Duterte’s Kill Lists. As Reliable As Chocolate Fireguards

Reading out a list of suspected criminals on TV and threatening to kill them has long been a tactic of Duterte, going back to his days as the village chief in Davao. Now he’s just admitted and apologized that these lists are unreliable. Well, the latest one at least. Why? Because it contains a few of his buddies on there. 

Obviously all other targets on the list are legit, as they’ve been compiled by his most outstanding “intelligence” sources. You know, the same ones who:

Use each other as target practice

Kill their colleagues for refusing to take drugs with them

Like to have shootouts with each other in the police station

I’ve read many comments online from the cult of duturdy where the morons believe the PNP is made up of exemplary fine upstanding officers. Even when all the evidence shows they’ve been incompetent, corrupt hotheads for decades they believe they’re up there with the world’s finest LEOs. Most of these imbeciles couldn’t investigate their way out of a paper bag.

Admitting there were mistakes on the latest list is an admission all other lists were flawed, but nobody’s talking about that. This is a new reason to praise the great one for his honesty and willingness to validate the lists again.

Four times he had the list validated, and you can just imagine how that process went:


Duturdy: Are you sure about these names on the list?

“Intelligence” source: Yes po.


Duturdy: Are you sure sure about these names on the list?

“Intelligence” source: Yes po.


Duturdy: You realize these are my friends?

“Intelligence” source: *blank stare*.


Duturdy: Delete lang.

“Intelligence” source: Yes po.

Don’t expect the killings to stop anytime soon and the stupidity along with it will of course go hand in hand. Hey, but if Filipinos feel safer under this savagery and idiocy who are we to complain?

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        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          People ask me my religion and I tell them no. Then they say if I don’t believe in their god I will go to hell. I tell them that I will never die and they ask why. I then tell them “Because heaven don’t want me and hell is afraid I will take over. So I’m immortal.”

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I don’t know if you are religious or not, matters not to me.But I get the religious types trying to get me in their church. Now although I am not a believer I do know about the bible. So when they come up to me and push their religion I will say not interested and yet they will push and here’s how it goes:
          Them: You have to believe in god or you go to hell.
          Me: I don’t think I will go to hell.
          Them: Why do you think that? Everyone who does not believe in god goes to hell.
          Me: Simple, BECAUSE I AM GOD!

          That gets rid of them.

          1. Profile gravatar of Lily


            I don’t think I’m religious, because my ‘friends’ in church keep away from me 😂 I’m embarrassed that you’ve experienced that, really. I’m a Christian, yes, but I don’t like making judgments like I know everything.

            Speaking of religiosity, I’m quite sure the religious people i know who supported the president are now having a major nervous breakdown.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I can assure you they are not having a breakdown. They will find a way to jusify what Du is doing.

          3. Profile gravatar of Lily


            Their dignity as ‘religious’ people are now 6 feet under. The only Christian nation in Asia that allows murder as a form of justice. *facepalm*

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You are the smartest pinay I have heard, MARRY ME!!! But seriously where is a religion that has dignity? They are always fighting among each other and saying who ever does not believe as they do is going to hell. But I do believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer. All hail the god of beer.

          5. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
            Eau de Tourette

            Same as the Jehovas and whatever else. i find it pretty ridiculous that the people there do this bigot shit running after cellphones and every peso and the faceloss issue and then they go to church on sunday praying for their sins. same old shit just 90 years behind the west and countries that have overcome religion taking influence on daily life.
            every fanatic religious person is a pest in my eyes.
            Fanatics and fascists no matter where they are from create a good part of the misery on this world.
            DU proves it sadly more and more that he does more damage than good. i am not sure if it would be worse or better or just a different kind of hell with that marcos guy and his mother running the country down.
            i just hope that Trump is not going to make it because he is not much better than DU.
            you could both put them in a sack and hit it and it would neverbe the wrong one you hit.
            The most recent thing is that he compares his murders with the jews in germany in WW2.
            He is reaching a peak noone would think is possible.

            Flips and intelligence seem to be rarely a match.

          6. Profile gravatar of Lily


            Oh, you flatter me. I might start gloating my royal smartness on the dut supporters. Hehehe.

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      That is why I believe (and I mentioned it in an earlier post) that Duturd will not go after the kingpins, for if he did, he would be dead within a week.

      On that note, hopefully he will step on some drug lord’s toes, and Karma will rear its ugly head.

  1. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    OMG…. I really have some weird “friends” on Facebook – a place now flaming of support for DU30’s Hitler-joke, his killing of drugusers and more.

    I just found a perfect qoute by one of my “friends” = Riza…;
    (my answer to her below)

    Like · Reply · 11 · 10 hrs
    Riza Bautista I do agree with you. Soon Duterte will investigate; * The National Power Corp. (Napocor) -CPK-Kalayaan rehabilitation project.
    * The race horse importation fiasco.
    * The overpriced Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard exposé.
    * Misuse of the fertilizer funds.
    * The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. scandals.
    * The jueteng scandals.
    * The ZTE-NBN scandal (“Buck off!”).
    * The Bribery of Governors and Congressmen in Malacanang.
    …… and then he will ask for support to kill all corrupt policemen, government employees and those stealing from the people of Philippines. The war on drugs will soon be over and Philippines will be free from drug and drug users. Next in line are the rest of all criminals in the country. Do you agree with me…?

    Still awaiting an answer…..hehehehe