Do Filipinos Go To Work To Sleep?

Its amazing that a lot of people that talk highly of Filipinos have never been to the country and/or never stepped far from the comforts of their hotel.  I am sure if they actually “lived” in the country vs travelled around they would have a much different view of Filipinos as workers.

As a person who lives in the Philippines people living here know … Living in the Philippines is TOTALLY different to travelling in the Philippines.

Tourists don’t have to deal with the mindboggling lazyness of government workers and the stupidity of standard workers.  I often drew conclusions that filipinos only go to work to sleep.

I have employed Filipinos and they are fucking lazy and try it on to get as much as they can out of the business to their own advantage.  You have to be very careful in dealing with employing staff here as in the end things turn to shit in a lot of cases.

I don’t want to approach this topic from an employer and give you countless examples of the scams and estafa going on and businesses I know that have dealt with Government departments.

From a consumers point of view though its horrible. It annoys me that i would go to a business and business shuts down because they are lacking buns or have no rice.  Using the words “offline” is also another excuse where the business closes at night (when it says its open 24 hours ) because the system is offline – “no internet sir, offline” – what the fuck!  Thats bullshit.  Get a backup service, A wifi router and if theyre with globe get a smart service as backup.

With all these bullshit excuses to sleep, you then see the staff having a sleep at their desks or under the tables.  Have you walked into a place and even the guard was asleep the whole time?

I went to a restaurant on one ocassion and all the staff were asleep on the restaurants benches, the seat cushions all propped up and the air-conditioning turned down to what felt like 16 degrees!

I am tired dealing with local governments where something that should be available online for simple download and its not.  I ask for something and are greeted with this tired energy to put an application in for example to get a zoning plan for an area as a photocopy and need to wait 2 or 3 days for the plan to be photocopied! What the fuck.

These places really need a kick up the fucking arse but are often filled with obviously retired teachers or something that are filling in their time working for the government.

And local filipinos have it no better with some departments like DFAT where passports are issued having to go and line up at 4am in the morning for opening at 9pm – ITS A JOKE! It wastes peoples time, its unproductive and no wonder corruption flourishes as people at all levels are tired of this inefficiency.

The government departments such as the Bureau of Immigration that deal with foreigners for visa issuance are totally different in their approach compared with the “every day” departments which tourists never visit such as DFAT, LTO etc.  The later requires queuing, long waits, processing, corrupt payments to arsewipes known as fixers etc.

This video below is typical of the lunch time scene you see in the Philippines.

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    I think part of the problem is a culture of long hours and working 6 days a week. If you want people to actually work, when in work then how about a 37 hour working week. Part of the reason may be down to the Spanish siesta. In many North European cultures a short working week is the norm but you are expected to work hard during that week. Definitely no sleeping on he job.

    The Americans also seem to also have a culture of long working hours with low productivity, especially in the IT sector. I’ve worked with Americans who over promised, volunteered for everything, loved to work after hours and weekends but always had excuses when it came to delivery. they rarely volunteered but when I did I deliver on time, I think if you can’t do your job 95% of the time during normal office hours then your a bad fit for the job.

    So basically it no surprise, with the Spanish love of sleeping during the day and the American love of long hours, you get the worst of both world in the phils

    It would probably help if people could actually sleep at home but the constant racket probably make the quieter work environment an easier place to rest.

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    Phil Doh

    On quite a few occasions I’ve gone to a store to buy something and the checkout girl is asleep, and when you wake them up – you know, so you can actually buy something and the business can make a profit – they look pissed off because you’ve dared to wake them up.

    You say the BI are better than other government departments and I’ve heard this from others, but not from what I’ve seen in davao. They may as well as close for lunch because not much gets done between 12 and 2, seen employees asleep a few times. They don’t even try to hide anywhere, just get their heads down at their desks.

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      Yep, seen them leaning over the bench where they prepare food (in this instance, pizza). I actually tried taking a photo to post it here, but photos did not come out too good. We were going to have pizza for lunch that day, but after seeing her hair so close to the food preparation area, I thought I really did not want “lice condiments” with my pizza thanks.

      The Post Mistress in Mum’s province takes 3 hours for lunch and takes her ironing there too! No wonder I got back here Oz before my post cards arrived!

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    My wife has had sari sari stores, laundry service, boarding house since we married. Count yourself lucky the staff was sleeping. Ours never slept on the job, too busy stealing what they could. Now one of our houses got broken into AGAIN yesterday. That is twice in one year. Like I said, filipinos don’t steal to live, they live to steal.

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    What really hit me is the sign “NO NOON BREAK” ROFLMAO!? In know this is out of topic what happened to PFB I was trying to go tot he website but server is not found..? What happened I though the PH gov’t blocked this website I was WTF LOL

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      …..same here “(What happened I though the PH gov’t blocked this website)”

      Couldn’t get on since 25th February, but today i worked.
      Wrote the management of this site.

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          A thousand thanks Captain for restoring the site ( and that’s said with a very low curtsy : ) ). I started looking for a shrink since Monday to help me deal with the PTSD of losing PFB. Thanks a million ++++ 🙂

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            Captain PFB

            There are a lot of people who would love to see this site destroyed permanently. I have a huge job on my hands (not to mention risk to myself) in defending and keeping the site safe and secure from those who translate speaking the truth as “hating”.

            There is a line that separates this site from being a hate site. And I’m sorry there are so many people out there who cannot see ….. or refuse to see the difference.

            If a balloon is red, it’s not hateful to call the balloon red. It’s just speaking the truth.

            If someone is dishonest and/or stupid, and you share your experience in dealing with that, it’s just speaking the truth. It’s not hate.

            This site is guilty of being brutally honest about what we experience in Philippines. That’s it. Speaking the truth is not hate. If Filipinos and others don’t like the truth that is being told here, then they should change their truth. Don’t blame us for talking about our real, true experiences here.

            But far too many Filipinos cannot handle criticism or truth about themselves. Especially politicians. Every single time someone famous speaks honestly about their negative experience in the Philippines, they call for labeling them “persona non grata” and banning them from ever entering the country (which they probably never would again anyway).

            This is not a hate blog. This is the brutally honest truth about Philippines blog. This blog breaks no laws. It is a forum for discussion.

            Hacking websites is an illegal act.

            Bottom line is, the attack on this site only made it stronger.

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            Hey Joe

            Was not to worried at first when I was just getting a (timeout) while trying to load PFB. With my sh$t connection.. I look at that as normal. Then when the error went to (not found on this server)
            Started to go into withdrawals. 🙂

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            Captain PFB

            Well I am happy to hear there’s so many people who like this group/community. The whole time it was down I was busy full time for 3 days working with my server people working on a stronger layer of security as well as having a lot of dialogue via email with the assailant that brought the site down.

            I’m glad we worked out our differences, and was able to bring the site back online.

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            Random Numbers

            The hacker was a whiny bitch who couldn’t deal with people ragging on him. Funny part is, logically, the DDS should give him a dirt nap, since he committed a crime.

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            I have a family member who is swiss. He hates everyone who are not swiss. I am surprised he (hacker)defended the unggoys. Kindly direct me back to the identity of the hacker. I am not sure if you deleted it because I can’t find it anymomre. Since switzerland is a small country we might be able to find out more about him. Since his email ended with .de I am thinking he is from germany instead of switzerland. However there are a lot of germans who like to work in switzerland and that could be the case here.

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            My Mum reads this site too Captain Filo. But she’s not a member. And surprisingly, she has not disagreed with any of the postings here. She is also thankful for the return of the site 🙂

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            Hey Cap’n. I am another who am glad this site is up again.
            Would love to see the dialogue with the assailant!

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        @filofail (Captain PFB)

        I knew it! Captain you better secure this blog since there are a lot of butt hurt pinoys who can’t handle the truth. This site has helped me get around the PH scam free and safe! Community is great since a lot of useful information is shared within the blog.

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    Talking about estafa and all the other corruptions of these departments. I was in that same office a few years ago to look up some records. I was told by the registrar of deeds that records are not to be looked up in their office any longer. WTF!! The USA put all records online 15 years ago so they are very easy to look up. The reason? Because the Chief Justice Corona was holding so many properties in his name and they were able track part of his ill-gotten wealth. So they took it a step further and made it incredibly difficult for the masses to look up records now.
    It just goes to show these departments are absolutely worthless. They serve zero function other than to set the lowest standards, keep idiots employed, and as a method of shaking down innocent people.

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    I’ve always said the Philippines is decent to visit if you’re not doing anything or want to shop and drink beer all day. It’s great. Then you have nothing to stress about.
    However, try getting one thing completed and suddenly its a circus run by the animals only trained to make it more difficult and demand bribes.

    Btw, I love the footage of people sitting, then the sign that says “No Noon Breaks”. It just shows the disconnect of their brains what they say is completely different from what they do.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Spot on, Johnny, I’ve not been back since last july, and though I don’t miss it, the memories of just being a tourist bum there – and not trying to make a life for yourself – have started coming back. Great place to visit.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      When I think of a couple of decent beaches, drinking SML, or traveling for cheap then I don’t mind the Philippines. However, when I think of going to ANY gov’t office or being on ANY road in the Philippines I don’t miss it at all. Everytime I think I have to go back I jump on this site.

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        We are living on the island right? Im been living in 4 or 5 diffrent islands so far, so why the hell is it so hard to find a beach? No matter where I was living in the first weeks or days I have to drive for 30 min-2 hours to find a beach. Eighter is place where some resort is located, its somebodies beach, there is no road to the beach or the beach is shit.

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    I dont know in the US but in my country when poeple have a break they will not sent them all together on lunch break like here and close the store. They will change to have a break and the break will not be 1.5h but just 25 min and if the store is busy they will call you to go bac to work and finish your break later. In the beginning I could not understand how can you close you business with 5 employees because they go to lunch. Later finally I got it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I think a lot of it is to do with filipinos hate to be alone and feeding time is a social thing. Having staggered breaks is obviously the logical thing to do, but then they’d miss out on the sitting around and gossiping and complimenting their disgusting “sarap” food. Must be more important than running a successful business.

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        @Phil Doh

        I can understand the hate to be along but if there is 6 workers lets say they could at least have a lunch 2 at the sam time and not close the entire store for 1.5h.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      In the states the lunch breaks are staggered depending on where you work. Like in a store, restaurant or anything that has customers coming and going all the time. But if a factory then breaks are at the same time. One thing I never understood, back home the store stock the shelves after they close. If they are open 24/7 then they restock after midnight sometime and done before 0600. Here they restock when the store is the busiest and clog up the aisles.

  8. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    I lived in a small condo previously that had a guard for *security purposes*.

    One startled guard woke with me pointing his shotgun in his face accompanied by the loudest “BANG” I could muster – he wasn’t very happy!

    I slammed my hand so hard on the reception desk with another guard, he leapt out of his chair!

    But fuck ’em, it could’ve been my mrs that was facing the gun.

    Did they understand why i was angry? Answers on a postcard as they used to say…

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      86… HA! I would have paid to see that 🙂
      Ever notice how many of these so called guards/police guns are not loaded??
      Almost all the side arms I see have no magazine installed, just a empty hole in the handle. Look some time.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Hey Joe,
        Take a close look at all the guns pnp, bjmp and security carry. Ever see one that was really maintained or not rusted? They’ll carry a 1911 with 7 in the mag, 7 in each spare mag and the mags are rusted up as well. Then the gun has one in chamber, on full cock with thumb safety off. Ask them if they ever take 2 rounds out of mags when off duty and answer is no, it’s 7 24/7/365. So there we have mag springs that are weak, hammer springs most likely weak Neither the mags or the guns have seen oil or proper care or maintenance. I have seen them “clean” their weapons with, dare I say it,,,,,,,, Never Dull! Then I also notice that the ammo they carry is mostly military surplus from the U.S or UK.

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          We hired a guard 2-3 yrs ago when the wife and I had to go on a visa run and had no one to watch the farmstead.
          I handed the guy my 9mm auto and told him to make sure the a-hole neighbors see him with it.
          His eyes got as big as fry pans and a huge smile. Wow, he says. a real US made with real US made Remington ammo. He remarked that he had never even held a “real” one before.

          When we came back he made it a point to empty the magazine in front of me counting out the bullets one by one like counting his change. I guess that may be why they do not give them ammo,, afraid they will steel it.
          Plus junk copy home made guns.

          1. Profile gravatar of pulubi

            Do you know how they trained secu guard in the PI? They make them watch ERAP movie for 2 days. After the training the secu can slap or fan the trigger of the 1911 and kill 14 bad guys. LOL Don’t mess with pinoys .

            I remember the good old days when we had 2 guards. Everytime we get home 90% of the time they are sleeping.

      2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        That’s a good thing, right? Imagine the chaos with these dimwits, who don’t know the first thing about firearm safety, running around with loaded weapons .

        1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
          Hey Joe

          For (me) most of these guys can’t be trusted to tie shoe laces, let alone be trusted with a loaded gun.
          So i see it as a good thing.
          But on the other hand for Bob’s and LIP3 subscribers that seem to be under the impression that guards are employed to protect “them” well, erm, uummm, well, good luck with that.