Dear International Media: Stop Destabilizing the Philippines 

It’s something which has been discussed on here many times – Filipinos cannot take criticism and will do anything to deny and deflect, often in the most absurd and comical ways. Example being the child in chief’s recent tantrums bringing up US and European atrocities from at least 70 years ago to justify his right to murder now.  Classic pinoy logic.

Ever willing to jump to his defense whenever he embarrasses himself internationally, his cult followers have this completely retarded campaign going: 

JOIN US! Let our voices be heard. The International Media should STOP destabilizing our country. Show your support and SHARE your photos with us!
#DuterteFIGHT #partnerforchange #CNN #BBC #AlJazeera #RT #CCTV #TheGuardian #ABC 

Ah of course, the rest of the world understands now. It’s not the president alienating the country from the US, EU, UN etc and encouraging people to go out and commit murder which is destabilising the country. It’s those reporting the facts who are to blame. 

I guess the irony of them using cardboard and marker pens to get their point across would be lost on them.

Boycott TIME Magazine. Do not Buy. Unsubscribe. This is our PROTEST until they apologize for a bigoted cover story. Let the true voice of the Filipinos be heard! Let them know that we are disappointed. Kindly SHARE this post.

Like this is going to have a major effect. How many Filipinos even buy Time Magazine? If anything it will only drive up sales out of people’s curiosity.


The world hears you loud and clear, and everybody’s laughing at you.

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    1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
      Rice Ganda

      I hate to be a party pooper, but “destablising” is actually the correct British English spelling….
      That aside, I really don’t know how it is possible to destablise a country that has never,ever, been stable in the first place.

      1. Profile gravatar of Newq

        This reminds me of the “call shot” rule in 8-ball pool. Well just a little segue I used to play pool in college but never got to be good at it, and this game immediately crossed my mind when I read the above comments so excuse me for making a short story long. Anyway the call shot rule requires you to declare which pocket you intend to put the target ball into before taking each and every shot. It means you’re not taking any credit for “successfully” putting a ball into the right corner pocket after calling to put it into the side pocket. Fair enough rule, isn’t it?

        Now as I look at the people in those pictures I don’t think they intended to write the word in question using British spelling. After all they were taught American English spelling in Philippine schools. So I think their guilt of self-destabilization by misspelling (as Penance accused them of) is sustained.

      2. Profile gravatar of Penance

        Have to side with Newq on this one as well, as I would have said it if he hadn’t. Don’t see a lot of British influence in the English around here. Besides, it’s easier to swallow that they’re being idiots at anything they do.

        1. Profile gravatar of Lily

          Hi I’m new here. But I’ve been reading this blog for almost 2 months. Honestly, I’m not even offended or mad about your stories about the Filipinos because they happened to my family or someone I know. 🙂

          “The world hears you loud and clear, and everybody’s laughing at you.”

          I am a Filipino BTW and I am laughing with you. The starter of that ‘campaign’ was Sasot (try searching her in Facebook) a blogger turned political analyst and a STAUNCH supporter of the child in chief. She even dared to debate a human rights attorney, some journalists and anonymous anti-duterte bloggers. The human rights attorney took up her challenge. Long story short, she chickened out on the conditions set by the HR attorney.

          1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh Post author

            Yep, she threw down the gauntlet and it was accepted using common debate standards with neutral judges, but she made some ridiculous demands where she insisted on filipino politicians. Like they’d even know who she was.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Saying filipino politicians is wrong. She wanted duterte ass kissers to be the judges. Her demands were nothing more than trying to save face and say since they refused her demands they are scared to debate her.

          3. Profile gravatar of Lily

            She is just showing off. She didn’t expect anyone to take her challenge. Just like her president, laban-bawi.

        2. Profile gravatar of Lily

          Sasot explained that they will be using British English because they are boycotting US products. Funny, not a few days after the EU Parliament called out the murders and the child in chief told them ‘f*ck you.’

          1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            I find that British English creates even more confusion, almost requiring a Second Level of translation! – One of my Car Registrations has a ‘Z’ in it – If I say ‘Zed’ rather than ‘Zee’ I get Blank Looks! ‘Three-Quarters’ (Rather than ‘Three Fourths) also goes right over their heads! Yet the use of words such as ‘Thrice’ and ‘Bifurcate’ (Victorian English) are common! – Don’t even get me into Building terminologies which include the ‘Elf’ as a Unit of Measure!

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            What do you expect? I mean there is liter/litre, meter/metre just to name a few. Then we have our Aussie friends like Angel and Sarah driving on the wrong side of the road. But seriously it’s my son who will have a problem later in life. I named him before I knew any Brit slang. His name is Randall and here’s his problem. He goes out and meets a Brit or Aussie girl and they ask his name and he says “I’m Randy”.

          3. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            @oldnavyfart I wouldn’t worry about your son’s name Mike – He will probably be given a ‘Yard Name.’ Flips do not get along with British English! – Some of them (Misguidedly) attempt to correct me! Plus, they are equally as bad at giving their kids ‘Unfortunate Names!’ – My Business Partner is called ‘Olive’ even though he is Male! (Born during Typhoon Olive) I also work with a Structural Engineer called ‘Perfecto Jacolan!’ (Perfect Wank)

  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I wonder how many countries have now listed the Philippines as an unsafe region of the world to travel too.
    Now they have declared a STATE OF LAWLESSNESS .
    I will check but I will just assume that most countries will take the child at his word that it is lawless and advise NON TRAVEL TO THE PI.
    How will that affect the economy??????????

    1. Profile gravatar of Lily

      As far as I know, US, UK and Canada has already issued travel warning. Cayetano the lapdog just declared a contrasting statement: The PHL is now in a STATE OF SAFETY, like Singapore. I was like ‘dafuq’. de Lima took a swipe at the president and his lapdog calling them ‘oxymoron with emphasis on MORON’.

      The child in chief just told investors to go away. Yeah, his supporters keeps on comparing PHL to JPN and SG but couldn’t care less if peso and PSEi spirals down. oxyMORON indeed.

  2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too.

    These fucking morons make me nuts sometimes. Their absolute refusal to take responsibility for their own actions and their routine blaming others makes me crazy.

    They are in violation of their own Constitution by killing people THEY SUSPECT are criminals. Media reports it, media is to blame for destabilization.

    How purely Filipino. Fucking brainless idiots. All of them.

  3. Profile gravatar of Raykyogrou03

    I think what they mean by this is that the international media directly takes headlines published by Philippine news channels instead of verifying the information.

    Specifically, Duterte was holding some press conference and someone from the media asked what he would do if someone asked him about human rights/extrajudicial killings/drugs etc. at the summit. Duterte responded by saying “like who?” The guy suggested “like Obama” And then Duterte responded by saying some stuff about respect and independence whatever. Then he started talking about how some highly-opinioned columnists (in the Philippines) publish these pieces saying that the Philippines is basically the lapdog of the states and then followed up with saying that he will curse at Obama during the summit if he asks questions about the extrajudicial killings. his exact statement? “Putangina mo, mumurahin kita sa summit” translation, “Fuck, I will start cussing at you..” What I’m basically saying is that the local and then international media translated “putangina” as “Son of a bitch” which is technically one of its translations but not in this case because the context is entirely different. It’s like taking the Dutch word “klootzak” and translating it as “scrotum” or “ballsack” (literal meaning) when “asshole” is actually meant. So no, he didn’t call Obama (in that particular press con) a son of a bitch/whore.

    See here also a report from CNN with footage of the press conference where they conveniently cut out the part before the infamous line:

    See here the full press con (part at 6:20):

  4. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    My sister in law (Cebuano) works for Wells Fargo. Anyone stateside has heard about the major brouhaha regarding the fake accounts. Of course my sister in law claims “oh that’s only southern Cal” and then San Francisco recently does not renew their contract with WFB. Hell my sister in law tried to get us into some screwy account when my wife and I were first married….after all these years still trying to deflect and lie…and my brother is oblivious….I think he may be on to something…if he can survive with his head in the sand and basically live separate lives under the same roof…well more power to him…sigh…I will stay single…djbuett (of Stupid Lunch 1&2 fame)