Dumbass Filipinos and Fireworks

Stupid Filipinos and fireworks don't mix

This fire is actually much further away from the camera than it appears. Depending on your perspective of this photo, it could appear like a small fire a short distance away from the house in the foreground. This fire was an enormous blaze closer to the tall illuminated building in the background. What you see is likely at least a dozen or two houses or a small village completely consumed.


I’ll make this short and sweet. It’s New Years Eve 7:15pm in Cebu. Stupid Filipinos and fireworks just don’t mix. It’s an old story, I know. But the mindless disregard for safety and community just continues to boggle the mind.

Huge, deadly fires like this happen year after year after year after year. Couple that with hands, feet, and faces of their children blown off during every major holiday, which they celebrate with dangerous deadly large firecrackers, small bombs, and aerial fireworks over neighborhoods.

What’s up with their childish fascination with blowing shit up?

How these brainless turds called Filipinos continue to allow it to be legal in densely populated cities loaded with old wooden structures and houses is beyond my comprehension. What it boils down to is, utter and blatant disregard for safety, human life, community, maturity, responsibility, and last but not least, a total absence of anything that can remotely resemble intelligence.

Happy New Year folks!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Tapusnako

    Another thing I have noticed this year (and I take my hat off to South African marketers) is that almost every kid has a vuvuzeller. You know, those horn like pieces of plastic that they tried to ban when South Africa had the soccer world cup. Why, you may ask, did they try to ban them? Because, they are noisy, persistent and extremely annoying. Now if you were someone trying to sell these things, which country would you target? I guess you would look for a place that is used to noisy, persistent and extremely annoying behaviour.
    BINGO! Perfect match.
    Selling corn again. MY EARS, MY EARS.

  2. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Yep agree but add this to all the other dumb shit that happens and you have some of the most stupid people on the planet with no regard for anyone except themselves —————-

  3. Profile gravatar of Eric

    Watched the news for 10 mins tonight and was already given my dose of stupidity for the year. Dumaguete City last night (NYE) – some lummox throws a large firecracker at a passing motorcyclist carrying his 1 year old son. The little boy is dead and the father severely injured. Countless fires and stray bullets lodged in random living rooms and children’s bedrooms. Happy New Year indeed!!

    Oh yeah…the PNP had to get their muzzle tips TAPED and SIGNED last week to ensure that none of them fired their guns in celebration. Exactly what I would expect to happen if you handed out deadly weapons to a classroom of 5th graders (stole that from you Filo..I still laugh at that analogy) and told them not to fire them unnecessarily


    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      They sure do act like a classroom full of 5th graders because I see personally see the sheer level of incompetence and dishonesty these PNP pregraduates before they join the police force. These Criminology students acts like animals, cheat, and are irresponsible at showing up on time just like any other flip student at my college. So what do you expect from them after graduation and are assigned to protecting your city?

      As for those stray bullets, that taps into the pinoy’s mindset of being timeless and seeing life in the “NOW.” They think that by pointing a loaded gun directly at someone and pulling the trigger is the only form of being accountable for shooting a person since that action had happened ‘NOW.’ Well that is absolutely wrong, and they should be just as accountable for any bullets shot in the sky that are curved down on innocent (or the non-innocent pinoys) citizens. By launching a bullet in the sky, you are not killing anybody ‘NOW,’ therefore to them it’s OK. Plus it gives the shooter more anonymity since there are other dumb fuck pinoys doing the same exact thing. So who is to blame? No one of course! The sky is just raining bullets today!

  4. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    I don’t think most of my fellow Flipinoys will ever likely to change for the better in another decade or so or any time sooner in the future. What I can think about is that this is largely cultural, something the people simply grew up on, so they keep on doing it over and over, like this is what defines a “True Pinoy” or something to that effect. I don’t even know how and who started this shit and why the local government even allowed it to be a traditional way to celebrate the new year when it’s clearly doing more harm and showing more of the uncivilness and incompetence that continue to evidently represent this Sick Man of Asia.

    The media just keeps on reporting about it year after year, with the same old stories, but we all know how politics and the way of life work around here. They like it so loud like they’re bombing their neighbor or the neighborhood itself. Some are firing indiscriminately without any guilt or concern for whoever gets the stray bullets, thinking that they will never ever get caught anyway. Again, reports of garbage on the news, I mean, seriously, with just that, garbage it is the country may represent. I don’t know if there are other countries that celebrate the new year like Flipinoys do, enlighten me if there is anything similar, because if none, then Flipinoys are just really one of a kind.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yes, Filipinos are definitely one of a kind. Just not in a good way. They have their own UNIQUE brand of total stupidity that is applied in just about everything they do or endeavor to do, and in extreme excess.

      Yes, many other countries, particularly USA celebrate New Year with fireworks…BUT IN A CONTROLLED, SAFE, LEGAL MANNER. Fireworks are not sold where it’s illegal. Firecrackers are illegal…period (anything that just explodes). Roman Candles (those sticks that shoot fireballs high into the air) are illegal to buy, sell, use in densely populated areas. In some areas, you can buy small sparkling fountains, sparklers, and other fairly harmless fireworks.. Police forces are out in full force, driving around and enforcing the laws.

      The large aerial fireworks are not even sold to the public. You MUST have a pyrotechnical license to buy them and use them ONLY with a city permit for a particular place, date, and time you will ignite them. This is usually done by larger companies or organizations, and done in an area far away from residential areas and areas prone to fire.

      It’s done with maturity, restraint, concern for public safety, and responsibly. Yes, there are accidents, there are those few idiots that get drunk and stupid. Every country will experience a bit of that. But all in all, it’s done safely.

      In Philippines, it’s just like giving 99 million 8 year old children a bunch of powerful and deadly fireworks and bombs, and expecting them to use them safely and responsibly without any supervision. It’s just not going to happen at all.

      And that is definitely uniquely Pinoy….complete irresponsibility, stupidity, unrestrained, totally ignorant, complete disregard for their fellow Pinoy, and totally incompetent to acknowledge the problem, or do anything to make children’s lives a little safer in their country.

      Utter sub-human, sub-civilized behavior. And they want the world to admire and respect them. Add that to their complete stupidity and inability to understand logic and reason. When we criticize them for such stupidity, we’re called racist and “undesirable alien”. This is why Filipinos and Philippines will never change. They already think they’re perfect.

      When was the last time you ever heard a Pinoy say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” or “I’m sorry, I lied.” or “I am ashamed that I partake in corruption”….

      You don’t hear the Pinoy say shit like that. They think that dishonors them. They think it’s honorable to deny their wrong doings, right to the death. They think that is dignified. When actually it is the opposite of dignity.

      They are so filled with Pride, they cannot understand that the kind of pride they hold is exactly the kind of pride their god says is a huge sin. And so the world continues to call them morons, and they continue to call the world racists. This will never end.

  5. Profile gravatar of Penance

    Hey! Injuries (currently at 534) for the year are down 40% from last year!

    It’s amazing the kind of spin you can put on things. Hundreds of people dead, missing limbs, or other injuries, and they’re still dancing on a silver lining.

    And, of course, they’re not talking about the thousands displaced because there are children lighting bottle rockets on the street that fly right into a shanty and “whups! Everyone out of the pool! You’re homeless now!”

    Fucking Filipinos….making more people facepalm every day.

  6. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    It’s clear why this country doesn’t have a death penalty because their actions are death penalizing enough. Irresponsible use of fireworks, traffic not giving away to emergency vehicles like an ambulance (which is designed to save lives), the government allowing their homeless and needy starve to death, and of course we can’t forget about our old time favorite = The Crosswalk of Death!

    If anybody tells you that there isn’t a death penalty in this country, then correct them with the enumeration I provided above. Toss in some more realistic examples if you must because I’m sure I left a few out.

    As for that fire in the picture, I’m sure it was a huge fire in the distance that expanded through a few neighborhoods due to the fire truck’s in ability to navigate through Philippine traffic due to selfish, inconsiderate, ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit’ Filipinos holding up the firetruck in traffic while it had it’s emergency sirens on. I’ve seen this done with ambulances too. It’s quite a sad thing to see because if they were rushing to someone’s aid, or escorting a casualty to the hospital who is in a life or death situation against the clock, then they are fucked! All because of some self-centered Filipinos that wanna get ahead of their other driving competitors. Damn this flips disgust me with their mentality! Hell exist and it’s here.

  7. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    I was out enjoying the neighborhood firecrackers and sky show. One of the neighborhood flips living on their brother’s foreign welfare approached me and we had a nice conversation about the festivities in the Philippines.

    Then came the topic of why fireworks are illegal to use by citizens in most places of my home country. The flip went on to say “your government is trying to control your people, you are not living in a truly free country like the Philippines.” We all know its to prevent accidents.

    Moments later a bottle rocket with a fancy delayed explosion on the top went horizontal into someones’s shuttered window, followed by crackling of multi-colored lights. Thankfully nothing caught fire.

    I looked at the flip shook my head then i ran towards the scene while shouting for help.

    A sweet lola was burned pretty bad and im pretty sure the baby that was with her is deaf for life, maybe even blind as well.

  8. Profile gravatar of piuh

    A couple of years ago it happened that a few guys were just throwing their firecrackes randomly without looking . They threw stuff in front of people feet whom just happen to be there wich they din´t see and or seen it but just didn´t care and did it again . So I try to talk to one of these guys asking if they noticed that they just threw those dangerous fireworks in front of ppl´s feet . Well , those guys were so unbelievably dumb stupid irresponsable that they truly didn´t seem to understand the wrong in their actions , and of course my efforts were completely in vain they had no idea it was written in their stupid faces . Of course you can´t make too much trouble with them about it coz you never know if they suddenly get offended and stab ya with a knife or something .

  9. Profile gravatar of BigBirdPH

    For most Filipinos, New Year’s Eve is never complete without ear-splitting noise (be it in the form of firecrackers, fireworks, vuvuzelas, karaoke, music blaring out of loud radio sound systems, people revving up their parked motorcycles, tricycles dragging around scrap metal, cars blowing their horns, etc)! People raised here tend to miss the noisy celebrations when they are abroad! I myself have missed the annual New Year’s Eve noise when I greeted the years 2007, 2009 and 2014 in the USA (where I have family), and actually forgot it was New Year for up to two weeks into those years because it was just too quiet for me!

    However, I know my limitations and I avoid touching firecrackers/fireworks because I can be quite the klutz! I’ll just let someone (fill in whatever adjective you please here) provide me with my annual dose of New Year’s Eve noise through loud, explosive pyro entertainment while I down some brews at the stroke of midnight!