Earn Your Degree as a Filipinologist Today!!!

It’s exam week for me, and as usual, I am mind-blown by the chaos that transpires everyday in my classroom. I should be studying now, but for what? Just to exhibit the obvious gap of intelligence between me and these idiots and earn myself another academic scholarship? Well, I can use the discount on my tuition fee. Anyway, I hope you all don’t mind having a little fun with this by displaying your knowledge on Filipino stupidity. Since I am taking exams this week, I decided to come up with a little exam of my own for you all. I look forward to seeing some answers. If any Filipino locals are viewing this, you are welcomed to join in on the fun too. Just answer honestly (like that will happen?) and maximum tolerance on your discretion is highly advised. Alright, lets get started with number 1:

1. Most Filipinos can’t live without this on a daily basis.

A) Noise
B) Rice
D) All the above

2. Jeepney drivers will attempt to board more passengers on a fully loaded jeepney.


3. Which of the following are NOT commonly used by most Filipinos? (3 answers)

A) Street lanes
B) Slippers/Flip flops
C) Common fuckin sense
D) Trash Cans

4. Fill in the blank.

According to Filipinos, it is more ______ in the Philippines.

5. The term ‘Philippine Time’ is commonly referred to Filipino being ______.

A) Early
B) On Time
C) Late
D) Way ahead of schedule

6. Which of these game shows Philippines did not copy from other countries?

A) Killer Karaoke
B) The Biggest Loser
C) Minute to Win it
D) Who wants to be a Millionaire
E) All of the above were copied
F) None of the above were copied

7. Filipinos are likely to remain seated and wait until the plane (or ship) has came to a complete stop, then disembark in an orderly fashion way.


8. Most Filipinos suffer from ___________ mentality.

A) Crab
B) Fish
C) Lobster
D) Shrimp

9. Most Filipinos loves all of the following except for _____.

A) Manny Pacquiao
B) Improvement
C) God (or sky fairy)
D) Videoke and singing
E) Rice
F) All of the above are loved by Filipinos
G) All of the above are hated by Filipinos

10. What is the current national average of the Filipinos’ IQ?

A) 99
B) 68
C) 106
D) 86
E) Over 9000!!!

I hope you all had fun with this if you had participated. I will be posting the answers next week as a comment on this post, but I’m sure most the answers were obvious to the ones who are unfortunately stuck here long term. I figured I did something different other than a rant about this shitty place. Most of you know me and you know my input on Philippines, and if you don’t know me, then your experience here is only going to be a repeat of whatever I have to say about this place. Only new content I can seriously contribute to this blog is my school experience while staying here, and that is definitely not going well! But I can’t help it if both; the students and some teachers are fucked up in the head. Other than that, I managed to survive it thus far, with minimal psychological damage. I’m fortunate to have friends from MURICA here to ensure that I don’t go completely psycho. He just got married last week, and he is already regretting it. I tried to warn him, though I can’t blame him since he already has children with her. Anyway, I’m just waiting to get the fuck outta here in 2 or 3 years! Peace out!

~FAFI (Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots= for those who didn’t know what it stood for)

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  1. Profile gravatar of montreal_dude

    lolllllllll So fuckin funny!

    If ever you meet a girl in the Philippines, ask her: In the Philippines, did a man is allowed to get married with the sister of his widow? Have fun listening the answer.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    open google earth….. scan over the asian region with out any place names,,,, ask dem where the philippines or hong kong is,,, and listen to the utter silence
    for the religous scan to israel,,(no names ) and see if they can it,

  3. Profile gravatar of NotMe

    Let me start off by saying that there’s a minute percentage of Pinoys that are actually capable of answering these questions honestly. I apologize for the long comment but I’d like to share the minority’s perspective on the matter. I am Pinoy and hating every minute of it.

    1. I happen to hate noise and FBO ( God, I just can’t stand their corny plots and dialogues), and I haven’t had rice in years.  

    2. True. They even have a word for it. MALUWAG. “Maluwag pa. Araw-araw yan ginagamit.” That is in reference to a woman’s va**na when used (“ginagamit”) everyday (“araw-araw) – it gets “maluwag” or loose. So those jeepney guys calling out for passengers are really saying, “C’mon guys, there’s still room. You’ve only got your fist in that p**sy. Go stick your head in it. (Sorry for the metaphor. Sexual connotation strictly theirs.) Lousy, right?  

    3. Street lanes, common sense, and trash cans are not commonly used by Filipinos. If I were to strictly apply it to myself, though – I rarely use flip-flops either.  

    4. According to Filipinos, it is more FUN in the Philippines. You’ve got to wonder… Why would they say that?! It’s more fun anywhere else.

    5. The term ‘Philippine Time’ is commonly referred to Filipinos being LATE. Sorry, I can’t relate. Ask my boss.

    6. Refer to #1 – I don’t watch Fil TV so I wouldn’t know.  

    7. When did Filipinos ever do anything in an orderly fashion?  

    8. Pretty sure there’s no such thing as fish, lobster, or shrimp mentality. But I sure see a lot of crab mentality going on here.  

    9. Speaking for “my people,” they love Manny Pacquiao, God, videoke, and rice. And I sure as hell don’t understand why. ‘Cept for Manny… I mean c’mon. The man has earned it (in boxing, not in politics.)  

    10. I had to Google this. 86 is the average IQ of Pinoys?! Eww… no wonder.

    Thanks for posting this quiz FAFI. I had fun with it! 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Thank you NotMe, I’m glad that at least somebody had attempted to take my quiz, and you passed with flying colors. You have definitely earned your degree as a Filipinologist 🙂 As for question number 6, all of those TV shows were copied from other countries (namely America) and has been incorporated into Philippines, I don’t even know they possess the copyrights of those shows. I have personally seen their version of ‘Minute to Win it,’ and ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire,’ although a 1 million pesos is only about $25,000 dollars… what a rip off! If I was playing their version of Minute to Win it and gone all the way to the top to win 1 million pesos, I could’ve won double that half way there on the American (real) version if I were to get to stage 5 winning $50,000. Now you know Philippine game shows are cheap after hearing that!
      I respect your response, and you seem like one of the type of Filipinos I would get along with since you are in no way conformed to their stupidity….. which is awesome. You are the .005% of the acceptation I’ve been talking about, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to hear from you.

      Thank you again for taking the quiz! 😀