Customer Service – Result?

I bought a condo in Makati “off plan” 5 years ago and it is now nearly ready for turnover.

The final payment is due November 26th 2013, but I am out of the country on business until December 2nd.

Alveo-1I emailed the Developer (ALVEO), to advise them that I was going to be away, but requested that in order not to delay the turnover process, could I come into their offices to sign the Deed of Absolute Sale and any other relevant documentation in advance, so that they can process everything, whilst I am out of the country.

That would then mean when I returned I can go straight to the condo and pick up my keys and move in. (Logic?)

To my surprise I got a response from their Customer Service Dept quoting a ref no, which said “yes you may come into the office to sign in advance”.

Wow, I thought, they are not so bad after all>

So yesterday, I went to their offices in BGC as agreed and after a short wait (by Filipino Standards), a young lady came out and said, we are sorry but you cannot sign in advance, as it is not within the companies procedures…surprise surprise!!

I then informed her that I had received an e mail with a reference number and after studying the email on my mobile she retorted, “Sorry Sir but the sender was not authorized to send the email”!

I then said WTF!!! you have just wasted an hour and a half of my time, just to tell me that you cannot process anything, until I am back in the country!!? So who is responsible for this?? Blank Stare….

“I can get the girl to come and explain to you, how this has happened” she said…”I know how the F*ck its happened” said I, “I don’t want excuses I want action, and anyway, who is gonna reimburse me with my Taxi Fare to get here??”

“Pardon” she said, and I repeated the question again “who is gonna reimburse me my 100Php for my wasted journey?”

One moment sir…..she returns with a 100 Peso Note and hands it to me…..I of course am absolutely gobsmacked! I cannot believe that I have actually had a result. The money of course is not that important to me, it was a matter of making them understand the principle, of sticking by what is agreed and acting on it that was important.

Anyway, I now have to wait another week after I return from overseas, for them to process everything, that’s another week of lost time, totally inefficient, but hey WTF.

I have no idea whether the girl that sent the mail, will have it deducted from her salary and quite frankly I don’t care.

This event of course is just one of the daily occurrences that happen to me, over the past 12 months since I moved here, most of them have already been covered by previous posters, so I am pleased I am not alone in this clusterfuck country.

Carry on posting guys I need a good laugh daily to retain my sanity.

Cheers for now.

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    Reminds me of a nightmare my cousin went thru buying a home in soldiers village in Alabang. The house cost two million and he put in another half million remodeling. My wife has some real estate experience and offered to help him thru things but he refused any help. He was rather new to the Philippines and thought he knew what he was doing. An American married to a Filipina. Anyway, he put a down payment down on the house and had a mortgage. The interest rate was very high. So after a year he paid off everything but 100K. The next year he pays the remaining balance and request his title to his property. Turns out the original real estate agent mortgaged his title to another bank after my cuz made the very large payment to pay down the balance to save on interest. Now the bank that holds his title claims they are the owners and he is is court trying to get his title. He still has possession but knowing the Philippine judicial system this is not going to turn out well.

    This same guy was riding his motorcycle at 2am in Muntinglupa when armed men pulled up next to him and forced him to give up his bike and wallet. He notified the police. They told him if he gave them 4000 pesos they would be able to get his bike back. So he gave them the money. He went to the police station the next day to get his bike. They said they needed another 4 grand. He gave it to them. Needless to say he is still walking today and has no bike to ride.

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    Alicia Cummings

    hello salcedodave you are lucky IF you got the title to your condo because a lot of people i know have not after fully paying for them, EVEN FOR LARGE REAL ESTATE COMPANIES IN THE PHILIPPINES, this also happens when you do bank loans, the bank will not turn over the title after you fully pay, they will ask for additional fees, yada yada yada, a lot of people i know lost money in the philippines (downpayments for condos) as upon turnover the terms suddenly change, this is common practice for even big real estate companies, to scam people