Durtiturd – How The West Was Warned!

I have NEVER EVER considered raping anyone. I cannot comprehend how anyone could derive pleasure from such a violent act….


Durtiturd: “I was angry she was raped, yes that was one thing. But she was so beautiful, I think the mayor should have been first. What a waste,” he said of the attack, which took place in Davao City, where he has been mayor on and off since 1998.

He has repeatedly refused to apologize for the comments and told the ambassadors of the U.S. and Australia, two of the Philippines’ closest allies, to “shut their mouth” after they criticized his “joke”. He has also disowned an apology that was issued on his behalf by his political party.



“I think I should have been first”????? WTF is wrong with this guy?


And then there are the flippers defending his words….. Have they not got the capacity to understand that this c*nt of epic proportions was pointing out a SPECIFIC PERSON that he wanted to RAPE. FFS, imagine it was your mother, your sister or your arse he was talking about!!!


F8cking lobotomized rejects!

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    Phil Doh

    But he apologized for his remarks, only for offending filipinos, of course. The way he lets his mouth run away with him I think he’s back on the booze (used to be a chain-smoking, womanizing alcoholic apparently). His eyes look glazed and he seems to slur his words in some recent interviews, and looks like his aides are literally holding him up when whisking him to his next rally.

    So glad I’m witnessing this upcoming clusterfuck from afar.

    1. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

      Gee, thanks for the support for those of us here. One bright spot, as I said in another thread, is that this guy is going to make me rich due to the peso crashing because of his mouth. To

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yep, I’ve moved all the USD I could.
        I hate to see a country and a nation go further down the drain, but I remind myself as the place get shittier and when Dutard really fucks it up,,, they do this to themselves. Our countries have helped them to the point they should be a utopia by now. So, my sorrows go out to the individuals working hard trying to survive. However as a culture and a country I have zero pity. Talk about throwing away all the opportunities a country could have possibly been blessed with.

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    This is Filipino stupidity at its finest and their constant search for the “messiah” instead of using critical thought. The guy could pretty much execute anyone on a stage, claim the guy was a criminal, and the people would still applaud him. When things get really shitty and Filipinos are crying and begging I want to put up a large projector screen and constantly play their applauding putting a homicidal, megalomaniac in charge.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike Gutierrez
      Mike Gutierrez

      Lol. You assume that the filipino, as a nation, is capable of critical thinking? Nope. Individuals, sure, but as a people? You would have better luck finding a defiant sheep.

  3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    He should have been first for the gang-rape??? How can anyone even think that is a good joke in a locker room full of guys, let alone a public speech. Yet they cheered and laughed. Then they compare him to Trump which is such an insult to a candidate I’m not really that fond of anyway. When Trump says something out of line or wrong, he pays for it in the media and it gives the groups who oppose him a lot of energy. Dutard gets laughs and worse does not apologize later when its criticized.

    To go a retard, empty headed, proud pinoy step further he even told the US and Aussie ambassadors to “shut up” or “mind your own business” when they criticized him. Then he immediately threatened to sever international ties,,, cause pinoy pride means you must fail in the biggest way possible when its impossible to fail that big.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike Gutierrez
      Mike Gutierrez

      He actually does want to sever western ties way before the elections. He supports the autonomy of Mindanao, despite the fact that certain groups there have already publicly announced their alliance with Al Queda and ISIS. This man want’s the money that these terror groups supposedly already pay local politicians, to keep them supplied and hidden in Mindanao. Trump may be silly and say some stupid things sometimes, but Duterte is evil. To compare Trump to this murderer is grossly unfair to Trump.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Trump is an angel compared to this guy. Trump has finally started to get a little more serious and professional after all the crazy antics.
        Dutard keeps stepping up the stupidity, then gets angry when another entity (outside of stupid Filipino “yes po” sheep) voice their concern and doubles down to make another stupid statement. A criticized rape joke now means severing ties after being criticized? Great job Mr. Future president.

        Pinoy pride means acting as stupid as possible and not apologizing for it now with this guy. I hate to see this shit-hole get even worse, but I’ll be very interested to see what happens when BPO’s start moving away and visas for OFW’s start getting denied. Basically 1/5th of the Philippines economy relies on remittances and its possible another 1/5th relies on BPO’s and the indirect businesses surrounding them.

        That is the greatest tragedy with Filipinos and retarded pinoy pride. When they get a little success, they think they are the greatest ever and irreplaceable. Their leaders tell them they can shut down the economies of Saudi, HK, or Kuwait cause there are so many working there so “we are powerful”. Then remember when HK got all pissed off about no apology and the Filipino stupidity for getting 10 of their people killed in the Manila hostage crisis. They were about to send about half a million Filipinos packing back home and did not really worry much about any potential economic impact. An apology went out very quickly with compensation for victim families.

        They are going to do the same thing with the shipping industry, the toilet cleaning industry in other countries, and then with the BPO industry. They are going to let Dutard threaten to sever ties again. Then they are going to say, “We speak English and are the call center capital. You can’t leave cause you need us too badly”. Fucking idiots don’t realize the investments these American, English, and Australian companies have made in the Philippines are not very big compared to a factory. The BPO industry is a very low cost investment by comparison. The equipment is transportable, disposable, the office spaces are rented, and employees are local. Meaning the company can start training people in Malaysia, India, or any other 3rd world country with decent english skills (many countries have been pushing an english initiative for the last few years to attract BPO business).
        The American companies will lose the training cost, relocation cost, overhead they put in, but nothing threatening to the actual product or core of the company. If it was a factory and pinoy dutard pride was threatening severing ties, then a huge chunk of the companies assets or debts would be in serious jeopardy of disappearing overnight.

        Let the peso fall if this guy is most likely elected. They are always searching for a messiah and instead they will elect a bloody murdering, narcissistic, megalomaniac. They’ve done all the problems possible to themselves and failed in the most inconceivable ways possible for decades. Now, they are about to drop the bar even lower. Let’s keep the money in 1st world currency, get some popcorn, buy some already cheap/ peso devalued booze, and watch the awesome train wreck. They asked for it.

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    Btw, it turned out the accusation of the Trillanes guy was indeed correct. Despite Dutards denial, he did #1 have an account and #2 someone deposited over $2 Million USD into it 2 years ago.
    His response before he was proved to be lying: “Fuck you I don’t have a secret account with millions. I live a simple life”
    His response when they discovered the account: “Oh yeah, I do have an account, but it doesn’t have 200 million pesos,, only like 20,000”
    His response when they asked him to show the balance and history: “I don’t need to show it.”
    His response when they filed an order: “It will take 7 days to show the balance and history”
    – Election was in 5 days.
    His response when they found out someone deposited $2 Million USD: “What can I say, I have rich friends”.

    So, are people shocked the self-admitted homicidal maniac is also a liar and a thief.

  5. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    I think you guys are focused on the wrong clown. If Marcos is VP then Mr D’s days may numbered. Marcos is quite a wily operator just like his dad and could be in the top spot soon just a matter of an unfortunate accident or some enemy eliminating Mr D, only for Marcos to identify the culprit. Then it’s take out the old man’s playbook and let the good times roll and sell the country to the highest bidder.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Not focused on the wrong one. Research past comments in articles about Dirtyturd and you will see that I said Marcos might whack Dirtyturd, become pres then install his family in key offices and close friends in others. This topic has come up before.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s what I have been asking myself and filipinos regarding the rape comment.
    “What if it was a pinay missionary that went to a jail to help the inmates in Germany and she was gang raped and murdered. Then the German mayor goes on tv and says he should have been the first one to rape her.?”