retailer should be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s not fucking rocket science or brain surgery. This is simple shit that has been standard operating procedure for at least half a century nearly everywhere on earth.

    And that is why virtually everything in Philippines takes SO FUCKING LONG. Everything is bogged down by endless redundancies, non-necessities, steps and procedures that are in place for absolutely no good reason whatsoever……the stupidities blow the intelligent mind.

    The sheer dumbfuckery that goes on in retail here in Philippines just makes you facepalm. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even bother. It’s just not worth the frustration. So when I buy, I try to buy wisely, and know it’s a risk. After nearly a decade here, one just comes to the point of accepting the things he cannot change, and live with it. Don’t want to spend the rest of my days here all pissed off all the time over shit I know is going to happen anyway. It’s not the way I want to live. So just mark it up to the cost of living here.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      The whole testing thing before a product leaves the store is basically filipinos admitting how incompetent and untrustworthy they are. It’s like we’re so fucking corrupt and stupid we can’t even guarantee this product has made it from the factory without being tampered with by pinoys.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Can you even imagine asking a retailer in Australia or the USA to unpack a brand new TV and turning it on to prove it actually works, that’s what they have to do here as everyone knows warranties here are useless.
        My first time visit with the child bride to Australia I had to buy her a hair dryer , no problems I had it in 5 min in Kmart and at the check out counter, then had twenty minutes explaining to the child bride why I would or could take it without checking it out thoroughly.
        She was shocked when I returned something to the supermarket after getting home and finding an error on the bill, I returned to Woolworth’s (same company in story) and they fixed it without any argument. I took back my espresso machine to Aldi 10 months after purchase again she was stunned.
        I suppose the ingrained disbelief cant be re learned easily.
        Hairdryer still working, child bride happy.!!!!

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    “That’s the way we do it in the Philippines”

    Just saying “That’s the way we do it in the Philippines” isn’t justification, nor does it somehow make it less stupid.

    But that’s such an obvious explanation as to why problems are not addressed. Anything that is a problem gets no solution. It’s just added to the list of things that are “the way we do it in Philippines”.


    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author


      re: nobody – “has any ability, capacity, or authority to make any kind of problem solving decisions regarding customer complaints/issues. ”
      My friend was in a restaurant / night club. Had a bad asthma attack, couldnt breath.
      Staff – looked at each other and wanted to ask the manager for permission to ring the ambulance.
      Out they took my friend to the room out back. She was uncscious, they presumed my friend was drunk.
      Eventually someone took to a taxi and then went to th hospital where I met my friend
      but the guy that had some balls to get her to hospital gave every indication he wanted a tip for doing so.

      When someone is down THE VULTURES COME OUT
      Another friend who was drunk another time passed out
      the guards asked if they could have the remaining bottles of tiquila and spirits.
      the arsewipe waiters all hung around and asked for tips.
      the taxi driver said he wanted a higher taxi fare for carrying a drunk person.
      This is how Filipinos are — when theres someone in need … in a position needing help
      out come the Vultures, especially if theres a foreigner around.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Filipinos are worst than animals. At least the animals would attack a prey to satisfy a hunger drive. Filipinos would attack a prey, regardless of their relationships to that prey (sons/daughters, sisters, cousins, Kanos), not just to fulfill a hunger drive but just for the sheer purpose of greed, materialism and immorality. Not bad for a self-proclaimed “religious people” huh?

        The amygdala is the seat of emotion. Psychopaths and Socipaths lack emotion. They lack empathy, remorse, guilt,

        For anyone with an interest in science and criminal behaviors, scientists has now discovered that that part of the brain called the amygdala, showed a distinct thinning of the outer layer of that region called the cortex and, on average, an 18-percent volume reduction in this part of brain amongst Psychopaths and Sociopaths. Aversive conditioning (i.e. punishments) are not even enough to deter such anti-social behaviors.

        The researchers did point out that such personality disordered behaviors can be altered by environment. The problem in the Philippines is, whenever anyone throws a tampo, everyone ducks for cover and try and soothes the feelings of the tampoer. Therefore, we now see a generation of badly behaved adults with undeveloped minds/brains of children.


  3. Profile gravatar of Kuripotkano

    I don’t a actually live in the PI, so the bad service is more amusing to me. I have good luck with fast food like KFC, Jollibee, etc. Those private sit down restaurants are another story. The portions are so small that I feel hungrier than Mark Furman at a Black Panther BBQ. When you are treating 12-14 family members, the soda pop cost will kill you haha. However, those buffets are great when you have an Army of family members.

  4. Profile gravatar of Warlord

    Usually it is like this.

    Business in the Philippines operate like this.
    Foreigner = 50% higher or more in the bought product, no question asked, because Foreigner are rich people.
    Pinoy=Sale on the original prize because pinoy are not rich people.

    I would tell you how business actually work. But i’ll tell some of it.
    I ask my classmate currently employed in Jollibee you would be amaze on how laziness and stupidity was in our conversation.
    I ask him these things and he answered me this.

    I ask Mark what kind of jobs are inside the jollibee
    He: Dish, Cashier, Outside Cashier(The one operating on the drive through), Waiter of some sort, Mess Cleaner(One whom will go to the tables and clean it), and etc.
    And I ask him what job he is in.
    He: All around.
    And I ask him why do they give the costumer half their order and the other half of the order a minute or so later.
    He: Because the food needs to be cooked and other costumer needs to be given their order. And we have a priority list, and the order left list, etc.
    I ask him what about orders that was not given? Like example ice cream that was not given for like 20 minutes or so.
    He: It is the job of the people delivering or the waiters, and he even said that he hated one of our classmate also working in jollibee because he put way too much on food.
    I ask him why they don’t ask costumer like going to their table asking them if they want further items.
    He: It is not on my job and we should not do that because the customer need to order in the cashier. Because that is the only duty of the customer.
    I told him that “Would it benefit your work if you ask the customer further needs and giving them their full order instead of blaming others? Would that actually reduce the work needed instead of more work?”
    And he told me that I am inexperienced on this type of work so I cannot know the feeling.

    Well that is the end of the convo.

    But I did not tell him that I DID work on jollibee and I left because of heated fuck up co-workers whom are envy because of how I do my work.

    I walk in some costumers sitting or sometimes already in line and ask them their order, and just get the payment and type the codes on the register and gave them the change and receipt. And I’ll kindly tell them that their order will be 5-10 minutes while I give them water. And I do all the things instead of shouting in the intercom about the order that will take ages to process. So after 5 minutes and usually 8 minutes, I give the entire order to the customer, and sometimes the customer will give me a tip, and I do this every time in my work and even if I am on recess, I don’t mind going to the customers and asking them of their order. And usually someone will tell me that I should not do that because it was not part of my work or not my workstation or not assigned to me, and I don’t give a fuck about what they say. And because of how I do my work I usually manage to stand doing nothing and managing to rest, while the other fuckheads are trying so hard to give orders that could have been given much earlier if they focus enough. And someone usually yell at me because I am lazy. So after 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of doing nothing I go to the tables and ask the customers if they want something else.

    So after 1 week inside Jollibee, everyone told the manager on what I am doing, that I was lazy and whats more they told lies about how I over portion what I gave to the customers and other things, and I lost my job after that. So I left. I highly think that would also happen to my classmate Reyes because he do things I did, and now Mark (The person I interview) is angry at Reyes, and always yell at Reyes not to do what he was doing and Mark even said he would not hesitate on telling their managers.

    If I were their manager I’ll give Reyes a raise in his pay and kick Mark for being a total fucktard.

    This is a different jollibee branch but same attittude. What do you expect? Almost everyone here are a fucktard. Fucktard understand other fucktards while normal people will become notorious and must be eliminated by the fucktards. Normal thing in the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      No its simply their brain…they are the most jealous fuck minds ive ever meet in my private and business life.
      I deal with chinese people…all fine they are hard business partners want to drain each cent out, but they have a real etiquette and ive not yet seen that they are jealous about any other business man. Its more a motivation to them to get better.

      Japanese, the same absolute correct people and i would like to mention that nearly all Japanese I know are absolute honor able people.

      Thai, We all know that it was a place like the Phils in the past…but this is Past !! They have improved very much…

      Then the Phils… Same as you did describe with your JolliBee Story…They want to fuck each other straight up from behind into the ass…when someone is a bit better , someone belongs not to the stupid crowd. They want to destroy him / her …

  5. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

    I spent the good part of the morning trying to pawn some collectable gold coins in Cebu City, but had no luck. These coins are encased in plastic and certified by a company in the U.S., NGC, that certifies a lot of the U.S. mint gold coins. I went to Cebuana, M. luellier, and others, but to no avail… Everywhere I get the same answer, “Sir, we need to break the plastic”. I told them to just go to the website, and enter the serial number of the coin on the case, then you will see the image of the coin front and back,and further details. It just didn’t work. They just lack any common sense. Who is going to seal gold coins in hard plastic with a serial number with the phone number of the NGC on a hologram.. All they had to do was go to the website and check it out. No win- win.

    I even went to a local bread shop here and explained the situation to the owner who I thought was a friend, but who turned out to be ridiculous as I expected. She said she would try to help me out with my problem. So , she took a picture of the coins, and said that she will send it to somebody and let me know. OK, a few hours I come back and ask what happened. Somebody who is a business associate of hers said it “didn’t look real”. Better she just would have told me That she didn’t have money to lend; I could respect that more, instead of some cock and bull story.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      These people won’t accept a U.S. $100 bill dated 1990. They will say it’s too ole and they cant accept it. Ever try to spend a 20 peso bill that was torn in half and taped back together? No, NGC and PCGS are way too complicated for these people to understand.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I have a genuine Swiss Army watch valued at P20,000 that has a gold medallion on the band bringing the value to about P25,000. So one day for shits and giggles I went into a pawn to shop to look at gold rings, pearl necklaces and earrings. I noticed that one pearl necklace was selling for P120,000 so I thought I would try something. Went over to the staff who done the pawns, took watch off and asked how much pawn I could get for the watch. She takes the watch, looks at it and says they cannot loan money on it. I ask why and she says it’s too expensive. I thought it was interesting that they would take pearls in for maybe P40k to 60K and sell for P120,000 but a P25K watch was too expensive for them. Guess they prefer the fake Seiko watches you see everywhere.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    Like the out of stock part.

    In McD Iin Bohol there was always something out of stock but one time it was crazy. I went to cashier and tried to order:

    Me:One big mac…
    Cashier: Sorry out of stock
    Me: Hmmm ok I take a McChicken than
    Cashier: Sorry we dont have any burgers at moment
    Than I wanted to order some french fries for me and chicken for my wife.
    Me: Ok French fries.
    Cashier: We also dont have at the moment.
    Me getting pissed off
    Me: Ok than just chicken fillet with rice.
    Cashier: Im sorry we only have Chicken McDo with rice ( the one with bones)

    Conclussion they only had chicken McDo and spaghetti to order but still a lot of people inside. How did that happend? Ah yeah most filipinos going to McD ordering chicken with rice. Still remmeber my brothers-in-law face when he find out that in Thailand they not selling rice in McD.

  7. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    As far as the restaurant industry here goes I try to put myself in the shoes of the serving staff and I can understand why they don’t give a fuck about pretty much everything. Imagine if all day you served dishes in a nicer restaurant that cost 150-300 a plate. You’re pay for the entire day might be just 200. The disparity of the plate prices and what you’re going to actually get paid is insane. The restaurant could serve maybe 2-3 decent sized parties and have already made the wages for the staff for the ENTIRE day and the rest of the 16 hours they’re going to be open is purely profit for the owner at that point? That’s mind blowing really. I’d love to be a halfway decent business owner here. They practically just print money at the right establishments.

  8. Profile gravatar of G. Hueb
    G. Hueb

    I ordered a coke at a restaurant years ago, and before I took a sip I noticed there was a long greasy black hair in my glass, I called the waiter over and showed it to him, so he examines the glass for what seemed like forever…I think he was trying to figure out what his next move was going to be…finally I see the light bulb go on, “ah yes sir I see”
    then he pulls the hair out with his fingers, puts the glass of coke back down in front of me and walks away.
    If it wasn’t so funny I probably would have complained to somebody and asked for another, but not worth the rise in blood pressure, I was Audi 5000 and never going back again.

  9. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Their “Customer [Dis]Service” is reflective of the “live for today without any thought or regard about what will happen tomorrow” attitude. Lacking in intelligence, common sense, maturity, and foresight, those smooth-skinned baboons will simply do whatever they want today (lie, cheat, steak, drink, boink, murder, etc.) and not think about what the consequences will be tomorrow, much less six months, a year, or even more into the future. The list of reasons why I bailed from that poor-excuse-for-a-country would fill a library, but the “live for today” attitude ranks near the top of that list.

    With their businesses, they can just make flashy statements and promises of having excellent customer service, and how they care about their customers, just to get the business from the unsuspecting victim (oops, I mean customer). Then, just as a criminal caught red-handed would do, they will deny everything and lay the blame on you if something goes wrong. They don’t care because they got your money, and they don’t give a thought about future business and loyalty from a customer who they really cared for.

    But worse yet, they get away with it because the smooth-skinned baboons that they have as customers come to accept that kind of business behaviour. Here in the civilised world, any business with that kind of attitude will not survive six months.

    To me, there are few things more dangerous in this world than a person who does whatever he/she wants to today, without thinking about the future consequences for today’s actions. My dog has more sense than that.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      At least twice a week, my partner is on the phone arguing with some customer service idiot on the phone for an hour. I always share with him about how in the USA, you call customer service and the phone call lasts 2 or 3 minutes max, because they listen to your problem, and solve it quickly. If it can’t be solved on the spot, you’re offered a refund, or some kind of compensation. You don’t have to fight for it.

      First thing that happens when you call a customer service in Philippines is you get a long line of bullshit, denial of the problem, you get blamed for the problem, or you’re told they will “follow up” within 24 to 48 hours, which no follow up ever happens, because after 48 hours you have to call them back and go through the same fucking process again, and then told they will follow up in 24 to 48 hours, and this just perpetuates over and over again until you just give up.

      Real fucking brainless idiots.