Cutting In Line: Is It A Filipina Thing?

It seems almost inevitably that when waiting in a line, someone will often attempt to ever so rudely and blatantly cut right to the front of the line. And 99% of the time it’s a female.

Have you ever been at the entrance of SM when there’s plenty of people entering? Is it my imagination, or do I get the impression that the females make an extra effort to bypass the line of people rudely and ignorantly shoving their way into the front of the line from the side? It’s like watching grown adults behaving like ill-mannered 5 year old children.

I was traveling by land/sea one time, and there was a crowd of people waiting to board the ferry. When they finally allowed entry, we had to pass through a small doorway through which there was a metal detector. I was completely shocked at the absolute measure of complete uncivilized behavior by these people of all ages and sizes. I was hesitant to even view them as people in that moment, but rather a crowd of hungry wild animals. They did not form an orderly line at all. It was more like trying to force grains of rice through a narrow funnel. It was shocking. I have seen more civilized and orderly behavior when observing a colony of ants, honestly. I’ve seen a crowd of 5 year olds behave more orderly and civilized!

I was squeezed in the middle, being pushed and shoved as I watched the crowd of people of all ages and walks of life (dare I say people?) feverishly try to shove their way to the front like a bunch of selfish 4 year old children with mindless discourtesy, and uncivilized aggression. UNBELIEVABLE!!

I shoved my way out of the crowd for fear I would be smothered to death and just patiently waited for the pathetic idiots behaving worse than wild animals to finish shoving and squeezing their way through the door.

I still got on the ferry, I still got a comfortable seat and there was plenty more empty seats, and I was the last one on the boat. And the boat didn’t leave for another hour afterwards. What was the hurry? What was the panick? What was the rush? What was the reason for them to act SO INCREDIBLY INHUMAN AND UNDIGNIFIED??? It really blows my mind.

But I got on the boat in a humanly dignified, respectful, courteous, and CIVIL manner.

I always take a taxi where ever I go, and that means waiting in line at taxi stands. I just don’t understand the absolute rudeness and mind-numbing ignorance when I often see women walk right past the line and attempt to get the next taxi as if they think they are somehow better than us lowly kababayan waiting in line. Maybe they think they are royalty? Nah, they’re just fucking stupid, rude, and unbelievably ignorant. But I always laugh my ass off (really, and I laugh loudly so they can hear me) when the taxi stand director stops them and sends them to the end of the line just like a kindergarten teacher does with their misbehaving students. At least it saves me from scolding them (which I will do if there is no attendant, and I won’t be very nice about it).

I will always give way to the handicapped and elderly. I think that is how we should care for them as a community. But when I see totally able-bodied people who think their shit doesn’t stink trying to cut in line, I speak up and tell them to open their fucking eyes and find the back of the line.  My time is just as valuable as theirs. Common courtesy and civility is not difficult to figure out. So add this to the list of evidence that Filipinos are NOT caring and loving people as seems they all claim to be. It’s just empty words and false claims which so easily come flowing out of their mouths. It’s another evidence of the illusions Filipinos give about themselves as a nation of people. Caring and loving people consider each other. Caring and loving people exercise at least a measurable level of common courtesy, consideration for others, civility and order as they go about their daily lives. But the moment I walk out of my house, all I see is filth, rudeness, discourtesy, disorder, unnecessary safety risks, absolutely no cooperation or courtesy in traffic, and the list can go on and on.

I walk out of my house, and I enter a world of behavior which can best be described as a land full of 5 year old children who have not yet learned to be courteous, considerate, patient, and caring. I see a nation of mindlessness and ignorance and irresponsibility and blame blame blame. I see and experience people who criticize each other for the exact same thing that they do themselves. It seems like everyone feels they are justified and have a good reason to lie, cheat, steal, or drag their fellow countryman down when they see them begin to succeed or gain. And nobody will take personal responsibility for their own actions or behavior.

And that’s what keeps you idiots stuck in the pit of corruption, poverty, and no progress. It’s not your corrupt government. It is the general mindset of the nation and the way you people think and act and see yourselves individually. Nobody thinks they themselves are corrupt because they feel they have good reason to be dishonest and corrupt, so they don’t view themselves as corrupt. They only see the corruption OUTSIDE of themselves while they view themselves as justified. And if they are found to be corrupt, it’s always someone else’s fault. There’s always someone else to blame. There is no personal responsibility or dignity. So you cannot possibly have a government that is not corrupt if the only people available to be elected into government are, by their very nature, corrupt.

Stop blaming your government. YOU elected them. BLAME YOURSELVES. YOU ARE A DEMOCRACY, YOU ARE SELF GOVERNING. Try ACTUALLY BECOMING CARING AND LOVING, instead of just pushing that stinky false claim out of your mouth like you push a fart out of your ass.

REMEMBER: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS. If your behavior and actions do not match what you say, then you are just a hot stinky puff of methane gas being pushed out of an ass hole.

If you want the world to believe that you are “caring and loving people”………SHOW IT TO THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR ACTIONS AND BEHAVIOR, DON’T JUST BLOW MEANINGLESS, EMPTY PROCLAMATIONS FROM YOUR MOUTH. Because the world is not HEARING what you say. The world is WATCHING WHAT YOU DO.  This blog is truthful and an accurate representation of what the world SEES about your country. When are you going to learn this?

Your lives could be IMMENSELY IMPROVED with little or no expense if only you would just change your minds a little. It’s truly sad.

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    1. filofail

      hahahaha!! Yeah, exactly! Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing. I blend in physically, but certainly not vocally. I speak up, stand up, and I never just bend over and take it in the ass like the natives. Oh the looks I get…as if I’m wrong for calling them out on their ignorance and rudeness!

  1. justjabari

    I think this is probably my #1 issue during my day to day activities in the Philippines. Going to get medicine or ANYTHING at Mercury Drugs inevitably always ends up with me getting totally pissed at the lack of discipline and concern for the fellow human being. Fall in line sir…”WHAT F^%^& LINE??!!”. And like you said – the only reaction is the blank stare from everyone. amazing…

    1. filofail

      utter discourtesy for their fellow countrymen, complete unashamed ignorance, and completely a “me first” attitude. It’s almost inhuman. Kindergarten students behave better. Such idiots.

  2. Carlos Vander

    I have been to the Philippines 3 times.
    Yes the things you write here are true. So true it makes me laugh.
    Seems to me that living there is making you a little frustrated. Even a week there makes me go a little insane.
    The lack of logic ( To my friends I call the Philippines the land that logic forgot) is so frustrating and even when you explain how things can be done so much easier you get that blank stare from the locals like what you say does not make sense to them.

    Other things that make me wonder about filipino logic.

    1. Why do we as tourists have to line up 2 or 3 times just to buy a ticket for a ferry,
    first you buy your ticket then you line up again and buy a terminal fee then you line up again to pay some other stupidity tax. Its called wasting time and yes usually older filipina’s cut in line then seem to want to chat to the ticket seller for ages.
    I have seen ferries leave half capacity just because of the total inefficiency of this pathetic system.
    How about just selling one ticket with all the fee’s built in?
    Oh yeah then the corrupt bastards with their hand in the till won’t be able to get their take so easily…thats why..
    Same goes for airports…paying different fees went out in almost all civilized countries in the 80’s. Now every fee is built into one ticket price.
    Explain that to a filipino and all you get is a blank stare.

    2. Try travelling with a filipina female internationally.
    Even though the Philippines is a democracy and the people are supposed to be free
    If a filipina decides she wants to travel to another country solo or with another person the immigration in the Philippines seems to automatically assume that they are going to become a prostitute in another country and therefore denies them the ability to leave the country.
    They even have to pay to do some bullshit certificate before they travel that is supposed to warn them against the dangers of selling their ass internationally.
    Try this on any female in another civilized country and all hell would break loose.
    So the reality is that the Philippines government see all their females as prostitutes and therefore treat them as such.
    But if the female has a job in another country being paid slave wages as a maid or carer then the government say ” hey thats ok …send your money back to us ok”.

    Oh hell i could go on forever…

    It really makes me sad that such a beautiful country is run by tyrannical retards and the people just go along with it like stupid farm animals.

    Keep up this blog…someone needs to get the message through to them.

    1. filofail

      I have always wondered the same thing about all the travel fees. Everywhere else in the world, terminal fees, transfer fees, boat fees, everything is all worked in to one ticket. I guess they must not be very good accountants.

      Filipinos do not have any sense of convenience or courtesy to each other. They seem to have no sense of time, nor place any value on their time. Just to do a simple transaction at a bank, you need to reserve half your day, because when you get there, you’re going to spend at least an hour in line, because every customer spends about 15 minutes at the counter, even for the most basic transaction. It’s mind boggling! Just no sense of courtesy for their customer’s time. And nobody complains. They just bend over and take it in the ass.

      1. Profile gravatar of richmess

        I’ve ranted about a collective lack of self-esteem. I know we all bend things to fit our own pre-conceptions, but this does seem to be part of the evidence. No one objects, no one says anything. They don’t seem to think they have a right.

        Driving to Subic, we stopped and paid a toll fee. It seemed to be less than 100 metres later that we stopped and paid another silly amount. When I asked the driver if they could have put the two toll booths into one, and rounded the fee to a more convenient amount, he looked at me in total non-comprehension.

  3. Nusquam Humanitus

    Ya, I got fucked on the travelling fees, as I was not notified as to their existence! It’s all about the moola. Where the fees go, nobody knows? The system has been severely broken for so long, it’s going to take a miracle (pun intended) to fix it!

    Time, courtesy,convenience and normal values fly out the window when a people feel they have no vested interest in their surroundings. I’m not criticizing you or trying to invalidate your ideas or this blog. Let’s go back 60 years and hypothesize the following question – What if every (most) citizen in this country had the opportunity for gainful employment and the corruption was minimal? Do you believe you would see the society you are now experiencing in this country?

    Also, who is really in control of the Philippines? Is it really the individuals working in Manila? The use of “working” might be a stretch in this case.

  4. Profile gravatar of richmess

    I don’t see it as just a Filipina thing. In my experience, males do it too.

    As a Brit, I’ve long had to contend with people who suggest we queue for everything. Well! In my book queuing is a mark of civilisation. In the Arab world, in the Indian sub-continent … all over the world, effective queuing is often notable by its absence.

    So, what I am saying is that I don’t see it as a uniquely Filipino thing. But there is something different here. I’m not sure that I’ve got it, but I think it is something to do with self-esteem. Other places, the lack of respect for a queue seems to be about scrabbling to get to the front. In situations where time, bread, cash … whatever! … might be a scarce resource, people scrabble to get to the front, to get their share.

    Here, in the Philippines, it seems to be something else. I could try to hypothesise why, but there seems to be a collective lack of self-esteem. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it is very difficult to accord due respect to others. If you have low self-esteem, why shouldn’t you bring somebody else down. You’re crap, so why shouldn’t they be crap too? I think that extends to queuing too.

    Though it wasn’t exactly a queue, I can’t resist a story. Walking through a mall, a guy a few feet in front of me was stood still, reading a pamphlet, in the middle of the thoroughfare. It was very crowded, I was just about to move round him, when he took a step forward without raising his head and looking where he was going. Instinctively my hands came up, met his biceps, and I stopped him in his stride and prevented him banging into me. I then moved to the side and moved on. He turned at me, barked something. I turned, smiled, made an open, palms up gesture and said ‘Sorry, but you stepped forward without looking where you were going’. He glared at me some more and then said, with real venom in his voice, ‘I DON’T CARE’.

    Stuffing hell! What a way to behave! I’m not qualified to say this, but it seems to me to be something to do with self-esteem. If you are confident in yourself, if you don’t feel you are going to be harmfully diminished, you have no problem saying ‘I’m sorry’. The Philippines is not the only country where I have had to ask if that phrase exists in the language.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    I have always believed that this entire country is operating on the intelligence level of a 5 year old. whilst not meaning to insult the average 5 year old European !.

  6. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    The two Filipinas in the gondola took up half the seating, designed for 8. They chattered loud and long the entire ride and then tried to push past me and my kids to leave first. I denied them this with my bulk and evil stare. Then waiting to get the photos taken earlier, they pushed to the front of the line! Blatantly! I told them to get back to the end and wait. They gave me the hurt, offended puppy look you all know so well. I mean it was my fault they felt embarrassed, right? Then they tried to push in again, this time at the cafeteria. In the Philippines? No, the Singapore Flyer ferris Wheel.

    They do it not because of a lack of self-esteem as richmess suggest. I believe it is because they believe they are better and higher on the social pecking order than those ahead of them. They scope out the line and if the people ahead are darker skinned, look poorer or less educated they know they (who do lack self-esteem) will not say boo. If they saw someone they felt was their social superior then they won’t try it on.

    The reason the vehicles have such dark tint on the windows is so they don’t have to make eye contact and acknowledge the other driver is their equal or higher up. This way they can barge in and ignore indicators and law abiding drivers and do as they please. Look at the ‘wang-wang’ sirens and lights of self important rich locals and their attitude of bullying poorer drivers out of their way.

  7. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

    I’ve always liked to put my hand on the shoulder of woman, man, or child (occassionally ladyboys) to say “There’s a line, and at the back is your place”.

    I get a split second stare and off they go to the back of the line. I think as foreigners, we also have to be the educators. And in some cases, slappers.