Deluded Filipinos

So often when filipinos post comments here, they are usually always juvenile reactions, like children arguing in a playground.

Here’s an example: “uncivilized and a sick foreigner like you is not welcome in our country”

On one point, I can see the logic here. Why would they want another sick uncivilized person here? Most natives are quite uncivilized, why would they want more coming here?

On another point, they know Americans are WAY WAY WAY MORE INTELLIGENT, and when they are criticized, they try to portray with their words the complete opposite of what is true. Example:

“Im so proud to be a Filipino because of the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people, do you have that kind of culture you?~!”

Loving and caring??? Go try to drive or walk out in public. I’ve never seen such rude behavior!! Nobody gives way, they won’t slow down when they see you crossing the street, they will come within 1 centimeter of you with their vehicle and cut you off, they cut you off while walking around in the mall or on the streets, they cut in lines, and in my 3 years living here, my assessment is that they have no consideration for each other. None whatsoever! Call that loving and caring?? LOL!! They so easily lie, they so easily try to rip you off, their government doesn’t care one tiny bit about the starvation and extreme poverty their corruption causes….you call that “loving and caring culture?????”

What a bunch of bullshit! Filipinos delude themselves in thinking their country is great, when the fact is, in the world community, it is one of the 10 WORST countries on earth! And it is this denial the keeps them that way. Their false pride and denial of being totally ignorant and stupid and unable to take constructive criticism from the outside keeps them in the current FAILED STATE they have been in for decades.

They call their failed country great, while criticizing the successful, rich, industrialized countries stupid. This is hilarious. They are severely deluded.

Another comment from a filipino native:

“yeah im proud of my people! why? arent you proud of Charice Pempengco? Nicole of PCD, Vanessa Hudgens and many more? you’re acting like that when to think you’re just nothing compared to them and yet these people are proud to be a Filipino and/or proud to have a Filipino blood”

So the only thing you have to claim greatness is a few people who can sing? LOL!!!!! You don’t need brains to sing well. And I’ve notice filipinos claim their “greatness” on the success of a few people that made it in show business LOL!!!!!!! Show business and singing is not what makes a nation great, sorry to break than news to you and pop your balloon. Secondly, you had nothing to do with their show business success, so how can you claim pride in them? There’s lots of American actors and singers WAY MORE POPULAR AND FAMOUS and nobody walks around saying they made America great. If I was the father of one of those singers, I would be proud of them, if I taught them to sing, I would be proud of them. But when you had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR SUCCESS, how can you claim pride? I’ll tell you why. Because you have NOTHING else to be proud of.

If you want to be “proud to be a filipino”, then DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR FAIL STATE STATUS in the world! Do something to change your country INTO SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF!! But you people don’t do anything. You just sit back, and let your elected officials steal from you, rip you off, and keep fucking you in the ass, and you just take it. You have no balls to stand up to coruption. You have no sense of community and solidarity as a people. When will you idiots learn that you are now a democracy, and the power is in YOUR hands as a collective group. When will you learn to stand together and hold your elected officials accountable? When will you learn to demand an accounting for government funds for a project that was fully funded, yet didn’t get completed, and was abandoned? When will you rise up and make your country as great as you are deluded in thinking it is?

You have a choice. You can continue to do nothing and pretending greatness and pride,  OR you can organize, stand together as a people, and make a change from FAILED to PROGRESSIVE to GREATNESS. The choice is yours. Stop blaming the other guy. Stop waiting for someone else to do something. YOU do something.

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  1. kabayo944

    Great site!

    I was out driving around earlier today, and I thought of a few more topics for you to rant about:

    1) Pedestrians walking in traffic lanes with their backs to the traffic

    2) Funerals blocking busy roads with throngs of people poking along on foot

    3) Push carts, bicycles with sidecars, and other crap holding up traffic

    4) Crazy people dragging crosses around and whipping themselves into bloody pulps on public roads at Easter time

    5) Shopping malls with all hard surfaces hosting ‘music’ events, resulting in an awful echo chamber of noise

    6) Shops with blasting loud ‘music’, often directed outside

    7) Garbage dumped in any open space

    8) Constant littering

    9) Public urination

    10) Spitting, scratching private parts, picking noses, etc

    11) Fascination with mirrors

    12) Constant lying

    13) Never repaying loans

    14) Promiscuity

    15) Lateness

    16) Blocking of national highways for town fiestas, resulting in hours of delays for thousands

    17) Overcharging foreigners

    18) Expecting the foreigner at any gathering to foot the bill for all the Filipinos

    19) Police extortion, setups, selective law enforcement directed at foreigners

    20) Exclusion of foreign competition from the retail sector, resulting in high prices for just about everything

    And I’m just getting started…

    1. filofail

      All spot on and true. And they call themselves civilized??? I would say at best, semi-civilized. They surely have a long way to go. The irony is, they are all so “proud to be filipino”. But honestly, what is there to be proud of?

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      21/ killings
      ..journalists.. Complainers and people trying to stick their necks out.
      22/ kidnappings..
      23/ sane as 20///protectionism ..only Filipino can import some things.. Own some businesses eg interisland ferries
      24/ government greed.. anything foreign taxed at 40%+VAT even rice..fresh food and potatoes
      26/ deluded foreign tourists that think foreigners have yet to find this place and have put money into the main businesses here. The comstitut ion says 60% must be owned by a Filipino. That’s a RISK and no FOREIGNER is going to put their money polishing up a “turd” as people know you can’t polish a turd.
      27// lying and deluded Filipinos who will say Mindanao and other places are safe. I’ve heard the seige of zamboamga was a “media beatup” and ipil is safe (town in Mindanao). The last kidnapping was a long time ago. When I said the last guy escaped 4 months ago..Australian Gary rodwell the flipper stillsaid that was a long time ago. Time moves fast for Filipino doesn’t it! 115 people were still being held hostage last year(13-15 foreign) that’s the reported ones!!! What of quick catch and ransom paid unreported .. Many tourists don’t know about this and it seems mosts comments online are from ignorant Americans sadly. MANILA is not immune and kidnappings can also happen in Manila.

      1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

        Mentioned Mindanao to my GF and her eyes got big. She said “Neither of us is safe there.” Seems decades ago her father was told by a moslem friend that he and his entire family was at risk of being killed and it would be best if he returned to his home island. The guy was a cop on Mindanao. He sent his family in one direction and he went in another and they eventually met up at his family. She said the story is interesting.

  2. ongkal

    Truly reflects what i feel about too much pinoy pride. its getting annoying hearing all the ruckus about filipino or fil-foreign celebrities. its not like the other countries dont have them. sad really how my countrymen see pride in that light.

    i have a question to ask though. are you filipino too?

  3. thetruthhurt2

    Hi Filfail,

    I am a Filipina whom left the Philippines when I was 5 years old. I grew up in California and spent 35 years there before moving back to the Philippines to take care of our family’s land. My husband and I decided we would move to the Philippines because of the numerous business opportunities.

    We have many successful businesses here but it was and still is very frustrating employing local Filipinos. To deal with and understand our workers as well as Filipinos in general , we started doing lots of research and purchased various books to help us understand why it is the way it is here in the Philippines.

    Recommended books:
    1. A Management Approach “Understanding Filipino Values” by Tomas D. Andres

    2. “Philippines Damaged Culture” by Poch Suzara

    These books truly helped me understand why Filipinos are so stupid and why the country is the way it is. You can grab these very inexpensive books from National or Fully Booked. I recommend everyone to read these books before migrating to the Philippines.

    I thank all the stupid Filipinos in the Philippines, because if it weren’t for your stupidity we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Due to the stupidity level in the Philippines we “Westernized Filipinos” have the upper hand when it comes to business.

  4. HeyAndee

    I just found this blog, and I’m already hooked.

    All that you wrote about is true, and here’s my experience of some fails, the kind that makes you want trip your hair out.

    Another annoying thing about driving out in the Philippines, people tend to ignore the over pass and CROSS THE ROAD FULL OF SPEEDING CARS, I wanted to roll down the window and shout, “Seriously?! The over pass is 5 meters away from you! Are you that f***ing lazy?!” And what’s worse, some even drag their kids with them, now that’s what I call good parenting.

    It was my parents’ friends’ silver wedding anniversary, the couple were very excited about it, and my parents were happy for them of course. They renewed their vows, had a party; Food, drinks, the whole shebang. But the guests? RUDE. My mom told me that the woman pastor was was almost 30 minutes late, and appeared rather impassive about the happy couple, the others didn’t even have the common courtesy to f***ing stay a little longer AFTER the food was cleaned up, so what? You guys just attended for the free food?

    That’s it, I’d state more but you’ve already got most of the fails covered, keep posting please.

  5. justjabari

    Taxi’s = EPIC FAILURE. Correct me if Im wrong…but they actually get paid to drive people around right? Something about the cool blinking box in the console with the red numbers that steadily increases? I think its called a METER?? I hailed a taxi after a night out in Malate and the exchange went something like this….

    Taxi: Where are you going?
    Me: Global City
    Taxi: Where?
    Me: Global City
    Taxi: Saan?

    –> AHHH…the customary switch to Tagalog when Filipinos don’t want to be bothered with you!!

    Me: Global City….do you know where that is? Its in Taguig about 10 minutes from here
    Taxi: So traffic! And its raining!
    Me: There is no traffic trust me…and Im pretty sure your car is water proof
    Taxi: TSK TSK TSK…how much?
    Me: ummm…whatever your meter says should suffice
    Taxi: … … … 700 pesos! CGE?
    Me: ummm…whatever your meter says should suffice
    Taxi: Im not going that way! Sorry ha? Next time!

    So let me get this straight…you can’t take me 10 minutes down the road because it’s raining, there is traffic at 1 AM, and its out of your way? Isn’t the goal of the taxi driver to MAKE MONEY by driving people around? Then the insult of assuming that we will somehow see each other again in the future and you will take me there next time? SERIOUSLY??? EPIC EPIC FAIL

  6. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Filipinos get angry when criticized. They can’t accept the truth. Recently they got all pissed off and bent out of shape when an author referred to Manila as the Gates of Hell. I wonder if any of these angry Filipinos have been watching the news lately. There have been a lot of stories and pictures of the squatters living along the rivers and the filth and flooding caused by these pathetic families. Actually the gates of hell probably look better than these godforsaken places but Filipinos can’t admit the truth. Then the Catholic Church forbids these people to use birth control and encourages them to have children that continue to suffer in these horrible conditions. Do you ever actually see any priest or church officials in these areas helping these people? Absolutely not! In a village I visit in Bicol a priest comes to the village once a month to offer mass. The people are poor. He never brings any type of financial aid or goods for the people of the village. But this A-Hole actually expects gifts from the people of the village and they give him things like chickens etc. even though they are poor and this piece of shit takes them. No shame whatever. Yes Filipinos not only is your country the gate to hell it is actually worse than hell itself. When will you fucking idiots wake the fuck up?

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That CC always just milks the poor. They like them having more and more uneducated idiots since they are easy to prey on. Rarely do THEY give. They solicit donations from other people to possibly give to the poor.
      The crazy thing is the RCC once asked for donations to fix the Philippines oldest church. They needed $1M to fix it or 4 Million Pesos. So they raised a lot of money and the CEO of SMART even donated like $500,000 personally. They acheived their goal rather quickly and started getting to work.
      Well after about $4M worth of spending to repair this church, they were no where near completion and started asking for money again. People were a little skeptical this time, but still donated.
      Well, I guess some media outlet started investigating. The found the RCC of the Philippines or the Manila Diocese very securely hides their financial holdings. So gathering info on their rentals, donations, bank accounts, property holdings, etc was all very difficult to find.
      The only thing they found was the stock market holdings since they have to be registered with the PH SEC. They found out the Manila diocese holds more than $75 Million in the Philippine stock market. They are the largest holders of BPI, PLDT, and any other large company. This is in stocks alone!!
      Yet, the little priests, Bishops, or whoever still asks the poorest people for donations.

      I actually used to be Catholic until I lived in teh Philippines. I will never again donate 1 cent to them ever again. My god, I see these priests and bishops hanging out with the most corrupt politicians like Imelda Marcos. What more evil person on earth exists besides Imelda Marcos? How many people did she kill? How much money did she steal? Yet, priests and bishops are hanging out with her like old friends?

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “Yet, priests and bishops are hanging out with her like old friends? ”
        Because they are. It is the reality that contradicts the illusion.

  7. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I just had one more comment on the squatters. Have you noticed that they are now referred to as informal settlers on the news. They are not informal settlers. They are fucking squatters. Living on land that does not belong to them. Many of these losers are professional fucking squatters. They squat. Get handouts from the government to move and return to squat again and wait for more handouts. Then they protest and rally when the government removes them from their pathetic shacks. They can not even afford to feed themselves but have several children that they can’t feed or educate. But several people are protesting the RH bill because they actually believe these people should continue having more children. It seems to me that one thing Metro Manila does not need is a larger population.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I actually learned there are groups or just thieving filipinos who constantly are on the lookout for vacant land near the city. They will go in and start building a little shack, then if no one complains, they start advertising to squatters and even start charging rent to them . They are renting out land that is not theirs. What a great business model!!
      They even know how to delay the court case for years. Imagine, they are getting money from YOUR land, while you have to pay a lawyer and court fees. Then they try to stretch it out over 5 years in the meantime they just keep collecting money from YOUR land. Even the squatters are renting board rooms or running little businesses on YOUR land.
      Then if the landowner wins the court case, he has to pay each household like 50,000 each for a relocation fee.
      What kind of shit is that? You are rewarded for stealing someone elses property and live rent free for years.

    2. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      I don’t see what the big deal about squatters is. Sure, they are a nuisance and sure, they can tie things up in court for years. But so what?

      I will tell you a short story. Not too long ago in Puerto Princesa, there was a squatter area occupying prime real estate on the bay. As all of you described, the squatters refused to move and started causing big problems. Then, mysteriously, a fire broke out and resulted in the entire squatter area being burned down.

      Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a squatter problem in Puerto Princesa since. Whocouldanode?

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Fires are common to burn out people. I went to a town and the mayor started a new market and had asked higher rents. No vendors rented there when they could stay in the old place. So the mayors new market sat idle. A’ha…pinoy ingenuity!!! Burn down the existing market and take in the victims of the crime. It worked!! The new market came to life and the people in the town kinda know the worst kept secret in town how the mayor works. The old market never returned.

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      In provincial Cebu, the squatters occupy prime real estate….that is, they build their flimsy little huts perched on the cliffs or seasides, full 180 degree views to the ocean. The government apparently are scared to touch them. So if the land they’re occupying are government land, it’s theirs. They can’t sell it, but they and their generations of families can live there. Their huts are an eyesore to an otherwise scenic drive.

  8. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    That is just another example of what I call the victim fee here. They have fee’s for everything. Authorities don’t try to help, they just find a way to charge a fee. Reality here belongs in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.