Do, Re, ME!!! Every Filipinos’ Favorite Note of the Scale

To say that the Philippines is a nation of “Me Monsters” is to make a gross understatement. And to understand the raw truth of the disgusting me-first attitude in this country you have to see it for yourself. Words just cannot convey it adequately. But I will try.

The ways in which this me-first syndrome (a sickness here, really) gets expressed are multivarious and omnipresent. On the roads, in the malls (for the pedestrian component, as there are virtually no sidewalks here – WTF?), at restaurants and especially at all waiting lines, anywhere there are Filipinos, there are Me Monsters.

Let’s discuss a few true life examples.

oblivious filipino idiotsOnce, while carrying a heavy 5 gallon jug of water down a sidewalk (rare, but sometimes you can find them), I was rudely T-boned by a gaggle of empty-headed Filipinas exiting a strip mall parking lot (on foot, thankfully). I saw them coming because that’s what I do when I walk – I use my fucking eyes. I look around.

They were using their eyes to look down at their cell phone screens. Apparently, whatever was on those screens was more important than whatever obstacles might be in their paths, including other people.

Now, I assume that when one exits a side street onto a thoroughfare, the main traffic artery has the right-of-way, correct? Not in the Philippines! Why? Because every single person in this fucking country is apparently the most important person in the Universe. Me first!! How can that possibly work, you might ask? Not too fucking well. It might be possible for one person to be the most important douche bag in the Universe, but it’s not logically possible for every douche bag to be that. But that doesn’t stop these idiots from trying, and the result is a hair-pulling clusterfuck of frustrating chaos.

So what was this air-headed Filipina’s response when she ran straight into me?

“Wow, huh?”

Yeah, she thought it was my fault. Unfuckingbelievable, yet true, and it happened right here in dumb-as-dirt Philippines. You know what’s worse than a dumb fucking moron? An arrogant dumb fucking moron!

The funny part was that I knew it was coming. I saw her not paying attention, totally oblivious to her surroundings, and I’d been here long enough to know how people think, or rather, don’t think, and I was curious to see if this twit and her friends were stupid enough to actually plow right into me. They were. Don’t ever underestimate the capacity for stupidity in this country. EVER! That’s one thing that this country gives generously. The same goes for selfishness and greed – and all are required components of the me-first syndrome, which nearly everyone here suffers from.

Think about the consequences in traffic of this mentality. Makes you shudder, doesn’t it?

The best way to explain the result is to say that there is no right-of-way in traffic. It doesn’t exist here. There can be no right-of-way when every single person is always right.

So what you get is that every vehicle constantly moves forward as there is space to move forward (and sometimes even when there is not). You can imagine what busy intersections look like. Despite this resulting chaos, accidents are surprisingly infrequent. That’s a mystery that remains unsolved.

One time I was waiting in an area for a busStupid Filipino Me Monsters to arrive. I just happened to be standing at the curb precisely where the bus ended up stopping at, much to my surprise and delight. As the bus slowed to a stop, the rear boarding door was directly in front of me. I was ecstatic, for approximately one second, as in the next second there were suddenly four black-haired heads between me and the as-yet unopened door. Yep – Me Monsters. I had no idea how they got there so fast. It’s like they were line-cutting ninjas or something. True professionals. Total me-first fucktards.

Everyone here seems to love being on the roads, especially if they are not in a vehicle. They walk on it (no sidewalks, remember), stand on it (doing nothing), and sit on it (again, doing nothing). They build their houses and businesses so that the front wall abuts the pavement. What that means is that when they step out of their front door, they’re ON THE ROAD!! And if you think they poke their heads out first to check for traffic, you’d be wrong. Me-first idiots, all the way, all the time. Oh yeah, let’s not forget that they let their dogs take naps on the roads as well. I guess the dogs are filling in for these morons when they’re otherwise preoccupied. Idiots.

My last apartment was in one of these houses built right on the road, which was lovely, because there’s not one motorcycle here that has a functional muffler. To make matters even more delightful, there was a young couple with a very loud child that chose to park their selfish asses right next to my window near the street to sell their fried bananas on a stick. They cooked these with a wood fire, which meant that all the sooty smoke wafted into my window which I left open so that I wouldn’t suffocate from the heat. I suffocated anyway, thanks to the smoke.

But the smoke was not enough for these self-absorbed dingleberries. No. They could do better than that. They chose to also play cell phone music at ear-splitting, tinny volumes (china-made phones here are surprisingly loud). The whole damn day. Selfish, ignorant fucks!

The last example is one of incomprehensible stupidity. I was at a port on my motorcycle after disembarking from a ferry. Traffic was backed up at the gate while the guard collected his extortion, umm, I mean, the terminal fee (sure, if you give it an official name, it’s not stealing – greedy thieves). I got off my motorcycle as traffic was not moving at all to stretch a bit. Then, for no reason, the douchebag Filo in the pickup in front of me decided to back up. Maybe he was too important to wait in line like everyone else.

I wasn’t worried because I didn’t know this place yet at that time. I expected people here to act like people do anywhere else. Big fucking mistake!

So, he backs up until he’s getting dangerously close to my front tire. Now, mind you, he’s looking back over his shoulder at me the whole time, so I know he sees me. But he doesn’t see me. That’s the incomprehensible part. He’s looking right at me, but he doesn’t see me. How do I know that? Because he hit my fucking front tire!!! It’s beyond belief! Before he hit my tire, I was waving my hand frantically at him to stop – you know the gesture, it’s fucking universal. But this Filo dumbass didn’t know the gesture, and he didn’t see me, even though he was looking right at me. It’s beyond comprehension, but here, it’s possible. And to round out your understanding more fully of the decadent, morally bankrupted nature of these hopeless idiots, know this: all the Filipinos standing by (they are forever standing by, doing nothing, wherever you go) who watched the whole sad event transpire, what did they do? They laughed, of course. Fuckturd assholes.

Some may say it’s unacceptable to use the language I used in this post, and I would say to them “Go piss up a fucking rope!” Others need to be warned of the truth before coming here, and any clueless Filo that stumbles across this blog needs to hear shock language like this in order for them to wake the fuck up. You don’t wake someone in a coma up by gently shaking them. You wake them up by bitch slapping their ass.

Wake up Filipinos – you’re not important, you’re not considerate, you’re not hospitable, and you’re not intelligent. Wake up and realize you’re not all that and a bag of fish chips!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    It really doesn’t matter what the Filipino or Filipina does, it is S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for the native Filipino to
    1. NEVER NEVER EVER take responsibility for your own stupidity and ignorance.
    2. ALWAYS blame it on the one who was offended, violated, injured…whatever the case may be.
    3. OR deny you did it, even though you know you did, and everyone around you saw you do it.

    When presented with indisputable proof, they will just say, “That’s your opinion” or “That’s your side of the story”. They cannot distinguish between fact, proof, or opinion. If a balloon is red, and everyone sees it is red, and everyone agrees it is red, it’s pretty easy to say that it is a fact that the balloon is red. It is not an opinion that the balloon is red, it is a fact.

    And it is not only my opinion that Filipinos are fucking idiots, it is a fact based opinion. Because I got my facts from seeing the utter stupidity with my own eyes on a daily basis for nearly 7 years. They are complete mindless idiots.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      I back your statements 100% true. It hurts because I’m Filipino though I myself am trying my best to change what I can change in my community. Well at least something can be started somewhere.

  2. Profile gravatar of huwag-kang-tanga

    I have been hit twoce while completely stopped at a red light, both times by some jackass on a motorcycle. Luckily both times nothing happened to my car. The first I just laughed bc it was pretty funny, I hear a bump and look in my rearview mirror to see this dumb ass slowly sliding down my trunk his hand dragging down the window like a horror movie but instead of blood leaving a sweaty trail. There was literally a clean spot on my car and I was just like dude thanks for cleaning my car tanga! (equivalent to dumbass but literally the most insulting thing you can call them) The second time i was pissed because guess what it was the same fucking day! This guy is like why did you stop so fast? Im like Ive been stopped its a red light are you retarded? He immediately starts to act hurt and demand money. Im like no way man Im leaving. (word of advice as a foreigner always leave the scene before the cops get there and dont get caught otherwise youll be extorted for thousands of pesos and all kinds of bullshit)

    I find the best way to fight the whole me me me syndrome is to embarass the shit out of them. For instance im kind of big especially by filipino standards so when someone cuts in front of me I ask them simply “bulag ka ba? di mo ako nakita? ang laki laki naman ako, either bulag ka o wala kang hiya.” (are you blind? im so big but you didnt notice me? so either your blind or your a discourteous bastard) this should be said loudly so others can hear one thing filipinos hate is being embarassed, the word for this phenomenon is hiya or in english shame. they hate to be shamed which is why they always deny being wrong its why they always say this country is so fucking awesome its why they still live in the fucking dark ages, no humility. I’m not sure where it originated but its no excuse to be so stupid to let something like that hold back an entire country its just fucking stupid, i wish there was a word that was so much harsher or that you could hear the tone of utter disgust in my voice when i say stupid, but it is so SO STUPID! So yeah embarass them its the only thing that makes them think a tiny tiny bit. I have several filipinos under me who often need disciplining and breaking, like training a dog, and the only way is through embarassing questions and humiliation. Eventually you can break them you can train them and now I have several employees are very effective but it took literally two years of everyday questioning their logic and shaming them into doing the correct thing. So ridiculous.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      I actually sold my car, because I knew it was just a matter of time time until I got out and beat some tryke drivers ass to a pulp. I can’t remember how many times some idiot fucking Pinoy has hit my car – especially from the rear when I’m stopped. The first time it happened was a bike. The fucktard had “For Registration” plates and no fucking license. I hadn’t been living here too long at that time, and was trying to call the Police, and at the same time prevent the bike rider and his worthless fucking passenger from riding off. I physically blocked the bike – and the two idiots riding it from leaving – threatening to put them both underneath bike if they tried to leave again. Before I knew what was happening I had a large group of idiot fucking Pinoys standing around me (some drunk), and demanding that I pay the fucking idiot who ran into me for the damage to his piece of shit bike. Fortunately, I’m not easily intimidated. I managed to get back into the car and just drive off. It’s the first (and last) time I’ll ever even try and deal with one of these fucking maggots over a driving incident. I’ve heard absolute horror stories from “Kanos” stupid enough to stop, or get involved in any way with the Police. Fucking maggots!

      1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

        Fliptard drivers eh – let me share my story. Was riding motorcycle, a taxi cut in front of me, I slammed to his taxi. He just run away as if nothing happens. I picked myself, check my self for injury (no injury), picked the bike and run after the taxi. Caught him picking passenger, knock-know his window, he open the window, w.out saying a word I throw a hard straight punch in his face but lucky for him I didn’t hit him. I can see from his expression that we was shocked on what just transpired, he somehow froze and didn’t say anything. I then kick the driver side door of his cab very hard putting a huge dent. Hoped on the bike and speed off. I was young then.

        1. Profile gravatar of huwag-kang-tanga

          I was actually got hit by a taxi in a crosswalk once. The moron was looking to the side of the road for passengers, and not even looking in front of him. Luckily he was barely moving, but it still hurt, and it still pissed me off, so I losing my temper, stood on the hood and jumped leaving a giant ass dent. The guy didn’t even get out of his car he just drove off as soon as I got down. Asshole. I don’t know about you guys, but I have periods of explosions. Like you can only hold in your frustration for so long,sometimes it’s weeks, months, but there is always an explosion haha. I’m worried I’m going to snap and just strangle someone someday. So far I’ve verbally abused and destroyed 6-10 people in public, I smashed a taxi hood, I broke a gate, like those wood gates that go up and down at the entrance of sub divisions, I broke into the hospitals prenatal ward and dared the security guards to do something, I’ve walked out of a restaurants without paying twice, I’ve taken items and walked out of stores 4-5 times (I left money, but was tired of waiting and dealing with the paperwork bullshit.). Things that I would never normally do, it was just too much to handle.

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    “Despite this resulting chaos, accidents are surprisingly infrequent. That’s a mystery that remains unsolved.”

    I can solve that one for you! Our traffic jams make the roads look like parking lots. No movement = no accidents. It’s fucking stupid and I tend not to drive and rather walk if it isn’t bloody burning outside and the place I’m going to is nearby.

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    another question; if they’re not important, then why do you would you dedicate a whole blog talking about the filipinos? It’s kinda ironic actually, you say they aren’t fucking important but you spend a lot of time writing about them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Read more of the blog and you’ll find the answer to that question Einstein. I don’t know how many times and how many places on this blog it explains why the blog is here.


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    Every word rings true. Hahay.

    But it lacks the issue of tardiness. That self-important people do not respect other people’s time but their own.

    And may I suggest that you install the Disqus plugin for comments? Just a suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Oh. Sorry about that. Hehe. That was the self-important me not bothering (yet) to check other posts because I was still so engrossed in this post. Keep it up. Seriously.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Installing Disqus removes all of the hundreds of comments that have built up over the years. Not sure it has a way to import the existing comments, but if I can’t find a way, I’m not going to activate it.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            I see. Well, I’m starting to think that using the WordPress comment system requiring a user to go through the registration process filters out those who just want to flame senselessly: those who cannot bear having the Filipino name smeared with truth. Maybe it’s good to keep it this way.

  6. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    Glad I found your blog. It’s a great way to release my built up stress and the best part is that it’s free. The comments are so right on. Brilliant. Your comments about how people are always standing around doing nothing especially in the street is so right on. Also they are always cutting in line and pushing and shoving to get in buses or pay bills like they are in a big hurry and have lots of things to do. But they are also never on time, late for everything , don’t show up when promised and just plain unreliable. It always fascinated me how they can sit around all day and do absolutely nothing, never be on time but when it comes to standing in line they are in such a big fucking hurry. In such a hurry that they cause long delays and frustration for everyone no matter if its driving in traffic or buying medicine at Mercury Drug. It just doesn’t make since. Since they just hang out all the time anyway what’s the big fucking hurry.