Dealing With Tradespeople

I know many cases of people getting ripped off by tradespeople in the Philippines.  Hey whats new, its common in the west..  but take a look on some of the forums and you’ll see just how shoddy the work is in this country when it comes to building maintenance, plumbing and electrical work especially.

Check these examples of “workmanship” out I found online – That was a real fix for the plumbing problem.  Yep, the plumber did that.


Another example –

THE PROBLEM – exposed wires put together with plain black tape which made sparks for the person concerned when they had a shower.  We all know water and electricity don’t mix right?


THE FIX – The electrics were put through a pipe and a twining was suspended from ceiling by placing a screw into the ceiling to keep the unit propped up.


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    Captain PFB

    Yeah, get Globe or PLDT to install a new line and they run the small, thinly insulated wire along the outside of the building where in a year or two it will become weathered, cracked, and brittle, and soon fail, tacking it with concrete wall staples, then cut a hole in your fucking window screen and run it into the house that way. Now you can’t completely shut your window because it will crimp and possibly damage the wire.

    I’m talking supposed “professional” companies like Globe and PLDT! These “installers” always take the shoddiest, most amateur route.

    What a bunch of typical god damned idiot Filipino morons.

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      Don Quixote

      The child bride is ringing all over the world for bugger all fees using her facebook account.
      Sort of like Skype and Magic Jack.
      Apparently she can talk to anyone with a facebook account.
      I don’t do Facebook so as anyone else heard of this shit?????
      Telling Globe and PLDT to fuck off would be great.
      The Don

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        Yes,, you can do that, my 16 year neice foned me one time on face book,, This old man did not what the hell was going on.. ???
        I have not figure dit out yet??

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          Yes, but depends on your internet speed. So once again, like SKYPE, useless for the Failippines. At least I tried to call my Aunt using my SKYPE, very poor connections that kept dropping off. I finally gave up and now just use my monthly phone credits.

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          See? Another good reason to keep Sarah around. The young one can tell us how to use the modern tech. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what an HDMI outlet does. Don’t know why though as don’t have an HDMI cord anyway.

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            I hope you are joking about HDMI?

            If not, how are you old farts even posing on here? lol

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Not joking. I go to say Octagon and ask only to get the blank stare. Anyone I ask say they don’t know. You would figure that people working in a comp store would be able to answer that question. I never claimed to be tech savy.

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            Back to apples and oranges again, lol. It’s not for internet connection. HDMI is for sending HD to your HD TV (They all have HDMI input). HDMI ports are pretty standard on computers starting around four years ago. I searched high and low for the HDMI WiFi receiver so I won’t have to use the HDMI cord (plugs into the back of the TV), for one at the malls, including Octagon, no go. I guess I’ll order from Lazada or grab one next time I’m in the U.S.

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          Callcentric is a good VOIP for those calling Canada/U.S., 1.5 cents a minute and no connection charge, you can get a free number and you can opt out of the 911 charge. Seems to work better than Skype for voice only calls.

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      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      Before I permit those retarded sacks of shit which they call “technicians” to enter my home, I conduct a tool inspection. If they lack the required tools to do the job, they are told to leave, and return only when they have the correct tools. In fact, when I call a telco they are told that their staff will not be permitted to enter my premises if they come ill-prepared for the job. My guess is that I turn away about 75% of the people who come to my door.
      Once they are inside, all exits are locked. The “technicians” are not permitted to leave until they have rectified the problem. Makes for some pretty interesting confrontations sometimes.
      Most of them deserve a good fucking hiding. Imbeciles.

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        ”Most of them deserve a good fucking hiding. Imbeciles”
        The ossie bogans would take off their thongs and ”give them a good thogging”. hahahhah

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    FHPS Post author

    I had 3 “technicians” from globe turn up just to give me a modem and plug it in and check the connection 🙂

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      Don Quixote

      Three guys ,and Ill bet it still is not right, my neighbor has Globe he has been fighting with them for two years trying to get the connection right. He needs the land line for his Magic Jack. Or he would be wireless like me.
      My wireless that PLDT told me four years ago, would not work in my area on SBMA. Still working better than his land line.
      PLDT said they needed to install a land line at my expense.
      I told them there is a line there if they want to just connect to that existing line.
      BUT SIR we need to install a new one. BUT WHY ??????? BUT SIR YOU NEED A NEW ONE, BUT how do you know ??do you have ESP ??? Do I get a discount if the existing one is used.???? After she stopped laughing I realized it is about paying the money if you need to or not.
      Yup happy with the wireless, it does everything I need internet for.
      Wireless Mobile and Computer. NO CONTRACT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same in Australia.
      I support Aussies we invented the wireless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Loud and Proud Aussie.
      The Don

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    Phil Doh

    Calling them tradespeople is doing a disservice to real tradespeople who are actually qualified and take pride in their work. I once stayed a shitty resort where some dumbfuck had hung the fan on the wall without measuring the distance of the plug to the socket. It was a few inches short. He could’ve easily of taken it down and drilled new holes a bit lower, but nah fuck it just leave it.

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    I’m so fucking stressed right now, I could kill an army of useless fucking Flip fucking “tradesmen”!!!

    So my new fence is up. I got Auntie to send pics before I pay them the balance of their wages. The posts were made of concrete because of termite problems there and the carpenters had to form them. Well, what did I see? Such a fucking rough job a group of kindy kids could have done a better job!! But that’s OK. It’s the Failippines we’re talking about. I can accept rough jobs, that’s to be expected. But what I refused to accept are the missing chunks of my brand new concrete posts!! I asked dumb-as-a-bag-of-shits Flip Aunt what happened to the concrete posts? Why the missing chunks? “oh, the rain washed them away” . WTF??????? So, the rain washed them away, which means they implanted the posts while they were still damp? So I demanded to dumb-as-a-bag-of-shit Flip Aunt that the carpenters (and that’s a fucking joke to call them fucking carpenters!!) to make sure they fix the missing chunks of concrete before I pay them the rest of their money! Useless fucking cretins!!

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      There’s concreate and there’s concrete. This is the first place I lived where you COULDN’T put a hole in the wall with just a nail at the end of a stick. These walls are really solid concreate. Unless you try to drill a hole in the wall how do people buy property here and know if they are getting something that’s solid or something that crumbles easy under little force? Once went to stack some blocks left over in a yard to an out of the way area. Couldn’t move and stack them anywhere, they crumbled just picking them up.

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        I really regretted getting this fencing done when I am not there Biggie. I thought dumb Aunt would do the right thing by me, but she did not. She allowed the low-lifes to charge me Kano price for a shit job. And this is the 2nd fence for this property. I had this fenced off in 2012. Different carpenter, same crap shit job who also charged me Kano price. Just can’t trust these low life bastards! This will be the last time I’m throwing good money over bad. I really just need to secure it to 1) keep the damn squatters out, 2) keep the neighbor’s fucking goats! 3) stop the neighbors dumping their garbage on my land.

        “Unless you try to drill a hole in the wall how do people buy property here and know if they are getting something that’s solid or something that crumbles easy under little force?”

        Funny you say that. I was offered a block of land in Northern Cebu last time I was there on holidays. The block of land was not quite vacant – kind of. It has no house….but in it is a pile of rubble from a 2 storey house that cracked during an earthquake in October 2013. Then typhoon Yolanda came and finished the house off, turning it into what is now a pile of rubble which I would have to clean up if I decide to buy the land – NOT!

        I will never buy or build a house in the Philippines. If I do get tempted (and I do sometimes dream of living in the mountains), it would have to be made a nipa hut, cheap and only lasts 3-5 years. By then I’d probably have enough of the RP anyway.

        Some of my Kano friends who bought townhouses and condos (and they’re overpriced for the pieces of shit that they are), are now doing repair jobs 3-5 years later. I’d rather keep the house that I now rather than spend $35,000 on a pokey condo that I could not sell down the track.

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          You know there might be another issue here right?
          This is just typical of Filipino culture and no reflection on your aunt. However, Filipino culture always estimates the cost of a project with Quality A materials, but in turn Quality D materials are used the the head of the project usually pockets the difference. Might be something to look into.

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      ””oh, the rain washed them away”
      To Sarah.
      That is a novel excuse. I suppose dip shit aunt expects you to believe that lie.
      Our neighbor’s ”pozzo negros” or septic tank was full. So instead of hiring people to empty it out, she gets a pipe hooked up into our sewer line for grey water. We did not knwo this at the time.
      So, the wife is going to install a new sewer line. Of course we find the ”extra connection. Finally the cheap ass neighbor empties her septic tank out. Fucktards of the highest order.
      Then our houses have adjoining walls,, side by side. ( we all know where this is leading up to)
      So the neighbor’s wall is leaking water. So she gets the local, ugly tumabuays to install some more onion skin cheap ass gutters. I told her it is not my fault , i was not here when it was built.
      Sooner or later the truth will come out whether it does you any good, idk.
      One of the benefits (????) of knowing some of the good filipinos in this country is that you can ask the history of the houses around you.
      No man is an island
      Take care to all.. The immigration is knocking doors like the naziz in the 30’s
      Hang me dead Al

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    I visited a friend of mine today. His daughter was being tutored by a local teacher..
    One of the Math problems was figuring out ”how many meters”’ of fencing to buy for a 4 1/4 meter by 6 3/5 meter fence???? This was the part of figuring fractions.
    Well, the ”teacher” could not figure out that you need to multiply 4.25 by 2 (width) and 6.6 m by 2 (length) and add up the total of the 2 answers. The student multiplied the width times the length which gives you you the area!!!! The teacher thought was the correct answer.
    Just like talking to a cat.

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      Al, I was shopping for vinyl flooring last year. I asked the salesboy how much per meter. Out he came with his measuring stick and quoted me so many pesos per feet!!!! I told him “I thought the Philippines uses the metric system? Why are you gving me prices in imperial measurement?”. Blank look. I think he was stumped. I am sure he did not know the difference between metric and imperial. What the fuck do they teach these kids at school? Oh, that’s right…..fucking singing and dancing!!

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    Most sales people here are on 6 month contracts from a labor contractor.. Henry Sy does not waste money on employee bennies.’
    Soooo,, they are trained or really do not give a fuck about what they are selling..
    Oh, if you dont like it, go to another store with the same pos’s or leave the country