Darwinism, Filipino Style

Man, doesn’t that picture say it all?   Self inflicted maiming, dejected friends dragging your ignorant ass into a hospital where you will likely spend what little money the family has saved over the previous year?  Welcome to New Years Eve Filipino style.


After three years of traveling to the hell hole known as the Philippines I experienced my first New Years Eve there on this last trip.  The day starts with dirt poor buggers blowing horns and noisemakers of all sorts with constant firecrackers going off to scare away evil spirits.   The death toll was only one, a drunk that lit a huge firecracker called Goodbye Earth or Goodbye Philippines then hugged the firecracker until it exploded.   Around 380 were maimed, down from 1000 last year due to the light rain that fell in many areas.

Normally our gated subdivision is quiet, rarely even a radio blaring but on New Years Eve it was a madhouse with competing radios and loudspeakers and firecrackers going off non stop.  Around 11 pm it peaked, the worst being the strings of firecrackers thrown up on the metal tile roofs.  Around 2pm it started tapering off, right in time for getting up for the 4 am trip to the airport.

Thousands were left homeless in Manila alone as squatter shacks were burned to the ground after a single rocket landed in an empty hovel.   Across the nation as many as 200 other shacks were burned as well.

As I left before daylight I wonder how much more additional trash is left littering the nation until it washes down into drains and out into the rivers and bays.  Other superstitions are to leave as many lights on as possible, open all the doors, windows, cabinets, and drawers to let in good luck, filling your wallet with as much money as you can, throwing money into the air at midnight to ensure prosperity, cleaning and working hard the next day to bring an industrious year, buying and eating as many fruits as you can afford,  and eating sticky rice on New Years Eave.

Industrious… wow, considering the amount of paid holidays that last week that is pretty silly.   They get Christmas Eve off, Christmas Day, then Saturday is worked if you are in the private sector, Sunday off, then you have two days of work on Monday and Tuesday, then off for Rizal Day on Wednesday, then off again on Thursday for New Years Eve, and of course off again on New Years Day.  And we aren’t done, another special non working day on January 2nd.  From the 24th of December till January 4th, eleven days, there is exactly three days work and the rest is paid holidays.  And the morons wonder why wages are low.

There is a total of eighteen paid holidays for those that follow the law along with the five days of service incentive leave, 23 days out of the year, nearly a month’s work lost per year for businesses.  Couple that with the 13th month bonus you pay each year and you have two months wages added to your annual expenses.  Zero productivity between the 24th and the 4th of January as most of the government offices are shut down or people are missing the two days of government work.

But they clean the house the next day so they have an industrious year?  Some of them anyway, some believe that cleaning will clean out the  good luck earned by all the noise making and superstitious practices.


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  1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    As they are not very industrous when they are at work the difference should not be too big! Their production ability are so dysmal that most work improves when they have holiday!;-)

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I read where there was over a 1000 injuries and 2 dead. Of course you will never know thre truth here…. One idiot said the lord helped us through new years!!!

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Manila was shut down for a week due to Apec,, People were walking many kms to get to work.
    Then the weekend cam along and another holiday on Monday.!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Imagine you are trying to get your Visa extended during that time? You’d be in violation and now they want to lock up foreigners for simple and minor violations. In other countries, it would be a small penalty, but now the corrupt BI is using it to detain and extort money from foreigners.

  4. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Many of you know that there is an ongoing debate and controversy between “Creationism” (the belief that there is a God who created the Earth, etc.–a.k.a. “Intelligent Design”) and “Darwinism” (Evolution). I do not wish to get into a debate over which of these two might be true (this is not the forum for that issue), but after the many visits I had to The Land of Imbeciles, I don’t know what to believe. The more flips that I met over the years, the more I questioned Intelligent Design; but then again, if Evolution is true, then the flips would have been washed out of the Gene Pool many many years ago.


    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Snake, how can you wash out the Flip gene pool when their favorite past time is sex? Believe you me, they don’t even wait till they have proper privacy or proper rooms to “do it” with. Behind a coconut tree will do. Or in a toilet cubicle by the beach, or inside a fishing boat, or the cemetery, to name a few, the Flips will do it. The crocodiles and the cockroaches will become extinct first before the Pinoys will!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        In my hood there many hovels cobbled together by God knows what. Rusted corrugated steel roofing,, termite infested wood.. many of them ,, I would not put a dog in,
        The only successful thing these morons do is to procreate themselves many times over!!
        How they do it in a small hovel is beyond me!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy
      Idiotocracy Post author

      “but then again, if Evolution is true, then the flips would have been washed out of the Gene Pool many many years ago.”

      Uh, you need to rethink the frequent Manila floods. Brown water, brown things bobbing around, that is God flushing the damn toilet after the stench gets too bad.

      God is a busy dude but he is doing what he can.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I always say its the 2nd flooding and God would ask one Filipino to build an arc, but he can’t find an honest one to reach out to. Also, they’ve killed pretty much all the animals other than stray dogs/ cats.
        I actually think the Philippines is like an “idiocracy”. If you’ve ever seen the movie you would understand, but if you haven’t the plot is just like the Philippines. All the smart people either left or died out as the stupid people reproduced the most.

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          Talking about the movies there 2 or 3 which is pretty good which didnt good popular here but they did abroad. Some of them even got some prices. Metro Manila, On the Job or Kinatay which showing the reality here. Im wondering why nobody knows those movies here in PH? 🙂 The movies are actually good, and you will understand why they got prices abroad but not in the PI. You can find them on the internet free with eng sub.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            The only decent Filipino movie I saw was OJT. I went through a movie phase when trying to learn Tagalog. Outside of that, I couldn’t stomach them any further cause they were so bad, even if I couldn’t understand the dialog, I could just tell from the awful acting how terrible they were.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        The only thing Filipinos are good at making,,,, is more filipinos. Seriously, what else do they do well? What else do they produce or export? They simply produce and export Filipinos. Nothing else.