Doctors, Diners and “Family”

Well here I am with some new rants for your reading pleasure so let’s start with “family”

My wife brought her brother down from Manila and gave him a job working on our construction, later she brought his wife and son down. I heard the usual about how good and honest he is but scared to speak English as ashamed. Well later after we moved he stayed and worked on the construction for about 6 months or so then went back to Manila, we paid for that of course. Well turns out he stole over 30,000 in power tools and such. In addition he walked off with about 3 large bottles of my Jovan Musk. Now all our private stuff was in a locked room while we were gone. I asked an uncle to bring me something when he came but he could not find it. Now what did the brother do? Stole a 2GB memory card and a another with pictures of my mother who passed away that same year he stole them. I have told my wife in front of her mother and uncle that I better not run into her brother as I will severly hurt the son of a bitch, told her to tell him that. Also never to ask me for any help no matter the reason. If shows up on my doorstep then he takes his own risk. Fucking asshole. Is there anything filipinos will not steal?


I have this one place I would get hamburgers from, pretty good really. So first time I ordered my fries were over cooked so much that they were a dark brown. When I pointed this out I was told “All Americans, British like their french fries over cooked.” Yep, that’s what I was told to which I told them Americans do not and look how McDonalds cooks theirs. Blank stare. Well I order from this place at least once a week and each time the fries are like that which I repeatedly tell them light golden brown to no avail. Now this last time the fries were over cooked as usual and my onion rings had steel wool in them so the next day I went and informed the manager just after I ordered a beer and had two swallows:

Me: I sent my helper yesterday to get a hamburger, fries and onion rings. The hamburger was great but the fries were over cooked when note said not to over cook. There was steel wool in the onion rings.”

Him: “Finish your beer and get out.”

Yes, just that fast from him.

Me: “Tell you what, I have a better idea. You can take this beer and shove it up your fucking asshole motherfucker.” Got up and left

Now you all are thinking did I expect anything from a filipino based on how they handle customer service? No I would reply but the manager of this place is a WESTERNER (New Zealand)!! Guess someone went fucking native huh? So how does a foreigner get a job when basically is not really allowed so to speak. But no worry there as wife said she would have the place looked into, pinoy revenge huh?

Speaking of wife. She went to an OB/GYN about certain female problem. Well OB ran test and said she needed this done which will cost 20,000 and wife needs to get admitted that very night or the next am. When gets home wife tells me what OB said, showed me the meds and list from hospital regarding rooms and anesthesia. I advised wife to get a second opinion before anything as the condition is not life threatening which she did the very next day. Here is what was found out:

1.) Said OB/GYN wanted to do the procedure even after lab tests showed wife had an infection.

2.) The procedure can be done in the doctors office, out patient hospital. OB wanted her admitted and in a private room for about two days.

3.) When wife went back to OB/GYN after second opinion OB told wife her fee was now 24,000, up 4,000 in less than 24 hours.

4.) OB wants wife to sign a waiver saying OB not liable if anything happens while she is gone. Wife refused.

SOOOOO,,,,, Turns out OB pushing wife to get it done with 24 hours of first seeing my wife remember? Here’s why. Seems OB is going to the states 9nov. What it amounts to is OB was trying to charge 20,000 then raised to 24,000 so to hae spending money in the states, that’s why the push to admit right away. Then OB does not want to be liable for any mess ups she might  have done. Yes the fine filipino doctors huh? And wife wonders why I refuse to go to a filipino doctor or hospital.

“If I get run over by a bus, stabbed, shot or heart attack just take me to my bed and let me either suffer or die in peace.”

Wife: “Why?”

Me: “Better to die that way than from filipino quackery.”





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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    ” Is there anything filipinos will not steal?”

    Nope, the bastards will even steal your shit if you don’t flush it down the toilet pronto!

    As for the low life wife’s brother….what can I say? These people don’t respect blood ties. Close family ties indeed!! Excuse me while I go vomit! In addition to Snakebitby Flip’s latest humorous posts, “what do Flips and vipers have in common?” Answer: they both bite the hands that fed them.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Are you kidding? They are the 2nd most populous immigrants in the USA. And top immigrants in dozens of nations around the world.

        They are even stealing those too!

        5,000 leave the country DAILY.

        Probably with fake degrees…

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Interestingly stole your power tools a friend of mine added business and employed a guy who said he would work for 3000 pesos a month. He had a disabled daughter. Shaking his head my friend sat down on a bit of paper they went through his monthly expenses and it was revealed that 3000 pesos is not enough money.

    So my friend decided to pay the guys wages plus more plus have a look at looking after his daughter with her expenses she was a handicapped kid a.k.a. special child as they call it here for all the Filipinos reading this.

    He went away to Singapore for few days and was delayed – he came back to find some of the work tools of been sold. These were the work tools for the business the very business that paid the salary of the man and also supported that of his child.

    My friend questioned the man and he was told I didn’t know when you are returning from Singapore and so sold some of the tools food.

    It would be laughable if it were a uncommon event but situations like this where Filipinos think they have an un-controllable right to use someone else’s property and things seems to go on daily and this is what people that have never been to the country or newbie foreigners just don’t get that Filipinos will burn your rear end off if given the opportunity. I would not employ Filipino other than cleaning my toilet and wiping the ask my dog to trust them with any other thing let alone giving them toilet paper because they will no doubt end up taking some roles home – have you ever wondered why there’s no toilet paper in Filipino public toilets and many of the other facilities?

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “ever wondered why there’s no toilet paper “, Nope, I was surprisingly smart enough to figure that one out immediately, but SOOOOOOOOOOOO stupid about the sweet young things…

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To BLX2
        The flips in manila have gone modern or Arab???.. They plumb in a steel line with a valve on the side to the toilet bowl. However , when you open the valve water shoots all over your pants. lolzzz. I seen this setup in a 250 million peso church.
        Can these mfers ever get anything right.. Too cheap to buy toilet paper and too dishonest not to steal it!!!!!!!
        Lord have mercy on my soul, I wish I could see a resto table equiped with salt and pepper shakers, bottle of heinz ketchup,, soya sauce etc on the table.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Vikings tries to look like a upper shelf buffet, but they don’t even have salt and pepper. When you go to pay the bill they always have to call someone, I always wonder if they are going to the table to make sure you didn’t steal the silverware.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I am sure they don’t put the condiments on the table because it just kept getting stolen! Don’t forget Biggie, that most Flips CAN and DO eat at these restaurants on someone’s expense. So why not pocket anything and everything that can fit on the pockets and handbags?

            Even if a restaurant is upmarket, repeatedly replacing “missing” salt and pepper bottles would eventually diminish profits. If they increase their prices to cover the loses, then the customers will complain and not patronize the establishment. You just can’t win in da Pinas.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    By the way great photo of chips is typical of the way that the serve food here burnt, cancer causing oils, ship food that will log your arteries – but no, no they will not want to know that their food is killing them, their average age of death is 68 years old in this country, that their women blowout with pouches at 30 unlikely peers in western countries, that the food that they will catch up on them full of oil, salt, sugar, deep fry, double down, all that sort of stuff, – that photo is typical of the food that is killing is country

  4. Profile gravatar of pulubi

    Hey guys after my long vacation and new job I am back. Just want to add that my aunt had a tenant who was a born again christian. When the family left they stole the sink. Who steals a fucking sink? A born again christian who goes to church on sunday and bible studies on weekdays would do this? LOL PINOY PRIDE

    1. Profile gravatar of

      In America, most apartments come with a huge stove, ref, washer, drier, and dish washing machine.

      In the UK they come fully furnished. Couches, beds, and so on.

      That could never happen here…

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Stove and ref definitely. Dishwashers can be hit and miss. Washer and dryer is pushing it. Some do have washer/dryer hookups.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    ””that their women blowout with pouches at 30””
    nooooo,, thos e ”pouches” look like spare tires,, as in 12 /22 ” truck tires… more bounce to the ounce!!!!!
    Stealing a kitchen sink.. I had 2 water pumps (hand type) stolen on me.. “”i dont know” The tenants stole them even though they were the ones using the hand pumps.
    They would steal Christ off the cross and come back for the nails
    Al, Send donations to the Church of !!! have not figured out a good last name..any suggestions???/

  6. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I would say the Church of the Immaculate Conception, But that’s taken in Subic, you have to appreciate the IRONY a church named that , and it is surrounded by 70 bars and most of them , how shall we put this ????
    Have women waiting to get married tonight, divorced in the morning !!!!!!!!
    Church of the Failopinnes ????????????
    Church of the Not Quiet Right ??????
    Church of the Balakbyan Box !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Church of the Open Hand with the wiggling fingers. We have all seen that one.
    But Al there will be a law somewhere that you have to be a natural born Filipino to open a church.

    1. Profile gravatar of


      Those would certainly be more appropriate.

      The Subic one reminds me of my wife’s sister.

      She found out she was 6 months pregnant….but she was still a virgin!

      No one ever said there will be a second-coming of Mama Mary!

      It’s a miracle…

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Shows how thick they are. Just as a matter of curiousity, to what did she attribute the flutter of the baby on her stomach, usually as early as 4 months?? Did she have sex while asleep??

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Filipinos are extremely thick and naive. What amazes me is that the outside world thinks that they are kind and caring people based on the OFW workers that come into contact with them.

            One has to remember that the smart ones of left the country because of for local conditions brought about by the 60/40 ownership rules of the Constitution which is driven most locals offshore, wealth into the hands of the few oligarchs, and kept foreign investors out from owning anything because they can’t.

            What is left is an extremely thick and naive bunch of people who can’t even work out basic maths like 20 less 14 without using a calculator in store for example. The government is extremely neglect and providing good quality education. Filipinos live in a delusional state saying not all Filipinos are like that is if they’re the only ones.

          2. Profile gravatar of

            Well….once the baby came out, the cousins got the bolo and old rusty revolvers and procured daddy pretty quick. No shotgun wedding, surprisingly. (or bolo wedding?)

            But daddy ran away. Far away. To another province. Or Manila. So she had to come to Manila to be a yaya for p2,000 a month. Sends some money home to take care of the 15 person family that sleeps all day and the kid. Spends the rest on load to make tsismis.

            What a life. I would rather be a beggar with my kid on the streets. Living in a pushcart. Or come up with a trade. Sell smokes or something. But she gets a free place to live and free food… Has not seen her kid now in 4 years. Not even a picture of her. If she did not spend it on load… Sounds like flips would be happy in prison.

            Fuck. What a nightmare.

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      Technically, you could be any sort of missionary, so long as you can prove it on paper. I thought about becoming an Asatru missionary before I got my ICR…

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    well considerate a blessing your brother and law left…. they will try to move in on permanent basis then invite the rest of them too as well…. but gladin some ways it happened because now you have an excuse reason to keep him out of your life… otherwise hey just take for the long term anyway….. man its crazy there….. doesnt bother them and will turn it on you….. thats their game…. need to keep your family small there… dont let too many in…. they will try to use you no matter what its in the blood…