DOH Should Investigate Cause of Peanut Vendors Chronic Knee Pain

my-kneeI’m sure you’ve noticed it. The roaming peanut vendors of Philippines always complaining about their knee. There has to be some link between selling peanuts and knee pain. You hear them all the time; “OH MY KNEE MY KNEE MY KNEE! ¬†OH MY KNEE MY KNEE MY KNEE!” as they walk up and down the road.

Even the stationary peanut vendors sitting there shouting the same cries. What is it that causes peanut vendors to have a painful knee? Seems epidemic to me, and something that the DOH should check out.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    tagalog of peanut is “mani”
    tagalog of corn is “mais”
    (if you already know, my bad)

    they just have this habit of repeating what they are selling .
    meh , whatever , its still polluted , not gonna buy one .