Deteriorating Health, More Fun In The Philippines.

I was curious, has anyone’s health deteriorated since living in the Philippines? I don’t mean due to age, I mean perhaps do to pollution or stress, or BOTH.

Before I came back here this most recent time in 2010, I was hardly ever sick, not to mention I had no allergies. Now, I have a chronic lung problem where I have to use an inhaler all the time. I wake up 2 times a night to use it, and I have to use a nebulizer about 2 times a month. Moreover I have to take this allergy pill citrizene  or something every few days, or I feel like I’m covered int biting ants.

Not only that, I just feel like crap all the time. I work out regularly and I’m a gym goer, but nevertheless, still feel like shit.

So I was just wondering if anyone else has developed weird issues like that. My personal opinion is probably self explanatory and very obvious; which is stress and environment, especially living here in the Manila area. Smog here makes the sky brown in the morning. This whole place reminds me of a world 75 years after a thermonuclear war.

Anyway, if you go to a doctor here they seem more interested in pushing a medication on you and getting you out of the office instead of listening to what your problems are. So many times I have gone into a doctors office thinking they would ask me whats wrong only to do a check up and give me some meds I don’t need.

I hate this place……….

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    Yup, you are suffering from severe exposure to pollution in the air. Everytime I take my wife home, within 2-3 days in Manila, we end up with a wicked day long cough. Friends of ours got a severe lung infection from the pollution. To cure and recover, get out of manila and typically head east. Thus getting into fresher ocean air. A 30 day round of antibiotics will get you over the hump of itchy skin. Most commonly from a mild form of cellulitis. On the last trip, I got the same thing. A mild infection under most of my skin. 14 months later it is clearing up. Short and simple? Get out! Get to cleaner and fresher area or region.

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      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      Thanks Bob,
      I figured that was probably the case. Strangely enough it started when I was in southern Luzon, in a town “Lucena City” which for the most part is far cleaner in air quality than Metro Manila.
      I developed pneumonia there about 4 years ago, and ever since I have been suffering from breathing problems.

      I went to a town in the east called Daet, in the camerinas norte region. I have not breathed that well in years. It was like taking a plastic bag off my head. I can’t understand how people here live in this smog filled environment. Hell, they even chunk friable asbestos around like its Styrofoam. That in itself is pretty much a death sentence.
      If you ever have to travel into Manila in the morning hours around 8AM – 10AM and see the sky is simply BROWN, with a visibility of maybe a thousand yards. That tells you everything.
      But seriously, thanks for the advice bud; I appreciate it, and will definitely take it to heart.

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    You might need to seek medical advice from a dermatologist. In my opinion your complains fits the description of atopic dermatitis. Maybe you just need to stay away from all that stress for a little while it might improve your condition. i’m not trying to freak you out but the sooner you seek medical advice is better, you might be lucky not to have scars all over your body.

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      Spartacus_killingus Post author

      Hey sabahan.

      Actually the skin issue is only mild and really doesn’t affect me so much anymore. It was never actually a break out or anything like that, more of a constant itching feeling more closely related to hives, but without the break out.

      when I first got it 4 years ago it was right after taking penicillin, that up till that time, I was NEVER allergic to. This tells me that somewhere along the line my immune system took a dive. These days I rarely get itchy, though when I do its mild and usually located in my feet toes, and thighs region. i just take an allergy pill and it stops.

      to help people get a little background on my personal situation here is what might have been the problem.

      When I came here in 2010 I was very fit, (fitness model) type. I was so highly regulated in everything I did that I hardly ever actually got sick. I maintained basically impeccable health year round.

      Coming here though, almost immediately I found that I was not able to maintain that advanced regiment of exercise and eating right. MANY FACTORS, that I tried to get around believe me.
      Factors like, not having a stove to cook, losing my means of income 5 months after arriving, family problems in the house I was staying, and working nights. Working nights in the Philippines promises to make your life a living hell, as no one gives a shit about your working schedule, and will make all kinds of noise all day. Plus its hot as HELL! lol

      The general premise here is that I went from being a very active and fit person to working from my computer all night long 18 hours a day almost and in one case 20 hours a day for a full year. That wore me out. I’m still working from my computer to this day though I have limited it to 4 to 6 hours a night.
      It was during this period of extreme ass sitting and shit eating that I began to develop problems with my health.. Surprise, surprise right?

      Well, I’m not too worried about the problems, to be honest. It was more of a curiosity about general health while living in this country.

      Ill admit though, living here has been the most stressful experience in my life.

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        I forgot to clarify it to you that the atopic dermatitis is just merely cosmetic and won’t affect your health. It is mostly related to stress and possibly the dust ( that’s the main culprit ).
        But for all of you guys staying in the F-Ph keep a good vaccination history espc for tuberculosis. My family got a small farm and most of our workers are pinoy so i can relate to all of your problems. There is one time we need to check their health status and guess what most of them has latent TB and the remainder has active TB. do not ever jopordize your health there

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          Spartacus_killingus Post author

          I was actually thinking about that yesterday. i was given more vaccines that I care to remember when I was in the Army 06-09. Plus some more when I worked in a prison. Unfortunately I don’t know how I would be able to get any vaccination history for myself.

          OR do you mean the people we deal with? I have wondered many times how many people probably have TB that I’m around on a daily basis. Not to mention when crammed into a jeep, people coughing on you.

          Sorry if I miss understood, just wondering.

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            look at a electric fan in manila,, that black is from the diesel fumes.. just like smoking 2 packs a day of cigarettes,,
            all da buildings in manila have the same dirty , black look on them

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            When we lived in Manila I would shower in the morning then walk to the mall then back to the house. I would run my fingers through my hair and find little black lumps from the bus, car, jeepney exhaust. If I washed my hair again at the end of the day I the water would have a black tint to it.

          3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus
            Spartacus_killingus Post author

            Strange I didn’t think about that. Living here is akin to smoking 12 packs a day probably.

            God, I got to get out of this place.

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            I didnt think about it either. My fan back home was always light grey dust. Here it is like black tar.

          5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            YUP,, and the aircon is worse for black tar…. that smog gets on paint,, wash it off,, 2 weeks later it is the same grungy color

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    James Dinwoody

    I was about one-hundred kilos when I came here and actually stayed fairly fit (I was not fat, just worked out and exercised regularly) until about the time of Milenyo and Reming. After losing everything we owned twice in the span of two months I have gone down to about eighty kilos, now sit in front of the computer for most of the day looking for whatever scraps of work I can find that are not too painful of an insult and as such, have substantially less circulation than I should. I did have some issues with minor cuts and scrapes developing some weird infections when I first got here but I suppose now that it was just the different types of bacteria my body had never encountered before even in Florida’s tropical environment. These days, that is not at all an issue and once I do get one or more of my projects underway here, a proper diet and a healthy exercise regimen should alleviate any need for concern.

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    it is hard enough to find good food in north america,,, let alone finding it in the philippines.
    I used to grow a garden and the difference in taste and food value is enormous. I have found that living in this country, you tend to get lazier because you can not find fresh food. There is no refridgeration of vegetables , fish or meat.
    Since you can not eat good food in this country, your health is going downhille, and you tend to have more emotional issues with al the crap you have to put up with

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    When I first came to Manila, while lighting up a cigarette someone I met said “Ugh you smoke?”
    My reply was: “I didnt smoke until I came to Manila and realized I needed a fucking filter in my mouth”

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    i worrked in a jungle and the doctor even had to check the locals feet because they wore rubber boots and only had 1 pair of socks,

    Colder climtes are a lot healthier for you.
    shoot me dead is back and alive,,
    sorry fafi for improper english,,,,