Do Filipinos Have the Ability to Feel Guilt, Shame, Empathy, Embarrassment?


Warning: There are a few videos involved in this post.

I was just spending time with my fiancé who watches Filipino TV and News from time to time. While watching a few weeks ago, I could not help but notice the the campaign ads coming out and one in particular that has repeated itself finally peaked my interest or constantly made me laugh at the sadness of it.

These ads are fucking ridiculous, make no sense, and they simply just sing/ dance. The candidates don’t even say anything so you have no idea where they stand or what their plans are. They don’t even say a word other than the BS song they are singing!!  Just look at this video. It’s from a politician called Manny Villar. From what I hear, he is worth about $1 Billion USD and says he did it on his own as he grew up like a squatter.

Of course, it slowly came out that wasn’t true and turns out he is pretty corrupt and just part of the typical Failipino political dynasty BS. The guy was speaker, congressman, and senator while his wife did all kind of political jobs as well. Take a look at the video from 5 years ago.

Now his son is running for congress or something. So you have to really watch this video:

Basically, the son (running for some position like congress or senator) simply walks thru a shithole squatter village. It basically shows the dad did absolutely nothing in the last 5 years and actually found poorer people to exploit, or maybe the people actually got poorer through such shitty leadership. This is the ad that made me pay attention. I told my fiancé, “What is the guy campaigning on? He’s just hanging out with a bunch of poor singing kids. It makes no sense.”

I found this video on YouTube as well. Now, in this last video take a look at their family home. Sorry, the rest-home of their family. Basically, this is their vacation home being explored by the wealthy sister of the President, Kris Aquino.

So, I have to ask, “Do Filipinos have the ability to feel empathy for others. Can they feel shame, guilt, and embarrassment?” Being a corrupt politician and witnessing how poverty stricken the people you “lead” has no bearing on their conscience whatsoever. How can someone consistently steal so much, live in a mansion, purchase multiple homes, and simply drive by the poorest and most suffering people. However, it’s not like Filipinos protest or demand better for themselves or the poorest of their society.

Filipinos seem to be the most callous, non-caring people towards each other. I see no care for each other, the poor don’t even help each other, and it just seems like a culture that cannot wait to screw each other over the first chance they get. With all the time in the world, the poorest people will simply just sit around. No one cleans up, volunteers, or takes any active role in their community. Filipinos seem to have no sense of society, community, working towards a common good, or caring about other people. It truly is a “me first”, “how can I get something from you”, or “what do I get if I help you” culture.

So, there are shitty leaders in this country, but most of the citizens are shitty as well. With Filipinos, I don’t give a shit how religious you say you are because the greed, lack of empathy, sociopathic culture, immoral actions (or laziness to act) show the true colors. I mean, what is the point of being so religious if you are going to act like the devil anyway?


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      Johnny Post author

      It still boggles my mind though. How can you steal so much, live so lavishly, and simply drive past (or have your driver) in your expensive car all the homeless kids/ families. Especially given the fact they are driving on the shitty roads they constructed.
      Also, they have been to other 1st world countries. How can they visit the USA, England, Aussie, Germany, etc and not want to apply those standards to their community. “Well, dis es dhe way we do tings her in dhe Pilipinnes sir”. What an awful excuse that is and its funny cause that excuse is the end of the conversation. There is no, “well what about ___ or tell me the details of how ______ works so we might be able to make things better here”. Anyway, that is another article.

      Btw, (I sent a PM already)
      Thanks for snazzing up the article with the cool headline shot. That gives it a good effect. Love this site!

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      ‘Tis very sad, cos when they have not these abilities, it would be very difficult for them to develop to a higher level. Not that they contain any such desire.

      It seems they are perfectly happy to wallow in the mire of corruption, lack of guilt, lack of compassion, hypocracy, shame and embarassment that They Themselves have created!

      But, glory to God of course, and to themselves as a “caring, happy compassionate people” Yak! I wondered why there are no kanos on all their “smileyphotosinagroup. Now I know why!

      They seem to be the most amoral, stupid, greedy-lazy unsympathetic people in the World!

      Luckily this is not the only blog which purports this truth, its all over the Net! I’m surprised people care to go there at all.

      Leave them be with all their idiocy and disgusting habits I say!

      Could it be that they are the ultimate winner of the Price?
      There should be an award!

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      So its gotta be a pretty worthless religion making people behave like this with no remorse!!! Belongs with the garbage and the pee……!
      Really extremely discusting people, and so good to getit out in the open!

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    I say YES Filipinos can feel shame and guilt and embarrassment for their own country folk. How? When?

    When I sit them down and show them the text messages from the many many girls that are harassing me on a daily basis…. all night, all day, all afternoon, all morning, 24 hours…. no matter if it’s 2 AM, 4 AM, 9 AM, 2 PM, messages just keep coming in…

    where is my gift for my birthday coming up, can you give me some money, my grandma’s died, I want funeral money.
    family emergency (it turned out to be a school project)
    I want abortion money,
    I have no food here,
    can you pay me my rent bill,
    can you send me some load,

    ….. its relentless but it’s the messages that I show other Filipinos the messages of these people who are asking for money and gifts and don’t get them and they are getting angry and abusive that they then realise how LOW the filipino culture is and how low people can go in this country to grovel for money and BEG

    Is just sheer madness most Filipinos who are in their 20s have a mental age of someone in their early teenage years IN A WESTERN COUNTRY and when they’re let loose with a mobile phone or Facebook they simply cannot help themselves to be asking and begging for money.


    they’re the only race of come across in the whole world that has no shame asking someone in the first meeting can they borrow some moneyDD, blurting out “wheres my gift” etc

    opportunistic assholes…

    Absolutely no shame
    absolutely no guilt

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      Johnny Post author

      So crazy you said that. I was just with a friend at a little bar that had a band playing. My Euro friend was with his new GF. The singers immediately pointed us out and start saying, “Foreign Currency”, then laughing about it and saying, “American Currency” when they found out I was from the USA. His GF requested 2 songs with 150P attached when no one else was tipping and the singer said (on the mic), “you owe us 50 cause we do requests for 100”.
      His GF was so mad! I give her credit cause she just got a very shocked look on her face. I asked what she said and she told us. Of course we were shocked by it and my friend asked, “should I give them another 50P?” His GF said, “Do not give them anything! We are the only ones who gave them any money as a nice tip and now they want more?” I told my friend I think she is a keeper.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Yes Johnny any girl that quibbles over 50 pesos is a keeper… They are out there I had dated one one time that all she wanted was noodles and a small sukto bottle of Coke.. I think total damage was about 11 pesos of which she always gave me back the change 😉

        actually there are good girls out there that get quite pissed off at their own country folk trying to take advantage of foreigners thinking they’re made of money that money coming out there arse

        I had one that used to really relish in letting rip on Manila taxi drivers when they try to overcharge our trips…

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    I’d say Filipinos don’t feel guilt, shame, empathy to anyone, dogs, cats, people, roosters, or any other creatures that breathe oxygen. Heaven help you if you get reincarnated as an animal in the Philippines!! Embarassment? hmm, maybe, if and when they get caught and they knew that they were lying, scamming, thieving or sponging off someone. But that feelings of embarrassment is so fleeting, I doubt it lasts 60 minutes!

    ” I mean, what is the point of being so religious if you are going to act like the devil anyway?”

    What do you expect when all people in positions of power, from the country’s leaders to the country’s religious leaders are so corrupt and don’t really lead by examples? Politicians who only aspires to get in power for money, Priests who relies on the sucker’s generosities. Ever noticed that most of the provincial churches in Cebu sits on prime real estate enjoying seaside views? Oh, that’s right, the virgin Mary likes to gaze at those beautiful green ocean while having her cup of tea in the morning. 🙂 And the priests having illegitimate children from different women. OK, I won’t begrudge them the pleasures of the flesh, but DUH! any wonder Flips do their confessions on Fridays, then visit their mistresses and commit all sorts of sins by Friday noon?
    A glaring example of “Monkey see, Monkey do”.

    Religion in the Philippines is nothing but for show. If I had a dollar everytime a Kano tells me “oh, my new GF is a good girl, she goes to church every Sunday”, I won’t have to work ever!
    And the “good girl” Pinay GF often turned out to be married with kids, have Pinoy BFs on the side living on the same house pretending to be the brother eating off the allowance that the Kano sucker sends from overseas!

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    Barry Smyth

    Sorry screw up —- You have made a very good observation of Pinoy’s its something I have notice about them over many years they have no pride they have no sense of helping each other just give me give me give me ————–

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny
    Johnny Post author

    The article seems to be loading up kinda funny. On one tab it is the way I typed it, but on another tab the videos are all the same.
    So, if you get the article with the Villar family touring their resthome, this is the order it’s supposed to be:

    1. This is Daddy (Manny Villar) politicians campaign ad:

    2. This is the son’s campaign ad. This is the one that caught my attention:

    3. The 3rd video is the one definitely in the article. The one where they show off their house.

    Sorry if there is any confusion. I re-edited the article so much I’m sure I screwed something up.

    (Here is another ad I just found looking up the first)

    And, here is another video made by an activist Filipino making fun of him FiloFail style. I guess Manny Villar really is an awful person. He is one of those dirty type Filipino politicians who puts his campaign stickers and pictures on donated goods.

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      Kane Malarky

      I don’t think so. You know… I paid a visit to a public Cemetery in Cebu City, and I was just trying to have a few minutes of silent reflection with my GF. But unfortunately, upon entering the place 3 teenagers kept following us around all the way to the crypt, and kept begging all the time I was trying to pay respects in front of the crypt of my GFs relative. It was so annoying. I asked them if they would just stay away, and wait for a while. And, when we were done I would give them a few peso. They didn’t listen, but just kept staring and begging with outstretched hands… I lost my cool eventually. There are so many times I lose my cool there. I just need to reset some times and leave the place for some weeks or a month, or just stay in the condo. And, no. There is not much shame at all.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        Yeah, I want to choke Filipinos at times. I do feel from time to time, especially when I’m overworked or stressed my tolerance is low. I could lose it in traffic, in line, at a gov’t office, and yes with beggars.
        Just trying to sit down or enjoy lunch somewhere and the beggars are right there. The business won’t chase them away and the beggars just sit there saying, “hungry sir” over and over. However, if you offer food they are not happy.

        1. Profile gravatar of Angel

          That’s because they want money so they can buy some drugs. Or what passes for drugs in the streets, like solvents. That and also the syndicated beggars who work for (or should I say, slave under) local mafias, they need to give them the day’s quota, or else.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I never give money, but I buy food. You’d be amazed how many don’t appear hungry at all once you put food in front of them.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Yep, I was in Manila last week. Of course some rugby kids come running up to me crying, saying how hungry they were, and putting their hands out for money.
            So I get my phone to snap a couple pics and all a sudden they start doing peace sign poses with a smile. Then they go right back to crying and begging.
            I can’t remember the area. The driver said it was big for rugby.

    2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      At first, I thought the video was produced in the Land of Imbeciles (as we all know, flips love to “Talk the talk”), but seeing the lettering,I assumed it was Thailand.

      I’ve never been to Thailand but from speaking with others who have visited I learned that they are light-years ahead of the flips in terms of infrastructure, etc. it really makes me wish I had gone there on my first mission trip, for I truly believe I would have never had the same horrific experiences I had in the Turd of the Orient. Sigh….

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Notice how proud Villar seemed to be with all the Trash thrown around? An ad like that in a Western country would guarantee he would not get elected. There is one governor on Mindanao who lives pretty good. The roads are shit until you get to about 2 miles from his house and 2 mile after you pass his house then go to shit again. Has pretty big house and had the roof imported, seems it changes colors with the angle of the sun.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      That is what gets me. In a western country, he’d have been arrested long before that for the standards he let his district get to. The video didn’t even suggest the daddy Villar helped in any way. It looks like the place got worse. Maybe Filipinos like seeing trash everywhere, otherwise how can you explain it?
      It just amazes me the pride these thieves have for stealing or not caring for their own people.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Kris Aquino thinks she is big shit, has to have face everywhere. Tell my wife KA is so full of shit and plastic. Let’s see if anyone else remembers this. Pnoy went to church after he was elected and was sitting in the front row with KA. The priest addressed Pnoy saying basically that the people elected you to do a job, do the job you were elected to. He then addressed Kris who’s eyes lit up all big, she felt special, that was before the priest said anything.

    Priest: Kris, you made a promise to your mother Cory to spend more time with your children and be a mother to them. You should keep your promise and make your mother proud. Kris, the world does not revolve around you.

    The last sentence busted her bubble big time. After that she took the kids to Singapore, Indo, or Malay can’t remember which for “family” time. What happened? She did not spend any time with the kids but had the yayas take them places. Here they are riding banana boat with yayas, at the parks with yayas. Guess if those kids want to see their mom they have to watch tv. If they want to spend time with her they carry around a magazine. When Pnoy was running I saw on tv a clip of the bus and baby James in the window waving at people. Soon as Kris knew there were cameras she pulled him away from the window and filled it up with her face.

  7. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    Not seen in the video; a small private army of heavily armed men on perimeter defense while father and son “casually” walk through the slums. They sure as fuck wouldn’t trust anyone in that slum and it’s not hard to imagine they probably threw their shoes away after having to dirty them in the plebe’s filthy land.

    I’ve seen how politicians and rich businessmen travel here. It’s insane. It’s the only time I see security personnel with clean functioning weapons. This includes the police who also sometimes carry rusted shit.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      What I do not get about the ad is, what are they trying to say? All the ad shows is they will show up every 4-6 years and hug a bunch of squatter kids. When I saw the ad, I was so confused. They did not even try to clean up or say they are going to provide proper housing.

      They love to live feeling “important as hell”. The crazy thing is these types always lock themselves behind a compound, then exit in their car with their private driver.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angel

        “…they will show up every 4-6 years and hug a bunch of squatter kids.”

        And give said squatter kids’ voter parents P500 each to “secure” their votes. Win-win.

  8. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    …and the money they are given to be whores for the slimeball politician’s re-election video will be quickly spent on Red Horse, Champion cigarettes, Rugby glue, or whatever form of libation the parents partake of. If there is any money left, it will be blown at the cock pit. Sigh….

    1. Profile gravatar of Angel

      But Don, sometimes the system of corruption goes as far as certain precincts will have “vote bouncers” wherein you HAVE to vote for a certain politician.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        I’ve heard that too. Apparently, some of these politicians make deals with the npa in the more remote areas to be the vote center reps. Word is my local governor gave the npa like ₱50 million to secure all voting stations outside the main areas. He did win in a landslide. So much for the npa leading a revolution against the corruption and tyranny. Turns out they are just a bunch of corrupt Filipinos pretending to care. Typical.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Yeah, it turns out they are just a bunch of corrupt morons who really don’t care about the betterment of the country or ridding corruption like they proclaim. Just a bunch of lazy extortionists.
            Is there actually a group or person here who protests or demands better for their people.

  9. Profile gravatar of Harley

    “I mean, what is the point of being so religious if you are going to act like the devil anyway?”
    It is a very fucked thing going on in their culture. Soon after being born the church charges money to get christened (and charges for everything else too). So after they are christened they’re (so they believe) basically set, saved, ‘a christian’, will get into heaven. So it doesn’t really matter what you do after that. They can live like the devil and go to church and supposedly be so religious because they got baptized as an infant. All the guilt tripping and preaching they do at each other doesn’t seem to help either. They all lie cheat and steal as if they were the devil incarnate, and maybe they are. Observe how the entire lot of them, even the adults too, will act like misbehaving children just egging it on, trying to get bad attention. As if daring anyone to put them in their place or discipline them. Then if anyone ever does tell them to shut up or quiet down (maybe only a kano would tell them) then the adults react with horror whereas the kids will taunt more and try to draw more bad attention to themselves.

    So the larger question of this thread, do they or can they feel any guilt shame or empathy? All they do is accuse each other and pass of any responsibility. They are callous and feel nothing for others, especially not for a kano. THERE IS SO MUCH DUPLICITY between their words and their actions. They will preach at each other endlessly saying how they ‘hate liars’ they ‘hate games’ yet they will never take a look at themselves that they are the biggest liars of all. They are the biggest scam artists. There is nothing but just rottenness in their core. The church the culture the whole place reinforces this.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      Thats why I say it is a very narcissistic and sociopath type culture. At least the culture rewards them for it. No one is ever accountable.
      Filipinos say they hate corruption,, but they don’t seem to realize it when they are corrupt. They hate liars, but when they lie its justified. They hate sinner, but when they sin,,, well they’d never admit it was a sin in the first place, but a reason why its ok and “hey, I deserved that”. Ever ride with a taxi driver who is blatantly ripping you off, but each time he passes a church he touches his rosary and makes the sign of the cross? Ironic I know.

      The fucked up thing is that its not the poorest of the people who display this type of behavior. The rich and the “leaders” say it and believe it. Look at what happens when they get caught. They invoke god and even say, “as god as my witness” cause of course they know God won’t come down to take part in a long ass trial nor be the witness to some Filipino scoundrel,,, if he even exists at all cause he sure doesn’t seem to in the Philippines. So they invoke god as much as they can, but when a trial is going on they protest, fake illness, delay as much as possible, file BS motions, etc.

      I am sadly part-pinoy. The pinoy side of my family was actually quite wealthy until an Uncle and his cunt wife decided to forge signature, lie, steal, and piss away the family fortune. Their excuse to the family? “You were not here” or “we worked hard managing it so we took it, you should thank us”. These are educated people, not barrio people fighting over a little plot of deceased lola’s land. There was plenty to go around and if it had been managed properly EVERYONE would be rich, including them. Instead they chose to live a wasteful life just trying to show off in a society where having a car or house means you’re further ahead than 80% of the population. He wasted money on mistresses and ridiculous business ventures. Meanwhile his cunt wife wasted it on shopping sprees with her side of the family and extravagant trips.
      There is still some family assets left, but they have been in court for over 10 years now. All those BS, arrogant excuses haven’t even been heard by the judge yet cause they do everything in their power to delay the cases. Then the children who are grown adults now even support their excuses of “my parents worked hard managing the assets so they are entitled to keep them”. Again, highly educated Filipinos who grew up rich thanks to their parents thievery.

      Sorry for going off, but my point is these assholes developed a psychological flaw due to the shitty culture. Their wrongdoing was never put in check. They don’t have legitimate friends or people like we would in our respective countries to call us out on our bullshit, but instead have Filipino ass-kissers who would never say anything negative to someones face,,, only behind their backs. Then you have the shitty justice system that never holds anyone accountable so any excuse no matter how stupid it sounds is a great excuse cause its not like you’re going to be held liable either way. Therefore lies, deceit, manipulation, and thievery become the traits of the culture.

      Put the whole Catholic bullshit on top of it and you have a shitload of narcissists and sociopaths who believe as long as they are simply catholic they are great people. They can do anything wrong as long as its justified and only those who don’t praise god weekly are truly the bad people.