Dong Says ” It’s OK, It’s NOT Mine!

So we moved into a bigger house and everything going fine so far, but remember this is the Philippines. So wife was at the old place packing things up and watching load it on the truck which was due to arrive Monday morning yet arrived 0330 Sunday, no problem there. Then comes the unloading place in room, unpack and put away. So those of you who have been here a while are saying to yourselves “No way the move went that smooth.” let’s address that.

At the old place we had some furniture that had to be disassembled and wife hired a pinoy to do it so I went to the new place and waited leaving my tool bin at the old place. One of the items to be disassemble is a 4 door clothes closet. You know the kind, part for hanging clothes, shelves and drawers. I find my tool bin in the mess and head up to reassemble said clothes closet, search the bin and find my philip screw driver and notice it had been stripped. How did that happen since there are no more than about 24 – 30 screws holding this thing together? First when taking one of these apart first step is to remove the doors then start from top right? I soon found out that was not the way Dong saw it. Out of 4 doors on this thing he ripped 2 of them, just pulled the hinges and screws out of the wood, wife says it fell while he was taking it apart. Who knows, I mean we know how they defend each other. So I get it back together minus the 2 doors and go to unpack other items.

We have a 52″ Samsung LCD tv, a 32″ Samsung LCD tv, pc monitor (lcd) and a cctv system with an LCD monitor. Before I left I told them nothing could be pressed against those screens as it would ruin them Even showed them how to pick them up. So I unpack at the new place and find the pc monitor in a box, unwrapped and unprotected laying face down. I pick it up and right there in lower left corner a spider web style crack that goes into the screen and out about 1/3 of the way across the screen. So there is two things they fucked up Now the cctv monitor is bigger than the pc monitor and I have not found it yet but getting a bad feeling already and kind of dread finding it. The 52″ made it with out a scratch so I know there is a possibility that they can do something right and the cctv monitor survived it’s encounter with the Dongs.

The new place has an area in the yard like a yard but it’s no ones yard. From back of the new place the yard is about 30 t0 50 foot then a cement wall and a gate that is always open. Not a bad set up but the other houses decided this area is there private landfill. There are plastic bottles, snacks wrappers, used diapers and so forth. The owner said they will find out who is doing it and get it cleaned up. Now for the record the new place is in a subdivision and the people are of a higher class yet still slobs and dirt bags. Trash pick up is every Saturday yet they still have to throw it everywhere. The subdivision is well maintained and kept clean but I guess some people are not happy unless they can fuck something up. I have a suggestion for them. If they like trash laying around that much, throw it in your own fucking yard assholes. The internet went from bad to worse here.

Now you might be asking yourself if there are any good points. Yes there is.

1.) I don’t have a catholic church blaring music at 0300.

2.) I can hear the crickets at night. No, really I can!.

3.) Subdivison is very clean on pinoy standards. Except for the assholes mentioned above.

4.) Very little traffic on our street.

5.) Armed guards at front gate 24/7.

6.) Armed roving guards 24/7.

7.) Owner takes very good care of the house and does repairs correct. He’s Ozzy so that explains a lot right there.

8.) Always a nice cool breeze.

9.) Street lights that are actually turned on at night!!!

So there you have my moving experience. Now if your free on 25Feb2015 come over for the funeral service and burial of the pc monitor. If the cctv monitor is kaput then it will be a double funeral and burial. Thing about that. Wife paid Dong about 500 pesos to take the bed and closet apart yet the fucker done over 5,000 pesos in damage!

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    Does the philips driver that was stripped have a brand name? Snap On or Made in Philippies?
    I would have liked to be a bug on the wall and watched him

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    Sounds nice. I don’ t live in sub division and have all the problems you got rid of. Especially the trash. There are multiple colored plastic bags blowing around everywhere, constantly. Trash of every kind in every direction, endless noise and multiple problems. Like living in a kind of hell hole.

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    Live also in a “high class:” sub division…its ok here even for Filo standard ..its quiet…neighbours are to 95% ok except a few monkeys which throw their garbage on the sidewalk.

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    “Who knows, I mean we know how they defend each other”. Why do they do this? Why do they always defend their own instead of giving loyalty where it is due. If this was done (eg your damaged closet) in any other country in the world, you would have it out with the movers, and in most cases they would pay but in most cases the movers would not be so moronic to just rip the doors off.
    I have been getting my house built over there and my goodness have I seen the worst workmanship ever. As a builder myself I point these things out to my wife and always get the blank stare. Even when we had the colour bond roofing (expensive and the best) delivered they put it in the cubo and everyone, and their dogs, walked all over it and scratched and dented it to shit. I ask my wife “Would this happen if your dad had of struggled and saved and bought it himself?, would he store it in the cubo and have everyone walk all over it” Again the blank stare. I love too how they think they can Tampo you for two days and all is ok. Ahh sorry Lub but not in my culture. The amount of times I have pointed out to my wife that if my family ever did to her what her family does to me there would be hell to pay yet when her family does it, all is ok. Filipinos are pathologically loyal to their families and this is something I learnt soon after getting married. I have mentioned in a previous post how everything of mine is hidden away, if she wants half then she will get a massive debt. If what I know about Pinoys now, I had known back then, there is no way in hell I would of married one. What other culture does this? These people are so backwards I tend to spend more time thinking about how fucken stupid they are than how good they are. If only I could suck her into going home for a week so I could cancel her visa.
    I should stop now before I rant off

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      …if u want to get her out of ur life….play her game…they wont understand that ur game is a lie…
      Do like all is ok…invest a bit money…in that plan…be lovely to her , tell her that you got a better job / or client if ur self employed which will bring a lot of money . Then u will tell her , that yo u have to work harder now and maybe the time is missing …but u do that all for her . Apologize always what you said and did ( this is the hardest part) ..then think about a good story that u want to enjoy with her a bit holidays in the PH and buy a house on her name.
      After you book the 2 flight tickets for you and her …you will tell ur friend to give you a phone call…then u have to do on the phone like your talking to your boss or client. Then you will tell her that ur boos or client did complain something on ur work and u have to rule that but u want that she will fly already to her family in the PH , you will fly 1 week later then to the Phils. 😀

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        Brilliant idea Loco-Loco! And for Angel to sound convincing, tell wife “you go ahead honey, because I am packing a balikbayan box for your family and for us to use while we’re there. I will fill it up with chocolates, perfumes, canned foods and imported toiletries”. Tell your wife to take a video while she’s telling this to her family and watch the saliva dripping from the corners of their mouths as they anticipate that balikbayan box from Angel. 🙂

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      Cluster B’s (incurable mental illness that can/often does cause trauma/harm to non’s ) can cause C-PTSD (curable with therapy and staying away/maintaining boundaries from/with Cluster B’s). In their world they are “normal” and your reaction to them is proof you’re the “crazy” one.

      In their collective illusion compulsive lying, cheating and stealing are normal, they are sane…

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    Once a while, to help my wife’s relatives in need, we send some boxes filled with second hand clothes, canned goods, household stuff, etc. For this matter, we hire a Pinoy company, if you may call this a company!
    The first experience: two Pinoys came to our home, easy 3 hours late! One of them was very laud and arrogant. The moment he arrived, he started to complain: your house is too far, here too much heavy traffic, what the hell are you doing in this area…!!! He was obviously drunk; his alcohol smell was all over the place.
    Trying cool him down, I told the guy humorously: “I apologize for any inconvenience; I promise next time I bring the boxes to your office myself”! Since the guy had no sense of humor, got really upset and to show his anger, started to speak Tagalog instead of English! Anything I asked, he replied in Tagalog; not to me, but to my wife instead 🙂 Make the story short: he hit the front door with the heavy box, broke the side trim and left the door wide open…
    I told my wife, if you want to send more boxes in the future, please hire another company. Well, I made a mistake! Tell you why:
    Next guy came along, one of those “one man company”, again few hours late. I remember that was almost midnight. The guy was alone and there was three heavy boxes in our basement, waiting for him. I couldn’t see the small Pinoy breaking his back, pushing the boxes up the stairs OR breaking the boxes and his back both. So, I offered him my help. Right away he accept it! Basically, I was the one carrying the boxes to his van, and loading them in there.
    Third time: the same guy came, again few hours late, alone. I asked him: where is your company? He said his boss (who was actually his brother) is a cheapskate and for the sake of saving money, he sends him alone to the jobsites. Therefore, he has no choice but to ask the customer to help!!
    And the story is being continued…

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      Mike Post author

      Did you know it’s against philippine law to give second hand clothes to filipinos? Someone here had an article about that and had a link to the law. Only in the philippines.

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    One Saturday noon, we went to check out an outdoor bazaar nearby. I think that was in Bulacan. They were selling fashion used cloths. The funny thing was, still you could see the “Salvation Army” and “Goodwill” tags on them!
    People donate their goods to poor countries, but they don’t know the goods will be sold in bazaar!!