Driving Examples From The Philippines

Here are some videos of the realities of driving in the Philippines.  Enjoy!


Drivers seriously don’t watch where they are going:

When theres a traffic jam, drivers often go up the wrong side of the road to get ahead of the traffic even if it ends up in a fruitless exercise at the end, they will never learn from mistakes.

If you are taking a jeep there are some drivers that love to drift their jeepneys – 

What can I say about the motor bike riders – 

And what did they say about Asian drivers back home in car parks?

And what about approaching roundabouts in the Philippines?  Who gives way to who…

and while you are waiting in traffic, remember there are snatchers and theives on the roads...

and lastly when on the highway, don’t forget that most don’t even know what a double yellow line means…

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  1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Unbelieveable. Oh wait, I have see this kind of stuff first-hand, so I DO believe it all.

    As for the last video, I’m surprised the people who stopped to check on the guy who was lying flat on the road did not steal his wallet and/or cell phone (but I’m sure there were a few “selfies” taken and posted on FB)

  2. Profile gravatar of G. Hueb
    G. Hueb

    My wife has a perfect driving record here in the states, she’s very proud of it and rubs it in because I get speeding tickets all the time. The reality is she drives like Mr. Magoo, leaving a wake of destruction wherever she goes, she can barely see over the dashboard or reach the pedals and doesn’t believe the blind spot in the mirror exists so doesn’t bother to look over her shoulder, she gets pissed off because people are “horning her” all the time for no reason. I refuse to ride in the car when she’s driving and I consider myself somewhat of a daredevil. One of my biggest fears is that she’ll run over some kid in the street and I’ll get sued for everything we have and will ever have, and now that I’ve said it iv’e probably jinxed myself… knock on wood, knock on wood…times infinity

    1. Profile gravatar of G. Hueb
      G. Hueb

      And yes I would feel bad about the dead kid too…unless it was the little pecker that stands in the middle of the street and won’t get out of my way when I come home from work every day. We never pulled that crap when I was little because we would expect to get run over or at least spanked.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      My ex wife was the same way, almost. She could see over the dash and reach the pedals at the same time. The problem was when she went to change lanes she would just slide over without even looking at the mirrors. Park the car but not put it in park. More than once it rolled out of the parking lot and into the street.

  3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I had witnessed a fatalitu here once due to shitty driving on Sucat road at around 10:15pm while coming home from shopping one night. They will never learn that their corrupted driving habits will get people killed. The sad thing about the crime scene was that the dead body was lying a few feet away from the pedestrian crosswalk (assuming he was in the crosswalk when the incident took place). Sadly the pinoy will never learn……

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have often said that when a filipino gets control of any motor vehicle, the first thing they do is shove their heads up their asshole as far as they can get it.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    What pisses me off is the cars can turn right at a red light if it’s clear to do so and they still go through when it’s green walk signal for pedestrians. They push through the pedestrians crossing.

    Philippines is so PEDESTRIAN UNFRIENDLY the last thing you want to do is walk he streets…
    It’s not built for cycling and I’ve seen where they closed half road off for cyclists and the drivers complained
    About the traffic…
    The last thing Filipinos worry about is…
    Beauty (streetscape and good planning)
    They are just go go go trying to turn over pesos and get their next meal..
    If they stopped to look at themselves
    Etc…they might attract more tourists than just Angeles.. Palawan and Boracay
    That leaves 7000 other places to visit most tourists never go to

    They still haven’t worked out jeeps stopping intermittently on the road creates the bottle necks
    Like a consataina effect ..

  6. Profile gravatar of beameup

    In case you didn’t know (or notice), there has been a tremendous growth in car ownership in the P.I. in the last few years. Nothing like a bunch of retards driving around in heavy traffic. These have to be the worst drivers in Asia. Ever notice that not one of them knows how to make a U-turn without backing up a half-dozen times?

  7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    The video with them stealing bananas show just shows Filipino mentality. Bananas are cheap, plentiful, and they grow on trees all over the place so they can essentially be free if you’re desperate enough. Hell, just 5 sqft of land and they can plant their own.
    Instead, the Filipino mentality is to steal. The thrill is not something for free that is badly needed, but just the simple joy to take something that is not yours. Then how quickly these ahem, “Catholics” will jump in on it and exploit the situation as much as possible. Its not that Filipinos are victims of corruption,, they are simply all corrupt and that gets them no where as a society.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Our son is a very active kid and hard on clothes. So what I do is go to Unicity/Unitop and get his everyday play play clothes for about 100 for shirt and short set. While there I noticed the silverware locked behind a glass case and went over to have a look, not really expecting to see quality. No, I was not disappointed. What they had locked up was the silverware so cheap that if you picked up rice with the spoon it would bend. Forget about cutting meat with the fork.