Do Filipinos Say Sorry?

So I’ve been living here about 4 years now and today some crazy shit hit me – I’ve never heard a Filipino apologize. I’ve NEVER heard someone in Manila say “I’m sorry I fucked up, what can I do to make it right?”

I should’ve noticed sooner but today there were a handful of events that made me realize the dumbfuckery we deal with on a daily basis. Anyhow, I was scheduled to have a new sink installed in my kitchen today. Last week we met with a sales manager from the local shop that specializes in kitchen equipment. He over promised and under delivered.

Throughout the sales process he was so reassuring and confident in his ability to get a smooth and fast install done. He claimed that he knows the owner of the shop personally (pinoy style name dropping) and that he will coordinate everything on delivery day between the installers, the vendor, and the delivery guys at their warehouse.

This morning we were set for 9am delivery. I arranged for coverage at the office as I would not be at work today. I secured the necessary gate pass and permit from our building admin for install and delivery at 9am… 10am passes.. 11 am… 12noon.. And so forth – NO DELIVERY ?!?! Finally at 3pm I receive a text stating that they are on the way. 4pm they arrive and that same sales manager is there to supposedly coordinate delivery and install.

I explain my frustration and stress to him that I actually missed work today so that I can accommodate our agreed upon delivery time. I told him I made a lot of adjustments and the least he could do was be punctual and on time or maybe even send me an update. I was not happy.

This clown goes on to say “sir, kasi late dumating and mga installer” (the installers showed up late). And expresses that it’s not his fault. Then he goes on to tell me about metro Manila traffic. He keeps stressing it’s not his fault, when they got on to Edsa there was so much traffic etc… I tell him it’s metro Manila and there will always be traffic.

He explains again that it’s not his fault because they were scheduled last minute to deliver some countertops to an address in pasay (all the way across town). Then finally I had had enough and told him that none of his excuses were my problem. I asked him why he had waited until 3pm to let me know? He said yet again it’s not his fault “kasi wala akong load kanina” (he had no cell phone credit to call me earlier).

Anyway our permit only allowed work to be done in the condo until 5pm so needless to say we did not complete the install.

Then I remembered last night it was not the waiter’s fault that dinner came before the appetizer because the cashier didn’t submit our order in the till. And 2 days ago when we went to the gym, it wasn’t their fault that my access card was denied because their system was down when I was renewing my membership, they kept insisting that it was someone else’s fault etc… Our water delivery service didn’t show up on Wednesday because their delivery truck was “coding” on Wednesdays – like seriously wasn’t your delivery truck coding on the same day last week and the week before?!!?!!! Why the fuck did you agree to a Wednesday delivery?

all throughout my 4 years here I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a simple sorry, or an apology of some sorts, or an admission of guilt. Everyone here points the finger at someone else or has a reason why they are not to blame.

has anyone here ever had a sincere apology from a Filipino?




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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Actually, I hear them say sorry WAY TOO MUCH. But here’s the thing…..

    They are quick to say “sorry sir”. But it’s really not an apology. It’s a process of their dishonesty, lack of responsibility, and willful ignorance and carelessness. They believe saying sorry cancels out the mistake, and removes any obligation to correct things and make them right. If they are caught stealing, “sorry po” means they don’t have to pay it back. Everything is fixed.

    If they damaged something they borrowed, “sorry po” means they don’t have to replace or repair it.

    Every single time I relocate, the company that hauls my furniture always damages several items. “Sorry po” fixes everything in their minds.

    These people are complete morons.

    1. Profile gravatar of John

      @Captain PFB,
      “They believe saying sorry cancels out the mistake, and removes any obligation to correct things and make them right. If they are caught stealing, “sorry po” means they don’t have to pay it back. Everything is fixed. ”
      Hit the nail, right on the head!

    2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      I agree with you Captain. They do say sorry a lot, but they do NOT mean it.

      A true contrite apology would cause them to “lose face” and lead to a wounding of their pride. And if there is one thing that we know about those smooth-skinned baboons, they cannot handle any loss or wounding of their pride. It is their pride that identifies them, so there is no way that they would do anything that would hurt that pride. that is why you will get so many excuses or blame-shifting when something does go wrong or if they do anything that is not accepted by you.

      And, of course, if you call them on their empty apology, they will call you a racist.

      Is this a great country, or what?

    3. Profile gravatar of djbuett

      After I had gone on my rampage over the girl’s mother’s family fleecing me over what I dis-affectionately call “the stupid lunch” I was convinced that I was witnesses perhaps the most disingenuous apology ever. I think she was “sorry you got mad”, “sorry I got caught”, or “sorry it didn’t work”…”sorry I have to now deal with this”… conclusion: acknowledge you are a loser, fat white guy with low self-esteem and that you should be lucky to get a hotty like me, and bend over and accept you bf with happiness……

    4. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Captain, YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      The never ending apologies drive me fucking around the bend, it never stoops, and why is that???????
      Because they never fucking Listen , then they fuck it up.
      Just try to get an Airline who has fucked up your bookings or changed them to suit themselves to fix it IN YOUR FAVOUR .
      It will never happen, just continual disingenuous apologies which are meaningless.
      But actually rectify or compensate, NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Pacquiao recently said sorry, but it was the most insincere apology I’ve ever heard in my life. And he only came out with it to try and protect his sponsorship deals.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Pacquiao said, “I wasn’t condemning the LBGT people, I was condemning the act.”

      So it’s ok to be gay, just not ok to do the act that makes them gay? What a complete moron.

      Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender isn’t what someone DOES.
      It’s WHO you ARE.

      With all the negative, discriminatory, and sometimes violent and deadly consequences which societal bigotry has bestowed upon “the act”, WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE CHOOSE TO BE LESBIAN, BISEXUAL, GAY, OR TRANSGENDER????? They are born that way, it was not something they CHOSE to be any more than you can choose what race you are.

      That would be like CHOOSING to be born with no arms or no legs or some disabling physical condition. Why would anyone choose to be that? But what they DO choose is to NOT HIDE WHO THEY WERE BORN TO BE. They have a right to be happy, and I know from experience I WAS FUCKING MISERABLE pretending to be straight for the first 40 years of my life. I only found true happiness when I decided to not give a fuck what society thinks, and just BE WHO I AM. That was the day I became truly happy and content. The negatives that society bestows upon me are nothing compared to the misery of not being able to live a true life without hiding, pretending to be something I was not. I don’t parade in the streets announcing I’m gay, and you wouldn’t know I was gay by looking at me. But I no longer have to hide it. I go about my life, and if someone wants to know, I shamelessly tell them who I am. I’m not proud, nor am I ashamed. I just am who I am. And I’ve enjoyed a monogamous loving relationship for 12 years now.

      What gets me is people like Pacquiao like to pick and choose things from the bible that justify their own personal prejudice, and ignore the rest. They believe the parts of the bible that best suit their lives.

      Little does he know that IN THE VERY SAME BOOK (Leviticus) where it condemns homosexual relations, it equally condemns eating pork, shell fish, wearing garments made from two or more fabrics, and many many more things that Manny and everyone does every fucking day. Why are they not condemning people that eat pork? Tattoos are condemned in the bible as well. Manny has a few tattoos.

      The utter hypocrisy among not just Filipinos, but most religious idiots is mind-blowing.

      1. Profile gravatar of John

        People’s attitude toward homosexuality shows how open or close minded they are. In terms of evaluating a personality, this is one of the measurement that we can rely on.

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        Well as you know I will disagree in some of the statements mentioned by you, but that will also lead to a neverending discussion. And evey time offtopics getting created the discussions getting too dirty.

        1. Profile gravatar of John

          In this site, comments are mostly off topic. However, ever since I’ve been a member of this website, I could notice a good improvement. Still there is some tense discussions (which may happen everywhere else either), but you don’t see much coarse language being used by the members.

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            Well I could disagree about the courses here. Just look on Philippine Politics topic and make ctrl+F and type fucking or idiot.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      LOL! That was the shittiest apology. Actually, there are animals doing gay acts. It happens all the time in nature, but see what happens when I try to argue with a pinoy? The whole statement is completely stupid and then I get sucked in to a stupid conversation then get more frustrated.

      The “Sorry po” of the Philippines is just a reaction, but means nothing. Might as well be a parrot saying it.

      Pacquiao is the offspring of idiotic Filipinos. They raised him to insane levels. A guy who is good at punching people is on TV nonstop, a congressman, a singer, lt colonel in the AFP, a singer, promotion whore, and anything else. Are we somehow surprised he developed a messiah complex?

  3. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”….. Yeah, we all remember the song by Elton John.

    Yes, I actually got an apology and deeply felt “Am So Sorry” from a FlopFlopFemale once.

    Sitting in Figaro Café this rare lady “blind Walked” strait into my chair, causing me to spill my coffee down the shirt.

    Insisting on paying for a new coffee and saying ever so much “sorry” I treasure this moment.

    Yes, I let her pay for the coffee, chatted with her for few minutes and off she walked away.

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    FILIPINOS ALWAYS SAY Sorry especially on the phone or personal just for the sake saying it. They don’t confess or admit that they fucked up and pass the blame to something. That’s how MUCH PRIDE they have stuffed up far in their ass!

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have had one tell me he was sorry and meant it. I went into 7 – 11 on a beer run and sat my stuff on the counter when a pinoy walked right up and, pushed mine out of the way and cut in front. I said something to him and he said something to me and it heated up. After a few minutes of silence he stuck out his hand to me and say he was sorry. The handshake was firm and the sorry sincere.

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I would only get a “Sorry Siiirr” when they constantly fuck up my order at McDonalds or any other fast food chain I dine at. Of course it wasn’t sincere, its just an embedded process they do that they are so used to doing due to their lack of competence and attention to detail.

    I almost got hit by a truck one day while walking across a drive through lot to a Petron gas station. This fucker swerved from the main road into the gas station and nearly hit me, and could’ve if I didn’t dodge it in time. I gave him a dirty look and was waiting for some form of apology. The reckless pinoy rolled down his window and I yelled at the guy, ‘Watch out where you are fuckin going!”
    He then replied with,”What is your problem my friend, why are you angry?”
    He was completely clueless and inconsiderate. He knew damn well what he did but as a dumbfuck pinoy he clearly didnt care.

    As for my next experience I will make it short, but I did actually get hit by a trike driver recently. It was a clear run over of my foot which had ran halfway up my leg. He had passengers at the time, and I guess he had too much pride to say “sorry.” I then swore at him “Putang inamo Hampas-Lupa Pinoy!’

    He and his passengers stared at me blankly then just drove off. None were concerned or shocked at what just happened, not even a care in the world. Damn these pinoys to hell…… if there is such a place!

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Wife had a sari sari store and laundry shop in QC. Well we had this one husband/wife working for us and their son stayed with us as all workers were stay in. The son was about5 or 6 years old at the time. One day a pinoy came down the street selling ice cream so I went ahead and bought an ice cream for the boy. So standing in the doorway with the boy while the pinoy scooped the ice cream into the cone, not a long endeavor right? While the pinoy was scooping the boy pulled out his pecker and pissed all over the pinoys legs. Mom was standing behind him and did nothing but laugh about it. Even had to tell the mom to go get water so pinoy could wash the piss off his legs.