Does Gay Pride Present The Same Significance As Pinoy Pride?

In Gay parades, men and women celebrate their sexuality by swarming the streets of a city, wanting to be known and accepted by their neighbors for their choice and lifestyle. But how does Pinoy pride have any difference and what are they proud of other than their race? Could it be the culture? But the culture has little to nothing left of real native Filipino tradition and is heavily influenced by the Spanish! So if they embraced the Spanish religion, tradition, culture, than couldn’t we say they accepted and embraced the rape, manipulation, control and colonization of the Spaniards? If we compare to other races and cultures we can see some noticeable differences.

For example:

Do Native Indian’s embrace the white man’s culture and celebrate their religion and traditions? Did they banish Native culture to embrace the British way of life? No, they still carry on their traditions and native culture, separating themselves from their oppressors.

When the African Americans were slaves, did they celebrate white man’s culture? Did they adopt their traditions? NO, they created groups such as black panthers and had leaders such as Malcolm X who identified the oppression and stood up against it, representing black pride, and fighting against the oppressors.

If you look at Chinese and Japanese they have carried on their native tradition for centuries with little influence from opposing countries. They have stood very strong with their cultures. So with these examples in mind, what is the significance of Pinoy Pride that seems to be nonexistent?


When gays go out to show pride for their sexuality, they want to be heard and accepted and integrate in society. Is there much difference with Pinoy Pride? Wanting acceptance, admiration and open arms to their “culture”? What is their current culture though? Does it deserve admiration and respect? That question lingers with very little, plausible answers. But what seems to be prevalent in the Philippines, doesn’t exhibit something to be proud of, at all.



  1. The government is corrupt and has systematically destroyed any positive prospects for the country, dipping into the Philippines pork barrel, burning through all their resources.
  2. The Philippines is 3rd world, poverty stricken.
  3. Jobs are scarce, and if one gets a job they are subjected to low wages, long hours, no overtime and live pay check to pay check with very little progression.
  4. Men (including husbands) are dishonest cheaters who use women, impregnate them and leave them high and dry to take care of the children.
  5. Women are irresponsible, having dozens of babies and not taking a stand against cheating men. (Manila being the busiest maternity ward in the world).
  6. Filipino parents are breeding children they CAN NOT AFFORD and creating a “culture” of subtle exploitation of their children, using them as nothing more than ATM machines when they find a job abroad. Parents currently have a self-entitlement, wanting rewards for breeding! “I gave you life, you owe me!” attitude.
  7. Filipino’s are spontaneous, lacking future planning, not learning from past mistakes and blaming others for it.
  8. Filipino’s possess this power to disassociate themselves from any personal fault. Admitting ones mistakes and accepting constructive criticism which could benefit them, is instead, completely ignored or ridiculed, choosing ignorance over rational thinking and reasoning.
  9. Their average IQ is 86 which is sitting around the lowest in Asia and doesn’t seem to be improving.
  10. Their food isn’t well recognized or received by other countries as is other Asian foods (Japanese, Chinese, and East Indian etc.)
  11. Money handling is very poor. Saving money does not seem to be a high priority. If there is money, they make sure to spend it, killing any opportunity to invest and improve their situation.
  12. Family values are poor. They cheat each other for money, beg and use their children as money machines, push and disrespect one another to be on the pedestal of high status and popularity and seem to worship this over everything else.
  13. Business sense is poor. Chinese dominate their country for business because they know how to handle money, save it, and invest it. They future plan and learn from the past. Unfortunately these traits do not exist for many Pinoys.
  14. Primitive superstitions are rampant and idiotic with no scientific base whatsoever but yet still believed!


The list could go on and on. Most of us get the picture but yet we scratch our heads wondering what created this movement. Shouldn’t there be a Pinoy panther party instead, fighting against the oppressors? Shouldn’t there be leaders politically speaking against the corruption? It’s as though they openly accept corruption and celebrate it, wanting praise and admiration. How absurd can it get? Where is the courage, intelligence, political views, free speech, critical thinking, good business handling, fighting for freedom, fighting poverty, and celebrating some of the native Filipino tradition?

What is obvious is that there’s a deep down insecurity and desperate cry to be accepted without merit.

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    Captain PFB

    As a homosexual, I was involved in activism for equality in the USA. But I did not involve myself in the gay pride movement. Why? Because it didn’t make any sense to me. It’s like they were parading around demonstrating for equality, but to have some kind of special notoriety or something. I saw the gay pride parades as somewhat of a spectacle, but it IS there right, so ok, if they want to make spectacles of themselves, fine. I just simply wanted the same constitutional rights as every heterosexual citizen. I wanted the right to marry whomever I was in love with, JUST LIKE A HETEROSEXUAL PERSON. Me being gay does not in any way impede or violate anyone else’s rights. It doesn’t stop straight folks from being straight, going to the grocery store, going to church to worship their hateful, murderous god, etc.


    I didn’t think what they were doing is wrong. It’s just not a method I would choose. I chose more proactive methods. Educating people, petitioning for ballot measures, peacefully protesting violations of Constitutional rights, demonstrating for Equality, etc.

    Pinoy Pride really has no definition. It is simply an empty, arbitrary phrase Pinoys love to use without merit or substance. Ask any Pinoy who spouts off that he’s a proud Filipino, or claims Pinoy Pride what exactly are you proud of? Can you tell me?

    You will get one of 2 or 3 answers:
    1. “Fuck you racist”
    2. “We’re loving and caring people” (which they’re not. Caring and loving people slow down / stop for that mother holding her baby crossing in the pedestrian crosswalk. They don’t blow their car horn and swerve, barely missing them by a centimeter).
    3. “I’m just proud of my country” (which takes you right back to the original question, what exactly are you proud of?)

    And often times, you will see the look of confusion on their face when such a question is posed. It puts them in a position of utter vulnerability, and that is when the fight or flight response comes into play.

    You are correct in saying that the Pinoy has little to nothing to be proud of, except for his/her own personal achievements which have no relativity to being Pinoy. If a Pinoy achieves, it’s not because he/she is Pinoy. It is because he wanted to RISE ABOVE what Pinoy Pride REALLY is; claiming the success of the few Pinoys who HAVE achieved, therefore justifying his/her need NOT to achieve, but to continue scamming, raping, stealing, lying…..etc.

    Pinoy Pride rallies consist of showing off their “talent”….singers who can’t sing, dancers who look like a bunch of school girls who threw a few amateur steps together for a barangay talent show, and speeches from their oppressors who come with feel-good obvious lies so the crowd of idiots will cheer.

    But I could never understand any “national pride” shit. “Proud to be American” “Proud to be Filipino” “Proud to be Antarctican”…..whatever.

    You had absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with being American, Pinoy, Antarctican, German, or whatever. You were simply born that way. It was no achievement of your own.

    Finish college and get a degree….that’s something to be proud of. Fight to eradicate corruption….that’s something to be proud of. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE AND GOOD FOR YOU, FAMILY, COUNTRY…THAT’S SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF.

    But to blindly, without substance, without merit trounce around spouting off how proud you are of a society who is corrupt, and therefore has no options but to elect their own corrupt members of society, proud of a society who OBLIGATE their children to get out of their corrupt country to support it, is just more fucking stupidity.

    There is NOTHING to be proud of in being Pinoy. You had nothing to do with being Pinoy. If you want to be proud, then become ANTI-Pinoy AND WORK TO CHANGE YOUR COUNTRY. But as it stands in the world, we do not hear your shouts of Pinoy Pride, we only see what you really are. Your words cannot hide that. Start behaving differently. If you want admiration and respect from the world, START BEHAVING ADMIRABLY AND DESERVING OF RESPECT. Corruption, begging, scamming, lying, raping, willful ignorance, etc is what the world sees in the Pinoy, BECAUSE IT’S HOW YOU BEHAVE.

    Yet you want us to believe your contradictory words???? You’re idiots.

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      I forgot to conclude my story saying that Gay Pride would seem to have more significance over Pinoy pride. There is more substance to the Gay Pride then there is to Pinoy Pride in my opinion.

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    Pinay Lover Post author

    “It’s like they were parading around demonstrating for equality, but to have some kind of special notoriety or something”

    I always wondered what the point to all that parading was. I always had a much better respect for those reserved gays who kept to themselves and talked and acted decently. The ones that were incredibly flamboyant and very outwardly about their sexuality made me often uncomfortable. My last boss was a homosexual and did not exhibit that behavior. He was a pretty chill guy who I could just talk to like any other person. My dentist is very much the same, totally cool cat who I don’t feel uncomfortable around at all.

    The guys at these parades gave this kind of “in you face! I’m gay” vibe that never made much sense to me. It seemed like the parade was an excuse for the gay community to get together and party and be known! But nothing further than that.

    “And often times, you will see the look of confusion on their face when such a question is posed. It puts them in a position of utter vulnerability, and that is when the fight or flight response comes into play.”

    LOL, I hear you man. I was telling my Filipino co-worker how much of a shit hole the Philippines has become and suddenly he came up with this wonderful story glorifying Marcus and how much of a “great” dictator he was! It was pretty amusing to hear. SO martial law, robbing the countries wealth and manipulating your people like animals was a free time for the country? Well, that’s a pretty interesting concept! But hey, at least he came up with some bull shit instead of “your a racist, it’s a great country because it’s a great country….that’s why!”

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “The guys at these parades gave this kind of “in you face! I’m gay” vibe that never made much sense to me. It seemed like the parade was an excuse for the gay community to get together and party and be known! But nothing further than that.”

      I would agree with that sentiment, but I would also fight for their right to do what they’re doing. As long as they do it legally, get their parade permit, etc…. fine. Everyone has a right to make an ass and a spectacle of themselves if they do it legally. But to be quite honest, I don’t think that is or ever was a very good way to get the message across. The message gets totally missed. If you want people’s attention, and you want to educate them, don’t get all up in their face. Don’t work at trying to shock them by acting like a nutcase. Because that just shuts down their ears. They’re not going to take you seriously.

      I am gay, but to look at me and have a conversation with me, you’d swear I was a straight man. (All my life people tell me I have a striking resemblance to Mel Gibson, just to give you an idea of appearance). I have never felt the need to alter my manner of speaking with a gay lisp, walk around all limp-wristed, and wear pink or baby blue tight fitting V-neck T-shirts and tight leg hugging all the way to the ankle jeans and shoes with no socks. I’m a total T-shirt and Button-Fly Levi’s and sneakers kind of guy.

      Do the flamboyant ones offend me? Not at all. If that’s what makes them happy, and if that’s the person they are, all the power to them. It’s just not my thing. Just conduct yourself with decency and civility, that’s all I’m saying. I’m more than happy to share the world and not stand in the way of one’s happiness and individuality. Just fucking behave yourself, that’s all.

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    Captain PFB

    I often thought of the early Gay Pride parades and events as rallying for SPECIAL rights, not EQUAL rights. That was not something I would be in support of. And is exactly why I didn’t have anything to do with those events.

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      I totally agree with you that there could be a much better, logical approach to improving the lives of homosexuals. The parties on the streets don’t create a serious tone to them to create much change other than “I’m happy and I’m gay! Look at me now!”

      I imagine Philippines must be a paradise for gay foreigners since a large population go that way. There are many good looking Filipino’s too. Too bad the majority have that same mental handicap that seems to be rampant.

      The OFW’s here aren’t too bad, they are actually really polite and hard working here, you’d be surprised. That’s not to say they haven’t carried some of those bad Pinoy traits, but there certainly is a difference. I figure the majority of natives lose purpose and hope since that country is so damn corrupt. It ends up causing that downward spiral where they self destruct from hopelessness. Environments like that easily creates recklessness just like the Native Indians in North America. Soon as the government took over, they became a welfare state with no purpose other than drinking and fucking.

  4. Profile gravatar of TiredFailipino

    Gay or not, Filipinos will be the same, first they should know how to respect and treat each other with dignity. Education seems to be the best tool but is now used by the church to brainwashed the little ones to benefit from them in the future. Notice how the church is not transparent with their income and budget to their members, corruption at every level of society, it sucks.

  5. Profile gravatar of volksair

    Webster’s Dictionary definition of Pride:

    A feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by others.

    A feeling that you are more important of better then other people.

    Now, lets be realistic, how the fuck can you respect a filipino when your shit hole country is:

    Highest number of murders in So. East Asia. Philippines is number four in murders in all of Asia, behind India, China and Pakistan.
    (Source: United Nations office of Crime and drugs 2012)
    Interesting side note: Indonesia, you know the country that has the largest population of those murdering Muslims in the world has twice the population of the Philippines, but the Philippines has six time the murders then Indonesia. PH: 8,400, Indo: 1,400

    The Philippines has the highest reported cases of Incest in S.E. Asia.

    PH has the highest wealth gap in S.E. Asia, double that of second place thailand.

    For over a decade, the Philippines have been on the top five list of countries deemed unsafe for journalist. In fact, in 2005/2006 PH was number two behind Iraq.

    And last but not least, a country known world wide as being a country of liars and thieves.

    So much for your pride, Flip.

  6. Profile gravatar of Bebe Cruz
    Bebe Cruz

    Im a Filipina and I am fed up of my country’s culture such as hypocrisy and ignorance. Ignorance are everywhere from dumb drivers (both public and private vehicles), old folks (who are very superstitious and bullies), stupid elected officials, irresponsible parents (who has an IQ equal to a potato if potato has an IQ and they even spread their genes) who kept on giving birth to tons of street children. However, I still believe that there are many educated pinoys out there who wanted change but does not know how as we are polluted with “Mangmang”.