Do Filipinos Even Try?

I was at the local grocery store. It’s actually a decent place and its connected to the mall. Just had some small shopping to do and did not have to be there long.

1Well, now I cannot eat hotdogs anymore anywhere in this country without wondering if they were sitting out with flies landing on them. I’m usually not very picky of an eater. However, since I am very prone to getting food poisoning out here I now have to be very careful. Apparently I haven’t picked up a level of resistance yet. A simple piece of plastic, wrap, or in some kind of container could avoid people getting really sick. I’m not asking for a sterile, super-hygienic place, but couldn’t they at least try?

We all know staffing is not the problem as there are more than enough people just standing around. So, my question is: Does anyone care? It seems like Filipinos are going out of their way to make things as awful as possible. Are they doing it on purpose as some kind of joke?


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    Captain PFB

    The levels of complete non-thinking, no common sense, and the deepest, most incomprehensible stupidity in this country puts me in a tailspin sometimes. I would have to actually go to a school that teaches complete stupidity (if one ever exists) to LEARN to be that fucking stupid. I would have to force myself to think purposefully to try to be THAT stupid. If I never stepped foot in a school ever in my life, I would still grow up and NOT be that fucking stupid. There are levels of stupidity here that defy laws of humanity.

    I can understand why you ask if Filipinos purposely go out of their way to be that stupid, because you and me cannot understand how a soap dish could be that fucking stupid, much less any human being. I have toenail clippings that are smarter.

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      Johnny Post author

      “I would have to force myself to think purposefully to try to be THAT stupid.”
      – That is exactly my point!! My god, most of them tout their college degrees and country of academics like they are a country of neurosurgeons held down by all the corruption. I’d venture to say many of the people working in a grocery store are college grads or at least a year of it.

      I did not even get into the amount of people who could just pick up the meat with their dirty hands and then put it back, or simply breath all over it. I think they must try to be that insane. It can’t be on accident or just the status quo right?

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    Captain PFB

    What completely grosses me out are the meat counters in some grocery stores. The meat is set on ice, uncovered, and the customer stands over the meat and they let them rummage through and pick and bag their own pieces while they are coughing, sneezing, breathing over it, and their kids are picking their noses over it. And flies are all over it. It’s utterly disgusting, and would NEVER be allowed in any country where people operate on more than 3 brain cells.

    I won’t eat at buffets either. Not here, not anywhere. It’s a disgusting idea.

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      Johnny Post author

      Yeah, I got sick at a buffet once. I went to another one and found a roach in my food. I’m not that bright so it took me 2 times to learn. So, never again can I do a buffet here again. Seriously, I get food poisoning about 3-5 times a year in the Philippines and I only had it once in the USA in 35 years.

      Can I load more than 1 pic per article now? I’m sorry I have no idea how to do it. If I put articles, I want to include as many pics as possible to really illustrate the point.

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      You know what is *really* cool? Let’s not forget that most don’t use toilet paper, and wipe their asses with their hands. Imagine the awesomeness of it all. After a while, you have the opportunity to eat meat that might be a breeding ground for bacteria that originated from about a dozen different wiped asses.

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          So true or for ice in your drinks,
          Has anybody noticed you can not read earlier messages on chats?? On the old site , you could scroll up to read about the chat history??
          So, I apoligise in advance if I seem to forget who you are and what we talked about before.
          Please be assured, that this is not intentional. I chat with many people so hard to keep what lies I have been to what people,,,lozzzzzz, hahahah’
          Also, if I use a slang expression or phrase from my country,, do not get offended if you do not know what it means. I am not the type of person to offend the members by using slang.

          Container Al

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    This might surprise you but I actually found the ‘non-caring’ sanitation to be worse in other places like Thailand. I never got sick from food in Philippines. So this is one of the few, if only, praises I will give Philippines.

    But the point of this thread is about the lack of them trying. I can definitely see this in almost all other areas of their culture, especially not caring about other people (except pleasing and whoring themselves out for their families) which seems to be the only thing they do care about (which means put effort into).

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      Johnny Post author

      I have the opposite experience. I was in Thailand a few times over the last 5 years. I look forward to their food. Some of their street food is better than a restaurant. There are so many foreigners going to the food cart pavilions. I won’t touch any food from a cart here. It is really disgusting, plus we all know they just go piss on the wall and come right back to the cart without washing.

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        When I visited Seoul, their street foods are really great that I could survive a night with just trying their street foods. Here in the Philippines, my friends think I’m too much of a picky eater since I don’t eat street food and Filipinos like me should. I have been sick quite a few times when I was young and had a few cases of vomiting due to lack of sanitation of street foods that are around our school. I am not the type who ‘doesn’t eat street food’, I do, but I pick where I eat them. There are very few vendors (probably 1 out of a hundred), who have well-sanitized stalls who actually doesn’t allow customers to dip the food in their sauce containers around Metro Manila. Have met one couple who owns one, been eating street food for 2 years there before they suddenly didn’t return to where they used to stay.

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        I was working in Sudan with 10 other expats. I was the only one who did not get the runs??.
        Same as in libya,, we had an outbreak of food poisoning,, i was ok ???
        Take care to all
        Container Al

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          Me too al. I just ate what the locals ate in Nigeria, Libya, Phils, Taiwan, Japan and everywhere else no problems.

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            In saudi arabia there was chicken and rice 3 times a day for 14 years, with fail and the Indian cooks had that deep fryer going all the time.
            container al

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    Yesterday I went to Gaisano where I found celery that was rotten and floating in a brown liquid inside the plastic. The Hungarian Sausages were spoiled, dark brown and shriveled up. There was no effort by the staff to remove the spoiled or rotten food. Looking at some boxed items a mouse was casually walking on the shelves on it’s own shopping trip, the three staff just continued talking. Then there was the rat running along the walk in the food section in plain sight, still the staff just watched. So I have come to the conclusion that the rat is the manager and the mouse is his cousin who is a health inspector from Dept of Health.

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        Captain PFB

        So true Mike. Absolutely NOTHING is fast in this sorry country. Banks use computers, AND STILL double work by writing slips, using carbon paper, entering everything in ledgers with a pen….etc. I haven’t seen a sheet of carbon paper for 20 years until I came to Philippines. When I have to do any transaction at a bank, no matter how basic, I have to set aside several fucking hours, because even the most simple transaction at a bank takes them a minimum of 10 minutes per customer, commonly about 15 minutes.

        How I miss the days in America when I could walk into a bank, get in the line of 20+ people, and still be at a teller within 10 minutes. Philippines takes minimum of 10 minutes per customer. Everywhere else on earth they can serve 20 customers in that same time.

        Fucking incompetent dumbshits. Gotta spend half a fucking day to do any banking.

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      I never eat streetside BBQs, because I have seen cats walk all over them – uncovered!! FUCKING YUK!! yet I see unsuspecting Pinoys sell same BBQ that’s been sitting on that tray for at least 12 hours! And what about pork in the market stall, sitting there from morning to late noon, unrefrigerated, uncovered with flies hovering around. I can’t believe Flips buy meat from stalls like this. Does it not connect that fly blown meat = potential for disease/food poisoning?

      I get hoarse trying to educate Aunts and cousins that if they want to eat the left over later on, cover them and put them inside the fridge. I go to the city for 2 days, I come back to the province and see food on the table just covered by netting. At least it’s covered by netting. High temperatures and food spoilage don’t seem to connect in Flip brains. arrrggghhh!!!

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    Why you people eating this cheap hotdogs anyway??? Stupid people posting their complaints here act and pretend as if they are clean and hygienic and smart because they are disgusted by the flies and cockroaches and rats and all the dirt and rotting foods being sold to them, and that Filipinos are dumb because they can eat these rotting foods… but in reality and in the end, these hypocrites are forced to just eat it and feed it to their family either way because they just can’t afford to buy the more expensive stuff being sold in the groceries ahaha.. They can’t live a decent life back in their own countries and now they come here in the hopes that their pitiful life savings will allow them to live a luxurious life… hahaha.. you will always only get what you pay for you stupid a$$ holes, whether in the Philippines or in any other country,..

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      Phil Doh

      “because they just can’t afford to buy the more expensive stuff being sold in the groceries”

      Do you mean the imported goods from other countries? All filipino food is cheap and nasty.

      I used to pass down a road most days where there was a lot of traffic, a foot wide pavement and a row of stalls selling fish and veg. Yummy, jeepney exhaust fume marinated produce. Sarap!

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      Al, the only time I ever got really and truly ill with food poisoning was when the first wife sent the house girl out for some chicken. The wife told the house girl where to go to purchase the chicken. The house girl pocketed the difference and bought at a much cheaper place. Sicker than a dog. Vomiting and baby-poop yellow runs. Wife confronted the house girl and a battle royal started. I’ve seen things in just a short visit to the Philippines that are disgusting (i.e. a guy pissing in the middle of the street, roaches crawling all over fresh pineapples at a SM grocery store, rice drying in the middle of the road, etc).

      Ace, do you try to improve your country or do you just turn a blind eye to what is going on around you? Would you bend over to pick up a dropped wrapper or do you just walk on, ignoring the dropped wrapper?

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      Johnny Post author

      Do you think any of us would actually purchase those dirty hotdogs covered in flies and eat it? Maybe you should read the article. It stated at the beginning this was a nice grocery store, gaisano to be exact. This is not a wet market filled with shitty, dirty food.

      Btw, I lived a much happier, better, and nicer life in my own country. I’d love to go back, but I’ve been stuck in this shit-hole for 3 years now for other reasons. So, your “proud pinoy” typical response of “if you don’t like it, then leave” does not apply to me. I’m a Filipino citizen and thank god I was raised in the USA more than I was ever raised in the Philippines. It sucks here, you suck, and Filipinos are stupid.
      Ingat Po!

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      Captain PFB

      “….now they come here in the hopes that their pitiful life savings will allow them to live a luxurious life”

      Compared to 90% of common dumbshits (Filipinos), I DO live a luxurious life. I have standards. I live in a 4 story house, and check this out…IT’S FINISHED! Construction didn’t stop after the cement dried. The hollow blocks don’t show, and it’s painted with a nice 2 tone color scheme. It’s beautiful! It actually looks like a house, not an unfinished hollow block cave! Unfortunately, I have to constantly look at the eyesore neighbor’s houses that are all unfinished, and have been that way since they were built 10+ years ago. Too bad Filipinos have no standards. Must be a result of their stupidity and ignorance.

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        Filo, even when the Flips buy into middle class gated subdivisions, they eventually ruin that area by doing additions that destroys the uniformity and appeal of the place. Like adding a sari-sari store in front of a 40m2 townhouse! Don’t these people know what a covenant is? The subdivision I live in here in Oz has covenants to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the place. That is, you can not park a junk car or a semi-trailer truck in front of your yard. And majority (think 99%) of residents abide by this. The few who must have junks in their yard keep it out of sight in their backyards. But then, knowing the Flips, even if a covenant did exist, they will just ignore it.

        I got tempted to buy a townhouse in a newly opened gated subdivision where my cousin also bought a place. But after seeing the older subdivisions turned into nothing what they looked like 10 years ago due to owner neglect, I prefer to wait. Same applies with condos. It’s only good when it’s new.

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        What happened to you??? You’re starting to grow some brains now???… I see you mentioned that your living a luxurious life as “Compared to the 90% of common Filipino dumbshits”…

        Unlike in your previous ramblings where you keep generalizing that “ALL Filipinos” are idiots/ dumb whatever…

        I also see you realize that your not as good as you think you are as you now placed yourself only in the TOP 10% of these average Filipinos that you like to call dumb shits… I mean 10% of 90 million will make you the 9 millionth wealthiest dumbshit in this country…I can live with that..,

        So like you..I will just rely on my 3 brain cell and put myself on TOP 9%…. so we’re not too far apart from each other boy….

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          Phil Doh

          Picking lame ass holes in peoples comments is not convincing anybody here that you’re one of the very few smart pinoys out there. When challenged on issues you go into your shell, too tired, don’t have time for this, it’s childish etc, but this hard on you have for filo keeps you coming back.

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            Yes.. I’m having a hard-on pushing the buttons of weak minded people like you…

            I like to pick on Filo because he seems to be the easiest target…and I like the way all of you comes to his aid whenever you see me logged in, LOL… kinda reminds me of Bambi and his friends always caring for each other.. oh how sweet…hahah

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          Top 9%? Seriously? I live and work in the States, but I still see myself as poor (since I make only about twice what a call center agent makes there in the PH, but still not enough to get by comfortably here). Guess most everyone in the Philippines has got it made. And if you read the posts, you’ll notice that we don’t say ALL, we say MOST, or COMMON, or AVERAGE, because we know there are always exceptions to the rule. It’s simple logic.

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    Been here for seven years and never been sic from food or water. I have always drank the local tap water wherever I live and I live rural. I do 90% of our shopping in local outdoor markets so there are flies and everything else. Fish, pork, chicken, any seafood, vegetables etc. no problem. Don’t eat the wieners they’re full of msg. Only thing I buy in stores are things like oil and packets. Been doing it this way since 1979.

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    I buy local chickens, turkeys, goats, and ducks and butcher them myself, It cheaper and tastes much better.

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    The things they dry locally like rice, cassava, corn, and especially fish, bulad, are much healthier than the store bagged full of chemicals stuff, especially the cassava.

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    Like in any county in the world if you live locally, food wise, and get used to it you will have pleasant surprises. If you choose to live in a shopping mall world you might as well give up. You are still in your own country.

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      Phil Doh

      You’ve either got a strong stomach or are just happy eating shit for food. The only pleasant surprises when it comes to food in the failippines is finding it available.

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    Filipinos think they are unique. I call it tue sari-sari store mentality. My store with the same shitty coffee, creamsilk, sukto coke etc hanging will outsell the 8 other sarinstores 50 neters up and down the road. More on this soon…

    What inam saying is all my filo friends used to leave food out for 24 hrs. I said HEY dont keave the food out..put the food away. The comment is as expected. Why? (Why do filos keepnsaying why?) Why.. They have no clue about food poisonong. Have you seen the gormless looks when they process thise twonwords.. FOOD and POISON… Pfffft goes over theor heads. They say like the sari stores. Not us.. Not our food.. Not in our country …ive been told that this is the Philippines. We arent in Australia!! Wtf!!!

    Yes…filipino food is so untouchable …it woukd never go poisonnwould it.

    Like my friend eating pure pork fat. I said hey thats not good for your arteries. Pffffttt.. Ummm git the filo defensive reply. We dont get heart disease in our family…

    Same as ….im not like other filipinas (im a good girl) then in the same conversation asks me for money

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    I saw the same thing with my filipino family about leaving out the food for hours on end, even overnight. I went so far as to buy them a refrigerator and explained to them that they need to cover the food completely or else the food will dry out. Of course what do I find ? I find food left uncovered in the fridge that has dried out completely every time. It is like talking to,the wall!

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Leave the window open dude..
      The cat comes in..let it lick the food
      Dont eat it…
      Afyer a few days show them the cat paws or photos
      I did…
      They put the food in the fridge aftèr that!!

      All basedbon oarental teachings

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        Mom in law lived in a nipa style hut and would leave food out on the counter at night for the rats. When asked was told that if she leaves food out like that the rats will stay out of the other food. I told her that would only teach them a reliable food source and attract more rats. Of course I was wrong.

        So, has anyone ever seen a cat chase a rat in this country besides BL ( he trained his to do it).

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    A little off topic…I remember a post I think from last year that talked about a Nice Foreigner who visits his Fail-pines in-laws in the province.
    He see all the labor involved with doing the daily laundry (hand washing). Sooooo he goes out and buy a new clothes washer, shows them how to use it, etc… and I assume he leaves with a warm feeling because he’s done his good deed.
    A few weeks/months later, he returns and now that brand new washer is sitting in the weeds (dirty, rusty ect) and not being used. “What the fuck”….Oh the clothes were not getting clean enough…blah blah blah.
    People have to want to change for the better.

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      Don Quixote

      I stopped buying anything fresh in ROYAL SUPERMARKET, everything I have bought has spoiled within hours , its like a time bomb of shit, I bought it took it home 5 minutes away refrigerated it, tried to cook it that night n.
      GONE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I cant be the only one,
      And it didn’t seem to matter Imported stuff or local.
      My last disaster was Imported Baby Back Ribs, BAHOO before 1800, nothing else out, so back to a restaurant.
      Fuck em.
      BUT SIR IT WAS GOOD WHEN YOU BUY.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I was watching a youtube about life in Davao
    This girl was doing some shopping in the market place where various vendors congregates and she stopped by the a meat vendor.
    Meat just laying there on the stand, and picks it up with her bare hand, looks at it, and puts it back down, the vendor trying to show her other slices does the same thing.
    Imagine fumbling with dirty money and what ever else and picks raw meat up and puts it back down. Be careful what you buy, you might just get it