89370-dogbarkingThis has been said many times in the past but where I live dogs rule its never ending barking,we even have some in our street that will attack you and yet it all seem cool the locals.

I understand the reasons behind it but to me it just seems a mindless actScreen-Shot-2014-05-12-at-10.30.57-PM-200x300 that does not achieve anything other than pissing off all your neighbors.

Nobody seems to have the balls to say or do anything but just sit around and let it happen 24/7.

Why would you have dogs in cages and caged cats when you share a common wall with your neighbors barking-dogs1luckily its not me but the smell coming from the carport is not nice and these animals seem to think they can do what they want when they want.

I can excuse some of there behavior but some I can not excuse and it goes someway to why they are some of the most disliked morons on the planet.


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    I have written two articles on the exact same topic. Every house has 2 3 4 5 even 10 of the flea bitten things. I always ask this question. What do chickens give you, eggs and meat, what do cows give you, meat milk cheese leather etc. What do dogs give you??????????????? Noise, parasites by the millions, biites, harassement, millions of the fucking things wondering around everywhere all pregnant and fucking, howling. Why do they keep them? They have no money for food, but 5 dogs, why?

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      Captain PFB

      Because they are brainless idiots joekano. It’s really that simple. They need all that noise so there will be something to fill that vaccum of space inside their thick skull. They need it more than food, obviously. If they have an empty stomach, at least they have all those barking dogs to fill their empty heads with noise.

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    I have been told that they need them for protection?????? But when they start keeping 10 dogs and 8 cats,, you could a full time security guard at night for protection>>>
    These people do not know that cat urine smell is impossible to get rid off.. It shows up on a black light!! Houses have been torn down in the usa when the owners had cats…. I just learnt cats can cause miscarriages in pregnant women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If they had their way,, the dogs and cats would be eating at the table with them

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      janna moore

      You’re referring to Toxoplasmosis. One study in 2000 of several large European studies actually found that the largest risk of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy was from eating undercooked meat, and cat ownership was rarely a problem.
      Reasons Why Cats Rarely Transmit Toxoplasmosis to Pregnant Women.
      First of all, cats are not usually chronic carriers of T. gondii. They tend to acquire it, and then they develop antibodies and they no longer transmit T. gondii.
      And the only real way to get this infection from cats, is if you are disgusting and actually touching cat dung.

      So that means your average Filipina probably got it when she was very young and it doesn’t impact her pregnancy.

      Also, I thought Flipinos love to eat dogs on the down low. Back up protein source ?

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        thats absolute correct Janna, Toxoplasmosis u wont get as pregnant woman when u eat not together with a cat on the table , when u stick the fingers not into cat shit. I hate it too that there are so many animals ( even i have on my own a view) thats too much and the dogs are like them…no RULES they know ..roaming around and do what they want. Its not the animals fault..they was only born into a world of shit and unresponsible Filipinos. Its the Flips fault ..but they dont note it …they believe its the only thing ..just to give a dog a bit rice ..thats all for them…no one gives a fuck about it to neuter or spay them.Stupid as fuck they are…

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        Actually, filipinas suffer miscarriages when the wak-wak/aswang/mananangal flies into her home while everyone is sleeping and extends its proboscis-type nose through the vagina into the womb to try to suck the baby out. The only prevention to this is by placing garlic at all the windows.

        If you don’t believe me, ask any filipina. they can be trusted to know the truth. Right.

        And on a side note, there was this small village where I and a local church I once worked with did humanitarian work. there was a little boy who had a birth defect where his eyeballs were not properly formed so he was blind. A few years ago, I got an email from the pastor of that church telling me he died. On my next trip over there, I spoke with someone who knew the family and asked why he died. He said that the family believed that the aswang killed the little boy because he had scratches on his belly. Now that I am older and wiser (but that wisdom came from experience–BAD experience), methinks that one of the parents killed the boy. Sigh….

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      “the dogs and cats would be eating at the table with them ”

      I am sure that many dogs and cats have contributed their all to a Pinoy meal. One might well say that they are indeed at the table with the family.

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    The ability of Filipinos to ignore loud, constant noise is just baffling to me. They can sit and eat dinner next to one of those cheap ass, low base speakers while carrying on a conversation as though they were in a quiet diner. Filipinos have superpower in some areas like:
    1. They feel no shame
    2. They feel no embarrassment
    3. Nothing is ever too loud
    4. They can hear and recite the 10 commandments 1000 times, yet never apply it to real life.
    5. They feel zero guilt.
    6. They have no ability to feel empathy
    – Like for the neighbors they are constantly keeping awake.
    – Can care less for begging, drug-addicted children in the streets.
    7. Looking at trash on the ground or an otherwise pristine beach will never bother them.
    8. Can act or put on a show of “fake-outrage” when someone states refers to numbers 1-7.

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      Maybe the noise doesn’t bother them because they really don’t listen to what is being said anyways. It’s just their own blah, blah, blah that matters. I’ve noticed that even in their native tongue they screw up what’s being said between them more often than not.

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        Mom in law watches GMA and at times ABS-CBN. It is one of those channels that the sound keeps cutting out and back in about every second or so and you might hear every other word. Either that or so much static that you cannot hear anything. But will they change channels? NO!

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      I attended a rather prestigious church organization which is massively funded by and run by an extremely well-known and successful Pinoy businessman. The “church” branch in Baguio meets at the prestigious Country Club at Camp John Hay. They have this semi-rock-and-roll band and singers and CRANK UP THE VOLUME so that you can hear it clearly 100 meters away. What makes this “NOISE” worse is that they push the amps into DISTORTION. Then when the “pastor” or “guest pastor” comes on the video link, they LEAVE THE VOLUME UP, like everyone (mostly youth) in attendance are DEAF. I commented to a kano friend that I would expect such behavior at a KTV, but in a WORSHIP SERVICE???? Pure nonsense.

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    They really don’t notice noise, they love it. I go to a persons gate to talk and there are dogs barking everywhere, they don’t notice. A dog is howling outside their bedroom window for hours, they don’t notice. I go to a convenience store and the music is so loud I can’t hear the cashier. I try to talk to my wife in Gaisano food floor, we have to shout because of the fucking music. There is a brownout everyday so the generators start pounding people sit next to them and don’t even notice. They honk and honk and honk their horns and don’t notice. WTF is wrong with these brain dead people. Google what does to your heart rate and blood pressure and life expectancy and you will be shocked. Man this place is fucked up.

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    This is a letter I sent to the DENR, various city hall veterinarians, and barangays.
    The problem of dogs in the Philippines. A National Crisis out of Control!
    I like dogs but! What do chickens, pigs, cows, goats and ducks give you? Eggs, meat, milk, fertilizer, leather, and many other things. What do dogs give you? Noise, diseases, bites, fleas, lice, mange, scabies, and poop and pee everywhere.
    This is a beautiful country but it doesn’t matter where you go, or what time, there are always going to be millions of dogs barking and harassing you everywhere you go. I have never been anywhere else that is so bad! Dogs everywhere, probably even more than people and only one in ten looks healthy. I have lived in Palawan and Davao and they are both the same. The dog problem is the same, millions of them everywhere! I go for a walk, they are barking at me, I drive my motor they are walking everywhere, dogs dogs dogs! I have lived in Samal Island near Davao, Mindanao for about five years. The dog problem there is unbelievable. Everywhere you look, walk, sit, there is a dog. Usually pregnant or with puppies. They are always covered with lice, mange, and scabies sometimes with no hair at all, always scratching their fleas, even some with everted uterus. Maybe 90% are malnourished. Dogs are carnivores but the food they receive is usually left over rice and malungai soup with little or no protein. The barangays and city offices need to have a mass catch and kill, or shoot them. On my walks I’ll see a tiny, obviously very poor, amakan house with 3, 4, or 5 of them, no food for the people never mind dogs, so they roam around looking; I call them patrol dogs because they have regular routes. The maximum allowed should be one. Also maybe you have noticed the bad fly problem. All these millions of dogs defecate everywhere and flies lay their eggs in the excrement. Just think how many millions of tons daily they defecate! How many times have you stepped in it? They are not like cats that habitually bury their excreta. Last time I was at the beach about ten people stepped in a big pile before someone noticed it. Can they be caught and euthanized? Such a huge problem but I have never seen any kind of round up system in my five years here.
    Please someone with authority do something about this huge problem. Wish I could help.

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      This is why every single one of them should be spayed/neutered. I’m talking about the flips, of course. 🙂

      I’ll take the dogs–they can be domesticated and they have the potential of becoming your best friend.

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    Question: What is the difference between Pinoys and cats?
    Answer: Cats bury their shits. Pinoys don’t!

    Enter a starving doggie and he laps up the Pinoy shits – I kid you not! Can you blame the dog when he/she is underfed? My asswipe Uncle is a good example with seven dogs. OK, he keeps his dogs inside his fenced property. But what does he feed them with? few tins of sardines and RICE! LOTS and LOTS of RICE! The Filipino fuckwit just can’t understand that dogs are carnivores by nature, but become omnivores out of necessity.

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    Yep Sarah…tried also to explain some Flips that a dog and cat are NOT FLIPS, they need meat to eat. Flip does look to me and answers” but the meat we eat already ,sir ” Thats all what I got as answer….its insane how far the stupidity goes

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    A few years ago, my GF got a puppy from a mountain area. It looks like it a 2/3 scale German Shepherd with coloring of a Doberman. I spent 10K on training and board for 2 weeks. I was lucky. The trainer was 10 minutes drive away and it would have been 3 times more expensive in Manila.

    She was pissed that I didn’t spend that money on alcohol and other foolish things that interest her. Of course when the dog could sit, stay, shake etc she bragged about how much I spent. I was thinking to continue training the dog and have him work at the province airport as i saw the dog liked to learn and work.

    Unfortunately, when I left the PI, she didn’t maintain his discipline. Only I would take the dog for walks AM and PM. She would just open the gate and let him roam the neighborhood. No wonder she would complain the dog sometimes got sick. She didn’t stop him from eating garbage and other nasty things outside.

    Lately she says she doesn’t allow the dog into the house but I know that dog sneaks in often as she doesn’t tell him who is boss.

    The lack of discipline came to a head on my last visit when I was robbed and lost a laptop. I think one of the repairmen/installers returned and since he was already familiar to the dog, took advantage of that. The dog’s eyes looked cloudy and he may have been given bread or other food to quiet him. The girlfriend’s niece 75 feet away said she didn’t hear any unusual barking at that time.

    I love the dog but come on. Making a ruckus when an intruder enters is a dog’s job! He’s smart enough to know when a situation isn’t kosher. After his basic training, he should have been taught defense/protection techniques, but due to distractions of Pinay life I didn’t continue.

    Even in a good situation where the dog has space to run around, Pinoy lack of discipline still causes trouble! Hmm, I wonder what roast dog tastes like… Just kidding!

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    My Ex had 4 dogs ..I dont want to sound pathetic or arrogant ..but I guess I am an animal lover…I was pity these 4 dogs because same situation..she let them roam around the dog found got them..and guess who came then to me with big eyes and drama and asked me to pay the dog found was my ex.. I ve told her so often …the dogs do what they want and ur the guilty one of that. you cant teach them anything..i got simply another excuse of pinoy bullshit. One dog got poisoned already ….again no think..ive told her days before to get the dog asap to a vet because ive seen already the reddish eyes and that he had a huge problem…Her answer ” its all ok he eat just a few bones” My god , these morons are so fucking stupid…Then she came to me with tears in the eyes..said to me the dog will i ran to her house and have seen this poor animal laying like garbage on the floor and spitting blood. she told me that the vet sent her away..( I dont believe that because i know this vet) So i told her …we bring him asap now to a vet and if he cant do anything then we have to put him down that he suffer not and have more pain…again blank stare by her like a fucking stupid idiot…

    After a few hours the cond of the dog was so bad and ive seen already there was nothing to do anymore…she couldnt manage it to call an emergency clinic I decided to break the dog its neck. I had tears in my face because i knew this dog and i dont wanted to do that , but i couldnt see him anymore so suffering in pain. He was dead in seconds, i let his body fall slowly down to the ground and was going out of the house , while my ex passed by and was crying. I ve told her only ” See you and ur fucking bullshit , You couldnt care for this poor dog and at the end i hav e to rule ur bullshit ” later on she told all the people I did kill the dog…very nice or ?? very friendly??? i did kill the dog because I couldnt see it anymore how he did suffer…these people have no responsibilty …a dog mother has more responsibilty of her puppies than these people…sad but true

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      Neighbors have 2 German Shepard’s locked up in one small cage. These dogs do not have room to lay down and the floor is solid so they also have to lay in their own shit and piss. I guess that is more pinoy compassion for you.

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    To Loco_Loco
    I have shot and killed many big game deer in my day! But I can never bring myself to shoot a dog or a pig. How can these morons have so many b/s excuses for their ignorance????? If the vet had no chance of helping the dog,, normal vets would put the animal down to save on suffering.
    I notice here the dogs are mainly morons because the flips can not or will train them. Facebook and titter are more important.
    Even a mongrel back home,, usually has some silly quirks or habits that amuse the owner through the day!!! Not here,, just pure mongrels of the highest order.
    Around in Cebu. I see young kids roaming around all the over the place all night long… Oh well,, more where they came from.

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    Its really low life culture…you remind me just about something when u wrote pig…
    another situation…these morons had a fiesta…so the pig was ready for slaughtering ….now the sad fucking story about this poor animal…
    They did wind an old metal wire around the pigs feet ( of course it was alive) the animals did cry of pain because the old wire was going into the skin and under it already. Then they transport this heavy pig with the wires as handle, can u imagine how the pig did cry of pain. After that they thrown the pig directly in front of the door ( boarding house of my ex a shit hole) the pig was laying now over hours in the mud directly in front of our door, burning sun and no water. I ve told to my ex after 30min i ve watched this show, that i go now out and fuck them the shit outa their non existing brains..she said to me ” no no its the way we do it here ” Well , i was going back into the house…but i ve heared the pity voices of this pig still…So i walked again back to the pig and moved it into a place where the sun burns not directly down on this animal and i gave water . Then the owner of this pig came along…He was laughing about hahaha what ur doing there kano ,the pig will die anyway…I ve told my ex to come out of the house and translate this fucker a few words.
    I was still staying at the pig till they started to kill it with an old rusty knife…You know even someone is stupid by birth, means that not that he or she dont know what is right and wrong . These people are a hopeless case of never ending self destruction .

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      As someone with a little bit of a rural background; when you kill an animal you have to do it humanly. A mate had a large hobbie farm and when he killed an animal he would put it in the barn and give it lots of food and hay etc. Before killing it he would spray it with warm water while it was eating so it would be nice and relaxed. As it is eating and enjoying a warm shower he would shoot it in the back of the head and quickly hang and bleed it out. All this was done in seclusion so no other animal saw it. The meat he would produce was so tender and nice, nothing I have ever tasted since. Does anyone notice Halal meat and how tough it is? It is so easy to see in the vacuum packed wrappers, it has a green hue about it because the animal was scared shitless during its killing and it is full of adrenaline. It is horrible and nothing removes that smell of shit that comes with it. If you want nice, tender meat then you must kill the animal in the most humane way possible. But then this is the Phils, may as well explain algebra to my dog.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        exactly , Halal way of slaughtering is something which is like with try to ask them ” why u think this is the want of Allah to let the animal fight a long time with death and fear ?” you will get as answer ” because allah and the prophet wants it”
        I answer then mostly ” Do you really know what Allah, God etc, wants ? if you would know that you would listen to your inner voice and think about the right and wrong doings” Its like with the Filipinos, you can mention it but it helps nothing…the possibility to use the brain and heart is gone…

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    The squeal of a dieng pig is the most horrible in the world!!! They used to kill dogs right under my bedroom window because that was the only place where there was concrete,, ignorant fucks

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    Back in my hey day,, if I shot a moose and it fell, I was happy ,,,,, because if it ran,, the meat would be tougher than a flips slipper

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    Actually if you slaughter chickens in a Vacuum tank envornment, they calmly go to sleep and not wake up instead of the fuss they indure when hung upside down and electricuted
    I am told the meat is better when done this way

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      I understand that the killing-method of slowly beating a chicken to death (so that it hemorrhages internally) produces a tasty chicken. I guess the “logic” (if such a thing exists in the P.I.) is that “nothing goes to waste” including all the blood.